The vampire fuck pt 2


Topic: The vampire fuck pt 2I slowly opened my eyes and viewed my surroundings once more, confused about my whereabouts. That's when i remembered all that had happend, all that just started with one date. I saw that all the slaves and Sabrina had left the room. As my eyes began to clear, i felt a strange heat fanning towards me, as i looked, i saw Alexs' cock only inches away from my blood red lips.
"Are you awake, my beautiful Lena" he whispered
I refused to respond and tried to turn my lips away from his thick long meaty cock. My efforts were in vain as i realized that my neck had been chained in a position so tightly that i couldn't move it.
"Still using the silent approach i see" said Alex, "You'll see that things will be easier for you if you just cooporate" he whispered slowly. He stroked my cheek marvelling at the velvty smoothness of it.
"I think you're the one Lena" he whispered again. He held his cock closer to my lips, encouraging me to suck it. I shut my lips tight against his cock refusing to suck, no matter how thick, meaty, long and tempting it looked. He said nothing, just continued to hold the cock to my lips. I felt the heat rising and becoming hotter and i realized that i could no longer control myself. It seemed as if the heat from his cock had taken control over me. Innocently, i stuck my tongue out and licked the head of his cock with the tip of my tongue. He groaned with obvious pleasure.

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"That's it Lena, suck the cock, suck it" he chanted.
Tenatively, i began to lick the head of his cock faster swirling my tongue around it.   He shoved his cock slowly into my mouth. Despite my tiny mouth, i found myself taking in 3 quarters of his 12 inch long thick cock into my mouth. It was if as i was controlled by the heat of his cock, all i wanted to do was suck this marvellous organ in front of me. I began to swallow more of his cock as he shoved more in. I felt myself choking from the thickness and length of his cock, but also from the lack of air, but that didn't stop me from taking more of the cock into my mouth. I felt my pussy dripping with pleasure wishing his cock were entering my hot pink pussy rather than my hot mouth. I felt his cock harden as he groaned and i took more of his cock into my hot mouth.
"That's it bitch, milk my cock" he gasped.
I would have been offended by the fact that he was swearing at me but i was too entranced by the cock to notice or care. I felt his cock harden more in my mouth and before i could suck another breath in, i felt a wave of cum rush into my mouth.
"Swallow my seed you nasty cock sucking whore" he shouted
I swallowed as much as i could, savouring the taste of vampire cum in my mouth. The cum that i didn't swallow, spilled from the sides of my mouth and onto my breasts. It was salty but tasted kinda different.

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   He slowly pulled his cock out of my struggling mouth that was trying to hold the marvelous cock in my mouth. As he removed his cock from my mouth, i gasped.
"Please, i want to suck some more" i gasped, embarrassed at how pathetic I sounded"You're just a nasty little cock sucking whore aren't you?" he asked as he squezzed my nipples watching the milk trickle out. He stuffed his cock back into his pants zipping his zipper. I watched hungrily wishing i could suck that meat some more. He squeezed my nipples once more letting the milk rush onto his fingers.
"Have you tasted your milk before"? he asked
I refused to respond, ignoring my silent treatment, he squeezed more milk onto his middle finger and shoved it into my mouth. I sucked his finger hungrily imagining it was his cock, but also enjoying the taste of the milk from my breasts. He pulled his finger out of my mouth and it came out with a pop. At that, he quickly walked out of the room and i was left alone for some moments pondering on how i was to get out of here. I decided that i would befriend all the slaves and get them to help me overthrow this bastard, but what were the chances of that? These dumb bitch slaves were as addicted to his cock as i was and they'd rather die than leave his cock. I had already seen how loyal they were to Alex today when one slave had pulled her nipples out of her breasts with fish hooks, then fried it and gave it to Alex to eat.
Even there he had still had her taken away to God knows where. My thoughts were interrupted as i heard clicking high heels towards me. It took a matter of seconds of it to hit me that it was Sabrina.

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   I'd seen a compassionate side of her when she'd let me suck her nipples when i was crying from the pain of the needles in my breasts. I decided that i'd befriend her, she could be my only chance at escape. She walked quickly towards me, her big pale soft breasts bouncing along with her. For some reason, i felt my pussy tingling as i watched her breasts, i longed to suck on those perky pink nipples again, and maybe bite them. She stopped at my feet and spread my legs further apart so she could get a peek at my pussy. She licked her blood red lips and her fangs grew an inch just by staring at my pussy.
I watched as she slid her long black fingernails into her pink pussy and retrieved three metal balls. Kneeling down, she spread my pussy and began to eat it out. I moaned as i felt her tongue flicking in and out faster and faster each time. She swirled her tongue around my clitorios focusing on the center of it. I felt my pussy contract and i knew i was about to come, as if sensing it, she quickly stuck the three metallic balls into my pussy just as my cum shot out onto her nipples. I groaned from the pleasure of my first orgasm and from the pain of the metallic balls being shoved into my pussy"I am to get you ready for the master" she said in her thick Romanian accent
"You mean Alex"? i replied
"You will refer to him as master, or sir" she replied without while rummaging through some drawers
"Yah right" i said sarcastically
She didn't respond to my comment, just continued rummaging.
"Please get me out of here!! I cannot stay here, i need to go home" i begged
"This is your new home" she said with a steely voice.
She walked towards me and slowly started removing the needles from my nipples. I winced each time a needle came out from my nipple.

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  As she took each needle out, blood and milk trickled out, she looked at the milk and blood thristly but refrained her self from tasting it. As she began taking the long needles out of my breasts, i began to cry. She turned her eyes away from my sad face and continued pulling the needles out. When she was done, she undid the ropes and I felt my chest relax and the blood rush back into my battered breasts. I stared at my breasts and looked at the needle holes crying, what had they done to my perfect breasts? As if reading my mind, she responded. "I will come each night when you are not with the master, and massage and put ointment on your breasts, they will grow bigger and fuller and return to perfect shape and color". I stared at her perfect breasts and instantly believed her. She removed the collar from my neck and removed my bonds.
I stretched my sore muscles and felt happy to be able to breath and walk around once more. I sat in front of her swaying my breast right below her lips hoping she would suck on them, she withstood my attempt to seduce her. She reached into a drawer and pulled out a really tight leather corset, the shortest mini skirt i'd ever seen made out of fishnets, extremley sexy black leather heels dotted with small diamonds and the tinest thong i'd ever seen. It was like i'd stepped into a porno  wardrobe set. She told me to stand up and i did, i watched from the corner of my eyes as she walked behind me and placed her arms in front of me to massage my breasts. I moaned as she did feeling the mound of her pussy press against my ass. She squeezed my nipples and turned my head to face her then she began to french kiss me.

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I felt her warm tongue slide into my mouth as she swirled her tongue around while squeezing my rock hard nipples. As she pulled her head back, I saw our line of saliva break, she cleared her throat and fixed her eyes down embarrassed at how she'd lost control once she'd seen me naked. She put the corset on for me and began to tie the ropes really tight so my breast were popping up to the point where you could see the top parts of my nipples. I gasped out of breath as she continued to pull the ropes tighter. When she was done, i could barely see in front of me, my large pale soft firm breasts were obstructing my  view. Bending down, she placed the tiny black thong on the ground, and i stepped into it. As she slid the thong up my thighs, i could feel her brushing my skin more than neccesary. She shoved the thong up my butt and between the lips of my pussy, stroking my pussy for a moment with her long black fingernails. I moaned with pleasure. She then placed the black tight fishnet skirt over my legs and she struggled to get the really tight skirt past my butt. She gave me the heels, and i knelt down to put it on myself. When i stood up, the look in her eyes told me that she wanted to take me right there, and fuck my pussy, i smiled seducively and she glared.
"Put this collar on, slut" she said tossing a dog collar with spikes on it to me.
I didn't understand her, one moment she showed a soft side, the other, she was all over me devouring my body and stripping me naked with her eyes and the next she was staring at me as if she wanted to kill me. I put the collar on remembering what Alex said, things would be easier if i just cooporated.

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   I felt her slender fingers running through my hair and arranging it on the top of my head. As i stared at the mirror in front of me, i saw that i looked like an absolutely gorgeous slut. I giggled at my appereance loving the look a 100%.
"Whatever the master tells you to do, do the opposite" she muttered
"What? he said things would be easier if i cooporated" i replied
"The master loves fiesty sluts, ones who are challenging to him, disobey him, you'll face the consequences at first, but you'll live longer"
I stared at her confused
"What if i never obey a thing he says, will he turn me into a vampire?" I asked
She paused for a second, before looking me in the eye.
"There are no such things as vampires"
"But. . . . " i indicated to the wall that held the human organs, such as breasts, wriggling pussies, and things i didn't even want to think about
"he said he turned them into vampires".
She didn't respond.
"what happened to the woman that got taken away, where did they take her to?"
"Just do as i say, if you don't want to end up like her. Be difficult at the start, untameable, then as time goes on, begin to soften up, make him think his training is working and you're actually accepting your fate as his slut" she said coldly.
"why didn't you answer my question" i asked
She paused for a moment "some questions are best left unanswered"she repliedShe pinched my ass for a moment and i cringed from the pain. I slid my finger up my pussy and i could feel one of the metallic balls in there. Questioning what it was for, i quickly found out as she pressed a button and a wave of electricty shook my pussy.

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   I felt my knees buckle below me, and i felt myself falling down as cum shot out of my pussy. She helped me up and tied a cape around my neck. Carrying the riding crop between her fingers, she sent a sharp whip at my ass.
"Start walking slut".
I cringed at the sting, but began walking out of the room into a dark hallway lit dimly by tiny candles. As i walked down the hallway, i realized how much this place resembled an abandoned haunted castle. I saw cobwebs on the walls, and every now and then a bat flew towards us. The walls were made of stone, bricks and mud, and the hallway was damp and had kind of a spooky feeling. Every now and then, we'd pass underneath an arch and lighting the way would be a torch, the kind that was used during the medievel times. Every couple of minutes, Sabrina would whip my buttocks with her riding crop saying things like "walk faster slut".
I quickly began to get annoyed and felt my anger penting up. Before i could lash out at her, we reached two huge wooden double doors, with tiny skulls as the door handles and knocker. Sabrina grabbed the skull door knocker at knocked on the door three times. After knocking, she turned around and walked back down the hallway. I whirled around in confusion, questioning why she didn't stay.

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    As i was about to run after her, the double doors opened and i saw Alex sitting on a black leather chair with the back of the chair facing me.
"Enter" his voice boomed.