The dispatcher gave me a call over the radio: "5610, you gotta call".
I was pissed, just got down to reading a good book, "What the fuck is this asshole's problem?"
I refreshed my on board computer, revealing the trouble ticket, a Miss Salgado was complaining that her lights were out.
What pissed me off was that she lived in a high rise apartment in Doral. That meant that it was probably a breaker in the meter room, Bullshit call.
I hated going to these places , reguarding these assholes as stupid, should have called maintanence to check the fucking breaker, fuck these dumbasses.
Oh well, they got GPS on my fucking truck,they can track my movements, can't bullshit this call.
So I rolled to the apartment complex, pissed.
The guard waved me through, as they always do, they consider a big power co. truck the same as any cop or fire vehicle.
I rode around till I found the right building number and parked my truck.
Security door. Shit! No way to get into the building without contacting the custumer. I Hate talking to custumers, always have stupid questions, complaints about their fucking bill.
As I stood fuming, some kids came up and opened the door , holding it open for me, dressed as I was with my hardhat, work shirt, and tool belt. They were used to seeing guys like me trying to get in.
Her apartment was on the 5th floor, and I opted for the stairs.

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   I like stairs, no waiting. Having devoted my life to fitness, I always took the stairs.
I Jogged up to the 5th floor and shoved the door open, looking for the meter room. I found it quickly, and soon located the meter serving Miss Salgado. Fuck! Just like I thought, the breaker was tripped!
I thought, fuck it, this is going to be one educated custumer, I am going to get this dumb bitch and show her her fucking breaker so she won't bother me again.
I stalked down the hall untill I faced apartment number 57. Squaring my 6 foot 1 , 230 pound frame, I rapped sharply on the door.
After a beat or two, the door opened to the extent of the security chain, and a small face apeared in the gap. She was beautiful, about 35, with unblemished brown skin and dark soulful eyes that when they met mine, quickly cast to the floor.
I felt a stirring in my loins, thinking "This is a submissive woman"
I recovered, trying to maintain my professionalism, and said, "Lady, did you call the power company ?"
Her eyes slid back up to mine and she shut the door. Fuck!
Then I heard the chain being released, then the door was pulled open, reveling a semi dark apartment, lit by candles.
I stood at the threashold, taking in the sight. Miss Salgado stepped back from the door.
I let my eyes roam over her body. About 5 ft.

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   tall, maybe 100 pounds, dressed in a white nightgown that clung to her tight body. Her nipples were hard and brown , about the size of a quarter with tips that pushed out of the sheer material like erasers.
Damn, I nearly fainted from blood loss that was diverted to my cock! The sexual tension was so thick you could have cut with a knife!
"Miss Salgado, what kind of problem are you having"? I heard myself say, though my eyes were glued to her tight body.
"I got home, and my lights were not working" She said, keeping her eyes on the floor.
Again, I thought, this bitch wants to be dominated. It was so tough to think in these terms, as I had been raised to respect women and always be a gentleman.
But fuck it, she called me, let's see how this plays out.
"Miss Salgado, I would like to show you how to reset your breaker in the meter room, so you wont have to wait so long next time. "
She was silent for a beat, then, not taking her eyes from the floor, she said "ok".
Taking control, I gently reached behind her and cupped my hand in the small of her back, steering her out the door. "Do you want to lock your door"? She said yes, grabbing a set of keys from the table, handing them to me.
I guided the tiny woman into the hall, fumbled with the keys, and locked her door. "Thank you" She said, briefly meeting my green eyes with hers.
The hall was deserted, as it was late at night, and I gently pushed her down the hall, toward the meter room.
As we walked, me with my hand on her shoulder, her looking at the carpet, I took in the view.

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   Her nightgown was clinging to her tight ass, and I saw that she was wearing a thong, black, that showed her tight buns.
My cock was throbing, my head was spinning, here I was, my hand on a fantasy girl, and she was doing whatever I said!
When we reached the meter room, I opened the door and guided her inside, this time with my hand on her tiny ass, she did'nt seem to notice.
"Miss salgado, this is your meter. " I said, my left hand on her ass, my right pointing to her meter.
Emboldened, I let my hand really grab her tight ass, as she looked at the meter, "This is your breaker, watch this". I quickly reset her breaker, "Think you can do that next time, Miss Salgado?"
Her dark eys floated from the breaker to my eyes and she said "Yes sir. "Then she quickly looked at the floor.
I stared at her face, which was turning dark from humiliation, and, still holding her ass, drew her to me, her pert breasts crushed into my belly.
"Look at me!" I demanded, sliding my right hand over her breast, cruelly pinching her nipple.
She rolled her eyes up to mine and I saw a tear roll down her cheek.
"Do you want me to hurt you, bitch?" I heard myself saying, dumbfounded at my boldness.
"No sir. " she replied, eyes downcast, starting to sob, her tiny brown body shaking.
My mind was made up at this point, I am going to fuck this bitch up, hell, she is asking for it!
I grabbed a handfull of her long black hair and forced her head back, I bent down and savagely kissed her, forcing my tongue into her small mouth, fucking her mouth while my hands violated her ass and tits.
She whimpered, strangley not resisting but relenting, seeming to accept her fate.

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I amused myself in the meter room with this compliant woman, savagely biting her nipples through her nightgown while shoving my finger up her ass, which made her cry.
I thought to myself, what the fuck are you doing? This is gonna cost you your job!
But I was in some kind of zone, detached from reality. floating above the act, my cock was like iron. No stopping this.
I grabbed Miss Salgado by the hair and marched her back up the deserted hall to her apartment, shoving the tiny woman against the door while I unlocked  it. Entering the apartment, I shoved the hapless woman to the floor and locked the door.
Towering over the trembling woman, I dropped my tool belt, took off my hard hat, setting it and the keys on the table.
The lights were on in the apartment now, and I took stock of the situation. "Whats your name, bitch?" I asked the tiny cowering woman . "M-M-Maria. " she said, trying to cover her breasts.
"Well, Maria, I am going to fuck the shit out of you tonight, but first things first, get on your knees, bitch. "
She finally looked up, and started to cry again. The animal took control, and i siezed a handfull of her hair, forcing her to her knees.
I slowly undid my jeans , releasing my throbbing cock, all 8 inches of it, and forcefully pulled Maria's sobbing face to it, forcing my dick into her mouth.

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She raised her hands in protest, trying to push me back. I was so much bigger than her and easily trapped her wrists in my hand, cruelly pulling them over her head while I thrust my throbbing cock in and out of her mouth, my other hand pulling her hair.
God what a turn on, total dominance over a woman, If you have never felt it, you would never understand. I watched, fascinated, as my giant cock smoothly stroked in and out of Maria's helpless mouth.
Strangely, I was'nt ready to come, much as I love a blowjob. I pulled my throbbing cock from Maria's mouth and pulled her to her feet. She was crying now, and was totally within my control.
I spun her around and carried her to the dining room table. Shoving her facefirst onto it. She whimpered, ashamed of her lot in life.
I pulled her hands behind her, and grabbing a roll of electrical tape from my tool belt, quickly bound her hands behind her back with a thick wad of tape.

    Flipping the tiny woman over, I looked deep into her dark eyes as I ripped her nightgown open, revealing her firm tits, the nipples rock hard and brown, I bent down and licked and bit them while snatching her thong panties off.
    What a trip! I felt all powerful for the first time in my life as I flipped her legs onto my broad shoulders and slid my fiercely hard cock into her cunt, which was wet!
    I stood tall over my slave and thrust my big cock into her. She averted her eyes, looking at the wall. I forced my thumb into her mouth.

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       "Suck my fucking thumb, Maria!" I commanded. She complied, weakly working her small mouth up and down my thumb, tears streaming down her face.
    Damn! Still can't get a nut! Here I am, in total control of a beutiful submissive woman, making her do things she aint never done, and still my cock craves more!
    "You ever had a cock in your ass Maria?" I asked, already knowing the answer.
    She looked up at me briefly, moaning around my thumb from the savage fucking she was getting, "Please, don't, sir" she managed to stammer.
    "Well, today is your lucky day, bitch. " I said while smiling cruelly at the little woman, enjoying my total control. She was helpless, hands bound, laying on the table, ripped nightgown showing her great tits, brown hard nipples, still looking at the wall, wishing it was over, but knowing it was'nt.
    I withdrew my rock hard cock from her cunt and easily picked up the little bitch. I walked with her in my arms, light as a feather into the bedroom, where I laid her across the modest full size bed, made up in silly floral paterns.
    I left the little thing there and explored her bathroom, my stiff cock bouncing with each step.
    I found a jar af vasoline in the medicine cabinet, bingo!
    I heard Maria whimpering as I made my way back into the bedroom, and noticed she had managed to slide off the bed, crawling toward the door.
    I studied the hot little bitch for a spell, watching her firm ass as she tried to make it out of there. I walked up to her and smiled as she said "Please, no!" Her dark eyes flashing to mine, then darting to the floor, her bare breasts straining with her small nipples rubbing the carpet.
    "Not so fast, Maria. " I calmly said, as I scooped her tiny body into my strong arms and carried her back to the bed.

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    The bed had a mirrored headboard (Imagine that!) I gathered a few pillows and forced Maria facedown on top of them, looking into her tortured eyes in the mirror, as she strained against her wrist binding.
    "Watch this, bitch. " I said as I gobbed a handfull of vasoline and rubbed it into the crack of her wonderful tight ass. I then lubed my straining cock and began to slip it against her tight asshole.
    "Nnnnoooo, pleassse!" she cried, tears streaming down her beutiful face as my engorged cock slid slowly into her tight ass.
    No mercy. I grabbed her hair, forcing her face back as I violently shoved my big cock up Maria's ass, causing her to cry out in pain.
    I studied her face in the mirror as I ass fucked her, there were real tears of pain . I liked it.
    I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back as I thrust into her ass, forcing her head back so I could shove my thumb into her gasping mouth.
    Finally I felt the urge to cum.
    Pulling my cock from her ass, I stood on the bed and walked over to Maria's face.
    Smiling at my slave, I knelt down and shoved my cock into her mouth, pulling her hair, I made her drink my cum.
    Finally satisfied, I cut her binds, and rolled the bitch to the floor.
    Standing over her, I said,"You remember me, Maria, I will fuck you up bad If I ever see you again.

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    She recoilled, covering her breasts , and silently weeping.
    I recovered my gear and let myself out of the apartment, My head spinning. "What have I done? Fuck, I am for sure going to get fired!"
    I stumbled out to my truck and drove off, full of fear and loathing as to what I had done.
    I Laid low for a few days , then I got a trouble call,  A Miss Salgado, apt 57, no lights. Oh Boy. . . . . . . .