The Slab



Eric slowly began to regain consciousness. He was disoriented and confused. The room was dark except for a bright floodlight that shined directly down upon him. It was shining directly into his eyes. Beyond the floodlight, he could only see darkness. Shadows drifted in and out of the edges of the light. He caught a glimpse of two or three figures. It looked like they were wearing robes.


As Eric started to come to his senses, he suddenly realized that he was lying flat on his back with his arms and legs bound. He was on what felt like a cold stainless steel slab. He was wearing the same clothes that he remembered wearing to the bar, before he woke up in this bizarre place.


The bonds were a soft fabric, tied around his wrists and ankles. There was quite a bit ofslack, so Eric decided to try to sit up. As soon as he moved, the bonds tightened. Just at the edge of the light, a person stood at each corner of the stainless steel slab. When Eric moved, each of the four ‘guards’ pulled on the bonds, flattening him on the cold hard steel.

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  The slab was about 3 feet high, about waist high for an average sized person.


“What the fuck?What do you want?”, Eric shouted as he was forced flat on the slab. The bonds were pulled so tight that he could barely move. Nobody answered Eric, but a lone figure stepped out of the shadows with a huge pair of scissors and began cutting away Eric’s clothing. The figure was covered from head to toe in a black robe, but it was obviously a woman. Eric could tell by her smell, just a hint of lavender. And her hands were thin and delicate. This woman was skilled with the scissors. In a matter of minutes, she had managed to cut away all of Eric’s clothing: jeans, shirt, and underwear. Four more robed figures moved in and pulled away all of the clothing. Two of them removed his socks and shoes. The other two pulled his clothing out from under him. Eric was now completely naked.


He started to freak out. What were they going to do to him?Why didn’t anybody say anything?Why did they all hide their faces?So far Eric counted nine figures: scissor girl, the four holding his arms and legs, and the four who removed his clothing.

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  Everyone stepped back into the shadows. Eric felt simultaneously very alone and very much on display. But this was not fun for him. He was scared. He was not turned on at all. He felt super vulnerable.


Eric did have a good body. He was not a big guy. 5’7”. 140 pounds. He worked out at the gym on week days. He ran a few miles every other day or so. He was lean and toned. His penis was average sized when soft, about 5 inches. But when he got hard, he was pretty big, close to 8 inches.

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  Now, however, he seemed to shrink to a minusculesize.


One of the figures stepped into the light again. She dropped her robe. A gorgeous blond appeared before him. She was beautiful. 5’5”. Maybe 110 pounds. Eric estimated 34-23-34. This girl was thin, but had curves in the right places. She was completely nude. Shaved pussy. Firm breasts. She looked to be in her late 20’s. Her face was almost expressionless. Her eyes cold.

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  She immediately grabbed Erics penis and began to stroke him. Eric did not know how to react. Under different circumstances, he might have enjoyed this. But his fear overcame him. His penis did not grow hard.


The blond stopped stroking Eric after about 18 minutes and retreated into the shadows. Another robed figure stepped into the light and dropped her robe. This time a tall brunette appeared from underneath the robe. She, too, was gorgeous. Taller and more muscular. 5’10” 125 pounds. 36-24-35. She pinched Eric’s nose closed so that he could only breathe through his mouth. Eric wriggled his head back and forth, but then two more robed figures stepped in and held his head in place. They forced his mouth open and the brunette dropped several pills into Eric’s mouth and immediately covered it.

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  Eric was forced to swallow the pills. Two of the pills were bitter going down, almost burning his tongue. What the fuck did they just give him?It felt like a half dozen pills. Everyone receded into the shadows. The floodlight turned off and Eric was left in total darkness. Naked and alone. But he knew that his captors were nearby, because every time he moved even just a little, the bonds would tighten. He was not going to escape the slab.


Eric lost track of time. It seemed like he was alone in the dark for hours, but it could have been just a few minutes for all he knew. Whatever they forced him to swallow, it began to take effect. Even in total darkness, Eric was now ‘seeing’ colors. His sense of hearing seemed to pick up. He could hear his captors shuffling around in the darkness and his skin seemed to be more sensitive. He noticed how soft the binds around his ankles and wrists were.

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  They seemed to be made of a silk material. He was also beginning to sweat, though the room didn’t feel particularly warm. Did they turn up the heat or was it the pills?Eric actually started to relax a little. There was nothing he could do to escape, so why fight it?That’s what was going through his mind. What was going through his groins was very different. He felt warm between his legs. Blood seemed to be rushing toward his nether regions. He remembered how amazingly beautiful the two revealed captors had been and his penis got even warmer. He still had not achieved an erection, but his penis had come back from the earlier shrinkage. Eric actually started feeling pretty good.


The floodlight came back on. A robed figure moved into the light and dropped her robe. An Asian woman appeared from beneath. It might have been the pills, but it looked to Eric like the woman had blue hair. It could have been a wig.


  This girl was petite and young. Or at least she looked young. She could not have stood more than 5 feet tall. Slim. Small breasts. Maybe 32-22-33. Perfect skin. She had a bottle in one hand and began pouring a gooey liquid on her hands. She rubbed an even coat of the liquid on her hands and began to stroke Eric’s penis. She moved delicately and light to start. The goo was warm and wet. It felt amazing on Eric’s penis. In spite of all his earlier fears, Eric’s penis started to grow hard. He didn’t want it to. He didn’t want to give into whatever sick game was being played here.

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  But this little Asian woman was skilled in the art of penis manipulation. She began to apply more pressure to Eric’s dick. Eric closed his eyes and saw colors on the back of his eyelids. “Please stop”, he said. The Asian woman stroked faster. Eric let out a moan.


More goo was applied to Eric’s penis. His cock and balls were now covered with it. The Asian woman’s hands were now sliding all over his private parts. She would stop every few minutes and simply finger the tip of his penis, which now seemed overly sensitive. Eric had never felt anything like this. What the hell were those pills?Definitely some kind of drugs. Did he really want this to happen or was it the drugs?How was this going to end?


The Asian woman cleaned Eric up with a towel and melted back into the darkness. “What the fuck?” Eric yelled.


Eric’s penis was rock hard and standing straight up.

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  It throbbed in time with his pulse. It was like Eric could feel his heart beat in his penis. He wanted badly to cum, to relieve the pressure that the little Asian woman had built up in his dick.


Another robed figure emerged from the darkness and dropped her clothing, revealing the most striking redhead he had ever seen. She had piercing green eyes and long wavy hair. She was an amazon, over six feet tall and ripped from head to toe. She had fake tits but they were amazingly perfect, quite possibly the best boob job Eric had ever seen. Her body was glistening, as though she had been working out just minutes before and was still covered in sweat. But it could easily have been a light coating of baby oil or some other lubricant. She had well defined six pack abs. Her arms were toned and lean. Her legs were muscular.


The Amazon slid her hand from his feet, up his leg, to his crotch. She took a firm grip on his penis and began to slowly stroke his cock. She was gripping him so hard that he could feel the veins in his dick pressing up against her palm.

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  Whatever they had force fed Eric was now in full in effect. He was harder and bigger than he had ever been. The redhead had to use both hands to cover his cock with was now pushing 9 inches!She stroked his cock from base to tip as though she was trying to force cum out of him. With her hands around the shaft of Eric’s penis, she popped the head of his dick in her mouth like a lollipop. She began to force the tip of her tongue into his dick hole. Eric was so sensitive there, possibly due to the pills, that his body convulsed and rose away from the metal slab. But his bonds were quickly pulled tight and he was forced flat on the slab. The redhead took his entire 9 inches in her mouth. He could feel the tip of his penis slide down her throat. Her hands went to his chest and she began to rub his chest and nipples. Eric didn’t particularly like this feeling normally, but right now it felt amazing. Eric wanted to cum. He tried to cum. He felt like he was just on the edge of exploding, like he would cum any second. But he didn’t.


  He couldn’t. Again, he thought back to the pills that he swallowed earlier. Were they altering his perceptions?Were they somehow preventing him from cumming?He had never experienced anything like this. His dick was engorged with blood. He felt like he would explode. Every part of his body was extremely sensitive. He wanted to cum so badly, but he couldn’t. This could last for hours, he thought.


The next sensation surprised Eric. The Amazon was actually blowing into his penis. With her mouth, she had formed a super tight seal around his shaft, just under the head of his penis. She was actually blowing up his dick like a balloon. He could feel her breath being forced into his shaft. It felt like she was literally blowing up his balls. Just when he felt like his balls would explode, she would then reverse the airflow and quite literally suck his dick.

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  It was like an industrial vacuum was pulling everything out of him. She alternated between these two techniques ever minute or so. Waves of pleasure were being pushed into him and pulled out of him. His dick was so hard and so pumped that it almost hurt. Almost. It was the most intense pleasure that he ever felt.


Without ever removing Eric’s dick from her mouth, the redhead climbed on top of Eric in a 69 position. She continued to work his cock, sliding his penis in and out of her mouth and throat. He could feel her tongue slide up and down his shaft. He could feel the tip of his penis inside her throat. Her pussy was now in Eric’s face. The smell was intoxicating. She had definitely used some kind of douche on her vagina, but at the same time the smell was surprisingly natural. Eric stuck his tongue out and licked her perfectly smooth pussy. She didn’t resist.

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  In fact, she moved into Eric’s mouth. He began to lick her clit. The redhead began to sync her blowjob with the movement of Eric’s tongue. When Eric licked faster, the redhead moved faster. When Eric went deeper with his tongue, the redhead took more of his cock down her throat. It was like Eric had remote control over the blowjob with his tongue. Eric lost track of time. . . Then the redhead broke the sync between Eric’s tongue and the blowjob. She sucked him off like he had never felt before. He writhed in sweet agony, physically convulsed several times, and went limp on the table. But he never shot his load. He didn’t cum. He felt like he had the biggest orgasm of his life, but no semen left his body.

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  He could tell that his dick was oozing pre-cum. But he never ejaculated. His body was limp, but his dick was still rock hard. The redhead left and two more robes appeared and cleaned up his dick and his mouth. Then the robes retreated into the shadows. Eric was alone with his thoughts again.


That had to be it, Eric thought. Would they let him go now?Or was there something even more sinister planned?What if they planned to hurt or even kill him?That thought hadn’t entered his mind until just now. But then the thought left and Eric just lay on the slab, every muscle in his body was limp, except for his dick.


Another robe appeared. The robe fell to the ground to reveal a short blond. She could not have stood more than 5 feet tall. It might have been his imagination or the drugs affecting his perceptions, but the woman was thin with huge tits and the most perfectly round ass. She was easily a 36D and her hips looked to be about 38 inches. The most extraordinary thing about her was her tiny waist.

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  She looked to have about a 22 inch waist and the flattest stomach ever. She was so curvy that she looked like a cartoon character. Her proportions were unreal. Her pussy was the smallest, tightest little slit of a cunt imaginable. It was barely visible. She had blue eyes. She jumped up on the slab and straddled Eric between her feet. She bent her knees and her tiny pussy hovered over Eric’s equally ridiculously engorged penis, which had grown to well over 18 inches long and was the fattest it had ever been. Eric’s dick was unnaturally big right now. It had to be the cocktail of pills. What drugs did this kind of thing to a cock?Eric didn’t know. But he didn’t really care either.


Eric caught a glimpse of her tiny slit and noticed that she was dripping wet. She bent her knees more and the tip of Eric’s dick touched her pussy lips. Her wetness dribbled down his penis.

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  Eric’s was also wet with his own pre-cum. As the little blond danced over Eric’s cock, her super tight pussy and his bloated penis would occasionally touch. But Eric thought that his cock would never fit in her tight slit. Then, suddenly, she dropped to her knees and impaled herself on his cock. She let out a little yelp and she slid down his shaft. She was so small that Eric felt like he was half way up her body. The cartoon character let out a giggle and began to rock her hips back and forth, moving Eric’s dick around like her own personal joystick. It felt like there was almost no movement inside of her. She was so tight. She was vacuum sealed around his cock. She began to contract her muscles around his dick. She was playing his cock like a musical instrument with her tight pussy. The sensation was so incredible, Eric thought he would lose his mind. He could no longer think. He could only feel.

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  The blond cartoon character was now sitting on Eric, impaled on his penis. She stretched her legs straight in the air and made a perfect V shape with her legs. Then she grabbed both of her ankles with her hands. She was now completely supported by her ass, sitting on Eric’s pelvis, holding her legs in the air. The only thing keeping her from sliding off of Eric was his penis deep in her cunt. She smiled as she rocked back and forth and side to side, holding onto his penis with the muscles of her vagina. She was quite literally riding him. She even managed to spin around on his shaft, as well as bounce up and down a little. The pleasure in his penis was almost maddening. He wanted to cum and release all of the tension built up in the last few. . . how long had it been?Hours now?He totally lost track of time. He just wanted to cum. But no matter how intense the sensations got, he simple could not find relief.


  The sensations were getting more and more intense, but he didn’t seem to be able to cum!Eric’s dick was so massive and he had been hard for so long now that it was almost painful. But it was simultaneously the most pleasure had ever felt in his life. He wanted to cum, but he wanted the feeling in his dick to last forever. The cartoon eventually dismounted and slipped back into the shadows.


Eric was alone again on the slab. His dick was still rock hard and throbbed with exquisite pain AND pleasure. Although he had been cleaned up after every woman had his way with him, his penis was covered in his own pre-cum. He was dripping wet, with his penis fully erect.


The next robe appeared and was immediately dropped to the floor. Another brunette stood before him. This one, too, was perfect. Classic 36-24-36, Eric thought. She had a can of shaving cream and a razor. Eric held his breath. Now what?She started by shaving his face, which had grown a 5 o’clock shadow by now.

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  How long had he been on the slab. He had no idea. It must have been hours. Then she moved down and shaved what little hair he had on his chest and then his legs. She saved his cock and balls for last. The sensation of having his body shaved was incredible. He had never experienced this before, so the sensations were strange and new. The shaving cream had a cool feeling on his skin. The scrape of the razor against his skin was very stimulating. This full body experienced only aroused Eric more. The brunette lathered up his balls and complete shaved his pubic area. The sensations were driving him insane. He longed to cum. Eric was now completely hairless, except for the hair on his head. His skin tingled all over.

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  He swore that there was something extra in the shaving cream. His body was cool and smooth. The brunette was equally smooth, not a hair on her body. She disposed of the shaving cream and the razor and wiped away any excess shaving cream from Eric’s body. Every touch sent orgasmic waves through his entire body. The effect of the drugs was not wearing off. If anything, the effects were getting stronger. The brunette then brought out of tube of some kind of gel. She put a light coat all over Eric’s body, every inch of him from the neck down. Every nerve in his skin fired with sheer ecstasy. The woman then applied a coat of the same substance to her own body. They both glistened in the spotlight.


The next thing that the brunette produced was a rubber cockring with about a two inch diameter and a little bit of stretch, but not much. It barely fit over Eric’s engorged penis head and shaft, but she somehow managed it stretch it all the way around his penis and his balls. The cockring pushed his balls forward and trapped even more blood in his already pumped penis.

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  A second, smaller cock ring, was fitted over his penis head, down his shaft, all the way to the base of his penis. Eric had never had a cockring on him, so this was all new to him too. But he understood the concept. Cockrings restricted the flow of blood on the surface of the penis, where blood vessels that carry blood away from the penis are located. The blood vessels that carry blood into the penis are located deeper and therefore not affected by the cockring as much. This means that blood can get in, but has a hard time getting out. The cockrings obviously worked, because Eric’s dick was now harder and bigger than ever. His dick throbbed. It was almost painful, except that it felt so amazing. He had now achieved an incredible 18 inches. It didn’t seem possible.


The brunette climbed on top of Eric and sat on his cock. It was a tight fit, but his dick slowly made it’s way into her wet cunt. Eric unconsciously groaned. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and he thrust his pelvis into her.


  The brunette arched her backand threw back her long wavy hair. She flattened her entire body against his. Eric could feel her ample breasts rubbing up against his chest. She wrapped her legs around his and began to squeeze. She wrapped her arms around him and writhed up and down and back and forth. Eric felt like their bodies were melting together. He had a hard time determining where his body ended and hers began. It felt she was enveloping him in her warmth. This woman had skills. She gyrated her hips clenched the muscles in vagina in a such way that he had never felt before. After about 20 minutes Eric had a massive orgasm. Waves of energy shot out from his hips through the end of his penis. But still Eric could tell that he had not cum. And his dick did not lose any of it’s rigidity. The brunette did not stop.

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  She continued to dance on his dick. Eric was in heaven. The brunette sat up, then stood up, separating herself from Eric. Then she sat down again and took Eric up her perfect ass. It didn’t happen all at once. This took some time. She started with his penis head and worked it around her asshole for several minutes. She had to consciously soften and relax to take him in. She was so tight, Eric felt like he was ripping her open. But the brunette did not make a sound. She was almost emotionless, with just slight grin on her face. Inch by inch, she took his entire dick up her ass. She sighed softly and the began to work his cock. This continued for some time.


As the brunette worked her magic ass on Eric’s dick, two more robes appeared in the spotlight.

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  The robes dropped and two perfect Asian women were revealed. They had perfect bodies. Eric didn’t know that it was even possible for Asian women to have round asses and perfect breasts. These two were hot and they were obviously twins. One stood near his right hand and the other on his left. Eric was given enough slack in his wrist binds that he could move his arms somewhat freely. He was allowed to feel the breasts of one twin and the cunt of the other with his hands.


Another robe appeared and revealed yet another blond. Again perfect body. She hopped up on the slab and knelt around his face. Eric could smell the sweet fragrance of her dripping pussy. She got close enough for Eric to eat her out. At this point, Eric had his dick up the ass of the brunette, a hand on each twin, and his face buried in the blond’s cunt. And he could distinctly feel every sensation. It was like he was alone with four different women, but all at once.

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  He was able to simultaneously feel every gyration of the brunette on his dick and he had total focus on the sweet pussy on his tongue and he had perfect clarity over fingering one twin and fondling the other’s tits. The intensity of the sensations created an equal intensity in his penis. He could literally feel his dick grow longer inside the brunette. The cockrings strained to hold him in. Eric felt like he could burst the cockrings with the throbbing of his dick. Eric normally was not particularly loud during sex, but he could not help but moan in his state of agony to release the build up of sexual energy and the constant pleasure that he felt all over his body. His body tensed with the intensity of sensation and then relaxed. He was simultaneously in control of every muscle in his body and completely out of control. This continued for what seemed like hours, but again could have only been minutes. Time had no meaning. Pleasure was everything. In the time that the four women worked him, Eric had about a half dozen of the cumless orgasms. The women eventually backed off.


Eric’s binds were removed. But now Eric had no desire to leave the slab.

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  He felt completely spent. And yet his dick was still rock hard, throbbing, yearning for release, and now swollen to about 12 inches. He was still covered in the light coating of gel. It had a slightly oily feel and did not seem to be evaporating at all. His dick was covered with his own pre-cum and pussy juice from the brunette. His face was covered with the blond’s sweet secretions. The room was warm and with all of the activity Eric was dripping with sweat. The two women who had been sitting on his cock and face had also worked up a sweat and had dripped all over him as well. Eric glistened in pool of sweat, pussy juice, pre-cum, and the strange gel that had been slathered over his body. He didn’t care. He felt amazing. His body tingled and yearned for me, especially his cock.


Six new robes appeared. Six robes dropped and revealed six perfect women. They all appeared to be the exact same height, about 5’7”.

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  The were all the same build, size, and proportions. 35-23-34. Eric didn’t know how he knew this, but somehow he knew their proportions. One blond. One brunette. One redhead. One Asian. One Latino. One Black. All naked. All shaved with super tight pussies. All impossibly hot. All in their mid-20’s.


The metal slab now lowered into the ground, so that Eric was now on the floor. He was no longer bound, but made no attempt to escape.

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  He wanted to experience whatever they had in store for him next. The black chick and the redhead pulled out bottles of oil and began coating themselves and the other four women. When they were all completely covered, they poured the remainder on Eric. All six women got down on their knees and began to evenly rub the oil onto Eric’s body, from head to toe. The oil did something to his skin. He was now even more sensitive than before. Every touch sent orgasmic waves up and down his spine and into the tip of his penis. Every touch made Eric writhe in pleasure. The Asian chick climbed on Eric and pressed her entire body into him and took his entire 12” throbbing cock into her pussy. She squeezed him. Eric wrapped his arms and legs around her and squeezed her back. He felt them merge on a cellular level and then explode back out in waves of ecstasy. She began to pump her hips and Eric responded in kind. While Eric was fucking the Asian chick, he felt one of the other women at his ass. She firmly gripped his ass cheeks and was squeezing and spreading them in time with the fucking gyrations of Eric hips.


  Then Eric felt something at his asshole. The mystery women was now licking his hole and pushing her tongue inside of him. This was a new sensation for Eric. He had never experienced anything like this. He liked it. He craved it. He wanted more. “Please don’t stop!”, Eric moaned. The Asian chick was now kissing Eric and forcing her tongue down his throat. Eric felt both ends probed by tongues. They seemed to be working together, synchronized. That’s when Eric noticed music for the first time. Had music been playing all this time and he just hadn’t noticed. No way. That didn’t seem possible, but neither did the amazingly gorgeous women or the size of his throbbing cock.

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  But there it was, a trancy club sound with bass so deep that he could feel it in his chest. The women were syncing their actions with the music. The music began to build. The Asian woman released Eric and moved to the side. He felt the deep bass in his pelvis, cock, and balls.


The women flipped Eric over onto his stomach and bought him onto his hands and knees. The blond slid underneath him and wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. She began to kiss him deeply and forced her long tongue down his throat. The brunette was farther down, she was face up under his pelvis and started sucking his dick. The redhead was on all fours behind Eric and on top of the brunette’s body. She started to force her tongue into Eric’s asshole. The three women worked in time with the pulsing music. They were so good at this that Eric had several more full body convulsions. The Black chick, the Asian, and the Latino chick massaged his muscles and kept him on all fours. They wouldn’t let him flop to the ground.

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  They simply held him steady while he orgasmed in front of them. And yet, Eric still had not cum. He wondered how long this could go on.


After an unknown period of time, the three women switched places. The brunette, blond, and redhead took the support roles. And it was time for the other three to work Eric again. The Black chick lay flat on her rock hard abs, under Eric. She arched her back and stuck her ass in the air. Eric wrapped his arms around her waist and stroked her six pack abs from behind. His dick was millimeters from her tight asshole. He was just about to attempt a thrust of his cock, when the blond and the brunette grabbed each thigh and his butt cheeks and thrust him deep into the black chicks’ ass. The two support women pumped Eric’s hips back and forth, ramming him into the Black chick, who took every inch of him, without hesitation. The Latino chick positioned herself above the black chick and stuck her ass into Eric’s face. Eric had never eaten out a chick’s ass before. In the past it seemed rather disgusting to him.

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  But her asshole was so clean. It had obviously been washed thoroughly. It had an almost fresh smell, but earthy at the same time. It was intoxicating. He hungered for it. Before he knew what was happening, the redhead pushed the back of Eric’s head and shoved his face into the waiting ass. Eric licked and sucked in time with the forced movement of his hips.


The next thing that happened startled Eric. He felt something pressing up against his asshole. But it wasn’t a tongue or even a finger. It was cold and hard, but smooth. Eric resisted. He clenched his asshole closed. He felt some kind of lubricant being poured onto his asshole and the Asian chick forced the object into his hole. Eric grunted.


  The inside of his ass was as sensitive as his cock. The metal dildo felt to be about an inch across and about 6 inches long. The Asian chick worked the smooth metal device in and out of Eric’s ass, in time with the music. The women holding his legs did not miss a beat and continued to force Eric to ass fuck the black chick and eat out the latino. The black check contracted the muscles in her ass, tightening her grip. The latino chick relaxed the muscles of her ass and let Eric in deeper. Suddenly Eric’s dick exploded with cum. He felt waves of semen shoot out of his dick and into the black chick’s ass. Waves and waves of ecstasy shot through him. The orgasmic ejaculation lasted for almost two minutes. He shot over two dozen waves of cum into her. Her ass overflowed with his white hot semen and squirted out her ass. The black chick was orgasming at the same time, which caused her to convulse and contract. It was like Eric’s dick was being squeezed by a python and then released and then gripped again. The Black chick began to squirt her own juices as she orgasmed for about the same amount of time as Eric.

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  Her ass was covered in semen and pussy squirt. The Latino chick had somehow managed to time her orgasm with the Black chick and began squirting too. She dripped all over the floor.


The Latino moved away and the Black slid out from under Eric. The Asian chick removed the metal dildo. Before Eric could flop to the floor, the women flipped him onto his back again. Eric was now laying in a puddle of his own semen, the pussy squirts of two women. The smell turned him on even more. His dick had lost absolutely none of it’s rigidity or size. It stood straight at attention, but some of the pressure had been released. Eric wanted more. He wanted to feel that exquisite agony again.


As though she could read his mind, the brunette immediately mounted Eric. Her pussy was super tight. Eric’s cock was now more sensitive than ever after shooting waves of semen through it.

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  As the brunette impaled herself on his cock, Eric shot out several waves of semen. The brunette smiled and started working her hips. Eric’s dick was so sensitive now that every movement was sheer agony. The other women held Eric’s arms and legs down, as the brunette worked his cock with her pussy. Eric felt like he was going crazy. Until now, he could not ejaculate. Now he could not stop. He filled the brunette with his cum and she began to overflow with his juices. But she did not stop. She wouldn’t let him stop cumming. But Eric had to run out of cum sometime. After 30 minutes the brunette hopped off. She was spent. The blond hopped up, facing away from Eric. She impaled her perfect ass on his dick.

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  After about 18 minutes, Eric’s dick was empty of semen. He was still having orgasms, but nothing came out. Another 30 minutes and the blond hopped off. Eric’s dick still stood at attention.


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Hours later, Eric began to awaken again. The spotlight was turned on and a robe appeared before him. . .





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Skorzystaj z cudownej szansy aby odsłonić cudowne, absolutnie zapierające dech w piersiach niezapomniane przyjemności z seksu z niesamowitymi kurwami z

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any city of Poland to miasto o dość małej liczbie mieszkańców. Główną atrakcją w tym niewielkim, ale uroczym mieście jest główny rynek, otoczony zachwycającymi kamienicami i fontannami o nowoczesnym wyglądzie, oraz innymi budynkami i zabytkami pochodzącymi z czasów Gotyku. Oprócz tego, gdy już znajdziesz się w mieście any city of Poland, nie zapomnij sprawdzić jego parków i lokalnej architektury, by móc podziwiać jego zachwycającą przyrodę. Nie ma wątpliwości, że, any city of Poland jest z pewnością cudownym i bardzo interesującym miastem w Polsce, które warto odwiedzić. Jednakże, Twoje doświadczenie będzie niekompletne, jeśli nie poświęcisz również czasu na sprawdzenie towarzyskie trójmiasto.

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Mimo, że any city of Poland może wydawać się niewinnym miejscem, to jednak odkryjesz, że sprawy wyglądają całkiem inaczej, gdy już, odwiedzisz ogłoszenia towarzyskie katowice.Mogę obiecać Ci, że to lokalizacja aż ocieka pożądaniem i może zaoferować wiele sposobów spędzenia czasu dla absolutnie każdego gościa pragnącego spełnić swoje najbardziej niegrzeczne marzenia i zrealizować najbardziej wyuzdane plany. Na szczęście mamy uwodzicielskie dziwki z całego globu , które pomogą we wprowadzeniu tych wszystkich niegrzecznych marzeń w rzeczywistość. Zapraszamy Cię do obejrzenia i sprawdzenia ich CV, aby wybrać najseksowniejszą i najbardziej wspaniałą panienkę czekającą specjalnie na Ciebie. Długie doświadczenie i wieloletnie sukcesy na rynku ogłoszeń towarzyskich zapewniają, że seks ogłoszenia są w stanie zrealizować wszystkie preferencje. Dlatego też wyrusz na poszukiwanie zachwycających robótek ręcznych, cudownego seksu oralnego, imponujących panienek do towarzystwa, zapierających dech w piersiach sesji analnych, dzikiego seksu grupowego, BDSM i wiele więcej. Nie krępuj się i wybierz najbardziej dogodną metodę płatności i nie martw się o swoją prywatność lub bezpieczeństwo, ponieważ nasz zespół profesjonalistów dołożył wszelkich starań, aby zorganizować całkowite zabezpieczenia i komfort wszystkim odwiedzającym ogłoszenia towarzyskie bydgoszcz. Nie bądź onieśmielony i pokaż nieprzyzwoitą stronę swojej osobowości, a w zamian doświadczaj tej długo oczekiwanej i absolutnie niezapomnianej satysfakcji seksualnej wraz z zachwycającymi modelkami z
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