The Trio Part I


Everyday after school I walked home with my friends before changing into shorts and a t-shirt, grabbing my basketball and heading up to garden, what we called the local basketball courts, with my friends.   There were multiple cliques that hung out up there, one of them was a group of sophomores from the local private school: St. Thomas'.   All of the groups had their "groupies" that came with them, cheered, hung out with their boyfriends, they added a certain "real" aspect to the games that we all enjoyed.   Anyways, the private school clique always brought along a particular trio of attractive young ladies.   We had met a couple times at parties and on the courts, their names were Lenina, Lauren and Elena.   It was pretty clear that almost every guy at the garden wanted them, even though they were only sophomores.   It wasn't a secret that they got around and particularly enjoyed each others' company.
 Well, as it was nearing the end of my senior year, and my days of hanging out and playing at the garden were limited, I decided to make it my goal to fuck all three of them.   I first targeted Lenina.   She was probably the least attractive of the three, when two guys were with them she was always the odd one out.   Despite that, she was still pretty damn hot.   On this particular Friday afternoon she was wearing her school uniform with a few modifications since the end of the day, rolling the waist band of her skirt up so that her tan sexy thighs were showing.   She also had unbuttoned the top three buttons of her blouse, showing off some cleavage and her bra straps.   She was about 5'5" with average size breasts but golden tan skin that I couldn't help but find excuses to touch everytime we met up.   After a particularly impressive game I approached her.


    Her friends giggled as they noticed me approaching, I smiled.  
"Hey you," I said flirtingly to her.   "Hey yourself," she responded.   "So, are you going to Blake's beach party tonight?" I asked her.   "I don't know, probably, it depends on what Elena wants to do," she said.   "Why's that?" I asked.   She looked at me like I was crazy.   "Well we always do stuff together," she responded in a snotty voice.   I smiled, amused.   "Yeah, everyone knows that.   But why does she decide?"  
She looked at me as if I had said something blasphemous. "Well because," she said, flustered.   I grinned and snuck my arm around her, whispering in her ear "It should be all about you, sweetheart. "  She looked at me again, surprised, not used to being the one getting all the attention.   Lauren and Elena were clearly surprised too, staring at us, more particularly, me.

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    I looked at them behind Lenina's head and smirked.   "Well, I think you should show up," I said softly to her in a farewell sort of way.   "Looks like we're running it back, talk to you later, I hope. "  I said, jogging back onto the court to take the check, leaving all three staring, bewildered.
My friends and I arrived at the beach party around 10:00.   I sat down at the bonfire next to another senior, Stacy.   She smiled at me as I sat down, I returned the gesture.   Someone passed me a bottle of vodka and I took a huge swig before passing to to Stacy.   I was going to miss this, college would be awesome, but these thoughtless nights of nothing but flirting, sex, alcohol and mischief would be missed.  
I looked to the left and saw the trio of private school girls.   They had all changed into more casual but sexy outfits.   Lenina was wearing a blue tube top and a khaki skirt that went about halfway down her thighs.   Her blond hair hung down a little past her shoulders.   We made eye contact and she looked away, seeing me with Stacy.   I excused myself and got up, walking towards her.

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    Her friends giggled and walked away, leaving her to try and compose herself.   Despite the fact that their trio got a lot of attention, not only was she the least popular of the three, but none of the three got too much attention from seniors from Woodland.   They usually only got hit on by seniors from St. Thomas.  
"Hey! I didn't think I'd see you. "  I said to her.   "Well, here I am," she said, flustered and nervous.   "You don't have to be nervous, Nina (which is what her friends called her), I think you're an amazing young lady. "  She was taken aback even more, I cracked my trademark smile and she was sucked right in, her eyes softened and I immediately knew she was mine.  
For the next hour I played it slow, we made out some, we would sit around the bonfire drinking and smoking, by midnight she was all over me.   "Dude, you wanna' get out of here?" she said to me with slightly slurred speech.   I grinned, "Yeah, I guess.   I'm going to miss this y'know," I said.   "What?" she asked.   "Just these parties, I'm gonna be gone so soon, it seems like there's so many things I haven't done," I said, intriguing her, "And so many people I wish I'd gotten to know better," I added, staring straight into her eyes as we walked up the hill.

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   Damn she was easier to play than a game of solitaire when there's no one around to see you cheat.   Eventually we were up the hill and in Blake's house where the party had spilled into.   I took her by the hand and whisked her up to their family's game room which had a huge couch, a few comfy chairs and an exercise ball.  
"Nate, I just want you to know, that you're like, the sweetest guy ever. " She said, beaming up at me.   I smiled again before sitting her down on the couch next to me.  
I pulled out the last card, "Y'know, since I first saw you I wanted you.   You are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.   I don't even care that you're younger than me.   I've wanted to say this for so long, you can't even imagine. "  She looked at me startled, before giggling again and leaning in to kiss me.   I embraced her tightly, putting her hand on my ass and sneaking mine onto her breasts.   She moaned as I started to massage her nipples through her tube top.   I broke our wild-make out to begin sucking on her neck and upper chest.   She squealed in delight.

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    "Ohhh god I want you. "  She moaned loudly.   I reached my hand up her skirt and was pleased to feel no panties.   I started to rub her pussy, slow at first, and then as I remembered that this was purely out of lust, violently.   She let out a wild lustful moan that quickly transferred into a screech of pleasure and I jammed two fingers into her cunt.   I used my other hand to yank her tube top below her breasts, catching one of her nipples in my mouth and sucking on it like crazy, flicking it with my tongue.
This was going to be incredible, I had never actually gotten with a girl only for the sake of lust, I had always felt an emotional attachment.   This was different, I was going to wreck this slut.   "FUCK I'M CUMMING!" she shrieked as my fingering went on.   I felt her hot juices spill out of her cunt.   I unbuttoned her skirt and pulled it off her shaking legs.   She looked up at me, moaning in pleasure.   "I love you Nate," she said in a sigh of passion.   I grinned, "Can't say the same for you," I thought to myself.   I lowered my head in between her legs.

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    She moaned in anticipation.   Without warning I dove my tongue into her pussy, finding her clit and sucking on it ravenously.   "FUCKKKK YES! FUCK FUCK FUCK!  OH MY GOD EAT MY PUSSY! EAT IT! FUCK IT FEELS SOOOO GOOD! AHHHH FUCK YES!" she went on like this for at least five minutes.   She was cumming like a waterfall after only twenty seconds or so.   My lust was out of control, she begged me to stop for a second but I refused, eating her out at a ridiculous pace.  
Eventually she pushed me away with both her feet and her hands.   "stop!" she shouted to me.   I looked at her in surprise, her cum all over my lips.   "Just wait," she said.   The alcohol and weed was taking its tole on her.   "I love you so much, but is anything going to change if we do this?"  She asked desperately.   I grinned, "Of course not. "  I stated to unbutton my pants while sucking on her tits again.   She let out a hissing moan as my tongue assaulted her nipples.   She closed her eyes shouting in pleasure.

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    I kissed her again, wildly.   My tongue was all over her, from her mouth to her neck and breasts again and then right back up.   My hands were all over her tits and her legs.   "Wait," she sighed, clearly struggling against her urges, but in vain.   "I'm not sure I want to do this," she said.   Lauren and Elena are always the ones who do this, not me.   "It's ok Nina, I just want to be with you, it's going to be ok," I said in a comforting voice.   "But. . . " she started before I stuck my tongue into her mouth again.   She moaned, holding me to her, her lust had finally won over.  
Without warning I slammed my 7x7 cock into her.   I swear I almost came right then and there.   I had expected a loose slut's pussy, but she had been a virgin.

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    I had snapped her hymen into shreds.   She broke our kiss and shrieked in pain, tears pouring out of her eyes.   I grabbed her hands holding them in mine, trying to console her.   I actually felt terribly guilty, I had honestly not expected a virgin.   She sobbed, "I can't, it hurts too much. "  I whispered consoling words into her ear, telling her I loved her and that I was sorry I hadn't been more gentle.   She continued to sob, it was actually quite erotic because despite my guilt, I had started to thrust, although at a slow pace and while she was convulsing from her sobs, she was also doing so due to the pleasure she was experiencing.   She was about to cum, this got me started.   I kissed her, hard, holding her head to mine and starting to thrust harder and faster.   She let out a high pitch moan, trying to scream from both pain and pleasure.   She pushed me away eventually, screaming, her eyes lit up in passion and lust.   She started to meet all my thrusts, "FUCK YEAH! FUCK ME LIKE A SLUT! OHHHH GOD IT FEELS GOOD!" she shouted to me.   There we go, now things were going well.   I hit my real pace, increasing to about twice as fast as I had been going.   "FUCK FUCK FUCK!" She was in disbelief at how she was feeling.

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    I grabbed her hips and picked her up, sitting down on the exercise ball and bouncing like crazy.   She started to bounce too, it took awhile for her to get the rhythm right, but once she did it was amazing.   She shrieked at the top of her lungs the whole time, the sound of our pelvises smashing against each other was drowned out completely by her cries of passion.   She came over and over, by the time we switched positions the ball and the floor below it were covered in sweat and cum.   I picked her up and positioned her on all fours on the floor.   She moaned as I rubbed the tip of my cock against her pussy lips.  
"Oh yeah, stick that cock in me again. "  She moaned.   I grinned, turning her head and kissing her passionately.   I grabbed her hair and slammed my cock into her without warning.   She screamed in pleasure, bucking back against me.   I decided to make it a competition and started to thrust as fast as I could.   She couldn't keep up, it wasn't even close.   Before long I had her cumming like a waterfall, her cum just flying out of her pussy and onto her thighs.   Legs turned me on more than any other body part and I pulled out abruptly to lick all her cum up off her thighs.

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    She was convulsing like crazy and collapsed right onto my face. She shouted in shock and pleasure as I immediately started to eat her out, even faster than before.   She screached, her nails scratching the floor her feet kicking.   "fuck yeahhhh! fuckkkk! OH MY GOD YESSS! YES I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING AGAIN! FUCK YEAHHHH!" she was shotuing at the top of her lungs.   After her latest ridiculously wet orgasm I slid myself under her, my dick at the entrance to her still convulsing vagina.
She sighed, collapsing onto my chest, "I can't take anymore.   Oh my godddd even when Lauren and Elena were both eating me I didn't cum like that. I didn't know it was possible to cum like that. "  I grinned, I loved knowing I had done the job, too bad that wasn't enough for me.
I slaped her ass with both hands, causing her to start.   Hah, like she'd actually thought I would stop now.   I slammed my cock up into her again.   Her pussy spasmed immediately, dumping more cum onto my balls.   She screamed. "NO, I can't.


  . . OH GOD IT FEELS GOOOOD! FUCKKKKK ME! YEAHHH FUCK MY PUSSY HARD!" she yelled at the top of her lungs.   I started to suck and twist her nipples.   She was screaching like a banshee, I fixed my eyes on her.   She placed her hands on my chest, bouncing like a wild whore.   I grabbed her hands off my chest and placed them on her breasts, making her rub her own nipples faster tahn she ever had.   "FUCK! FUUUUUCK OHHHH GOD NATE! FUCK ME HARDER! YESSSSS OHHH SHIT! FUCKKKK YOU'RE SO HUGE! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! IM CUMMING! OHHH GOOOOD I'M CUMMING AGAIN!!!!!" she shrieked.
The homestretch was here.   I turned over, grabbed one of her sexy firm thighs and wrapped it around my back.   I slammed her down onto the floor roughly and inserted my tongue into her mouth, wildly licking her tongue, trying to make her deep throat my tongue.   She gagged and pushed me away, looking at me in amazement.   "God damn you.   You're trying to kill me," she said, looking at my chiseled chest in amazement.   I grinned before starting to my signature last gear.


    The sound of my balls hitting her ass was like a machine gun.   Without warning I started a pace that would give Peter North a run for his money.   She shrieked, cumming already.   I grabbed her tits with both hands and squeezed them, sending jolts of pleasure through her the likes of which she never knew existed.   I felt her ass, legs and entire lower body shaking uncontrollably.   She was shrieking non-stop, her face contorted in pain and pleasure.   I grabbed her hands and held them to the floor, smashing my cock into her abused pussy over and over. "FUCK YES! OH GOD! OHHH MY GOD!  I'M FUCKING CUMMIN AGAIN! AHHHHH IM CUMMING"! That was all I heard for almost 5 minutes, although I was tuned out.   When I got into my last gear I tuned everything out but my wild attack on the girl's pussy.   She hooked her feet together behind my back, "FUCKKKK!" she shrieked, pulling me into her even harder with her legs and squeezing me between them.   I grabbed her nipples and twisted them violently, licking her face, neck and breasts wildly like an animal.   "I'M GONNA' CUM NINA!" I shouted at the top of my lungs. "YEAHHHHH FUCKING CUM IN ME! OHHHHH GOD! I'M CUMMING AGAIN! CUM WITH ME! FUUUUUCK!" she was shrieking like no girl I'd ever been with.   I slammed into her as hard as I could for another 18 seconds before blasting a huge load into her pussy.   As the hot liquid stuck to her insides she shrieked, tons of cum exploding out of her pussy, seeping out of the edges around my cock.

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    I moaned wildly, continuing my wild thrusting for another minute in which she came non-stop. She kept shrieking at the same high-pitch tone.   I sat up, keeping my cock in her and laid her down on teh pool table, thrusting into her as fast as I could for another minute, wanting to get every ounce of cum out.   Then I lowered myself to her pussy and tortured her, eating her out for another few minutes.   She wrapped her legs around my head "FUCKKKK EAT ME! YEAHHHH!  OH GOD!"  After eating her to another two orgasms her legs slackened and fell around my shoulders.   She was almost passed out.   I held her legs over my shoulders and leaned forward before, without warning, slamming my cock into her again, immediately in the fastest pace I could.   "FUCK! OHHHHHHHHH GOD! I CAN'T TAKE NAYMORE! IM CUMMING! FUCK I CAN'T TAKE! I'M FUCKING CUMMING! OHHHH GOD I'M CUMMING!!!!!!  FUCKKKKKK I'M CUMMMMMMMMING!" She screamed wildly before passing out, "FUCKKKKK YESSSSSSS FUCK I'M CUMMIGN I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!" she shrieked as she lost consciousness.   My lust was out of control, I lowered myself to her and licked her entire body wildly.   She was still moaning, despite having lost consciousness, I leaned forward, licking her breasts, her neck and her face wildly, grabbing her hips with my hands and pumping her wildly for another minute until I erupted into another huge load.   Halfway through it I pulled my cock out and sprayed it all over her tits and face.   The sudden burst of liquid caused her to wake up and I lunged forward, sticking it in her mouth.   She moaned in protest at first before sucking it ravenously.   I grabbed the back of her head and thrusted down her throat as hard as I could.   She screamed as I fingered her at the same time.

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    Once she had sucked me clean and came again we both collapsed on the pool table in a lake of our juices.   I kissed her wildly, fingering her more until she passed out.   Then I got up, got dressed and left here there.   Grinning as I walked downstairs to find the next one.



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