The Young Blackmailer


Topic: Part OneDave Holt was easy going and basically a lazy person. But because of his good looks and ability to make people laugh he had always gotten by in life. At 32 years old he was still in great shape and worked out on a regular basis. He had married a driven career woman early on and had mostly been a stay-at-home dad since the birth of their daughter Rachel 18 years ago. His wife was a social climber and they had moved into the upper crust neighborhood a few years earlier. Even though their roles were reversed by traditional standards, the Holts had an idyllic life and Rachel had lots of friends. Since he was around most of the time, her girlfriends all loved to tease and flirt with Rachel’s “cool dad”.
Little did Dave know this seemingly innocent behavior was going to change his life forever. Rachel’s best friend was Maddie, a wise-beyond-her-years girl who was maturing early. As the baby of the family, Maddie’s parents had always spoiled her rotten and she led a privileged life. The private school, the latest fashions, the coolest toys; she wanted for nothing. Maddie was a very smart kid too and was labeled “precocious” at a very young age – some even said she had a devious streak in her. She also always seemed to get her way – even around adults.
One evening Dave came home from the gym to find Rachel and Maddie playing video games while his wife cooked dinner. He exchanged a few jokes and mildly suggestive comments with the girls (you two are going to be heartbreakers you know, any boyfriends yet, etc. ), kissed his wife in the kitchen and went off to take a shower.

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Dave got out of the shower and was toweling off his face and hair when he felt his wife grab his penis. He good naturedly told her to “let go or I won’t be responsible for what happens. ” Though surprised she didn’t let go immediately he continued drying off. When he put the towel down his surprise turned to shock when he saw it wasn’t his wife at all but Rachel’s friend Maddie holding on to his cock.
Before Dave could tell her to let go and push her away Maddie squeezed his prick and whispered: “Don’t do anything or I’ll scream. Your wife will never believe you!”
Dave was speechless. “The little bitch was right he thought. What the hell am I going to do?” Despite the awkwardness of the situation his cock had started to harden while Maddie pulled and rubbed it.
“I told Rachel she needed to keep playing the video game while I looked for some “cheats” on-line. I’ve only seen my dad’s penis when he was changing clothes before” said Maddie sweetly. “My sister said they grow if you touch them and I just want to see how big one gets. Then I’ll leave. ”
Feeling trapped, Dave could only nod meekly as Maddie continued to stroke his shaft. The main thought going through his mind was a terrifying “what if my wife comes in here?!” Even so, he was oddly excited by the forbidden nature of the encounter. At an above average 8.

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  5” in length and very thick, his erect member looked enormous in Maddie’s small hand. Although he was trying to ignore the little vixen Dave did notice her eyes widen when his cock was at full attention. His was nothing like the “normal” representations in the school health class films. After a bit Dave felt the first stirrings of an orgasm and warned Maddie if she didn’t stop soon he was going to cum all over the place. Maddie let go right away but an impartial observer would have seen the distinct look of curiosity on her face. Next, to Dave’s amazement, she pulled her cell phone out of her pocket, bent down and quickly snapped a picture of herself kissing the head of Dave’s still erect cock. Dave made a grab for the phone but Maddie was too quick and skipped out of the room with a quick “see ya later Mr. Holt. ” Dave was in no condition to chase after her either.
After Dave’s raging hard-on had subsided he got dressed and went about his business the rest of the evening, all the while vowing to keep a closer eye on the pubescent witch-in-training.
The next afternoon there was a knock at the door and Dave opened it to see Maddie and another girl he hadn’t met before. “Rachel’s at the library doing homework” said Dave curtly.
“We know,” the girls giggled and Maddie had the audacity to wink at him.
    In a soft voice Maddie said: “I told Betty I could show her a grown-up penis for $10. ”
    “You need to go home right now” said Dave, his voice rising in anger.

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    “But Mr. Holt, what would happen if I showed my parents that picture of you? You know the one, right?”
    “You’ve got to be kidding”
    “Not at all Mr. Holt. And don’t believe I won’t do it either!”
    “Oh my god! I can’t believe you’re doing this. ” Not knowing what else to do, Dave let them inside and closed the door.
    Once inside Dave said: “let’s get this over with quickly and you can get the hell out. ” He started to unzip his fly but Maddie told him he had to be naked just like the day before. “I promised Betty she could see the whole package. ”
    “This is fucking embarrassing” thought Dave as he disrobed in front of the gawking girls. “I’m being blackmailed by a punk kid barely out of a training bra!”
    Once he was standing naked in front of them, Maddie and Betty came over and Maddie grabbed his cock. And, just like the day before, it responded. “It’s not that big now but watch what happens” Maddie told Betty as she stroked and pulled. Sure enough, in no time Dave’s member was at full attention again. “See what I mean?” Betty gave a nod and stared wide eyed at the huge, throbbing cock. Maddie told her to take over sliding her hand up and down the shaft while she started fondling Dave’s balls.

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       “I found some pictures on the Internet last night after my parents went to bed” she explained. “Let’s see what happens if we don’t stop this time. Don’t move Mr. Holt. ” By this time the double-handed stimulation had clouded his mind and he closed his eyes and groaned as he felt his balls contract and he shot a huge wad across the room. Betty squealed in surprise and Maddie continued the handjob until Dave had nothing left and every drop was squeezed from his cock. Standing in the foyer totally spent, he didn’t even care at that moment when Betty used Maddie’s phone to take a couple more incriminating pictures. As Dave was recovering Maddie reminded him: “You know what I can do with these pictures don’t you?” Then she and Betty walked primly out the front door with a “see you tomorrow. ”
    End of part one . . .