The Taking of Katie K, Part IV: Katie brutally sodomized


by Marq Satyr

After she had once more been fed a meal of rice,beans larded with pork pieces, corn tortillas and a mug of beer, she rested until El Jefe came back late in the evening. He had another man with him. This man was somewhat better looking and definitely younger than Jefe. He introduced him as Jose, his second in command. Both of them stripped off their clothes, and she soon saw that Jose's cock was the equal to El Jefe's and even thicker. She felt a tickle in her vagina as she stared greedily at the two cocks which stood sternly upright. She stripped out of her gown and let the two men tie her over a tall wooden bar stool that Jose had carried into the small room. With her belly flat on the wooden stool and her breasts dangling her wrists and ankles were tied firmly with leather straps to the four legs of the stool. While El Jefe fingered her cunt and anus he told her that they were not only going to fuck her in every one of her maiden holes, they were going to put nipple rings through her firm uptilted nipples. The tool they pushed through her nipples hurt her and she moaned in pain, but soon the nipple rings were attached. Jose tied a rough string in each ring and pulled the ring down stretching not only her tender pink nipples but also stretching her cone shaped breasts to their limit. She knew her breasts would be tortured as they fucked her, but she longed to have both cocks filling her at once. Jose faced her with his cock and forced it between her lips into her mouth. She gagged as he shoved his manhood deep into her forcing her to take most of its length and causing her jaws to ache because of its girth.

"Fuck her face, Jose.


   Push that big cock of yours down her throat and make her drink all your cum," El Jefe told the muscular young man.

Jose held her head with both hands as he begin to thrust his cock into her mouth. She took the cock deep down her throat and felt the older man fingering and probing her butt hole with his middle finger. He lubricated her anus first with one then two fingers. Then he spread her brown eyed anus open with both hands. She wanted to pull away from the horrible pain as he pushed his cock head into her ass. She felt herself being slowly spread open as he pushed the head of his manhood slowly into her butt opening and her tight sphincter held him tight an inch or two in. He pushed his greased rod deeper into her anal passage. She could hear his groan of satisfaction as he inched slowly into her tight rectum filling her with pain in her lower extremities clear up to her belly. Meanwhile Jose was sodomizing her mouth and had most of his hard ten inches down her throat. She gasped and choked for air each time he pulled his cock back before he thrust even deeper into her tortured throat. El Jefe had pierced her anus a full six inches by now and felt her tight hole pressing his big cock. He could not contain his desire and withdrew his cock almost all the way back and impaled her with almost the full length of his great shaft driving it deep into her bowels and now began to fuck her with hard deep driving thrusts. She was being penetrated deeply in both throat and ass as the two men brutally fucked her yielding young body. They were driving her wild.

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   Her ass was being ripped apart and her throat opened deep to the men's big sex organs. She became so aroused that she pumped her ass back to meet the deep thrusts of the older man who had driven his cock into her up to his balls. She no longer had control over her own needs and let herself be drilled in both openings fully pleasured by the men's love shafts. They drove her to the edge without reaching climaxes and then changed places. Jose's brutal rod stretched her anal passage even more radically as he reamed her butt hole viciously. She felt as if he would drive his rod into her stomach, so deep did he fuck her young ass opening.

She once again was frustrated as they came in her and withdrew. El Jefe shot a large amount of cum deep down her tortured throat and Jose emptied his cock with deep thrusts deep in her bowels. She was left panting for more.

They untied her wrists and legs and told her to stand. Jose turned the stool upside down and told her to put her wide open pussy over one of the round shafts of the stool legs and sit so that the stool leg pushed into her wet vaginal passage with her legs turned to face the inside of the stool and her butt cheeks open to the outside. She sat and felt the hard wooden shaft enter her wet cunt. It slid in with ease as the shaft was not as large in circumference as El Jefe's cock. She felt surprised that she her pussy could now take such shafts with such ease. The forced the wooden shaft deeper into her.

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   She had now taken in at least six inches of the leg and wanted more, but El Jefe had other ideas. He once again pushed his cock into her cum slick ass hole and now she was impaled in both her pussy and anal openings. El Jefe had his hands on her lovely breasts and fingered and squeezed them roughly and pulled them up against the strings that forced them the other way. At the same time, Jose pushed her shoulders down so that the shaft of the stool leg was forced deeper into her all the way to the rung, a full 8 inches. He then began to fuck her face while holding her down by the shoulders. She was now filled in all her openings and being fucked out of her mind. El Jefe cried as he forced his dick deep into her ass,

"Jose, I can feel the wooden leg in her cunt pressing against my cock. I wantto fuck her so hard. "

"Give it to her, Jefe! Fuck her while I ram my cock down her pussy throat," yelled Jose.

She was enjoying her tortured fuck and this time reached a gigantic orgasm and came again and again as the men . She loved the feel of the 8 inches of wood in her cunt and continued to ram herself with the strange dildo until the shaft was hitting her cervix. She cupped her tortured breasts and rode the wooden shaft to another orgasm before she collapsed panting with the leg deeply in her cunt. So excited by watching the young beauty fucking her cunt with the wood shaft they double penetrated her in cunt and anus and had her until she was overcome with multiple orgasms and passed out.

"She's a fucking whore," said Jose as the men laid her body on her cot and left the room.

"We could fuck the gringa senseless and she would love it," said Jefe with a broad smile.

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To be continued in Part V.