Treated Like a Dog Part 3


In the several months Melissa had been held captive by the man she had come to know as Brian, she had gained the run of the house, but since he always kept the gate locked and it was too tall to climb,she could not escape.   She was not even sure she wanted to anymore.   She was becoming used to being without clothes.   He forced her to remain naked and beat her severely the one time she had taken clothes out of his drawers to wear.   "Get out of my clothing, you bitch!"  He had screamed and torn them off of her.   Misbehaving meant he would not pleasure her and she was coming to crave his touch.   She had also been beaten for taking food from  the refrigerator, and he had taken to locking it after that.   She was given table scraps when he felt she had earned them, but she was not to get food out herself.   He also kept the bathrooms locked, making her go either on newspapers in the house or outside.   She had come to understand that outside was better because it kept the house from smelling.   While at first she had felt exposed being naked outside, she was starting to like the feel of the air against her naked skin, especially since the weather was getting colder.   She liked running and exercising outside and needed to do so to maintain her fitness level.   She was allowed to sleep on a mat at the foot of his bed with a blanket and only got to sleep in the bed following sex, which he demanded whether she was wanting it or not.   He raped her every night and sometimes several times during the day when he was not working.   If she denied him, he just slapped her hard and fucked her anyway.   He had started giving her birth control pills to avoid knocking her up.

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    She was not sure how having kids would affect them anyway, since if she got pregnant it would force him to take her to a doctor or to kill her and/or the baby.
When he got home one afternoon, he tossed her a sweater dress and had her put it on, along with a pair of sandals. He then put the chain on her collar and pulled her with him out to his van.   He had her get in and locked the back.   Before she knew it, they were at a house in the country.   He had her get out of the van and walk behind him on the chain.   She fussed with her dress; it itched and she wanted to take it off.   He noticed it and slapped her hard across the face.   "Behave yourself and be a good dog," he said.
Inside the house, she noticed that everyone there had a slave on a chain like her.   "Welcome one and all," a man in a suit said, apparently their host for the evening.   "The dog show will begin in a few minutes.   Please prepare your pets for the judging. "  He then left into another part of the house.   Melissa was confused.

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    How could all these people have gone so unnoticed by others in the community?  Then she realized that some of the police and officials in the town must be aware of what was going on.
Brian began undressing her, which was somewhat humiliating  in front of so many people, but she was glad to have the sweater off.   He rubbed her back and ass to relax her.   She was freshly shaved in her pubic area since he made her stay groomed, doing it for her if she refused.   He took out a brush and started stroking her hair.
After a bit it was announced that round one was to commence.   Each Master paraded his slave around the room, with some fighting their masters and getting poor scores from a group of judges who displayed each one's score on cards.   Each one then did simple things like sitting or begging for treats.
      When it was Melissa's turn,she acted as well behaved as possible, since she knew if she did poorly she would be punished for it.   She received a better score than most of the others.
    When round two started, the tricks became more exposing and humiliating, with the girls spreading their legs to display their pussies.   Those who  fingered themselves were disqualified, as were those who refused.   Melissa did her best to twist and bend her limber body to display her pussy very well.   She scored the highest that round.
    What happened in the third round she did not expect.

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        All the girls were told to bend over while the judges fingered them.   Melissa started to protest but was pushed forward by her master.   A female judge came over first and fingered her deep, causing her to get wet and excited; she was surprised that she actually liked another woman touching her.    The next judge was a fat balding man who sniffed and licked her pussy lightly.   She squirmed a bit at the sensation, finding it arousing.   The next judge came around and squeezed her boobs and felt her butt.   He must have liked what he saw, since he smiled and nodded.
    The fourth round was even more exciting as her master Brian took her into the middle of the room and fucked her doggy style in front of everyone.   Since by that time there were only a few others, she had gone first. She came hard knowing everyone was watching.   Knowing she was being judged for fucking made her excited, so she really got into it and leaned back so he could get into her deep.   He plowed her pussy hard and deep, making her orgasm a few more times.   She screamed as he finally blew his load into her.   Everyone clapped.
    When it came time for the judging, Melissa was nervous.


        She wanted so much to win.   When they announced her master as the winner, she was so happy.   So was he.   But the most proud were her parents, whom she saw come from behind a curtain.   She was shocked.   All this time she had been worried her parents would not approve of what she was becoming,that they were worried she might have been killed.   She ran over to hug them even though she was naked and would have never thought she would be fucking someone in front of them.   She kissed and hugged them, and it was the happiest day of her life.