The reverend forced me to fuck


Topic: The reverend forced me to fuck “But I was forced! I wouldn’t do something like that, I’m not like that. I know it’s hard to believe but I didn’t do it. I wouldn’t. Please just believe me” protested Jessica.
“You couldn’t have been forced, no one can force you to do anything you don’t want to do. It was your choice and why should we even believe you? You’ve lied to us on a numerous bases” said her mother. “it’s hard for us to believe you now”
“But I’m telling the truth, I didn’t do it willingly, Reverend James raped me. I’m pregnant with his child” said Jessica.
“Okay I’ve had enough of this nonsense, we are a God fearing family and Reverend James is a God fearing man. He would not have raped you. He is a happily married man with three children he would not think of looking at another woman in those ways. You are a liar! Reverend James did no such thing and I am tired of hearing you accuse a man of God. Get out of here now. You are no longer welcome in this household”
Hot tears streamed down Jessica’s eyes. “Mother please, reason with father, would I do such a thing”? said Jessica. Her mother’s eyes shifted away from her and Jessica knew that no one did believe her.

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“With the things you’ve been involved in lately, I find it hard to believe you myself”. Her mother’s eyes were as hard as stone not one tear slipped out of her eyes.
“Get out now. Don’t come back here” screamed her father. Jessica didn’t budge, she desperately wanted them to believe her. Her father got up from his chair and pushed her out the door. “We tried to raise you right, but this is how you repay us? Our family will be the disgrace of this town. ” Her father picked her backpack that only held a small portion of her clothes and shoved her out the door. She turned around to plead but all she saw was the door slammed in her face. The last image of her father was one of an angry man with a bright red face.
Jessica stood outside in the rain sniffling, not just from the tears but from the cold. Her hair was soaked, her clothes clung to her skin, and her worn sneakers slapped loudly on the paved street. Jessica went to the only bus stop of this small town and sat down on the rickety bench. Her long slender fingers were numb and frozen with cold. She sniffled as she thought about the things that happened that landed her in this position.

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   It was all because of that bastard reverend.
8 months earlier
Jessica shifted in her seat and clasped her fingers together and said a silent prayer. She hadn’t prayed since she was little and she’d stop believing in God after the only person that ever cared for her, her grandmother, died in a car accident. She was praying that the reverend would be kind enough to help her with what she was asking for. Her prayers were interrupted as the door opened and the reverend walked in. Now revered James was unlike any of the reverends you see in movies. He wasn’t old, he wasn’t ugly and he didn’t wear a white robe except for the days he was speaking. At age 45, his dark black hair was speckled with grey and was in contrast were his ice blue eyes. He had a masculine face and a chiseled jaw and because of the time he spent going to Mexico to help build houses for the needy, he also had a muscular body. Today, he was dressed in a golf shirt tucked into worn in jeans and some cowboy boots. He smiled at Jessica as he entered into the large room and sat down on his comfortable leather chair.
“I see you’re praying. I hope I didn’t interrupt anything. It’s always good the see the young praying”.
Jessica gave him what she hoped was her sweetest smile.

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   “No, you didn’t interrupt anything” she said sweetly. At age 23, she was absolutely gorgeous. She had a natural dark red hair with large brown eyes and long dark fringed eyelashes. Her nose was pert and cute and her lips were cherry pink, soft and pouty. A man thought nasty things just by looking at her lips. Her neck was slender and graceful and okay enough about her face and neck; let’s just get to the important things that everyone cares about. She had 36DD boobs which at the moment were barely contained in her pink tanktop. In contrast to her full chest was her flat stomach which was absolutely flat. She had curvy hips and her legs were long and sexy. Her ass was round and very ass like. She stood about 5’5 feet tall and with her slim stature, her curves were more emphasized.  
The reverend’s smile disappeared and he turned serious. “So how can I help you, I haven’t seen you in church lately. How long as it been”?
“About 18 years now” she replied. Jessika was a full blooded Russian and she’d moved to Texas when she was about 18 She’d endured the small town church scenery for a year and once she turned 14, she began to lie and tell her parents that she was going to her friend’s church when she really wasn’t.

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“Well, I hope to see you in church more often. So how can I help you”?
Jessika chewed on her bottom lip for a second before beginning her speech. “I know I haven’t come to church often and I know I haven’t been a good Christian but I really need a thousand dollars and if you give it to me I promise I’ll come to church every week and stuff” she said
“A thousand dollars. That’s a lot of money Jessica, I don’t know if I can give you that” replied the reverend.
“I really need it, really badly. I’ve gotten myself into a……er…. . a situation and I need the money by tomorrow. I’ve got a new job and everything and I promise to pay you back as soon as I get the money. Please, I really need it. ”
The reverend stared at her for a moment before replying. “Tell you what, I’ll lend you a 1000 dollars if and only if, you come to church every Sunday and you’re here every Friday and Saturday to help around with things that are needed to be done and things that I ask you to do”
Jessica grinned happily, “I promise I’ll do all that you ask. Anything you want, just give me the money”.
The reverend grinned, “I’m glad we had this talk”. He walked to the cupboard and opened a safe and took out a thousand dollars.

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   He handed the money to Jessica and sat back down. Without thought, Jessica took the money and stuffed in into her bra and adjusted her bra so it wouldn’t be too obvious. The reverend stared at Jessica’s boobs as jessica’s hands touched her boobs the readjust her tanktop. As Jessica looked up, she thought she saw a look of lust flicker in the reverend’s eyes but that look quickly disappeared.
“Thank you so much reverend james” said Jessica. She gathered her purse and bent over the shake the reverend’s hand as she did that. her tanktop slipped a little giving the reverend a generous view of her sexy cleavage. At the tip of her lacy bra, the reverend saw a 100 dollar bill peeking out. Jessica smiled once more before turning around and heading out the door. Unknown to her, the reverend was watching her cute ass swaying as she walked out the door.
Jessica came back that Friday morning to help the reverend around the church. She had worn shorts that were extremely short and showed off her sexy legs and ass. She’d worn a white t-shirt that was extremely tight with the words “Talk nerdy to me” written across her boobs and she’d but her hair into a quick pony tail.
“So what do you want me to do reverend” asked Jessica.
“Well we have a whole bunch of toys for the needy that I’d like you to sort out, they’re in those boxes over there”.

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   Jessica groaned as she saw 5 overstuffed boxes of toys. She walked over to the box and bent over to drag it to where the reverend was. Her short shorts rode up giving the reverend an ample view of her ass cheeks.
The reverend groaned wondering how he’d be able to contain himself with such a sexy girl here. “Oh God, help me” he thought. He was already getting a hard on just looking at her ass cheeks. Jessica dragged the box over to were he stood and her ass was just below his cock. She stood up and held her hands to her hips. “So how are we gonna sort this?”
“Well just sort it into age groups”.
“okay, sounds easy enough”.
“I’ll be in my office working on Sundays sermon but if you need me just come knock and I’ll be checking on you every now and then. ”
“Okay, and once again I’d like to say thanks. You saved my life”.
“It’s no problem” replied the reverend as he walked back to his office.
Jessica sat on the ground and began sorting the toys.

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   After about an hour, the hot texas sun began to get to her and she began to feel very sweaty and hot. She searched around for an air conditioning or at least some water but she found none. She decided to go ask the reverend so she walked to his office only to find the door locked. She knocked on the door.
“Come in” said the reverend. “What’s the problem”
“Sorry to bother, but I was just wondering is there an AC in this church, or do you have water or something, I’m very hot”.
The reverend went to his mini fridge and got out a bottle of ice cold water and handed it to her. Jessica opened the bottle and took a sip enjoying the feeling of the water in her mouth as she headed out the door the bottle slipped and splashed water all over her chest.
“Crap”, muttered Jessica.
“Is there a problem” asked the revered.
“Yes, this”. Jessica turned around and the reverend’s jaw just about dropped as he saw that the water had splashed across her shirt making it see through. What was even worse was that she hadn’t worn a bra and her nipples were very erect. As if realizing, Jessica quickly covered her boobs with her hands. The reverend’s cock became very hard just seeing her nipples.

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He cleared his throat. “er…. . it should dry soon enough”.
“Well I’m gonna get back to the toys. ” Said Jessica.
“Actually, I have another idea. Those toys can be done later. ” The reverend walked to the door and locked it keeping the key in his drawer. Jessica began to become nervous but said nothing. “I have some files here that needs to be rearranged, could you do that quickly for me?”
Jessica’s fear quickly disappeared and she smiled. “Sure thing” she said.
The reverend closed the window. “I hope you don’t mind that I’m locking the door and the window, I’m going to be turning the air conditioning on and I don’t want any air to escape. The room gets colder faster when the air is trapped in.

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“Makes sense to me”. Said Jessica
The reverend closed the drapes leaving Jessica and him in a sound proof room, alone and closed from the outside world! The reverend gave Jessica the key and she took it and bent over to open one of the file lockers. Her ass was in plain sight of the reverend and he stroked his cock realizing that he could no longer contain himself. He got up and stood behind Jessica.
“Sorry I just need t o get something from this shelf” he said as his cock snugly pushed against her ass.
Jessica shifted her ass against his cock and she gasped inwardly as she figured out that it was the reverend’s cock on her ass.
She turned around to move but this only caused her ass to snuggle more against the reverend’s ass.
“Excuse me reverend” she whispered.
The reverend moved only slightly. “Why don’t you take of that shirt, I have an extra one that you can wear”.
“It’s not necessary” she replied. “I’m perfectly fine”
“Well you’re going to catch a cold”
“I’m not even cold” she replied hastily but her nipples and her skin betrayed her as her nipples shot out from the air from the AC and her skin began to grow goosebumps.
“I think you are” whispered the reverend as he softly stroked her skin
“Reverend james, what are you doing?”
“What do you think I’m doing”? “You’ve been teasing me since you got here and I can’t stand it”. He replied as he continued to stroke her skin
“Well whatever you’re doing, I don’t like it so stop”. She shivered under his searing gaze
“I’m sure you don’t he said sarcastically”.

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   He grabbed her ass cheeks and started squeezing it.
“Reverend, stop it!” “What has gotten into you”? she screamed
“No you, Jessica, no use at all, this room is sound proof, no one can hear you”. He continued squeezing her ass cheeks enjoying the feeling of soft firm ass. She wriggled pushing him and punching him but he was much stronger. He began to kiss her shoving his tongue into her mouth and biting her lips. She screamed as she tried to remove her mouth from his sloppy kissing but it was no use. He stopped for a second only to gasp in some air before forcing his tongue back into her mouth and tongue fucking her as he continued to squeeze her ass cheeks.
Jessica stepped on his foot and kicked him in his private parts hoping that that would stop him long enough so she could head for the door. The reverend groaned and let go of her ass and Jessica ran for the door. She grabbed the door handle only to find out that the door was locked. “What the hell, where’s the key” she screamed. Then she realized that the key was in the reverend’s pocket.
The reverend grabbed jessica’s arms from behind and tied it together with a rope. The circulation was soon cut off her arms until she could no longer feel them. The pain was searing.


“Please reverend, please don’t do this. Please this is the house of God. Don’t do this”, she begged.
He disregarded her as he dragged her and placed her on his desk. He pulled off her sandals and yanked down her shorts to see the sexiest black thong ever shoved into her butt. He licked his lips for a second before proceeding to smack her ass enjoying the sound that echoed through the room. He then ripped her shirt open and her boobs bounced free. He stopped to admire them wondering how such big boobs could be so firm and soft without a hint of sag. Jessica cried wishing that this was over. Wishing that she’d never asked him for money in the first place.
“please don’t, please…. no”. He disregarded what she said as he twisted her left nipple.
“Your nipples are pretty big, and so are your tits”. He said as he continued twisting it.

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   Jessica moaned at how good it felt. The way he was handling her nipples was amazing.
“I thought you said you didn’t want me to do this”? he asked
“I don’t…. ” Jessica managed to gasp.
“Do you want me to stop” he said as he continued to twist her nipples between his thumb and fore finger”
Jessica tried to say no…. . but the words wouldn’t come out. She was just enjoying the pleasure too much. As if angered by the fact that she was enjoy this, the reverend started to pull on both nipples, pinching them without mercy.
“Stop…. . please…. that hurts” gasped Jessica
The reverend ignored her as he continued pulling and pinching and twisting. He grabbed her boobs and began fondling with them in a way that was meant to give pain. He took her left tit in his hands and began squeezing it until Jessica thought it was going to pop.

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   He took her left nipple in his mouth and began sucking on it and swirling his tongue around the center of it biting it with his teeth and pulling it as if trying to draw milk. He sucked and tortured her nipple for about 18 min enjoying the taste before moving to her right one. Jessica screamed as he bit into her right nipple and he broke past the skin and drew blood.
“Oh God…. please stop”…. . ”stop dammit” screamed Jessica.
The reverend continued biting and then he suddenly stopped.
“I see your nipples are sensitive now” he said as he flicked them. Jessica cringed at the pain wishing she could rub them and make them feel better.
Reverend james bit her nipples one more time before getting a bible and using it to hit her boobs.
Jessica was horrified. “What are you doing, that’s a holy book”.
The reverend paid no attention to her as he continued to smack her tits with the bible, jessica’s boobs began to turn red in pain. He shoved her on her stomach and began smacking her ass, feeling it, squeezing it.

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“Fuck I love your ass, I can’t tell which I love more, your tits or your ass” he groaned with pleasure as he continued to smack her ass. He sucked her ass so hard that Jessica was sure that he’d leave a love bite. Jessica knew she had to fight back so she began kicking hoping that she’d hurt him enough so she could escape. As if reading her mind, the reverend grabbed her feet and tied them to the desk. He grabbed another rope and tied them around her tits tightly. He ripped her thong out and began eating her pussy enjoying the taste. He bit on the lips and pulled it apart eating out the center. He shoved one finger into her pussy and began to finger fuck her.
“I see I’m not the first to fuck your cunt” he said.
He shoved another finger in, then a third and continued to finger fuck her. Jessica moaned in pleasure as she felt herself coming to a climax.
“Don’t you dare cum” said the reverend.
Jessica wanted to, but she didn’t want to face the thought of anything bad happening to her if she did. The reverend pulled out his 18 inch cock from his pants and shoved it into jessica’s mouth.
“Suck me” said
Jessica refused and did not suck until the reverend grabbed her by her hair and began forcing her to suck him.

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   She couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t think, the circulation on her boobs had been cut off and they were now a dark shade of red and limp, her arms she could no longer feel and her mouth was getting abused by his cock. He pumped his cock harder into her mouth groaning as she expertly sucked his cock like a nasty whorish cock sucker. After about 5 minutes, he quickly removed his cock from her mouth before he came.
“I think you’ve enjoyed yourself for a while” he said. “I have something new for you”. Reverend james grabbed the bottle of holy water, which was really salt water that had been prayed over. The water had a large concentration of salt. He spread apart the lips of her pussy and slowly began to dump the water at the fold and center of her pussy. Jessica’s pussy contracted in pain and she screamed at the unbearable pain of the salt water on her pussy.
“Your screams are music to my ears” said the reverend as he continued to dump the water on her pussy. After torturing her pussy with every drop of the holy water, he shoved his huge meaty 18 inch cock into her pussy and began to pump. Even though Jessica was not a virgin, the pain was still unbearable because she had never been fucked by a cock this large and her pussy was still burning from the holy water. The reverend pump harder moving to the rhythm of jessica’s screams.
“I’m going to cum” he screamed. Jessica knew she was also going to cum despite the burning in her cunt.

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   She felt her pussy contract and she felt the reverend’s cock harden as they both came together in a matter of seconds. The reverend sighed only for a moment before turning Jessica over and fucking her missionary style. The pain began to subside but the burning was still there but Jessica began to enjoy the fucking. She moaned as the reverend pounded his cock into her pussy rapidly. “For a 45 year old man, he has lots of energy she thought”. Then the thought hit her, he wasn’t using a condom. What if I get pregnant she thought.
“Stop” screamed Jessica. “You’re not using a condom. ” The reverend disregarded her as he kept pumping and pumping until he came again for the 4th time that day into her pussy.
The reverend undid the ropes and shoved Jessica on her her stomach making her kneel down so her ass was in the air. “I’m about to take your ass virginity” he said. He took a Vaseline bottle and took a chunk of Vaseline and oiled it around her ass crack. The reverend shoved his cock into jessica’s ass crack slowly.
“Sooo tight”.

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   He groaned as Jessica screamed at the intense pain
“That hurts…. . what the hell are you doing…. . stop it”.
“Shutup” said the reverend as he shoved his cock into Jessica’s ass.
Jessica screwed up her face at the pain as the reverend shoved his cock more into her ass. He then began pumping slowly, and Jessica began to relax to the pain.
He fucked faster and harder grabbing her swaying tits as he did. Squeezing the life out of her limp tits. He fucked her ass cumming in her ass. Jessica felt the hot liquid enter her ass and she sighed in happiness. .
The reverend undid the ropes on her sore feet one more before turning her on her back.
“I’m going to titty fuck you now” he said
Jessica smiled, “please fuck my tittes” she said
“I’m glad you like this cause I love your tits”
Jessica squished her boobs together and the reverend shoved his cock inbetween her boobs and began to fuck.

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   He pumped harder and harder.
“Oh don’t stop” screamed Jessica. “fuck my tittes, fuck them”.
The reverend pumped harder and harder and then he came.
Jessica sighed and the reverend smiled. He took his cock and shoved it into her mouth forcing her to suck on it. She sucked on it enjoying the taste of hot meant. Jessica licked the tip of his cock and continued sucking while fingering her pussy. He came into her mouth and she swallowed every drop before cumming all over his desk. He undid the ropes and smacked her ass one more time.
“I’ll be seeing you next week to come finish sorting the toys” he said while putting on his pants.
“You’re kidding, you got your pay. You abused my tittes, my cunt and my ass”.
“You better be here next week and on Sunday” he said
“I’m not coming”
“If you don’t come, I’ll tell your parents how you got money for an abortion” said the reverend.
“How did you know” gasped Jessica.

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“I have sources. ” Said the reverend as he straightened the papers on his desk.
“Go get washed up he said, and I’ll see you tomorrow and Sunday” he said before squeezing her tits for the last time that day. “By the way, your parents said to tell you that they’re proud of you for helping out, you wouldn’t wanna let them down would you”.
Jessica said nothing and stared at the reverend with cold eyes. “Bastard” she said before heading out.
After that incident, Jessica had been fucking the doctor since then. Until her stomach began to grow with pregnancy. She’d tried to tell people what happened, but no one had believed her and the reverend had pretended nothing happened. He’d only sucked the milk out of her tits and abandoned her. Now she was at the bus stop clutching her stomach. The bus came and the door opened. Jessica got onto the bus and dropped her ticket into the slot.
“Where to” the driver asked.
“Anywhere but here” replied Jessica.

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Jessica clutched her face and cried as the bus drove away from the place she had grown to love.



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