The Twelve Commandments: Chapter One: Thou Shalt Plunder Thy Neighbor's Youngest


James McMillan was without doubt the last person you would want living in your street.
With a rap sheet listing two convictions for rape, three of sexual assault of a child under sixteen, four convictions for committing an unnatural act upon a child under fourteen, all you could really say now, is that at just twenty eight years of age, not only had he wasted little time, but so far as female age-groups were concerned, he was definitely moving in a bad-ass direction.
The problem is, Jim didn’t look like either an ex-con or a paedophile. No rippling biceps with "Muvver" tattooed one side and "Cherries ‘R Us," the other. No greased hair curling round his ears, cigarette smoke exiting his nasal cavitiy through the usual twin exhausts, not even a hint of bad-language in polite company.
If anything, James looked like the Jehovah’s Witness that any onlooker would have assumed he was, clutching his bible and religious accessories to him as he ascended the six steps to the front door of number eighteen Saracen Avenue, McConnochie Heights.
Twelve-year old Denise Morrison, thinking her mother was back from the corner store, jumped up from the lounge where she had been watching TV and opened the front door.
"Oh, hello," she said breezily, surprised to see the youngish looking man standing there. She saw the Bible he was carrying and guessed he was just another Jesus freak of some kind. He looked kinda neat though she thought!
James looked down at the young girl. He had so hit the jackpot this time.
"Is your mom or dad home young lady?" he asked affably, knowing of course not only that the girl was alone but pretty much how long to the second he had, before her mom would be back. It pays to do your homework thoroughly in James’ line of work.
"Sorry, no," she answered, "Although my mom will be back any moment, but I don’t think she’s interested in talking about that sort of stuff," she glanced towards the bible in his hand.
"Look, I have to go now," the girl added cheerfully, "I shouldn’t really be talking to strangers. "
"You’re dead right on that score kid," he muttered kneeing the girl hard in the crotch and shoving her backwards before she had a chance to recover from either the pain or the shock.

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   Closing the door behind him, he placed his bible on the hall table. This was to be his piece-de-resistance.
Jenny Morrison handed over the twenty dollar bill and lugged her bag of groceries back to the Cherokee. She never liked leaving Denise alone for even the shortest time although she had educated her daughter about the ways of the world and had instilled in her the need for caution at all times. She was though still only twelve after all.
Closing the front door with her foot she called out for a second time, "Denise?"
Occasionally one sees things that in terms of deviation from the norm, defy rational explanation. The young man sitting on the lounge was one such moment for Jenny. Dropping her groceries from shock she cried out, "Who…who the hell are you?"
James raised the bible he was holding in his lap. "Tch tch," he chided her, "That’s no way to address a follower of the faith. "
He watched amused, as she tried to coalesce some semblance of equilibrium.
"H…How’d you get in," she asked, her voice anything but steady. "Where’s my daughter?"
"Why, through the front door of course…. . that’s the great thing about true faith ma’am, it opens-up just so many doors for you. As for your daughter? She’s upstairs – in her bedroom I think….

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  . why?"
Reaching the stairwell as quickly as might Marion Jones have in her prime, Jenny raced up to Denise’s room. Throwing her daughter’s bedroom door open, her hand flew to her mouth. Her arms bound tightly behind her at the wrist, the young girl lay face down on her quilt, fully helpless and with duct-tape covering her mouth. She turned her head to look at her mother in the doorway…and also at what was now standing behind her.
"Cute little thing isn’t she?" James muttered, his arm around Jenny’s waist. The knife that glittered in his grasp removed whatever little hope might be deemed to have been on offer.
"She’s only twelve," Jenny sobbed, "Don’t you dare hurt her…"
Tears could be seen forming in Denise’s eyes now as the knife hovered threateningly close to her mother’s neck.
"What makes you think I want to hurt your daughter ma’am?" he grinned, "No Siree, why she’s just way too sexy to hurt…" he glanced across at Denise leeringly, "Wouldn’t you agree mom? That there’s one hot little piece of ass – even if she is just twelve?" Jenny dissolved into a fit of uncontrolled sobbing.
Pushing her into the bedroom he closed the door and locked it, slipping the key into his pocket. The power he wielded at that instant surged through him. He could now do what he liked when he liked and to whichever he liked.
Crossing to the bed he sat beside the girl and put his hands on the seat of her jeans, rubbing her bottom lewdly. "You think your husband ever has ideas about getting hisself some action with this here little piece of pussy?" So saying, he slipped his hands up between Denise’s legs and crudely began rubbing her through the tight material.
The shock of his rude assault caused Jenny to sink to her knees on the floor.

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   Wracked now with uncontrollable guilt feelings at having left her daughter alone in the house, she simply pleaded with their captor,
"Whatever it is you want to do…. do it to me, not my daughter…please spare her. "
He looked at Jenny. "I got a name ya know – it’s James. Don’t look at me like I was an animal or something, I might do something you’d regret. " He sat there silent for a few seconds.
"Might just take you up on that kind offer though missy," he smiled. "Why don’t you get that expensive little dress off for starters, show me what you got on underneath?"
"Not in here James," she begged "Not in front of my daughter. Take me to my own bedroom and I’ll do what you want. "
"And ruin half the fun?" he laughed. "I want the kid to see you getting undressed right here – give her something to think about next time she has her fingers in her own pussy. Now get that dress off quick-smart. "
Jenny just sat there un-moving…
"Suit yourself," he said, then flipping the helpless teenager over he began to fondle the girl’s breasts through her thin top. So arousing did they feel beneath his touch, he was losing it. Nothing could kerb the Neanderthal urges uncoiling within.

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"Alright," Jenny called out "I’ll do it, please let go of her. " She stood up and began unzipping her dress.
Now it must be said that Jenny at just thirty-one, was the prettiest of young mothers and in fact would generally be assumed to be no more than in her early twenties given her yet slim figure, unblemished complexion and teenage hair-style. Pregnancy had left no calling cards and in truth she continued to be the source of many a teenage boy’s wet dream in that part of the County.
Inwardly she shuddered as the dress fell to the floor leaving her standing there in just her matching green panties and bra, exposed not only to the gaze of this one sick fuck, as she had not unreasonably determined him to be, but her young daughter, whose tears at her mother’s plight were sadly wasted.
"Not half bad," James muttered. "Hope you don’t mind my little self-hope program here," he added, "pulling free his erection and squeezing it obscenely as he gazed upon the young woman’s hot and shapely body. " If Denise could have made a sound, she would have gasped at the sight alongside her, but as it was, she could do little but struggle to maintain her inbound air supply.
"Show your daughter your tits Jenny," he demanded, "Or would you rather I showed you hers?" he reached across and gave the girl a gratuitous fondle.
"Nooooo, please no" Jenny cried out, not pausing to ask even, how he knew her name. Besides, it hardly mattered.
She slipped her hands behind her back, unhooked the clasp and shyly exposed her breasts. Denise’s eyes were the size of saucers as lying there, she saw her mother thus demeaned.
"Don’t even think about covering up," he hissed at her as she began to cross her hands across her chest, "Matter of fact pull those sexy nipples for me, get them nice and hard. "
Again, Jenny’s hesitation cost her daughter dearly as James simply shrugged then yanked her tight jeans lower, partly exposing her blue cotton briefs.


   His mouth ran dry at the sight of her girlish mound prominent now beneath the soft material. Denise was horror-struck at the indignity of having her underwear exposed and began wriggling helpessly.
"I’m sorry, I’m sorry," Jenny cried out…"Here James, I’m doing it…. look!"
Letting go of the teenager’s belt, he turned his attention to the fully awesome sight before him as Jenny, standing there in just the sheerest of panties, beneath which he could clearly see some hot little brown curls, began pulling her nipples as she cupped both breasts. The drawing-power of this scene being such that he began once again to masturbate faster.
Despite the embarrassment and humiliation inherent in so vulnerable a position, Jenny was unable to prevent nature taking its course. Virtually naked and playing with herself in front of a stranger, as well as her bound and gagged twelve year old daughter, dredged-up its own unwanted arousal factor and even as her nipples became increasingly taut and sensitive she found herself blushing.
James caught her reddening cheeks. "Not all bad news, is it Jen? Stripping in company can be quite a turn-on eh? Don’t figure your daughter minds seeing her mom’s nipples getting hard – probably wants to have a suck herself. " He laughed at his own insensitivity.
"May as well roll out the whole box and dice now sweetheart," he rasped, wanking himself with rare abandon. "Take your panties off and let’s see your pussy. It’s yours or hers Jenny. " He added, angling a glance towards the shocked twelve-year old.
Sobbing with renewed vigor, she hooked her fingers in the waistband and tugged her skimpy panties down to her ankles where she let them slip off on to the carpet.

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   Denise could but stare at her mom’s nakedness and dreadful vulnerability.
"Very very nice m’dear," he whispered, staring at the young mother from neck to knee as one might appraise a two grand hooker on loan for the night. "Now, show your little baby what naughty girls like you do when you’re feeling a bit frisky. "
"Please don’t make me do that," she begged.
Making no reply, he simply leaned across and tugged Denise’s jeans to her knees, her underwear completely exposed to all and sundry. Able to make out the inward curve of the young girl’s vaginal ingress, he almost forgot about Jenny’s presence. Simply staring up between Denise’s legs he began pleasuring himself further.
Frantic now, Jenny began fingering herself. How could she be so wet she wondered?
"Here, watch me," she screamed out to him. James turned around. He could feel his grip on cohesive thought slipping, it was only a matter of time before he would be unable to control the emerging titan.
The girl standing there was slipping her fingers so hard up inside herself now he felt the onset of his own launch countdown. In an instant he was across the room and had Jenny on her back, his cock cruelly thrusting up inside her. He didn’t hear her scream of shame and discomfort, merely the pounding of his own blood pressure as he fucked insensible the submissive form beneath him.
Tears rolled down Denise’s face as she bore witness to her mother’s rape and debasement not three meters from where she lay prostrate and with her own clothing in tempting disarray.

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Not satisfied with having raped the woman, James needed more. Pulling her up, he ordered her to get on her knees. Cum was running out of her even as she got on all fours, her rather compact rear end in line with her young daughter’s now blurry vision.
He had it in her within seconds and Denise could but watch, shattered and screaming silently as she watched her mom’s complete humiliation.
The worst was not over.
Turning to Denise, he slapped her mother’s ass-cheeks hard. "It’s OK sweetie, your mom is really enjoying this – probably the best fuck she’s ever had. You might wanna watch this though…little treat I had planned for her. "
Pulling out of her pussy, Jenny just knelt there un-moving and semi-stunned. He continued groping her breasts lewdly then with no warning, began to push a finger inside her ass. Jenny began to shake her head….
"No…not that, please!"
Denise, unable to comprehend what she was seeing, had begun to shake her head in denial of the unfolding spectacle.
Watching the girl’s tortured learning curve, James grinned back at her. "Can’t stop progress kid. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away!"
He pushed a centimetre or two inside the forbidden channel.

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"That hurts," Jenny sobbed, "Stop…please. . Not with my daughter watching. "
She may as well have asked him to brush her hair gently.
The next few centimetres really did hurt and Jenny felt like she was being given an enema with a steel pipe. To James though, this was bliss…. fucking the dignity out of every female slut that ever lived. He turned to look at Denise.
"Watch you little cunt," he mumbled almost incoherently, "Watch your mom’s ass getting fucked by a professional. " The tears were streaming down the teenager’s face as she witnessed what no twelve-year old should ever have to see.
No longer aware even of her nakedness, all Jenny knew was a sea of pain. Sticky goo leaked from both fully defiled orifices and ran down the inside of her legs as she knelt there unmoving and crying folornly. She felt nothing, making no attempt even to prevent him from further fondling her breasts as he took full advantage of her weakened condition. He slipped a hand up between her legs, allowing the mixed bodily fluids to drip on to his fingers. He raised them to his mouth sucking them slowly.

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The mist was clearing, his game-plan returning. Getting to his feet, he tossed a glance downwards at Jenny’s ravaged body. Handmarks and scratches all over her naked back, crimson areas of her ass cheeks where he had spanked her in so undignified a display during his final few spurts.

    Cruelly pushing her flat on the carpet, he dragged her arms behind her back and bound them swiftly with duct-tape. "No more…please, no more," she begged him.
    Turning her over he dragged her back towards the bed where after some slight manoeuvering he managed to get her alongside her daughter. Jenny’s breasts were splotchy and bore clear evidence of the unwanted therapy he had bestowed upon them.
    Leaning to his left, he removed the duct-tape from Denise’s mouth an untied her wrists. On second thoughts he removed Jenny’s restraints too – no way she was running out of a locked door. Besides, he had a plans! Sensing that to scream would likely not be to her advantage, she just stared at him, completely terrified and shaking uncontrollably. Not even bothering to cover up his erection that had yet to return to its normal flaccid state, he merely tugged the young girl’s jeans off and sat looking at her breathing heavily.
    "Show me your tits kid," was all he said. Denise looked horrified towards her mother.
    "You promised," Jenny pleaded. "You promised….

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    "Well, I think if we have the Court reporter read back the transcript Jenny, you’ll find simply that "you begged"…. . I promised nothing. " He turned back to the frightened young teenager. "Now show me your fucking tits girl. "
    Shaking, she raised her arms and pulled her top off. Jenny in that moment, lost all hope and just buried her head in her hands. The sight of the twelve year old sitting there in just her bra and panties was enough to bring his erection back to its former glory. As she unhooked the clasp at the front of her tiny bra, his mouth dried up like the Utah Salt Flats at the prospect of the coming vision.
    The smallest of mounds slid into view, each surmounted by the puffiest and as far as he could judge, sexiest of girlish nipples it had been his pleasure ever to recall.
    "Now you see Jenny?" he leered, "That’s what I’m talking about. " So saying, he passed his hands across the young girl’s chest, allowing himself the luxury of contact with the softest of the soft. The small nipples jiggled beneath his touch and as Denise began sobbing at the shame of her exposure, he felt around each nipple and callously began flicking them softly.
    He inclined his head towards the teenager. "Hey sweetie," he teased, "Don’t cry – pretty little tits like these – you should be proud of them.


    He was now fondling her either side with quite some relish. At the point he began to rub his hand rapidly across both mounds, the girl’s sudden intake of breath and pleas for release from this demeaning treatment, would have drawn from most men some skerrick of sympathy. In James’ case however, so aroused was he at the young girl’s helpless aspect, his need to possess her more, simply intensified.
    "Oh, you want your mummy Denise, do you?" he teased. "Well here you go then. " At this point he lifted her beneath her armpits and shoved her back until she was lying flush up against Jenny who herself was slumped against the wooden bedhead.
    "Now you can feel your mom’s titties behind you kid, right? Feel nice don’t they?…Hey mom," he added, "What say you have a little fondle of your daughter’s sexy tits while I enjoy myself here. " He had a hold of his erection now and was wanking once again, in full view of the terrified child. Jenny made no move to comply, but at the point he retrieved the knife and waved it threateningly towards Denise’s face, she encircled her daughter’s waist and with pained reluctance raised her hands towards the girl’s chest.
    "That’s it Jen…. don’t be shy," he encouraged her…"Play with them," The disgust in her face was obvious, but as her fingers closed-in upon her daughter’s developing mounds, she started fondling the soft tissue and rubbing the nipples between her thumb and forefinger.
    Denise gave a cry of utter shock as her mother’s fingers intruded upon areas where no mom would normally venture. Even the tears subsided as she glanced downwards and watched fascinated as Jenny continued to violate her most intimate of girlish possessions.
    The view from James’ aspect one must say, was quite without precedent, even given his awesomely debauched experience. A twelve-year old little blonde temptress stripped to her panties and hunched-up between her naked mother’s legs – spread to accommodate her daughter’s new-found locale, having her nipples manipulated slowly.

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       If he wasn’t mistaken, the young girl’s curvy little hips were wriggling with unforced pleasure from the sensations being afforded those perky little nipples.
    "Now, I want you to reach behind you Denise – just your right hand sweetheart. Find your mom’s hot little pussy and start fingering her. " Jenny began shaking her head and Denise – sobbing again.
    "Oh sorry girls…wasn’t I forceful enough," he picked up the knife with his free hand.
    His erection took on a new-found strength as the girl’s hand now inched its way behind her hips. He could see from the shocked expression on Jenny’s face that exploring fingertips had reached the holy of holies.
    "Push right in Denise," he ordered. "Bit sticky in there, but you’ll get used to it babe. "
    If this wasn’t the sight to end all sights," he was understandably thinking.
    Jenny’s hips themselves were reacting now to her daughter’s enforced exploratories while she was needing no further encouragement to continue fondling Denise’s hot little mounds upon which both nipples were quite obviously reacting to their maternal stimulation.
    He was sure he heard a moan escape Jenny’s lips. Working his erection in full view of both girls – this was Christmas come early.
    His voice wavering from his own exertions he gave one final order.

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      . put your right hand in your daughter’s panties Jenny, start fingering her hot little cunt for me. "
    "Nooooo," she wailed. "Don’t make me do that…not that!"
    Before James could even react, Denise looked upwards.
    "It’s Ok…mom…he’ll only hurt us. You can do it to me. "
    His eyes were glued to the progress of Jenny’s hand as it inched its way inside the young girl’s light blue cotton panties, her legs parted much to the same degree as her mother’s. He wanked ferociously as he saw clearly beneath the thin material, her fingers intrude upon the girl’s virginal mound, gently parting her labia and inserting what was probably her little finger into what must have been right then, the hottest little slit on God’s own earth. .
    Unable to suppress a gasp, Denise reacted by pushing her own fingers further into her mother’s vagina. It was just so hot there!
    As Jenny began to gently rub her fingers up and down her daughter’s pussy, James found reserves of cum he couldn’t believe were still on site. Kneeling up, he simply spurted a stream of hot white goo in an arc that covered Denise’s face, her exposed breasts, the front of her panties and both girl’s legs.
    The mist returned.
    Grabbing the child by the arms he wrenched her from her mother’s grasp and just tossed her on her back where she lay whimpering. Literally ripping the panties off her now, he thrust his hands up between the girl’s legs and began rubbing her fully hairless pussy with one hand, her breasts with the other.

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       She began to scream…as did her mother, but he no longer cared. Rape was the only thing on the agenda. When he had done her, he would take Jenny again.
    Forcing her legs apart, the head of his erection was poised at the gates of the new kingdom. He pushed hard. Unfortunately the gates were locked and as Denise screamed out to her mother, he butchered her hymen with firstly his fingers and then when all else failed, the head of his penis.
    So tight the channel, so red the blood.
    Nothing mattered but raping this twelve year old harlot. Fucking that virginal pussy till time ran out. He had her legs now at something approaching one forty degrees. Denise was screaming in pain, his own penile skin rubbed raw by the friction inherent in tunnelling between so narrow an entranceway. Another ten seconds - he may have cum in her. The question will never be answered.
    Leaving his knife on the side of the bed really had been a big mistake!
    There was suddenly a lot more blood!
    (c) Peter_Pan 2005   http://www. lulu.

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