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tony was 18 years old a freshman in high school. he was about 6'2 150. he was a big guy. he had this friend erica. she was a rather hot girl. she was thin and had a nice tan glow to her skin. she had around a B cup a nice handfull. tony and erica had been friends for about 3 years they went out for a little bit but since then have strictly been just friends. tony jacked off reguarly. most of the time to porn off the computer. but sometimes invisoned hot girls he knew and fucking them good. tony always had a fantasy of having sex with erica and fucking her nice tight cunt hard. he jerked off to how god it would feel to have his cock in her mouth. tonys cock was about 7 inches. tony thought to himself i must have erica, but he had no idea how or when. then on a wednesday erica asked tony if he would like to come over friday night her mom would be out all night and they could hang out together.

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   tony's head exploded with the idea to rape erica that night it would be the perfect plan. so tony said yes to erica invetation and couldnt wait until friday night.
as tony rings the doorbell erica answers it in a short jean skirt and a tight tank top. tony is getting aroused just by seeing her in that. erica tells tony that they are going to her room to watch tv. tony then follows erica to her room and when he shurts the door he locks it with out her noticing.
he then takes erica by the arms and goes in for a kiss his tounge ventures around her mouth searching every crevest. she then pushes him away saying"what the hell are you doing"
"what ive wanted to do for so long" tony then pushes erica to her bed and brings out handcuffs he had and cuffs her to the bed post.
she starts to scream but tony pulls panties out of her draw and stuffs them in her mouth.
"alright bitch we can do things an easy way or we can do them the hard way"
"what are you going to do to me" erica says from her mouth filled with panties
just have sex with you"
tony then starts to feel up ericas body from head to toe then starts to take off her shirt. that reveals a nice black lace bra she is wearing. tony snaps the bra off and takes a gander at ericas glissining tities. he then cups them in his hand twisitng them around. tony thus begins to suck on ach of them at a time. erica is screaming but cant make a noise with her mouth full.

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tony starts to unbutton erica pants and sees a matching black lace thong. tony then strips naked and unveals his 7 inch cock erica screams at the notion. tony then licks ericas body from foot all the way to her forhead. he then demands " okay bitch your gonna suck me till i cum ight" erica shakes her head no tony slaps her "open wide you lil bitch" tony shoves his dick into ericas face she eventually opens her mouth and takes it intony then thrust powerfuly into her throat as she gags and starts to cry and she can do nothing about this. erica gags multiple times as she takes in his large dick. "im about to blow baby" this ones going all over your tits" tony pulls out and blows his load all over her face hair and tits.

    while erica is still crying tony moves down to fuck her cunt. since erica is a virgin her cunt is really tight. either way tony forces his cock into her cunt as she screams from the pain. after a few minutes tony realizes erica is getting wet and must be enjoying this so he goes in and out faster and faster as erica moans so hard and she finally cant take it anymore and has her first orgasm. tony then a couple minutes after blows his load all over her body again.
    "now i hope you enojoyed this little date and if you tell ANYONE about this i swear ill fucking kill you"
    erica nods is agreement and tony starts to get dressed and takes off erica handcuffs and tony walks out of her house a happy THE END



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