Treated Like a Dog Part 2


Melissa lay in the yard until she felt the man come and unchain her, and then lift her up and take her in the house.   Her naked body trembled.   She had never felt so good, even though the man had just raped her and was keeping her there against her will.   His semen still oozed out of her slit.   He laid her on a mat where there was also a doggy bowl and newspapers laid down in the corner.   Well, she was inside the house, but apparently the man was still unwilling to let her use the bathroom.   He brought her more wet food which he put in the bowl and then set down another bowl with water in it.   She was shivering and trembling, so he put a blanket around her and kissed her forehead before going through the door to ine rest of the houuse,which he locked behind him.   As she opened her eyes, she could see it was some sort of work room, but it had been cleared out to keep her from having any access to weapons or tools.   She eventually got up and crawled over to the food.   She hungrily ate it in spite of the fact it tasted terrible.

Her body was dirty from being outside, and her pussy still full of her juices mixed with the man's.   She stretched over and worked her body into a position wwhere she could eat herself out and began cleaning it out of her.   She rather enjoyed the sensation of eating her own pussy and was gushing more as she cleaned away his seed.   It was salty, yet she liked it. More hours passed, and she crawled over to the newspaper to poop, cleaning herself by using the edge of it as toilet paper.

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    As she finished, she saw the man come through the door. "Good girl," he said, "good girl for going on the paper. "  She smiled at his approval, glad of not getting another beating.   He came over and grabbed her around the neck, scratching her chin. Her pussy was getting wet from him touching her.   He rubbed his hands down her body since she was now on her hands and knees, moving his hands around to caress and massage her butt.   He leaned over and kissed her, something which she felt herself responding to,kissing him back.   "Good girl," he said, pulling her onto his lap.   She leaned back onto him,letting her hair fall back onto him, and leaving her breasts and belly and pussy exposed.   He rubbed her front in response, moving his hands up and down her breasts and then down to  stroke her pussy.
She felt so good with this man touching her.   She could not help but smile.   She made a playful yapping noise; hell, she might as well play along with him.   He began kissing her neck and nibbling her ear.   She was melting in his arms.

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    He scooted her over to the mat and laid her on her back.   The smell of the poop must have bothered him, however, since he made her wait while he took out the newspaper.   When he returned, she had not moved, laying with her legs spread and waiting for him to mount her.   He slid his clothes off and then mounted her willing body, sliding his cock in hard and burying it deep into her.   It hurt less this time than before, since the last time he had needed to take her virginity when penetrating her.   This time felt so much better.   She bucked her hips, moving with him.  "Good girl," he said.   He spent the next hour or so fucking her before leaving again to go back into the main house.  It was several more days of being a good dog before she was finally let into the main house to sleep at the foot of his bed.   She had become perfectly happy being his dog.



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