The Story of Julie


The silence was broken when she heard her capturer talking, “I hope this bitch does not co-operate with the boss. I have not had a good gang bang in a long time and I would like to see her taking 3 cocks at once. ” “Yeah. I think she be a squealer. ” “Gangbanged! I have never had sex at all and these guys were talking about gangbanging me”, she thoughtJulie felt the van turning in somewhere and slowed to a stop, reverse and stop. A door was opened and one of the guys said that it was clear. Julie was being pulled from the van. She struggled and tried to make as much noise as possible. She was picked up and carried by one man. They had only gone a couple of steps and she heard a knock on a door and the door open. Julie was taken in through the door and dropped on the bed. She could hear several voices all talking about her like she was a piece of meat. They said things like, “Oh what a sweet thing you guys got this time. ” and “I can’t wait to get into that young stuff. ”A door opened and she heard a different voice. “Alright guys.

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   That enough of that. All of you can go out in the van and move it to the other side of the parking lot. ” There were a lot of feet shuffling around and then the door opened and closed. Julie could still feel the presence of one person in the room. The man reached out and sat Julie up on the end of the bed. She felt the man sit down beside her and he began to speak to her. “Well young lady. You’re in deep shit now. Didn’t you know you’re not to take rides with strangers? Well nay ways I am a producer of underground porno movie and I go by the name Dr. Fellows. My movie will never be in the video store. I am hired by someone to make a real rape video. There will be only one tape made and I will be paid a lot of money for it. I think it is time for the hood to come off and I do advise you to keep quite. You mean nothing to me and one wrong move for you and you will end up at the bottom of the canal.

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  ”Julie felt the hood being pulled from her head and the light was blinding. She looked around and saw she was in a motel room. There were two doors, one was the exit and the other she guessed lead to the bathroom. She turned to look at her captor, he was wearing a mask. As she continued to look around the room for a way out, he continued to talk to her. “I have rented all the rooms on this side of the motel. So screaming for help will do nothing but piss me off and do you not want to do that Julie”, he said. Julie’s eyes shot wide open as she heard her name. “Yes I know your name and everything about you. I know more about you than your parents. Here is how this is going to work. You have two choices and you will be doing one. I have two offers on the table for you. I have two movies to make and if you look around the room closely you will see small video cameras. There is one mounted above the bed in that picture and one on the dresser and one in the light fixture above the bed.

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   Now let me tell you what the first movie is about. ” He said as he pulled Julie from the bed and walked her to the window. He pulled the curtains to the side and talked into a walkie-talkie. “Ok guys, get out of the van and show yourself. ” He said. Julie watched as six large men got out of the van. They were too far to get a look on their faces but she could see that one had a rifle. “She has had a good look guys. Get back in the van and I will call you when or if you are needed. ” He said as he put the walkie-talkie into his pocket. Julie had started to cry again as she was led back to sit on the side of the bed. “The reason I showed all those guys is because they are to be in one of my movies. They are your first choice. I have to make a gangbang rape movie. All those men will come in here if this is the movie you decide to be and they will fuck you in every hole you have.

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   You take them all on. There will be one in your mouth, cunt and ass all at once and they will fuck you several times each. ” He said with a smile as Julie shook with fear. “The second movie is going to call for you to do some acting. I have picked out four of your friends and you will choose one and call up their father and get him down here and you will seduce him. I have worked out all the details and I will explain them to you after you make your choice. Oh by the way how old are you anyway?”Julie’s mind was racing. She sure didn’t want to be gang raped. “I am eighteen and I don’t want to do either you asshole. ” She said with tears running down her cheeks. Her captor walked over and grabbed her shoulders and shook her head and said, “You don’t understand I am going to make one movie here and if you do not help making the one of you seducing your friend’s father, then I will call the guys in the van and I will have my gang rape movie and I will find another girl to the other one. Please understand the only way you can leave this room is after being well fucked or in a body bag. ”“Let’s see now if you are an expert or a beginner. I will ask you some questions. You give me appropriate answers and just do what I say.

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  ”“Are you a virgin?” “Yes I am. ” “Oh!!! I would have loved to pop your cherry…. . . but still…”“Have you ever sucked a cock before?”“Cock!!! Do you mean a man’s thing???”“Yes my dear, it’s called a COCK. ”“No, I haven’t even seen a penis. . . . . I mean a cock before you bastard.
    ”“Okay let’s see if you are a good cocksucker or not. Get on you knees. ”“Why?”“You are not in a position to ask questions, babe. Just do as instructed.

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       Get on your knees and take my dick out. ”“Your what…. ????”“My dick…my cock you bloody fucking cunt. Do or I’ll change my mind to make the gangbang movie. ”Julie did what he said. She got on her knees and pulled down the man’s trousers. She could see the bulge in his frenchies. She pulled down his underwear too, and got the biggest shock in her eighteenth year on this planet earth. She had seen a man’s cock for the first time. Although Julie and her friends had discussed about it in their talks, but she couldn’t remember herself talking about its length. And here was she in front of an eight inch long flaccid cock, getting ready to suck it off. “What are you looking at bitch? Suck it. Put it in your mouth and suck it nicely. ”“But Mr. Fellows I haven’t sucked a cock before”, said Julie innocently.

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      “You don’t need a degree or a diploma for cocksucking you slut. There’s always a first time. Now do as I say. ”“Okay”, said Julie and took his cock in her hand and put it in her mouth. It was so awkward that she couldn’t even remember its taste. The precum emerged immediately at the tip of the cock. Dr. Fellows was also very rough on the little girl. He grabbed her hair and started fucking Julie’s mouth as if it were a cunt. He didn’t even notice that due to his roughness or whatever you may call it, young Julie had fainted, still on her knees. “Poor girl, couldn’t even stand a simple blowjob, how will she stand a gangbang that’ll await her. Well, I can’t now strain my cock against my undie. I ought to finish with her. ”, saying this Dr Fellows picked Julie’s head and started fucking vigorously in her mouth. He didn’t care about his prick getting hurt by her teeth.

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       He just kept fucking until he felt close to cumming. He thought about cumming onto her face, but by the time he made his decision he was already cumming. Dr. Fellows shot his load into Julie’s mouth. After he had finished spunking his load in Julie’s mouth, he got up and while zipping his trousers back on said, “Well now my movie would be able to begin only when this slutty bitch wakes up………”All kinds of comments and responses are welcome. Please take into consideration that this is my first story. I would specially like to receive comments regarding any flaw or suggestions for the subject and body (including boobs and cunt!!!) of the story. Thanking all. If you think I ought to write a sequel please please please drop me and e-mail at sam_luv_666@yahoo. co. in. PS: I would specially like Lord_John_Thomas to read my story and write comments. I am his biggest fan. .



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