The Village of Agony and Ecstasy-Ch 3 Shaved


The other slave snarled at her. "Not to mention what WE will do to you in the slave-quarters if you make it hard on us by not doing what we tell you to do. "Bella remained firm. "Well you are just two poor little ole' slaves, now aren't you? You have no breeding and character. I do. He will not own me. "The two men looked at each other and laughed again. "Well, little Miss Brat, we shall see now won't we," said the slave holding her rope. He gave it a yank and Bell tumbled forward catching herself before she hit the ground. He yanked her and pulled her along until they stopped in front of a large stone structure with a huge wooden door. It creaked as they pushed it open and dragged her inside. "Which room shall we put her in?" asked the male holding her rope. "We have to bathe and shave her for the Master. "A very voluptuous slave girl dressed only in a skimpy two-piece leather outfit sitting at a desk said, "Take her to the last room on the right. Master sent instructions and the other girls are preparing the room for you. " Bella glared at her.

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   Her nipples were standing up peeking over the top of the material and the bottoms barely covered her sex. She appeared comfortable with her attire. Bella was embarrassed for her. She stared at Bella eyeing her up and down. "Hmmmmmmmmm, a new slave girl, eh?""Yes, and she is going to need some taming," they all snickered together. "Well she surely will get it here," said the girl. The rope pulled Bella down the hall. She heard squeals and grunts coming from the many rooms they passed. The doors were shut so she could only imagine what was happening in the rooms. They approached one room on the left, the door burst open, and a slave girl came out hurriedly. Bella peered into the room. A man was in the room standing between a woman's open legs. She was stretched on a stone table. She was yelping and squealing. "Pleeeeeeeeease don't do that.

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   It hurts," she cried"Now listen here, girl, you lay still. This is as the Master ordered. Your clit will have to be suctioned. He wants it larger. After I attach it, it will feel wonderful, I promise. I am to allow you to orgasm once," chided the man as he held a cylinder in one hand and pulled a small plunger on the end of it out. The slave girl who had come out hurried back in with what looked like a gag in her hand. The door slammed and the woman on the table cries became muffled. Bella was mortified. The two male slaves pulled her into the next room. It was damp and cold although it had a fire burning in the hearth. There was a huge, padded chair in the middle of the room with two small carts sitting beside it. On the carts were some objects, cloths, towels, a pitcher of water, and some other items. The two slaves pushed her as she protested into the chair, binding her wrists to the arms of the chair. They slowly raised first one leg, draping it over the arm of the chair.

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   Bella fought them as they did. A rope held it securely to the arm. Rippppppppppppp. There went her tunic. “No, let me go you pigs,” she shouted. A hand reached out and grabbed her other ankle. She tried to kick him, but the other helped, slowly spreading legs apart. "Hey, nice little pussy, eh? Tie her open, I want to see her better. ” Bella turned red in embarrassment as they slowly pulled her open, feeling her pussy lips spreading open as she was spread wide. She bucked in the chair, but to no avail. Her ankle was gripped tightly, rope now securing her leg to the opposite arm rest. Her legs were now spread open, her sex open for them. She felt a hand slide underneath her ass, pushing her forward and up, her bottom was naked, turned up, exposed and open. Before she could cry out again, the sarcastic slave put a gag in her mouth. All Bella could do was moan and grunt.

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   She felt the warmth of a lamp. “Don't you just love shaving them?"The conversation humiliated her as she writhed in the chair and groaned. "Yes I do. And I love to play with them too. And look at this one. Let's do a thorough examination on her, okay? She has a nice gaping hole and it looks so tight, not to mention her asshole. "Bella whined. She closed her eyes to shut them out. She felt fingers on her sex, as her lips were tugged open wide to expose all within them. The fingers were not gentle, grabbing her pussy lips tightly between two fingers and pulling them wide. It almost felt like they were trying to tear them off, pulling them obscenely wide, exposing her pink insides. Another pair of hands moved over her sex, grabbing the layer of skin over her clit and pulling it back, exposing her clit to their gaze. “MMMMM,” she mumbled into the gag, her head turning back and forth in protest. "Look at that clit. It is huge.

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   The Master will love this one. Wonder how much bigger it gets when you stroke it?"Bella felt something graze the head of her clit. She jolted forward as a shock coursed through her body. She knew that her body would betray her now. She could feel the wetness build. Her hips arched up in reaction, unable to contain herself. Her clit was extremely sensitive and would instantly make her wet when stimulated by her fingers. This was different. This was rough hands running harshly over it. "Look. She's wet. You little slut you, you like this. "Bella squirmed pulling at her bonds. The rubbing continued on the head of her clit until she could feel it was slippery wet. Her mind was swimming as her little sex button, swelled, throbbed under the ministrations.

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   Her sex was dripping now. There was only the sound of her panting in the room. Her hips continued to buck in the bondage they placed her in. Her ass raised up from the chair, her asshole exposed to them. "Look how red and big it gets. And she is sopping wet. Oh you bad girl, you," the male slaves chuckled. "How does it feel to have your clit stroked before two men, eh? We can see everything, Miss Brat, we have the lamp on you now so we are going to see that tight hole of yours spasm and convulse. We will see every quiver. "Bella let out a shriek through the gag. She could not stand much more. She was going to cum before them. She tried desperately to free herself so she could close her legs. The tickling continued as the sensations passed through her body. She could feel how swollen and erect her clit was.

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   Her sex was pulsing, dripping, and her head pounding. She felt an intrusion into her sex. It was at the opening of her sex hole. It teased her, entering her and tickling her there for a moment and was taken away. She was so aroused she wanted to scream to get it back. Rough fingers entered again, this time two. She felt them moving around inside her, twisting and turning, hard knuckles rubbing her soft flesh. "Suck my finger. " It was the sarcastic male talking. "Suck my finger, go ahead. We both want to see your pussy hole suck it. Clamp down on it. Bite down, hard. " The fingers pushed in and out repeatedly. "Mmmmmmm, I like fingerfucking her.

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   She feels tight inside," he said as his finger continued its onslaught. Bella was wiggling in the chair. She was actually trying to pump herself on his fingers in her pussy. She was quit a spectacle to see. At that moment, she did not care. She was helpless to do anything about it. She tightened her pussy on the digits, grabbing at them like they were a small cock. Her clit was trapped by the others fingers, twisting and turning the hard, red bud, stimulating her body. They were not soft fingers like her own. She had learned early on how to stimulate her bud into erection and to make herself cum. These fingers were a mans, harsh and rough, but she did not care. They still seemed to get the same results, she was getting ready to cum. A guttural, primal moan came out of Bella as her body burst into convulsions in the chair. Her body stiffened, her soul shattered, as she pumped her bottom for the two men. Her pussy gripped the finger and her clit quivered and danced.

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   Wave after wave hit her as her sex performed for them. "Boy, she can grip a finger, wonder what she’ll do with a cock," said the sarcastic male slave. His fingers pulled from her sex, covered in her juices. They came out with a loud pop, startling Bella as they did. "I can only imagine. Her sex is beautiful. Did you see the way it clenched and puckered in and out? Master is going to love it. ""That clit is something. It is still erect. It is like having a little cock. I don't know if I have ever seen one so big or so purple. " He tapped her clit as he spoke, Bella’s body jumping in response, her clit now sensitive. Bella was spent. When her mind cleared, she blushed crimson, ashamed of herself. She could only groan and make inaudible sounds since the gag was cutting through her mouth.

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   She again fought the restraints. "Get the water and the soap. Let's bathe and shave her like the Master ordered. "Bella felt the warm water and soap rubbed slowly over her sex. She could feel the suds beginning to form. She shivered in fear as the hand moved back towards her ass, pushing between her ass cheeks to rub over her asshole. She felt his fingers rubbing over her little, tan puckered anus. It continued to rub long after having soaped the tiny pucker. Bella squirmed in the seat, her muffled cries in the gag, protesting the cruel ravishment of her naked sex. “What a tight asshole she has. Master is going to love taking her in her tiny asshole. ” He laughed, his fingers still rubbing her asshole. Her body bucked in the seat, the tight bondage preventing her but only limited movement. One of them had used the soap as a lubricant and inserted a finger up her back passage, the slippery finger finding only limited resistance from her sphincter as it plunged inside her. Her sphincter fought back, squeezing and pushing on the digit, trying to expel it from her body.


   Her back passage was not used to objects being forced in and did the only thing it knew how to do, expel it. “Master is going to love her tight asshole. You should feel how it sucks on my finger, trying to push it out. ”“Let me try too,” the other pushing his finger along the one inside her. “MMMMGGGG,” Bella yelled into the gag, her hips pumping up and down as the two fingers now slid along her back passage, cruelly riding along the lubricated pathway into her rectum. She felt like she was going to tear as they continued to push in and out, her sphincter beginning to spasm on the duel digits. She felt so humiliated, bound naked, spread wide with the cruel men’s fingers inserted in her most private orifice. “GGGGRRRRHH,” she yelled again as they twisted around inside her, their knuckles rubbing harshly against her silky insides. “I’m going to shave her, I love a bald pussy. She’s going to look like a ten year old when I’m finished. ” They both pulled their fingers from her backside, a small fart of air escaping as they popped out. “Listen to her fart for us, imagine what she will do when the Master puts his cock inside her,” they laughed, Bella turning red in shame. One hand held her right pussy lip, stretching it out to the left, giving the straight razor in his other hand a clean, smooth skin to shave. “Hold still, I wouldn’t want to cut your pussy,” he ordered Bella. He let the razor run over her mound, the sharp blade cutting the hair quickly off.

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   Three swipes with the razor to each side and he was finished. Onto the other side and again, her hair was quickly shaved. His thumb pushed on her clit as he quickly cut the hair on the top of her mound, his thumb moving slowly in a circle, teasing it into erection. Her hips began to move as he masturbated her. “Don’t move too much, I wouldn’t want the Masters clit cut from your body. He will so love making it hard and making you cum. ” The razor cut the hair from the top of her mound, the finger continuing to rub over her clit as he did. “Let me shave her asshole,” the other yelled, grabbing the razor. “NNNNNGGGGOOO,” she muttered into the gag, not there she thought, her hips bucking again. She felt fingers running soap over her asshole again, her body frozen in fear, afraid the razor might accidentally cut her delicate back passage. “Look at her pucker when I run the razor over it, it purses out and in. Just like a little mouth. ” He touched her anus again, both of them staring intently as her anus performed for them, opening and closing in response to the stimulation. Bella could feel her anus moving, unable to stop the natural reaction to the sharp razor running over it. She tried to stay still as the cold steel of the razor swiped at the tiny blonde hairs surrounding her anus, cleansing her backside of all its hair.

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   She felt the warm water running over her sex mound again, washing off all of the soap, leaving her slightly damp, her sex now completely bald. “Don’t that look beautiful, bald just like a baby. I think she owes us something for all of our work. I heard the Master say that her mouth was good. Let’s get her to suck our cocks. ”Bella looked up as one of them approached her, his hand fumbling for the buttons on his shorts, his fingers drawing out a huge cock. It glistened in the light, cum already leaking out the bulbous head. He had a whip in his hand. “If you bite my cock, I will whip your pussy until it is bloody. Do you understand?”He straddled her body, his cock only inches from her mouth. She could smell the stale smell of sweat on him. He removed the gag from her mouth, the sound of her sucking in fresh air ringing out in the room. “Yes,” she said, nodding her head. The cock head rubbed over her lips, leaving trails of sticky semen on her lips. Her lips parted slightly and that was all the response he needed, he quickly pumped his hips forward.

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   Her lips were drawn back tightly as the huge cock spread them apart. The head disappeared inside the hot confines of her mouth. Her tongue was pushed aside, the cock sliding effortlessly over the wetness. “Lick it, especially the end. Taste my cum, slut,” he ordered her. He tapped the whip against her pussy slit, feeling her jump in pain. “Do it, I wouldn’t tell you again. ”Bella jumped at the pain as the whip hit her newly shaved mound, slipping in between the bald lips and hitting her tender insides. Her tongue instantly shot out and began to run over the cock, the foul tasting cum filling her mouth with its salty, heavy texture. She gagged in response as it tried to slide down her throat. She felt his hips begin to pump back and forth, each time forcing more of the cock in her mouth. “AAAGGHHH,” gagging as the cock head hit the back of her mouth and tried to force it down her throat. “I’ll hold her, you pump her full of cock,” the other one standing behind her, his hands on her head, holding her steady, not allowing her to move away from the awful cock that began to hammer into her mouth. The only sound in the room was the slapping of his balls against her chin as he pumped her full of cock. She choked and gagged each time as they forced her to take the huge cock head into her tiny throat.

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   If was like trying to put a string into a needle, it just would not fit. Bella’s throat began to burn in pain as she was throat fucked by the slave. His cock was so big, filling her mouth to overflow, her throat stretching wide to accept the huge instrument. She could not move, forced to accept the cruel oral ravishment. “MMMGGGG,” she cried, her stomach turning over and over as she choked and gagged. She felt him push deep inside her throat and stop, his cock jerking in response to the tightness of her throat. She breathed deep through her nose, sucking in as much as she could. She began to feel light-headed, her eyes beginning to glaze over from the lack of air. “Don’t faint on me, slut,” pulling his cock out of her mouth, hearing her suck in large quantities of air. In again, his cock pushed to the back of her throat, gagging her as it shoved in deep again. He grabbed his cock at the base and began to pump it. “Hold her head, I’m going to shoot the first load down her throat directly into her stomach. ” He pumped his cock up and down until he felt his balls swell in anticipation. “Yeeeeaaah, here it comes, slut. ” Bella could feel the cock expand and jerk, shooting out a blast of cum that quickly shot into her stomach.

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   His hand beat against her face as he urgently pumps his cock into an orgasm. She felt the cock pull from her throat. She sucked in a breath of air, choking as his cum went down the wrong way. Her chest heaved, the choking and gagging overcoming her. The next load of cum filled her mouth with a rope of salty, thick cum. It seemed to be everywhere, overflowing her mouth and dripping down the corner of her lips. “Swallow, slut, swallow my cum. ” He pumped his cock inside the hot confines of her mouth, shooting large amounts of cum. He watched as her throat bobbed up and down, swallowing each load as it shot inside. Finally his cock began to soften, popping out of her mouth, his cum stringy and stretching from her lips to the head of his cock as it pulled out. Before she had a chance to recover, the other took the others place and her oral cavity was again invaded with hard cock. This one was equally cruel, not caring about the pain and suffering he inflicted on her. His only desire was to fill her mouth with his cum. Long minutes passed as he fucked her face, her lips now bloody from being smashed into her teeth. She choked and gagged as her throat was again broached with his cock.

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   Finally her mouth was forced to take the second load of cum, this was even worse tasting then the last. She sagged in her bondage, cum dripping down her face. “Let’s clean her up and give her to the Master. Not don’t say a thing to the Master about us fucking your face, or next time it will be worse. ” He slapped her pussy with the whip to show her he meant business. She was finally led away, now clean and freshly shaved, ready to service her master. To be Continued.


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