The Rapist Chronicles: Part III


My third victim, if you could call her that.   I’ll never forget the way it all happened.

I had moved to a new area midway through my freshman year of high school and was, once again, welcomed by the track team.   I was very fast, as I have said before, and this made me as well respected as a freshman could expect.

Her name was Kara.   A senior on the team, she specialized in hurdles and keeping her reputation clean.   There were many rumors, but noone could confirm that she was anything but very proper.

At 5’8” tall, Kara’s legs were long and muscular.   If I hadn’t met her on the team, I would have thought she was a cheerleader, most runners don’t have 34C’s. ( I didn’t learn the exact size until much later. )  She was trim and simply looked good enough to eat in her track uniform.

It did not take me long to decide I would like to fuck her, but there were several others I was interested in at the time, so I decided to wait and see who became ‘available’ first.

Obviously, Kara won or I would not have told you about her, so I’ll cut to the chase.   I was walking down the hall, about to turn a corner, when I heard her whispering.   I stopped cold.   Miss prim and proper had used the word ‘fuck.

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“Daryll, the only thing I care about is that he will take care of me. ”

“Sure, he’ll do you, and he’s big, just like you like,” replied the captain of the football team.   Daryll was an imposing black senior known for his tendency to date white freshmen.

I listened carefully as they made the arrangements and made my own as well.   I decided to be a bit late for practice that day.   My cock needed some attention…

Her plan was to be carried out almost a week later and I decided to hold all my cum for her.   Six days without a good cum…. . it was murder.

When the day came I walked out to the football field and track and went to the back of the concession building.

Shit!  There she was…. I stepped back quickly, then looked around the corner.   The slut had showed early, but had not noticed me.   I had to be very careful.

Kara made her preparations as I climbed atop the short building, not more than twenty feet from her and in plain view.

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    Once on top of the flat roof, I watched her finish.

She was bent over at her waist and had her legs together as she held onto a bleacher support.  She was wearing a loose t-shirt and some very tight shorts.   My cock was ready for her then, but the sight of the handcuffs and blindfold nearly sent me over right then.

I freed my cock, stripping on top of the building.   I felt totally in control.   The fact that if someone looked out the windows of the school that faced this way that they would see me was a tremendous boost.   I smiled………. He was coming.

He was an imposing black man…. maybe monster was more the word.   At 6’8” and 280 lbs. , he was the largest high school linebacker in the state.   Huge, all muscle, nearly impossible to stop.   This was my challenge….



I knew what my chances were.   I knew that even with my weapon, a baseball bat, it would be tough to bring him down quietly.   This was what I had to do, with every bit of training I had ever had. ( Once a week karate, I’m not Bruce Lee, but I don’t lose too often.   To people in my weight class that is…. this guy had me by about 100 lbs. )

Hidden by the sign for the concessions stand, he didn’t see me until it was too late.   Holding the sign, I swung down fast, kicking him square in the nose.   The sound of bone crunching, and his quiet grunt, was very gratifying.   I grabbed the baseball bat that I had left in the doorway earlier and swung it once…. . he fell like a sack of potatoes.

I dragged his limp body into the shack and closed the door; he would be out for some time.   ( I later learned that his playing days were at an end.

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    It seemed he couldn’t focus anymore… )

Trembling with anticipation, I walked around the corner to find his ‘victim’ waiting.   Only now she was mine.  

I walked up quickly and grabbed her head, smacking it against the rail in front of her.   She cried out and complained.

“Hey, not so rough fucker. ”

I did not reply as I controlled where she was looking and put the hand cuffs on her.   Then I used the blindfold to finish the job.   She was mine for the taking.

She was timid almost…. waiting.   A slut waiting for her fuck.

I grabbed her shorts and yanked them to the ground, then spread her legs forceably.   When she resisted, I slapped her ass very hard.

“I said not so rough!”

She was so wet that her shorts were damp, so I just plunged right in…

“Oooooh, shit that’s thick. ”

I was fucking her with long, powerful strokes as she whimpered in pleasure.

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    She thought I was a well endowed black man, there for her pleasure.   Little did she know…

“What kind of condom is that, it feels great. ”

“I’m riding bareback honey and you’re loving it. ”

“Hey, your not…. . oh no”

I grabbed her hair before she could scream and pulled her head back sharply, making her yelp.

“I’m gonna fuck you good you goddamn cock tease,” I growled, “and I’m gonna cum wherever I fucking want and if you scream I’m gonna kill you right here so the cops can tell your parents where you were when you died. ”

She was silent for awhile as I pounded her.   It was almost fifteen minutes before she spoke again.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh, fuck, yes……. mmmmmmmmm,” the cunt was loving it.

She was so into it that I stopped and she started.   Kara was fucking herself on my dick.   I was left to explore under that large t-shirt, pinching her nipples and mauling her breasts.   Soon she came, and came, and came again.

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    I was almost ready to shoot myself, so I grabbed her hips and took over.

I was driving home when her legs gave out and I had to catch her.   Holding her up, I started pumping my cum into her tight pussy.

“Oh yes, no, God no, not inside me!”

“Yes you cunt, inside you.   Right up where your prissy little pussy can be made pregnant,” I grabbed her hair again and whispered into her ear as I continued to pump her.


    “And I’m gonna continue to fuck you till I’m done you stupid bitch.   Maybe this will teach you to stop teasing every white guy in school and maybe give it up some. ”

    “No, I like big cocks you ass,” she replied.

    “I’m white, you dumb bitch. ”

    She gasped as I continued to pound her pussy with new vigor.   I seriously thought about taking her ass, but decided she might like that too much.

    She grunted with every thrust as I laid into her.   Every part of her that could bounce, was bouncing.   I was gonna cum inside her again.   I wanted her to have something to remember me by.

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    Kara came a few more times as I punished her, now taking the oppurtunity to slap her ass and deride her as I fucked her helpless body.

    Finally, I came, forcing one more good cum out of her as well.

    When she came down from her orgasm, her hands were free and I was gone.   I watched from the roof as she limped home, crying about possibly being pregnant.

    The Few Weeks Later

    School was almost over, spring track was about to end.   Kara seemed altogether too normal for a girl who had been ‘raped’ not too long before.   She had a new boyfriend, a wrestler who always complained that she wouldn’t have sex with him.   Go figure.   Yet there were days when she walked a little differently….

    After our last track meet of the year several of us waited to be picked up.   Kara was always one of the last to leave as her parents were always late or sent her boyfriend instead.   Knowing this, I had told my parents to pick me up two hours late that Saturday night….

    “Looks like it’s just you and me again Kara,” I said in an effort to be I know you’ve heard this before, but sorry about what happened to you. ”

    “Why can’t anyone just let it go!  Why is everyone fucking sorry for me!”

    “Uh, well, would you prefer we just treated you like everything was then I have a question for you. ”

    “Fine, freshman, what the fuck do you want.

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    “I was wondering if you would like to fuck.   We have about two hours till my parents get here…”

    “What!  Well I guess I asked for that,” she your dick isn’t nearly big enough. ”

    I adjusted myself slowly, letting her notice my erection.

    “Not nearly…. ” She trailed off as I slid my cock out the leg hole of my shorts.   I sat there stroking it in the parking lot light to its full length and girth.

    “Wow, what are they feeding you guys?”

    “Young girls. ”

    She laughed as she stood up and walked to the school building and went to an outside area behind a hedge.   I followed.

    By the time I got there she was on all fours, stroking her pussy with her fingers.

    “Ready huh?  Let me put on a condom. ”

    “It’s not necessary, the rapist got me pregnant. ”

    “That doesn’t seem to bother you. ”

    “Will you shut up and fuck me?”

    I fucked her for almost the whole two hours and she loved it so much she dumped her boyfriend.   A month later I dumped her, right after taking her anal virginity.

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        I had told her I loved her to get her to let me do it.   I came good and deep.   She was in pain the whole time.   I loved it.