The Village of Agony and Ecstasy-Ch 2 The Examination


Bella felt her Master and Raisa steps behind her. “Drop your dress, I want you naked!" he ordered her. Bella jumped and turned to look him in the face to protest. Raisa was standing beside him. All he did was take his hand and place it on Raisa's shoulder and smile wickedly at her. Her resolve faded. Why did Raisa have to be here to see this? Bella was already embarrassed just being ordered around in front of her. Raisa had no clue exactly what was going on. She was so innocent. Bella was determined to keep her safe. She let the dress fall to the ground, one hand covering her naked sex and the other attempting to shield her naked breasts from all of the men. She closed her eyes. “Remove your hands, let all see your naked charms,” he said, the men laughing at her humiliation. “And open your eyes, all want to see your surrender to my power. ”Bella let her hands drop to her side, almost standing at attention, her eyes facing forward, seeing the men looking at her naked sex. "No!" Raisa burst moving forward to cover Bella.

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   Bella put her finger to her lips to quiet her and pushed her back beside the Master. All eyes were drinking in Bella's beauty. He blatantly stared at her breasts all but licking his lips. Bella notice the room became silent. She froze. "Zora, my brother, she is a fine-looking wench," one of the men said. So, she thought, Zora is his name. She felt them stand and come closer to the table. "Truly, she is a beauty," another man shouted. Bella's body blushed crimson and her face flushed hot. She thought she would faint. "Well, she is a tiger for sure, and we shall see what kind of beauty she is," Zora remarked to his friends. "Get on the table," he commanded taking his hand off Raisa’s shoulder. Bella felt the martyr for offering this. She went nobly to the table even though she felt like a piece of meat as she climbed onto the table.

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   Her head was spinning. This was not happening to her. Shut it out, she thought. Bella, you are not here. "Lie back," her Master ordered. She did as she was told. He placed her arms in the braces and strapped them in with large leather bracelets. He did the same with her legs. A thick leather strap went around her waist. She was secured and locked into place. Zora ran his hands down her body feeling her curves and velvet skin. Bella shrieked. She was helpless. A gag was quickly place in her mouth so all she could was moan and whimper. She pulled her restraints.

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   Zora leaned over and whispered in her ear. "When I get through with you my dear, I will have seen and prodded your entire body, inside and out. You are going to be my pet and I will conquer that spirit of yours or put it to good use. " Bella's back arched and her body rose pulling at her bonds in protest. She hated him. She felt the table begin to move. Levers under it allowed the sections of the table to be opened and spread wide. She squirmed and whimpered. Her legs were being spread wide and her breasts were being pushed forward. She felt suspended because the table actually did come apart in places to allow access to her body. There was no way to fight it. The levers whirred and the table presented her. Her back was arched high, her breasts stood straight up. She felt her nipples being squeezed. She whined.

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   No, she thought, no please. The tugging and pinching was just harsh enough to cause the tips to strut and swell. "That's it, tiger, wince and let your nipples stand and engorge for me. " She felt Zora's breath on her face. He was that close. She squirmed and tried not to let it arouse her but in spite of her effort, his fingers tugged and pulled at her nipples, rolling them, then massaging her whole breast for what seemed like an eternity. She felt moisture between her thighs. "MMMMMMMMmmmmm, nice tits. Did you know, lil tiger, that your nipples are turning burgundy, swelling, and begging me to touch them? They are beautiful when they stick out like this," Zora snarled. Bella felt a warm mouth cover the tip of her right breast. She squealed. She heard the men in the room clapping. Zora went from one nipple to the other suckling and nibbling at them with his teeth as Bella wiggled and squealed. His mouth removed to be replaced by clamps pinching her nipples. "I want them to remain standing and firm," he said.

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   "They will always be like that for me. " Oh noooooooo Bella thought, don't, don't do this to me, pleeeeeeeeease her body begged. The table clanked and her legs were pulled up, bent at the knees with them touching the nipple clamps only to stimulate them more. Bella shook her head and moaned. She could not believe it! Her sex was so open. How could he? How could these men do this to her. She felt the warmth from the lamps overhead and the coolness of the air in the room hitting the wetness between her thighs. She felt fingers pulling the lips open wide. "Hmmmm, let me have a look here. Nice little tiger, very nice and pink. The hair will have to go though. I will have my servants shave you when we get home. And oh my goodness, what is this? Juice? My, my, my, slave! Are we aroused?" He laughed heartily. His finger slid through her slit and a sucking noise was heard. Bella was mortified.

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  "Sweet, very sweet," he chided. She felt straps being placed around her thighs and three clamps being clasped to one lip of her sex. Her body stiffened. "It's okay, I need to see your clit and your orifice. I want a clear view of it. " He patted her belly. Bella whimpered loudly as three clamps were clasped to the other lip. It opened her lewdly, dripping wet. Bella was so ashamed. Her Master pulled a stool up to the end of the table. The other men roared and clapped. "Nice pussy!" she heard one comment. She wanted to melt away, into the walls and disappear. Bella felt fingers on her clithood forcing her clit out of hiding. She had known when she was young that she had been highly sensitive there. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

   She knew that someday, it would belong to her husband. Not this, not this way. "Come on, tiger, pop your clit out for me. Push it out! I want to see it engorged and red. It should stand up all the time just like your nipples for me. From now on, any time I examine it, it better be bulbous and protruding out, do you understand?" He laughed. She felt his fingers holding her hood back and she actually felt the little bud swelling. It throbbed. She was so embarrassed and pulled at her bonds trying to close her legs. It was useless. Zora gathered some juice from her sex and began to rub the head of the tiny bud in small circles. "Why, my tigress, your clit is huge. You all but have a little penis here. It is sticking out so brazenly, my slavegirl, and ever time I rub its head it quivers. I like that.

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   I think we ought to have the hooded skin removed so it will always distend and come to attention at a moment's notice. I will think about that. Hmmmmmmm feel good, my pet?" He chuckled as he continued to toy with her clit openly. The other men cheered him. "Give it to her Zora! Make her clit stick out for us! Her clit is so red! Make it dance for us! “ They roared. Bella was beginning to pant. It felt so good, so horrendous, so humiliating to be so aroused in front of so many men. "Your clit likes this, right?" He admonished her. "Good. You are wiggling and squirming like it feels really good. Well just wait until she is suctioned. I want her even larger than this. I want to be able to suckle her openly and pull on her when the mood strikes me. And you will stand and present her to me every day when I say so, is that clear, pet?" Bella was in oblivion, moaning, whimpering, and squirming. OH MY GODDDDDDDDD she thought.

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   It feels so good. Waves of pleasure were shooting through her body. Her sex was oozing wetness onto the floor. Her body flailed in the position. Her knees were teasing her nipples when she strained and his finger was doing its dirty work on her clit. "Cum for me, my tiger. I want to see your orifice pulse and squeeze shut. I must see how tight you are and if you are to need training there to milk my cock dry. Let me see it suck back and forth just as it will suck my cock," Zora ordered. With that his finger moved quicker and her clit exploded making her opening pulsate and spasm. Her body convulsed on the table as she screamed through the gag. Her abdomen pumped the air as the juices dripped again on the floor. He held her orifice open for the duration of the cumming. He spread it wide and tight as he coached her on to pinch and release it. It smacked shut.

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   Bella was trying to gain some kind of composure. She was so humiliated. "Not through yet, just a little more. " He laughed wickedly. "Your pretty little sphincter muscle needs examination. " Zora brought her knees and legs back down to the table, releasing the levers holding her spread. He reached over and removed the leather straps holding her bound to the table. He whispered into her ear, “I am going to humiliate you in front of the others, I will tame you one way or another. If you do not obey, I will take your new friend, Raisa instead. ”“Over onto your knees, my little wench, let everyone see that plump ass you try to hide. ” He slapped her on the cheek of her ass as she slowly turned over and let them see her backside. Bella pushed out her bottom, positioning it high in the air. “Head down, that is not what we are interested in,” pushing down on her shoulders, forcing her down onto the hard table. Her head was lowered, thrusting her bottom out for them. Bella could hear the laughter of the others as she was posed for their pleasure.


   Straps were placed inside her cheeks to keep them taut. Her entire bottom was open as lewdly as her sex had been earlier. Bella squirmed her protest. She felt a smack on her bottom. "That's a good girl, it will open you wider for me," he said. She froze, determined not to move. “What an ass she has, you are a lucky man Zora,” one of the men shouted out, “she will milk your cock well. ”She bucked as his fingers slid through the crevice of her exposed bottom spreading her juices over it. She moaned as he spread the moisture over her little, tan puckered anus. Bella began to yelp again. "Now, now, my pet" he patted her as he spoke. "That's right, I am going to use all of your holes. I demand it so I must thoroughly examine it. Looks like you need some training back here. " His forefinger slipped just inside the tight little hole.

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   Bella lurched forward. She could not believe it. It hurt! Oh my gosh, it hurt! Zora probed her thoroughly there and she cried at the invasion but withstood it because she knew she was saving one that was more fragile than her, Raisa, who watched intently, sniffing the entire time, terrified that she would be next. "Nice tight ass," she heard one man say. "Looks like a velvet rose and it's pink inside," another man said. "That will be a nice treat for you, Zora!"He worked the moisture into her rectum going deeper every time. "Accept it, pet, open up, relax. You must take it," he coached. His finger was going all the way in now working up a froth of the juice he had smeared on it. "Nice, my little tiger has nice tight little asshole ready for fucking. Oh, you will service me well back here. " The pain began to subside as Bella settled into her plight. She saw the juice on the table that had dripped from her. She turned crimson. Oh, to be so prodded and probed so openly.

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   She could imagine how she looked with her bottom so open to all there. And to have a finger being inserted in and out of the hole that should never be used for such was the most horrendous thing to her. "Okay, let's see how you squeeze this hole. Squeeze pet. Make it wink at me and pulsate like your other hole did. You can control that yourself. Now do it for me," he ordered.
    No way, she thought. She would not cooperate. She just would not do such a humiliating thing. "Oh, going to be stubborn, eh? Well you are going to allow that hole to dance for me. I will see to that, then," he snarled. “Bring that over her,” he yelled to one of the men. Bella saw a small stand holding glowing coals brought next to the table. In it stood out a long metal prod, heating inside the coals.

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       “No, please don’t,” she cried. One of the men grabbed Raisa from behind, pulling her arms tightly behind her, her small breasts thrust out provocatively for all to see. Zora whispered into her ear again, “now stand still or I will take the iron to her small breasts, you wouldn’t want that would you?”Raisa was scared as she was grasped by one of the men, his huge body pushed harshly against hers. She could something hard pushed against her bottom as her arms were pulled behind her. The position arched her back up, her breasts pushed out before her, brazenly revealing them to all the men. Bella braced herself as she felt the hot iron moving closer to the opening of her rectum. She felt the searing heat hit her, her hole spasmed, quaked and sucked in. She yelped loudly and her cheeks tried to close on the straps holding her spread. "Yes, wiggle girl, that is useful," he chuckled. Again and again he ran the hot iron close to her little pucker to make it move while he watched. He giggled and laughed like a child while he did it commenting on the color, tightness and lewdness of watching it convulse for him and the other men. There was more clapping from the room. "Boy she has a good suction there, Zora. Watch that hole move!"Bella felt her muscles there spasm and purse in and out. She was so ashamed all over again.

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      "My tiger, why every time your little tight hole pushes out, I see pink. You are such a nasty girl. I like nasty girls like you. ” He put the iron back into the fire. “It is time for us to leave and go home to my farm, it is only an hours ride from here and we will go back the wagon. “Come, off of the table, bring the young one also,” he ordered her. “You may put your dress back on, I have seen enough for now. Her captor nodded his approval and she put her dress back on and headed towards the door. "Come on, you have orifices befitting a king, untouched and unentered. I shall have them all. You will serve me well," he chided. Bella was pulled along by the chain that bound her neck, Raisa behind her quietly sobbing. She was hurried into a horse and wagon. Her captor, snickering as he put her in place in the wagon and Raisa beside her. The traveling was arduous, bumping and shaking, but at last they arrived at their destination.

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       Bella looked out the side of the wagon. There were many fields surrounding the main house, a large structure surrounded by high walls built of large logs stood end on end. The gate was huge and on the front stood out the sign, “Village of Agony and Ecstasy. ” Bella and Raisa were shocked at what they saw. A large raised platform stood in the center of the village. On the platform stood various wooden structures. Some were occupied, some vacant. A large wooden stock held the body of a young female slave, naked, her head forced through the center hole, bending her at the waist, her hands encircled with the stock at equal level. Her bottom, naked and pushed out revealed her naked pucker due to the binding of her legs in a spread position. Whip marks still highlighted her cheeks, bright red marks running crosswise. Another young girl nearby, stood tall on her toes, her arms bound behind her, her ankles wrapped tightly with rough rope. She was naked, sweat pouring from her body as she struggled to maintain the position. The rope around her neck, drawn tight kept her from failing. Any relaxation would result in asphyxiation. A large, muscular slave stood bent over backwards on a raised wooden slat.

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       His naked genitals were his most prominent feature, standing up, naked and exposed. A large wooden vise clamped onto his organ squeezed it tightly, blood engorged in its head. A smaller clamp hung down from his ball sack, pulling his crushed balls heavily toward the ground. “You will learn that any disobedience will be dealt with harshly. You will work during the day at a job that is assigned you and you will always be available for my pleasure,” Zorg stated. The wagon stopped and two male slaves, both bronzed and muscular, naked except for a pair of shorts rushed towards the wagons. Though slaves themselves, the pair were obviously in charge of the other slaves. “Take the older one and get her bathed and clothed. Make sure her pubic hair is shaved. You do it, not one of the women. She is feisty and must learn her place,” Zorg ordered the two. “I will take the young one and take care of her. I will bath her and get her dressed. ” Zorg watched as the dragged Bella off, her head turning towards them as they pulled her, her eyes pleading as she saw the fear in Raisa’s eyes. “Do not fear, young one, I will not violate your body, but you will learn to strip and show your body to me. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

       I own you, I am your Master. ” Zorg pulled Raisa towards the back of the house. To be Continued.


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