Turning Sophie Tanner


Sophie Tanner smirked as she stripped off her gym clothes- man, it had been sweet making those stupid freaks take a beating on the field, she thought as she stepped into the locker room shower. Between that and the quick celebratory cigarette, it was very much worth it to be late for next period. She grimaced as she soaped up under the warm water, thinking of Janice and Thea- it was sick how they flaunted their lesbianism in front of everyone. Pathetic. Disgusting.

She gasped as the water turned cold, then shut off.

"Thinking about me, babe?" Sophie whirled around to see Janice lounging against the wall, looking right at her. Letting out a shriek, she desperately attempted to cover herself as she looked around desperately for her towel, before seeming to snap out of it, composing herself before saying.

"What'd you do to my towel, perv?" Janice laughed, shrugging off her jacket.

"I'm a perv? I see you during the day, Sophie. " she said, shucking off her boots. Sophie flushed

"W-what are you talking about?" she stammered angrily, "Fuck this- I'm out of here!" Suddenly Janice was in front of her, pressing her back against the tile wall.

"You think I don't notice your eyes on me?" she asked, her voice low as she stared at Sophie, who's bravado flew out the window. Her eyes strayed towards the door.

"Don't bother, babe. " Janice said, tracing the line of Sophie's jaw.

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   "It's just you and me. No one else can get in. " Sophie abruptly pushed away, stalking to the other side of the showers.

"You know why I stare at you?" she said, her voice strained but nasty as she turned to walk into the locker room, "I stare because you're disgusting. You're not natural. You're a freak and everyone kn-" Suddenly a heavy weight landed, full force, against her back, causing her to crash into the ground and pinning her there.

"I think you're a liar," Janice said against her ear, jerking Sophie over so that she lay on her back with Janice straddling her, pinning her down. Janice's eyes roamed over Sophie's naked body, tanned to a golden brown, still wet from her shower.
"But you know what?" she continued, drawing something from her back pocket, and suddenly forcing Sophie's arms over her head, clapping handcuffs around each wrist so that she lay chained like that.

Janice began to stroke Sophie's tits, running her hands over them, rolling the nipples between her fingers. Sophie, tried to wriggle away, then jerked as Janice slapped her.
"Don't make me fucking leave you here. " Janice growled. "You might be able to kick me off, but you're still stuck. " Sophie stilled, watching Janice with huge eyes.

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   Janice smirked and started up where she'd left off, pinching and rolling. . Then abruptly leaning down to force Sophie into a punishing kiss.

"Tell me something, Sophie. . " she said as she started to inch down towards the blonde's feet, settling between her legs and pinning them apart. "How do you know what you like. . If you haven't tried anything?"

She stroked Sophie's lips, teasing the her cunt, delving gently inside with her fingers. Sophie's head shook frantically side to side "No. . " she seemed to plead with herself softly. "It--isn't right. . It's unnatural.

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  . " Janice looked up at her and stopped.

"I've tried to be nice. . " she said softly. . "But if you love the cock, then maybe that's all you want. . " Abruptly she rose and walked around the corner. Sophie waited in trepidation- then froze, her eyes huge, as Janice stepped back in front of her- the black-haired girl naked now, wearing a huge strap-on.

"Turn over, bitch" she said sharply. "You want cock? You'll get it. On all fours. " when Sophie didn't move, Janice grabbed her hips and jerked them up roughly, her fingers digging into Sophie's flesh, causing her to cry out in pain and do as Janice said.

"P-please--this is--w-wrong!" she pleaded.

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   Janice roughly pushed her legs apart and hauled her hips higher, before teasing her opening with the head of the giant fake cock.
"Wrong?" she repeated, softly. Then Sophie cried out as the dildo slammed into her, Janice wasting no time, fucking her with a hard, fast pace,

"J-janice!! No-please!!" Sophie whimpered as the dildo repeatedly hammered deeply into her "It-It hurts--Please!! Stop!!" Janice, still thrusting her hips, knelt over Sophie "Are you going to play nice?" she whispered. "Y-yes!" Sophie whimpered "Please--it--hurts--!" Janice slammed into her, one last time, before pulling out.

"Turn over", she said, sounding quite unmoved about the tears running down Sophies face. Sophie, trembling. did as she was told.
"Lay down, lift your legs, and spread them wide. " Janice commanded. Sophie obeyed, whimpering as Janice came to sit in front of her exposed pussy, her thumbs sliding along the lips, spreading her open, a finger teasing up and down at a slow pace. The other hand came up to Sophie's tits, teasing her nipples in the same way she was slowly teasing her clit. Sophie felt her eyes squeeze shut as she moaned softly. "I--can't--" she whispered.

"Can't what, whore?" Janice replied, flicking Sophie's clit lightly. Sophie whimpered.

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"I've- I've never-had one. . " she said softly. Janice stilled.
"What?" she asked. Sophie blushed. .
"I've never. . had an orgasm. . " she said softly. Janice stared at her, then leaned down, abruptly running her tongue along Sophie's slit. "Mmmm. .

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  " she used both thumbs and repositioned herself, holding Sophie open, spreading her apart for better access.

Sophie let out a moan as Janice settled in, teasing her entrance, laving her clit lightly, stroking her sensitive flesh. Janice chuckled low and withdrew, watching Sophie's reaction as she reached up to massage her nipples again. Sophie's head was back, her eyes shut.

"Open your eyes and watch me as I eat you out, slut. " Janice snapped, pinching her. Sophie's head snapped forward as Janice lowered her mouth again, giving one slow lick, then another--and then, suddenly, she picked up the pace, her tongue working over Sophie more firmly, her fingers pushing in to stroke the blonde's g-spot, massaging against it, as her lips found Sophie's clit once more and sucked it, flicking the tip of her tongue over it, quickly, as Sophie's moans grew louder and more raw--until finally, she screamed with her release, shaking and moving her hips lightly--Janice looked up from her position between Sophie's legs, met the girls' eyes- and started moving her fingers mercilessly, twitching them so they flicked against her g-spot, all the while licking at Sophie's oversensitive clit, her tongue flattened, vibrating against it.
Sophie was losing it now, thrashing and crying out over and over again, bucking her hips, breathing hard, arching her back- and then screaming out Janice's name as another orgasm overwhelmed her, causing every muscle to tense tight, before going completely lax, the girl panting like she'd just run a marathon.

Janice leaned back, watching her, wiping her mouth.

"Tell me, Sophie---can anyone with a cock do that?" Janice said, and smirked. .