There's a time for everything... (Chapter 1)


Topic: Chapters: 1 & 2CHAPTER ONE – THE STORY“So are you coming to dad’s play tomorrow?” Amanda asks as she lays there wrapped around the strong arms of Daniel, whom she has been dating for over two years, on the couch in his bedroom watching Notebook. Amanda loves this man. Along with the tear-stimulating sentiments of the movie, she recalls the first time they met at professor Shaw’s, her father who doesn’t have much liking for Daniel, theater class a long while back, when Amanda was still a freshman and he had first became the quarterback of their college football team. Ever since that first encounter, he’s been wanting to fuck the shit out of her, literally. Discreetly annoyed by Amanda’s n-th time of striking down his attempts to have sex with her earlier during the movie, Daniel says, “Do you really want me to, babe? That kinda’ stuff bores me to death. ” With an even softer and gentler voice, he whispers to her, “Plus, I got football practice ‘till seven. You know I’ll be damn tired after that, Mandy. ” Amanda lifts her head up from his chest; unwraps his arms surrounding her waist and hip; and turns all the way around to face him now. “Just promise me you will try to make it, okay? It doesn’t start ‘till eight. ”At the same time, Daniel is thinking: he can actually make it to the play on time if he wants to because he lives only a block away from the theatre, separated just by a 5-story parking garage. But –“Alright babe, I’ll try. ” Daniel lies as he looks right in her eyes and then starts to make out with this brunette who has been nothing but a cock-tease all along, not only to him but all the other guys she’s dated before him. They both are very good kissers. Daniel learned his skills from his constant popularity dated back to his high school years. Athletically built into a muscular frame of 6 ft. 3 in.

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   with brown hair and blue eyes, he’s been successful in charming any girl he wants into trying his 9. 5 in. cock, except for this bitch in front of him right now. Amanda, on the other hand, is still in the process of gaining sexual knowledge mostly from her younger sister Julie, whose name is now equated with the word ‘whore’ just shortly after she started at this college. The couple continues to make out, but now more passionately than before. Daniel’s hands begin to move downward from touching her face to her silky shoulder-length hair and then her back. Before Amanda knows it, he is already advanced into her pants and shirt. She moans louder. As his hand goes around her 32-B breast to unhook the bra, she pushes him away. “No Dan, no… Not right now, okay?” She protests and stops kissing all together. She stands up first and then he follows. Feeling defeated and mildly enraged, Daniel walks her out to her car. “Bitch. ” He thought as she pulls out of the parking lot. CHAPTER TWO – THE PLANThe next day, 7 pm:On the phone, looking frustrated, Amanda complains, “But Dan, I really wish you could be here.

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  ” Despite the displeasing news from the other end of the phone, she still speaks rather softly for her voice is naturally delicate, unlike her sister’s. “I’m really sorry Mandy, I promise I’ll make it up to your babe. I promise. Now, I’ll call you when I wake up from the nap okay?” Freshly out of the shower, Daniel dries his mildly tanned body in front of the mirror. She says disappointedly, “Fine then. Love you. ” “Love you too” He replies in satisfaction and hangs up right away. He thinks as he strokes his scarily thick but handsomely shaped cock, “You don’t know what you’re missing, Mandy. ” An hour later, Daniel arrives at Corey’s house for the party they are throwing later that night. The same time, Amanda and Julie enter the theatre for their dad’s first play of the year. “I don’t feel well…” Julie constantly whines as always when she’s told to do something by her parents. Daniel notices that the party has not started yet. No one except for Corey, Delmar, Randy, Seth, and himself is in the house. The guys are all in the kitchen helping Corey with prepping the house for party when they see Daniel, the leader of these beasts.
    Here’s a brief intro to these strangers:Corey: 6 ft.

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       1 in. ; football player with no steady girlfriend; his house is the base for the guys since his parents moved to FloridaDelmar: tallest of all, 6 ft. 5 in; black football player whose father is the security director of the collegeRandy: shortest of all, slightly below 6 ft. ; half black football player whose girlfriend just cheated on him last weekSeth: same height as Daniel, 6 ft. 3in. ; football player whose mother is the vice-president of the college; got away with three sexual assault charges because of that factDelmar’s voice becomes clearer as Daniel approaches the kitchen, “…yea man, she took all ten inches with that pussy…” The guys greet Daniel by bumping into his fist and Delmar continues, “You should’ve seen that bitch from last night dude, I get horny just talking about her. ” They chat on for a bit while setting up the place. About thirty minutes later, the people start to show up. Daniel and his gang congregate on the front porch, their usual hang out spot of the house, with a few other people coming and going. “How are things with your bitch dude? Cheated on you yet?” Randy asks Daniel sourly knowing that the couple has some bedroom issues. Daniel ignores the question. The popular intent is for Daniel to break up with his cock-teasing, no good girlfriend, but Daniel has yet to surrender. “Yea man, she a virgin?” Asks Delmar the pussy hungry monster, again Daniel remains silent. Seth continues to comment, “She must be pretty tight, huh?” All of the guys now have that nasty and lustful grin on their faces except for Daniel who eventually vents. “Fuck I wish I know!” Daniel exclaims with frustration.

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       Corey, being a buddy as always leans in and whispers to the guys, “Now Dan, here’s a plan for ya’…. ” They murmur to each other for a couple minutes and burst out laughing aloud. Author's note: I know it isn't getting much of sex yet, but I promise the build-up will be worth it starting next chapter. This is just the first two chapters of a series in development. Comment constructively for changes you would like to see in the upcoming chapters or elements you would like to see added. Ideas for development is also much appreciated. .