Truth and Consequences


I never thought of my self as a ladies man, I have been with many women in my life but none have filled the empty ness with in me.
I am 5’11 stocky build at just shy of 200 lbs. I have an attitude that setting goals, making plans and be aggressive in my desire will award me my prize. My cock is not a poster child for vaginal destruction more the right size to get the job done and enjoy the ride or the stroke depending on the mood.
The first time I experienced the true pleasure of losing my self with a women I was 9 and she was my 18 year old cousin who was my baby sitter when my parents where out. I won’t get in to the details because that is another story and I want to stay the course. I will say it was her first time and I forced the issue.
Mom worked at a large bakery and Dad well he was uneducated, and unskilled he would do any thing to make money and that would put him on the rode and long stay away from us. We only received letters with some money in it and a visit as he passed through.
As I was in puberty and in High School, I could care less about what was happening on the home front only getting laid and a toke. I was working as a roofer and after doing this for the past three years during the summer and holidays and on weekends I would do odd jobs around the area and stayed focused on getting out of the shit whole area I was in.
Mom was always impressed of my work ethic and feed me complements on how her baby was a man. She keeps a clean house and talked to the occasional neighbor around us but she was so shy, and only complained how others at her work got promoted and she just stayed the same and it was always to me. I got tired of listening to her rederick so I would eat and slip off to my room for my toke and stroke.
On my pay days, which I was making more then Dad us sending, I would slip a occasional $50 or $100 in to her purse. She would always say you did not have to do it but thanks and I would hear her go to her room and cry about it.

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Mom is an average looking women in her late thirties, a little more on the buns from eating her wares at the bakery and I was seventeen and coming of age. It was a three day weekend from school and Snow was piled high out side so I spent the first part of the day shoveling snow so mom could get out. Once done I entered the house and all shit hit the fan!
As I was changing clothes after a warming shower there she stood holding my box of goodies and trying to project herself as a strong and vigilant parent. She raised her voice and said” What is this stuff” and I lost it, her is an old robe and me with a towel in the heat of the moment I exploded “I grabbed her and said “Look Bitch this is my stuff and non of your fucken business, I pay you, you whore so fuck off” then I tossed her in the direction of my bed and she landed ok but not full on my bed. Her top half on the bed the rest kneeling with her ASS facing me. As I approached she looked and me with sad eyes and an expression of pure fright. It was then I realized my towel had dropped and coming towards hers was her son completely naked and a raging erection. Full of anger and out of control and when she NO Please! I know I was going to bust a nut in this bitch. She tried to stand but I held her down with one hand and ripped her panties off with the other. I laid on top of her and whispered in her ear you will be pleased when I’m done! She was crying and saying no son I am you mother, no stop!!!!!! I laughed you are right “NO STOP”
Her bare ass was about to take a bounding for the first time and we both know it. She tried to fend me off but I just more man then she could handle. As I forced my self in her she howled like the bitch she was. Further I drove and she continued to fight and cry, each inch drought a new valley of pleads and pain. When I could fully engulfed in her ass I started to slowly back out the forces myself back in. She ripped my sheets with her nails and teeth and I continued to pound away at her virgin ass. 

   After 30 minutes there was no more fight left in her and she just kept taking it only the sound of her crying could be heard, a moan of pain, a gasp of air.
I climb up higher so I could thrust myself in at a different angle, I was now over her raw ass and pumping new flesh. Her ass was so wide now I thought my balls would fall in.    
I was ready to blow my Baby Magic. As the tension grew in my balls I yanked my self out of her and spun her around she was done and I know it, I grabbed her by the hair shot my hot load of baby magic in her mouth and sprayed it all over her face and gown. Then I dropped the crying bitch to the grown and could see she had shit her self and was totally out of it. I had to piss so she got that too.
I nudged her with my foot and commanded her to clean up the mess. And I went to the shower to clean my self.
I went to the kitchen I was starved but my mind started to replay what had just happened. I was no longer angry and could not explain my feelings. I felt more powerful then ever but also I felt some shame.
I had not heard my mom for at lease an hour. I know she was still up stairs, I heard her take a shower also. So I went looking to see what damage I had done.

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   As I walked passed my room I could see she did clean up the shit, piss and cum on the floor. As I approached her room, I opened the door slowly and looked at her sitting on the end of the bed crying in to her hands. As I approached she looked up at me like a rabbit to a hunter. She was so weak and tried to talk. You hurt me I have never had any one do that in my butt or cum in my mouth. You are my son and you fucked me like an animal you raped me!
I slowly reached down, she started to pull away but I started to stroke her head and she responded by moving closer to me. Her sitting there and me standing over her hugging and caressing. I could feel my cock responding and at that moment she could too. She pulled way fast and landed further up the bed she was looking for a way to escape but all she could see was me undressing. She said in a low meek voice no son not this not me your mother.
She pushed and kicked at me as I slowly climb over her and pinned her down. She was not fighting as much as she had but she was not a willing lover either. There where only glassy eyes all of her tears where gone and she was parched from saying no son it’s wrong to fuck your mother! I held her and said mom this is going to happen the amount of pain you receive is up to you. All she could say was please don’t hurt me. With those words I know she was mine.

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   I forced her to kiss me on the limps the way she kisses Dad when he comes home.
I released her and made her stand up. She was dressed in sweet pants and a pull over. I commanded her to remove her top so I could see her rack, she begrudgingly did so and once I seen those puppy I was rock hard. I then ordered her to drop the rest of the linen and again she complied. I told her kneel down in front of me and take down my underwear. As she knelt before me she said son this is wrong please stop I promise no one will know! I laughed hay mommy I am a minor if some one finds out your ass is going to jail and there you will get a real bad ass fucken. I had her and she knew it she could not stop it and she was scared of me.
As my underwear dropped I could feel my pre-cum dripping in the anticipation of filler her up. My words where were firm “Baby said please my meat” then with out warning she looked into my eyes for softness and said “Baby I have never given a blow job before? I could have chiseled granite with my cock at that point. I eased it in her mouth and she rapped her hands around my shaft. Slowly I tested her depth and only stopped when she started to gag on it. Then I placed my hands on her head and began face fucking her. She soon got the rethumb an soon her eyes where closed and she went to a different place. She was lost in the moment and started to enjoy her self when she realized she was having her first orgasm and it was with her son.

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She went limp and fell to the floor crying “ I was sucking my son’s cock OH GOD forgive me! I picked her up and cared her over to the bed and ever so gently laid her down. I knelt in front of her clit and softly stroked it soft outer walls, her hands move quickly to block me from her “Box of goodies” but as I massaged and said relax mom her hand stayed close but no longer blocking, I found her clit just inside waiting to be awaken and I leaned forward and begin to probe her inter most sanctum with my tongue. I could feel her body arch, and breathing slowdown. The sounds she made where no longer those of pain and fear, but pleasure and ecstasy.   Her legs opened more and the tips of her small fingers pulled my hair and head closer. She was moaning and shaking I know want was happening to her she was totally clueless as she had multiple orgasms. I felt so much the man at that moment that words can not describe. I started tasting her cum it gushed upon me. She yelled “Oh SON what are you doing to me, I can’t stop shaking” “my body is tingling” I am CUMMMING that was the last bit of resistance I had.
I stood up and wiped her juices from my lips with my tongue. She tasted sweet and I loved it. I looked down on her she had her eyes closed and her fingers where masturbating her in pleasure. I kisses her and this time she responded, I then moved her up the bed and laid beside her I started kissing her nick then her firm breast. Her nipples where hard   I let my hand join in the please of masturbating her. She was so hot and I had to have her right there.

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   I moved in to position, her legs opened up wider to invited me in. moms hands moved up to my chest, I could feel her nails taking flesh as I entered the land of taboo. Deeper I probed looking for her spot and when I found it she jumped, and grabbed my ass to thruster her more. Her legs became a vise and she was shaking like no other lover I have ever been with. We rocked hard thrusting pleasing each other until I could no longer hold back I erupted like a volcano shooting my hot load of baby magic deep with in her. She came again as I did. We both held the moment not wanting it to pass we were now truly one mind body and soul. As the after glow she laid her head on my chest and kissed my nipple. I reciprocated with a hug and kiss to the top of her head.
Shortly there after I drifted off to sleep holding mother lover and feeling her corset her new cock.
When I awoke mom had placed a blanket over me and was gone. I could small something good coming from the kitchen down stares. I dressed in only a robe and went to the kitchen there on the table a plate of food mom had made for me. But she was not there instead she was in the living room crying and looking at old pictures. When I approached she stood up and wiped her eyes as if nothing was wrong.

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   Her half hearted smile met mine and I said do you want to talk? With the door open she nodded yes. I embraced her and she was so gentle in my arms. I looked down and was met with a kiss not from my mom but from my lover. We sat down on the love seat and held hands. She would only occasionally look up in to my eyes.
She asked did you like fucking me son? Yes mom you are so beautiful, I am sorry I got mad and hurt you though. It is ok now. You should know some thing; I have never experienced the feeling I did with you! Your father has never been able to show me what true lover should feel. I have been very lonely so I thought about another child, then she did look at me and said I have been off birth control for three weeks and when you took me as a women I can tell you got the job done son! I hope our child will be a son just like his dad
Dad is pissed because of another mouth to feed, mom is more assertive at work and got her promotion, mom has come a long way since that day.   We had a daughter; I can hardly wait for her to reach puberty because daddy/bro has a surprise experience planned!  


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