To Take A Theif - Chapter IV - Part 1


This is a long one, that train ride really gets my creative juices flowing. I've been trying to post this for weeks. I figure it must be too long so I split it into two parts.                 To Take a Thief IV    I woke up the next day feeling really great, and really looking forward to Friday night. After work I got online and went to 'loverslane. com', The heels she wore yesterday were nice but I couldn't get the idea of how sexy she would look in a real pair of high heels. I needed to get her some real high heels. I looked through all the shoes, and couldn't pick just one pair, but I managed to settled on three. I picked a pair of red, patent leather pumps, A pair of black strappy sandals they call the 'Jenna', and a white open toe open heel, they call 'Vanity'. All of them had 5 inch spiked heels. Awesome! The smallest size available was size 6, and Gabriel has really small feet, (That's part of what looked so strange the first time I saw them. ) so that's what I ordered. I decided I needed something to go with them. I found a black 'Fishnet Halter Bodystocking', the 'Jenna' was the recommended shoe for that. A red,'Heart Emb Sheer BabyDoll', to go with the red pump, and a white 'Lace Teddy W/Bows' to go with the 'Vanity' heels. All in size small, since my Gabriel was so petite.

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      But, of course, I couldn't stop there, I also purchased a little flexible 'XOXO Paddle', a 'Riding Crop', and a 'Bed Bindings Restraint Kit'. That comes with four tethers, two velvet hand cuffs, two velvet leg cuffs, and a 'free blindfold'. I also got some 'Door Jam Cuffs', which fits over the top of the door. It includes two wrist or ankle cuffs and two door straps. That looked like it might be fun. Not much time, so I decided to order overnight express shipping. I wanted it there for Friday night, I was planning on having my little Cuban Princess give me a mini-fashion show.     I got home Thursday to find a box left on my porch by the delivery guy. I was lucky it was still there, he must've just recently delivered it. After putting that inside, and verifying that everything arrived in one box, I went out to the nearest Hallmark store and bought gold foil wrapping paper, and three small, blank gift cards. I also bought a silver foil ribbon, a red foil ribbon and the one and only black foil ribbon they had. I wrapped the gifts and topped them with the respectively colored bows, silver on the white since, no surprise, they didn't have white foil bows. In each of the gift cards I wrote 'To: Gabriel, My Love, From: Thomas, Mi Amor'. The paddle, crop, and bed-bondage stuff were surprise gifts, so I just put them in the nightstand to surprise her with them later in the evening.     I was all but bubbling with anticipation when my doorbell rang on Friday night.

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   I fixed a big pan of Lasagna Thursday night and kept it in the refrigerator overnight. I put it in the oven as soon as I got home, it should be ready in 60 to 90 minutes.     I opened the door and there was my Cuban Goddess! In a white sundress, with multi-colored flowers all over it. I was almost certain she didn't have a bra on, but with her firm breasts, you really couldn't tell. (I was almost certain she wouldn't have any panties on underneath. ) She had on a pair of white flats, (but not for long, I thought to myself). I took her hand and pulled her into my arms and kissed her. Then I gave my sweet angel a hug, and when I opened my eyes, I noticed the vision standing behind her. Almost a mirror image of my perfectly lovely Gabriel. Those same dark sultry eyes, the same silky hair, and those full pouting lips, These two were definately sisters, they almost looked like twins, except this little Goddess was a bit shorter and obviously younger. If they indeed had different fathers, then Mom must be a bombshell, to have two girls as lovely as this! Mariel was also dressed in a sundress, but hers was yellow and white checked. She had on tan flats, same style as her sister. I smiled and reached around Gabriel and said, "This MUST be Mariel! You look just as lovely as your sister! Beauty must run in the family" She shyly smiled and shook my hand, I took her hand in both of mine and gave her a warm welcome, "I'm Thomas, and welcome to my home. " I let them both inside.     Mariel sniffed the air, I told her, "That's Lasagna, it should be ready pretty soon.

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  " She spoke in spanish to Gabriel, who translated, "We've never had Lasagna. " I replied, "Mariel doesn't speak English?" Mariel quickly (and loudly) interjected, "I do so speak English, and better than Gabby!" Gabriel nudged her and she paused, slightly embarassed by her sudden outburst as she quietly added, "I just forgot. " I laughed and said, "I apoligize for making that assumption, after only hearing you speak just one time. " She softly replied, "That's okay. I apologize for raising my voice. " I laughed, "That's okay, you have a nice voice, I don't mind if you raise it. "     I told them, "Let me check on the Lasagna. " They followed me into the kitchen. I opened the oven to see the sauce bubbling up around the outer edges of the noodles. I smiled, "Ahhh, I see it's time to add the last layer of cheese. " I pulled out the rack and started crumbling on the Ricotta as I explained, "If you put on the last layer of cheese too early, it will burn. I like to wait until it's almost done, then add it. " I sprinkled on the Mozarella, then I explained, "Most people top it off with mozerella and Parmesan, I like to mix my Parmesan, with Romano to top it off. " as I sprinkled the grated, two cheese blend over the mozerella. Gabriel said, "I'm sure it will taste delicious, you are a good cook.

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  " Gabriel seemed to be taking great pains to use her best English today, probably because of Mariel, and her earlier comment. Mariel nodded in agreement, "Yes you are a good cook. " I smiled, "Wait until you taste it right out of the pan, instead of microwaved from a tupperware container. " She blushed and nodded. Gabriel said, "We will return those to you. " I replied, "No hurry. " then smiled and added, "I know where you live. " with a wink.     Without any prompting Gabriel started about her cleaning duties, and started loading the dishwasher. I remembered she actually came over here on the premise of cleaning my house. Of course dressed in that nice dress, did she actually think I'd let her clean the house? I tried to stop her but she insisted she at least clean up in the kitchen, It was pretty messy. I tend to make a mess when I cook and Lasagna is ecspecially messy. Mariel and I helped her by loading the dishwasher as she cleaned the counters and stove top. I let her sweep, but before she could pull out the 'Swiffer Wetjet', I announced, "The Lasagna should be done by now. " I checked it out and replied, "Yup, the cheese on top os all melted and gooey, just perfect.

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  " Gabriel raced for the plates and said something in spanish to Mariel as she opened the nearby drawer full of flatware. Mariel started pulling out the forks and knives as Gabriel set out the plates. I took the plates and said, "Let's eat in the dinning room this evening. It's a specail day, I have not one, but two lovely guests for dinner tonight. " Gabriel and Mariel smiled as I took the plates over to the dinneing room and set them on the nice table with the cherry wood finish. Mariel and Gabriel set the rest of the place settings while I got the wine glasses, I had a bottle of my favorite sparkling white wine in the refrigerator, I don't know if, in 'proper circles', if it's proper to go serve a white wine with Lasagna', but I like the taste and I think it goes along nicely.     Both girls were impressed when I popped the real (not plastic) cork out of the wine. Mariel was first to taste it, she smiled, "Buenos. " Then blushed and quickly translated, "Good. " Gabriel tasted it and agreed. I brought out the Lasagna and Mariel's looked changed, she reminded me of that Tiger I saw at the zoo as a child, pacing in his cage waiting for the Zoo Keeper at feeding time. I took her plate and gave her the first slice. She picked up her fork and went for it, Gabriel cried, "Mariel! Haga caso de sus maneras!" I paused and Mariel looked embarassed as she set down her fork. I replied, "That's okay, I'm not that big on formalities here. " Mariel just nodded and waited.

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   I served Gabriel then myself and Mariel looked over at Gabriel, I said, "What are you waiting for? Let me know if you like it. " Mariel dug in, It was steaming and she blew on it a few time before putting it in her mouth. She sighed, "Mmmmmmm. . . " as she let it sit in her mouth for a moment slowly chewing it. Gabriel and I did the same, blowing on it before we tasted it. I think it did suffer a little bit from spending the night in cold storage, so it wasn't quite as good as I usually make it, but it was still really good. Mariel finished her first mouthful and sigh, "Mui Bueno. . . " Then stoped short and corrected herself, "Very good. " Gabriel looked at Mariel and said in perfect English, "I think it tastes delicious. " then she smiled at me. I smiled back and said, "Muchos Gracias.

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  " Mariel was taking a drink and almost spit it out in surprise. I told her, "Relax I have Latino freinds, I DO know a little spanish. " She coughed and said, "Sorry, I didn't realize. . . . " I interupted her, "That's fine. Now we're even from before, when I didn't think you spoke English. " She smiled and nodded.     Dinner was really nice despite the minor diminished flavor in the main dish. (The girls didn't notice, but they didn't know any better. ) The wine was all right, but the company was exceptional! Not one, but two, beautiful and charming young ladies. Who could ask for anything more?    After dinner Gabriel started clearing the plates, I didn't even try to stop her. Mariel helped. I took off the Lasagna and asked Mariel, "Would you like to take some of this home?" She nodded, "Oh yes please!" I cut a slice the size of a square tupperware container and put it inside.

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   I went to get some flatware and wrap it in a paper towel, but she remarked, "I already have some of those. " I nodded and replied, "That's right you do. " I put it in a bag with a Vitamin water and said, "It's ready to go when you are. "I wasn't trying to push her out the door, but the sooner she left the sooner I could give Gabriel her presents, and see how she looked in them. And don't forget the surprise gifts. I was looking forward to letting her have those as well. Still I told Mariel, "If you stop by in the morning, maybe I'll make some omlets. They taste better hot out of the frying pan. " At first she looked excited, then she looked at Gabriel, paused then sighed and replied, "No thank you. " I told her, "Your welcome, really. " She shook her head and said, "Sorry but I really can't. "     Gabriel changed the subject, "Should I vacuum the floors?" I sighed, "I don't think that will be neccessary. " She loaded the dinner dishes into the diswasher and turned it on like I'd shown her. We all sat down in the living room and I found out a bit more about the younger sister of the woman I was falling for. After about an hour Gabriel looked at the clock, then at Mariel.

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   Mariel sighed and said, "I'd better get going now. " (I know this sound rude, and I know the polite thing to say would be, "Do you have to go now?" but I wanted her to leave. ) I just said, "Oh? I'sorry you can't stay longer, let me get your Lasagna for you. " Gabriel and I saw Mariel to the door. As soon as it closed, I turned swept Gabriel up into my arms and ran up the stairs, carrying her in my arms. She gasped in surprise then giggled all the way up.     In the bedroom, she looked at the presents as if she was confused. I set her down and said, "Go ahead, open them. " She asked, "But. . . why?" I replied, "Just open them and you'll understand why. " She stammered, "But. . .

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  " I told her, "Just open them or I'll open them for you!" She carefully tore open the one with the black bow.     She opened the box and saw the black fishnet bodystocking, (there was a picture on the package) and she looked shocked at first, then she smiled and looked up at me. I told her, "There's more, underneath. . . " She lifted the bodystocking and gasped, "Wow, son muy agradables. " I smiled, pleased that she obviously liked my taste in footwear. Then she pulled one out to look at it more closely. I put it back in the box and told her, "You have two more to open. "    The other two boxes were also shoe box size, she seemed excited as she tore into the box with the silver bow. She barely looked at the white teddy, as she looked at the 'Vanity' shoes. She looked in shock as she stared at the shoes, almost as if she was afraid to touch them. She breathlessly gasped, "Son increíbles!" Not in English, but I got the idea. I had to remind her there was another box. She reluctantly put the box down and picked up the red bowed box.


   She remarked, "Red is my favorite color. " I peeled off the bow and stuck it on her head. We both laughed and I remarked, "You're my gift and I'll be unwrapping you shortly. "    She opened the box and again barely acknowledged the nightie, lifting it to look at the shoes underneath. "Hermoso, sólo hermoso!" again she seemed pleased with my selection. I was glad she liked them, I could hardly wait to see her wearing them.     Suddenly the doorbell rang. "Huh?" I said, then added, "Who in the hell could that be?" Gabriel didn't give it a second thought as the was still enthralled by the shoes. I told her, "I'll get rid of whoever that is. As I closed the door behind me, I saw her dress drop to the floor. I got a good look at her bare back. I was right, there was no bra or panties under that sundress.     I dashed down the stairs and looked out the window beside the door. It was Mariel! I opened the door and she apologetically asked, "May I speak to Gabby?" She was nearly in tears. I asked, "What's the matter sweetheart?" She just pleaded, "I NEED to speak to Gabby.

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  " I said, "Sure, come on in. " as I let her in the house. I added, "She's up stairs. . . " Mariel headed up the stairs, and I realized Gabriel might be wearing something she wouldn't want her little sister to see her wearing. Mariel was out of my reach so I quickly called out, "Gabriel! It's Mariel, she needs to speak with you. " A second later the bedroom door opened and Gabriel appeared wrapped in my comforter. Mariel stopped in her tracks. I guess it didn't take us long to go from 'good-bye Mariel to getting naked'. I guess I couldn't blame her for being a little stunned. Gabriel asked, "Que pasa?" Mariel recovered from her shock, glanced sideways at me then spoke in spanish. I couldn't understand it all, but the name "Kurzolokov" (if that's how you spell it) obvoiusly wasn't spanish. Near as I could figure, it had some thing to do with Senor and Senorita Kurzolokov. Possibly the landlords of their $100 a month room? Gabriel calmed down Mariel before she started crying, like only a big sisters can.

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   Then she motioned for me to come upstairs.     I passed Mariel who was paiently waiting where she stopped, about halfway up, at the first landing. Gabriel went back into the room and waited for me. She closed the door when I came in and she quickly explained. "You remember I told you that I got a room for $100 a month for me and my sister?" (I'd made a good guess. ) I replied, "I remember. " She replied, "That's not quite true. " I asked, "What part isn't true?" She replied, "They only wanted one tennant, they don't know about Mariel. " I asked, "How could they not know about her, doesn't she live there?" She nodded, "But they no see her?" I asked, "What? Does she stay locked up in your room all day and night?" Gabriel shook her head and explained, "While senior and seniorita Kurzolokov are at work, Mariel can go about the house, she only stays inside when they are home. " I asked, "What about tonight?" Gabriel explained, "The last two Friday nights they left at dinner time and did not come home until very late. This week they came back much earlier. " I asked, "Mariel get caught coming in?" She shook her head and said, "No, she saw the TV was on and did not go inside. " I replied, "So she needs a place to stay for the night. " Gabriel nodded, and added, "Maybe longer, the Kurzolokovz's do not work on Saturday or Sunday. " I asked, "Mariel is locked up in your room all day long on Saturday and  Sunday?" Gabriel replied, "Sometimes they go out.

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  " I replied, "I don't even want to know how she goes to the bathroom on weekends. " Gabriel just looked down. I was dying to see what she was wearing under that comforter, but being the gentleman I am I just sighed, "Sure, no problem. " (I guess no nooky tonight!) I had to be a gentleman, so I might as well continue to do so, and take the sofa, and let the sisters take the bed. I was pretty sure Gabriel would make up for it, maybe next weekend. She let me out into the hall then motioned for her sister to come up. She closed ther door to talk to her sister. I waited, since I'd need a blanket, or at least the comforter, if I was going to spend the night on the sofa.     As I stood there, I thought, I have a three bedroom house. I was planing to use one as a home office and the other as a home gym. I could use one as a home office/gym, and Mariel could use the other one. That way she wouldn't be trapped in her room for half the day and the entire weekend. Then a thought occured to me that was even better. Mariel could move into the spare bedroom, and Gabriel could move into MY bedroom with me. That way, instead of a couple of evenings a week, I get my lovely Cuban Goddess, all night, every night.

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   Of course, making love like that, all night, every night, just might kill me, but what a way to go! It was a bigstep, but I decided I'd ask them. It would solve their problem, and after all, isn't that what a boyfreind is good for? Solving problems:-)    I knocked on the door, Gabriel called out, "Uno momento!" Spanish again, but I was getting used to it. I knew what she meant and hardly noticed. I replied, "I have an idea. It would solve your problems. " She translated her earlier statement, "One Minute. " I waited but was starting to like this idea, and the more I though about it, the more I liked it. In fact I was kind of getting excited about the whole idea. We could go out and buy a bed and dresser for Mariel tomorrow, I could clean out half my closet, I didn't need all that space anyway, I could even empty a few drawers in my dresser, if that wasn't enough, I could buy Gabriel a dresser for herself. They could move in tomorrow! I tried to open the door, it was locked? Gabriel called out again, "One minute. " I told her, "I think I have a way to solve your dilemma. " she repeated, "One momento!" A mix of Spanish and English? What was she doing in there?    I thought about just getting a coat hanger, or 10D nail from downstairs and popping the lock, but just as I decided to go for it, the door opened. I stepped in excited to let them hear my plan and ask then to move in with me, but that thought simply slipped my mind, when I saw the two visions in that room. My Angel Gabriel, was in the 'vanity' heels and her legs looked just awesome in them! (I was right!) She also had on the the white lace teddy (w/bows), and she did look just like an angel. What I didn't expect to see was Mariel in the red pumps, and the sheer red babydoll! Her legs were just as awesome in those heels, as her sister's! She didn't have the breasts to fill in those cups, but since they were sisters, (and Gabriel had some nice ones) she'd probably grow into it.

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   They both looked lovely, and oh so sexy. I wasn't sure how far Mariel intended to go, but I felt like the luckiest guy on the planet. I was instantly hard!    I just looked back and forth, Mariel asked, "El como nosotros" Gabriel smiled, nodded, and said, "Si, el hace. " I confirmed it by saying, "Bueno, mui bueno!" I smiled and added, "Maravilloso!" Both girls laughed at my attempt at spanish, which left them both, with lovely smiles on their faces. I asked them to turn around. Gabriel immediatly complied, she had to prod Mariel, who didn't understand why I would ask them to do that. After she turned around, Gabriel stepped closer to her and started whispering in Spanish. I couldn't hear a word she was saying but that didn't matter, I was looking at the two finest backsides on the planet. The heels accentuated their asses perfectly. I always thought Gabriels ass was perfect, but I had not seen perfection until I looked at her ass while she was wearing five inch heels. I overheard Gabriel whisper the word "zurrarme" and Mariel instinctively reached back to rub her beautiful bottom. I KNOW what "zurrarme" means! Was I going to get to spank both of those perfect asses? I sure hope so, why else would she be dressed like that?    Gabriel looked back at me over her shoulder, with a great big smile on her face. I motioned fer her to get into bed. She pulled Mariel into bed with her, they laid on either side of the bed. I quickly disrobed and hopped into the bed between them.

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   Mariel looked as if in shock as she exclaimed, "Ah Dios, ellos gigante!" I couldn't help but smile. I liked the sound of 'gigante'. These girls were very good for my ego!    Gabriel leaned over and kissed me, I pulled her close and the kiss progressed to passionate, as our tongues danced together. She slowly backed off, and to my surprise, Mariel turned my head and laid one on me! With Gabriel I was the one who initiated the tongue, Mariel's tongue was in my mouth before I recovered from the shock of her kissing me. She was a very good kisser, her sister must've coached her. If she kissed like this, I was damn sure gonna get a piece of this 18 year old Goddess. I slipped a hand down and squeezed her ass, it was very firm, just like her sisters. Mariel responded by stroking my stiff wood, with an open hand, like it was bunny rabbit in a petting zoo.     I ended the kiss and laid back. I glanced over at Gabriel and she was smiling at me. I had a thought, Gabriel obviously coached Mariel, and I wondered how that looked, so I told them, "Okay, now you two kiss. " Gabriel looked stunned, Mariel didn't seem to care either way. Gabriel slowly moved up and kissed her sister on the cheek. I objected, "No, on the lips. " Gabriel gave Mariel a quick peck on the lips, I shook my head and told her, "NO! I want you to kiss her like you kissed her when you taught her how to kiss like she just kissed me a few seconds ago.

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  " Gabriel looked shocked, I told her, "Come on, you can't make me believe that was the first time she kissed like that. I know you taught her. " Gabriel was so embarassed her face and neck were redder than The nightie her sister was wearing. Mariel still didn't seem to care. Gabriel leaned across me and Mariel met her halfway. Mouths were open and you could tell there was some tongue action going on, initiated by Mariel! I've seen pictures and videos, but when you actually have two beautiful goddesses, kissing like that, right in front of your face! There's nothing like it in the world! I blew my load all over my stomach.     Abruptly the girls broke off the kiss and looked up at me as they wiped the sides of their faces. Apparently they were within the range of my cannon when it went off, aand they took some flack. Gabriel looked at me confused, I simply sighed, "That was so FUCKING HOT!!!" Mariel looked at her sister, Gabriel just smiled, licked her fingers, then proceeded to start licking the mess off my stomach, so Mariel did the same. Of course Mariel made a funny face when she first tasted it, but I guess if it was good enough for her big sister, it was good enough for her. I wondered if they had discussed swallowing come? The fact that she showed no reluctance to do so suggested it. I wondered what else they discussed (felacion, perhaps intercourse, both I hope).     Just licking off the come, was getting me hard again. It never really went down, it just got a little softer, that's all. Gabriel licked the head clean.

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   and started demonstrating a felacion for her sister who was intently watching. I stopped Gabriel and pulled her up to me. I gave her a kiss, and looked down as I felt myself being engulfed in warmth and moisture. Mariel was giving it a try, and doing a pretty good job too. How did Gabriel teach her THAT? I reluctantly pulled her up and said, "In a minute. " After that kiss, and my orgasm, I felt a undeniable need to give them something back. I laid Gabriel back, and kissed her again. To my surprise as soon as I broke it off, Mariel kissed Gabriel again. I didn't lose my load this time but it was still really fucking hot, and any softness remaining in my penis was now gone! I wondered how far Mariel would go, but Gabriel admonished her, "Mariel! Para esto, Comportese!" and pushed her back.     I was to say the least, disappointed, then I remembered the bed restraints. I smiled and went for the nightstand. I was careful not to let them see the other surprises in there as I removed the kit and tore open the blister pack. Mariel had seen the picture on the package and was giggling, as she examined one of the wrist cuffs. Gabriel had also seen the package and looked flushed, not blush as in embarassed, but flushed as in excited. I knew that she like being restrained, but wasn't sure how she'd feel about being restrained in front of her younger sister.

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   Apparently it wasn't a problem. I placed the cuff around her wrist and Mariel did the other wrist, then together we attached the ankle cuffs. I clipped the restraints to her wrist clips. then as per the insructions slipped it over the mattress. I worked perfectly as her arms went straight out. I hurried to help Mariel who was trying to do the same to her legs. I had to pull Gabriel down the bed about 6-8 inches so we could get the lower restraints over the end of the mattress. I took the blindfold and smiled at Gabriel as I placed it over her head, and reluctantly covered those sexy dark eyes. I told Mariel, "Now she can't see who is doing what to her, and she certainly can't stop you. If she tries to scold you, we'll gag her. " I unhooked the crotch of that teddy she was wearing and pushed it all the way up to her neck. Completely exposing her perfect body to our adoring eyes. A huge grin washed across Mariels face as she timidly reached out with one hand and gently squeezed her sisters breast. I told her, "Go ahead, have fun, she can't stop you. " Mariel took both breats in her hands and began to kneed and massage them, Gabriel let a soft sigh escape from her lips.

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   This was hot, but I wondered how far Mariel would go. I removed one of her hands and bent down, smiled up at Mariel then started to lick Gabriel's nipple. Gabriel gasped! Mariel smiled and without a moments hesitation, she quickly joined me on the other breast and started licking Gabriel's other nipple. Gabriel responded and you could see a little something in Mariel's eyes. She looked up to her big sister and I think she liked the idea of pleasing her. This wasn't incest to her, it was just making her big sister feel good. It was doing wonders for me too, it was so fucking hot!    I proceeded on to sucking her breasts, and Mariel followed my lead. She was eager to please her sister, and sister's moaning and sighing was encouraging her. After a few moments of sucking, and watching Mariel, I started moving down to Gabriel's flat stomach. Gabriel seemed reluctant to leave something her sister was enjoying so much. I moved down kissing both of those little hearts that she obviously took great pains to keep neat and trimmed. Wait a minute, weren't there three hearts? (Did it really matter?) I dipped down to her pussy then gave it a long slow lick, dragging my tongue along her clitoris. Gabriel twisted and moaned "Ah Dios, si, si, SI!" I sucked that small nub between my lips and teased the tip with my tongue. She arched her back and screamed, the familiar orgasm scream, this was the first time Mariel had heard it and she looked concerned. I smiled at Mariel and nodded to assure her that all was well.


   I started lapping up Gabriel's juices. Mariel asked, "What did you do? Was she in pain?" I paused to answer her but Gabriel moaned, "Pain, no! Es como dije usted cielo. No, es aun nas maravilloso que esto! Orgasmo. " Mariel nudged me aside and I almost came again as she kissed Gabriel's sweet little pussy! I told her, "Now lick it. " She was eager and licking all over the place, I decided to show her how to do it effectively, I told her, "Let me show you how. " She backed off and watched me intently, as I lapped up the rest of her orgasm, then set about trying to get her to another one. I dipped down and teased her anus and Mariel disappeard, but came back a minute later, pushing Gabriel's leg up over her shoulder. Then she dove in and attacked Gabriel's clitoris, making her gasp. I told her, "Good idea!" and left Gabriel's pussy in good hands as I released the clip on the other leg and pushed that knee up to her ear. Now we could both get at her pretty little pussy.     Gabriel didn't last too long with two tongues teasing her clit, vagina, and anus. I was having a great time rubbing cheeks with Mariel, and playing dueling tongues all around Gabriel's great tasting pussy. Mostly we did dual stimulation, I was tongue fucking her anus while Mariel was teasing her clit, when Gabriel blasted off and cried out in a volume that I only usually hear when we are making love. And talk about juicy, there was enough down there for the both of us.     Mariel was going to go for three but I pulled her back and told her, "Nope, now it's your turn.

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  " She looked at me and asked, "My turn?" I replied, "Now Gabriel and I are are going to tie you down and do to you what we just did to her. " I looked up at the blindfolded Gabriel and asked, "Aren't we?" Gabriel just sighed, "Si. " Mariel asked, "Cielo?" Gabriel replied, "No, mejor que cielo. " Mariel helped me take off the wrist and ankle cuffs as she practically pushed her sister out of the way. I was surprised when Gabriel stopped her and gave her a quite passionate kiss the softly told her, "Gracias. " Mariel hugged her sister, then we put the cuffs on her. We removed the G-string panties before we secured her legs. it was easier since the tie down straps were already in place, all we had to do was just hooked her up.     After I blindfolded Mariel, Gabriel kissed me and told me, "Thank you so much for accepting my sister. " I told her, "It's my pleasure, REALLY!" We both took turns kissing Mariel again, then I untied her babydoll and exposed her lovely young body to our adoring eyes. She was just as perfect as her sister, except the breats were just slight mounds with pointy little nipples. Very cute. I noticed she didn't have much in the way of pubic hair, just a slight peach fuzz, but then again, I don't know how much pubic hair a 18 year old Cuban girl should have so. . .

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       Gabriel surprised me when she started to lower her head. Not wanting to be outdone, I hurried down to Mariel's left breast. We started licking her nipples, Mariel giggled and sighed "Mui Bueno. " I switched to sucking on the tiny mounds. They were just beginning to feel like breasts should feel. I looked over at my lovely Gabriel, and she had also switched, how hot was that? One beautiful girl sucking on another beautiful girls breasts. Mariel seemed to be enjoying it, but I wanted to see if her pussy was as tasty as her sisters. I started trailing my lips down her flat stomach. Gabriel quickly followed, then nudged me out of the way. She stopped before she passed Mariel's pubic mound and looked at me. I paused and smiled, she told me, "You should be the first, to touch it. " I nodded, "I feel honored. " It looked so small, sweet and untouched, almost like Gabriel's before we start going at it hot and heavy, and I start tearing it up. I ran my hand along her inner thigh then decided my lips would be the first to touch it and I leaned in and softly kissed it, and let the kiss linger slowly massaging her virgin pussy with my lips. Mariel sighed, "Cielo!" Without stopping I looked up at Gabriel, she translated, "It feels like heaven.

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  " Mariel sighed, "Better than heaven!"    I paused and motioned for Gabriel to unhook her legs, Mariel pulled them up high giving us both open access to her sweet virgin vagina. I moved in and so did Gabriel, we bumped heads, laughed, then went to work on Mariel's pussy with dueling tongues. Mariel wasn't just moaning as sighing as we teased her clit and licked her pussy. She was thrashing about! It was a good thing we tied her down or she might have toppled a lamp or broken something. Her hair was flying all over as she moaned and gasped at the new totally feelings she was experiencing. She was obviously enjoying them. Gabriel was pretty much hogging her clit and only abandoned it when I nudged her out of the way. She never went down to Mariel's anus, the left that for me. I figured she knew what she liked and was giving the same to Mariel. I though she liked the anal stimulation. It was when I sucked Mariels tiny little clit between my lips and rubbed the tip with my tongue, that she arched her back and cried out with her first orgasm. Taste must be a genetic thing, she tasted so much like her sister it was unreal. I don't know if I could tell them apart if I was blindfolded. .



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