The Training of Britney from Housewife to whiteslut_britney


I picked her up and took her to the van. Opening the back door, I took out the hand and ankle cuffs and attached them, tighten a nice ball gag in place, and then chained her to the inside of the padded kenal. I looked at my watch. Five minutes, just like I planned. And best of all, it was starting to rain, there would be no sign of what had just happen. I drove off laughing. I traveled to a small farm house about 3 1/2 hours from where I caught britney, it was next to a lake. When I went back to get britney who was still in the kenal in the back of the van. I got incredibly excited knowing what she was about to do. Opening the van door to the sound of her crying and begging to let her go free, I open the kenal door and wrapping a thick leather collar around britney neck, and placing a chain leashe to the collar. With a strong tug I pull her out of the kenal as she had to stop herself from falling to the ground, she reached out and place her hands on my crotch, smile at her I whisper not yet slut you can have my huge black cock later, as she look at her grip on my crotch as she land on the ground on her knees. Tugging on the chain, I walk toward the farm house with britney pulled across the yard, as she try to get to her feet. " please no!! stop this britney beg! as I pulled her closer to the house"I have money britney said, Oh God No ! why are you doing this she ask me as I pull her into the house, to be greeting by my 2 Bull MasfisOnce I had tied britney spread eagle to the bed, I placed a blindfold over her eyes. Now tied and blinded on the bed I began setting up my camcorder. Britney begged me to untie her as she started complaining her arms hurt. "You won't hurt me will you?" Britney asked.

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   "Just shut up you white bitch. " "I wouldn't worry about getting hurt, I'd worry about how many times you're gonna get fucked. " With that I began ripping her clothes off. Her halter top ripped down the middle and they yanked her bra up over her head leaving it dangling next to her handcuffs. Then I grabbed her skirt pulling it off her legs along with her panties. She was naked in front of me and the camera as I gazed at her beautiful body. Britney is a attractive thin brunette with large D-cups breast that are also very firm and have a nice tight ass, and dark hair over her cunt, I look down at her and tell her first I have to shave that slut hole for you slut. ""Let me go you black bastard Britney yells""Shut up you fuckin' little whore. " "You'll do exactly what we say. " I got real mad at Britney for swearing and yelling them. "I'll teach this little white cunt a lesson," "This fuckin' white bitch talks too much. I'll give her something to keep her busy. " Okay, slut. Open up. I order her as I press a 8 inch black cock gag into her mouth.

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  in front of britneys face waiting for her to open her mouth. I put it against her lips and she could feel the hardness of his black shaft. She parted her lips slightly and he pushed in. "Oh, yes baby, eat it. " I pushed in her mouth more. "What a hot mouth, slut. " And in further the gag went until he hit the back of britneys throat. Then I grabbed her head roughly in his hands with my fingers entwined in her beautiful brunette hair holding her still. britney knew what he was going to do and she prepared herself for it. He pushed in more, forcing his black cockhead past the entrance of her throat as it started its' way down. "reaching around britney head I fasteren them belt on the gag. Britney had never deep throated before,with rob only having 5 inches, but it was somehow different this time because she had no control over the situation. He was forcing himself on her with whatever he wanted. She was handcuffed and couldn't do anything to help herself. She was at his mercy while he force fed her the cockgag into her throat.


   "Please let me go," Britney begged. "You had your fun, now let me go, please!!!"she try to say through the gag. I sat back and watch her as she started to shake all over from what looks like her first orgasm. "What is wrong with me?" Britney thought. "I've just been kidnapped and my throat just been raped from the cock gag and I had an orgasm. With that I reached under the bed and pulled out a huge black dildo I held it up showing britney. "What's biggest thing you've ever had up that pearly white cunt of yours. " She thought to herself just my husband 5 inch skinny white cock. "You've got to be kidding," Barbara thought to herself. "You white bitches don't know what a good fucking is. " I held the 12 inch by 3 inch wide dildo by the base as I put the wide head down to britney's slit. "Hold on, here it goes. " I jammed the rubber cock head onto her cunt lips and pushed. Harder and harder he applied pressure against her pussy. Britney screamed through the cock gag, as the discomfort grew and the pain began to register in her brain.


   Her cunt lips spread and then her tight fuckhole opened letting the didlo inside. Her stretched cunt hugged the dildo as I forced it in. The cock head disappeared inside her hole. I pushed more as Britney screamed around at the top of her lungs. When half the dildo was buried inside her cunt, I stopped, leaving it implanted inside her hole. Britney gasped and groaned trying to expel the dildo from the clutches of her cunt, but it was lodged in there. "What's a matter, bitch? Can't handle a huge cock up your cunt?" And I laughed at her again. As I ram the rest of the dildo deep into her cunt. " Now that better now slut, I whisper into her right ear, Master is going out for a couple hours so don't go any where slut. Then it happened, she gripped the dildo while inside her and convulsed in a violent orgasm. "She likes it. " "What a slut, what a fuckin' slut. " Britney's orgasm lasted a full minute before subsiding. Wake up whore! I yell at britney, with a slap across her breast with my flogger, pulling the wet dildo out of her cunt with a popping sound, I look at her, whispering now your cunt won't feel so tight around your husband Rob little bog penis will it slut. " Tear of shame fall to her face with britney knowing, her black kidnapper is right.

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  chaper 2"I want to have you ready to offer oral sex by this afternoon? And of course, Britney will need to be medicated. " as Britney stood there trembling, nearly in tears, in front of Me. " I'll strap you down in the chair. " I said, as I went to the medication cabinet and drew a syringe. I led Britney to a chair similar to a dentist's chair and sat her down. Britney sat there trembling in fear and submission, as I secured her head, waist, and ankles to the odd looking chair. "It is ok lover, this is going to teach you all you need to know to be a desirable woman. " I explained softly, as I approached her with the syringe. I held her arm, and she felt the prick followed by the nauseous warmth flowing through her. Like the day before, she vomited into a bucket held in front of her kidnapper. She felt her fear subside. "OK lover, I wants to you suck on this penis! It's not real, but it's a stuffed pony's cock. You must keep it in your mouth at all times. Britney stared in confusion, until I lifted the tool up to her face and put it in her hand. It was a leathery rod connected by a hose to a box on the floor.

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   "What am I supposed to do?" britney ask in confusion. I took hold of the stuffed penis and pushed it against Suzy's lips, and motioned for her to open her mouth for it,"No!" She exclaimed in revulsion. She sealed her lips and tried to throw the rod away. "Hey! Don't! No!" Britney cried, as I spread her legs, and pressed the tip of another dildo up against her sex. She stared down at the thick greased rod in horror. It had wires running from its end, and the size of it made her tremble, despite the drugs. It was at least 18 inch longer and 2 inches wide,"NOOO!" she cried, as I thrust the greased tool into her pussy and slowly worked it back and forth.
    "Stop please! Stop" she begged Me, as the rod prodded her insides. "Oh no!!" britney groaned, as I slowly pushed the dildo into her, and secured it in place with her chastity belt. "You must obey Me Slut, or you will receive a shock!" I explained, as I attached electrodes to each side of her nipples. "AHHHHHHHH!" britney cried out in pain, as I pushed the button to give her a taste of the discipline. Britney felt her nipples erupt in virtual fire, as the current raced through her tender areolas. "Please stop!!!!" she begged, as I continued to give her small zaps. I pulled the stuffed penis up to britney's mouth and put it in her hand, while motioning to the video screen. "No please! .

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      . . Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" she cried in pain, as another shock went through her nipples. She sucked the leathery tool into her mouth, and stared at the monitor, in order to watch herself in her helplessness. "You'll learns quickly with the right motivation. " I said with satisfaction, as I watched the readings on the box attached to the artificial penis. I slid a vibrator under her chastity belt and positioned it right over her clit. I hooked the wires from the vibrating dildo and the clit vibrator into the same box that the stuffed penis was hooked into. britney watched as I adjusted a knob on the box to provide her with a mild clitoral vibration, which intensified as she sucked harder on the stuffed penis. "It will correct you slut, if you touches it with her teeth" I chuckled, as I pushed up on britney's chin forcing her to bite the penis. britney jerked violently in the chair, trying to get free of the nipple wrenching voltage anodes. I smiled in a masochistic way. "Do you understand this lesson slut?" I asked, patting britney on the shoulder gently. britney looked up at me with wide fearful eyes, and nodded her head in agreement. "Suck the penis, and you will be rewarded, bite it or stop sucking, and you will be punished.

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       Now I will leave you here, for the remainder of the morning. Britney watched as I walked out the door, the dildo in her vagina began vibrating violently inside of her, rattling her crotch area terribly. Britney felt a burning against her nipple and realized that she had stopped sucking the shaft. She began to suckle it again and the burning ceased. She watched the video of herself giving oral sex,to the fake cock and tried to have her tongue move and slurp. Within five minutes, britney felt herself becoming oddly hot. She cursed herself, as she felt herself approaching an orgasm. As it hit her, she sucked the dildo harder, and felt the vibrator on her clit buzz stronger, sending her nearly into unconsciousness. I monitored the equipment for a few minutes, before leaving her to watch the video, and practice the fine art of cock sucking. 3 hours later. . . . . I had some difficulty when I started to have the penis erupt into her mouth.

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       She fought hard to spit it out and stop. It took her some time to begin drinking it, or to at least let it drool from her mouth without her stopping sucking on it. "I turned off the machine and unbuckled britney from the contraption. britney climbed off on shaky legs, and balanced herself against the wall. I removed the dildo from her vagina, and watched as britney hobbled around the room with bowed legs. "You enjoyed that dummy cock didn't you slut? More than Rob's little cock. "What? I can't. " britney said, realizing what she had done. Rob my husband, I can't cheat on him!" she whimpered, with guilt over her last three hours of selfish pleasure. "It is not your decision. I am telling you what you will do. " Now let us get you some lunch for you, and we train some more after. " She looked up and stared at her rapists. "You're a hot one, aren't you?" I asked. Britney just continued to stare at me saying nothing and was on the verge of falling asleep from her exhaustion.

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       charpter 3 to followMore to come on britney whiteslut training.