The Raped Elfin Girl


The Raped Elfin Girl
by Marq Satyr

She was the new girl in the parish, a diminutive 18 year old that stood under five feet tall and weighed a mere 92 pounds soak and wet. Her name was Molly Greenhaw. The two college bound athletes who had snatched her out of her car that November night knew her all too well. She was the head cheerleader at their high school. They had raped two other girls from the same school and had managed to get away with it because one of them was the son of an important parish law officer.

Molly was a pretty little thing with elfin features. Her nose was slightly upturned and her small ears looked a little like an elf's. Her light brown hair complimented her beautiful green eyes and full red lips. Her body was slim and athletic. She had lemon sized tits with extra long pinkish brown nipples that hardened with a mere touch of the hand. She was proud of her tight little body with its shapely round hips that jutted forth beneath her cheerleader's uniform. Her legs were beautifully formed and she kept her body hard and her virginity intact--until that night.

The boys had her between them in their pickup and gagged her immediately. The boy in the passenger seat whose name was Rick had already gotten into her pants and was feeling her trimmed pussy and forcing his middle finger into her sweet tight vagina opening. She had initially struggled but they got handcuffs on her with her hands behind her back and a duct tape gag tightly around her mouth, and she knew she was not strong enough to overcome these two young men. She whimpered as Rick fingered her clitoris and probed her virgin hole with two fingers.

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"Goddam, Burke, this little cunt is as tight as hell. She's gonna be one hell of a sweet fuck," Rick said.

"I'm gonna fuck that tight little ass hole of hers. Hear that sweet thang?"

They drove the pickup on a back road to a deserted area near the swamps. Burke killed the ignition and jumped out of the cab. They took the girl and laid her on her back on some blankets in the pickup bed and Burke stripped the girl's small body naked. They both got on their knees and admired her tight, tiny body. She pleaded with them and cried as Burke pulled her legs apart and pushed his cock into her virgin pussy. She felt her hymen ripped open as he was not gentle with his penetration. She wiggled wildly and whimpered as he pushed his hard throbbing cock deeper into her extremely tight passage.

"Man, she's so tight that I'm about to come already. She fits tight as leather gloves," Burke grunted as he shoved all of his 7 inches into her and began to stroke her brutally. She felt totally violated as he took her virginity with rough hard stroked and emptied with throbbing spurts into her torn open passage. He squeezed her tiny tits roughly when he rose from her firm young naked form and Rick pushed his 6 inch cock into her once virgin hole and fucked her equally hard. He sucked and bit her beautiful pink nipples as he speared her with his hard cock.

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Her suffering increased when they forced her to get on her knees in the pickup. Rick took the duct tape off her face and told her to get ready to be face fucked as Burke pulled her nicely shaped ass open and pushed his already hard cock into her tightly puckered anal passage. She screamed in pain as he pushed his shaft into her dry hole. She felt he would tear her tender anal passage with the force of the entry. He held her hips and pushed them back and thrust through her tight opening and forced her ass open. Meanwhile Rick had her by the back of the head and pushed his cock up against the back of her throat. Her jaws were forced and she was choking as he rammed his cock down her throat. She felt Burke impaling her tight rectum with his shaft and he began to ram her forcefully. The fucking of her ass rammed Rick's cock deeper in her throat and she was being brutally raped on both ends.

"Fuck the shit out of this little bitch, Rick. Give it to her deep and hard," Burke yelled.

After they both came a second time in her, they exchanged places and she was forced to take a second brutal fucking in her anus and mouth. Rick grabbed her tiny breasts and pulled her back against him as he thrust into her stretched anal passage pounding his balls against her sweet little ass as he manhandled her lemon sized tits. Burke's cock choked her again and again as he forced his 7 inches deep into her throat. They seemed to last forever on the third fucking of her sweet tiny body.

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   But they had not exhausted their young lust yet.

They tied her wrists to the pickup's rear bumper and spread her legs wide open and tied each ankle to asmall tree. Burke got in the pickup and she felt her body being stretched as he gently urged the pickup forward.

"We feel like you need to be a little taller, Molly," laughed Rick as he fucked her raw pussy pressing his thumbs into her tight stretched belly beneath her beautiful rib cage. He fucked her for a long time and then Burke took his turn. Burke was fucking her in slow long strokes forcing his hard cock deep into her vagina, pounding her to her depths. She was now dripping their sperm, her cunt juices and blood for both her openings.

"You know, Rick, I wonder what the ragin' Cajun could do to this young pussy? Let's take her to him. "

The ragin' Cajun was a giant half crazed loner who lived deep in the swamps. He was noted for the largeness of his body and his prodigious cock that was reputed to be as big as a horse's. The two young men visualized him raping the diminutive Molly and smiled at the thought.

They drove the twisting road to within a half mile of the Cajun's rustic cabin in the swampy forest. He glared at them when they brought the pretty young Molly stark naked into the cabin.

"What you fuckers want?" he asked and then he saw the girl.

His eyes lit up as he gazed on the helpless young Molly.

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   He felt his cock grow hard.

"We brung you a gift, Cajun," said Burke pushing Molly to him.

They watched as he removed what few clothes he wore. Molly gasped as she saw his huge male member rising higher than his waist. She swooned as he grabbed her tiny body and placed her facing the boys on his throbbing hard cock. She was straddling his cock and it rose well above her navel. She knew that if he fucked her with that she would probably be split in half. The boys gasped as he picked Molly up by her young tits and pushed her down on the shaft of his sword. She screamed in pain and terror as she felt the huge cock tearing her open, spreading her tortured cunt with its rock hardness.

"Hard to get it all the way in," the big man complained.

Molly was writhing in agony and this increased his excitement. He was a mad man now. He rammed his massive shaft up into her with such force that it forced the penetration of her body to the maximum she could take. About 7 inches of the foot long pole was in her. Her tiny tight body could not take much more, but he wanted to push it in deeper.

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   He forced her tight hole down on his throbbing cock and she felt the cock pushing into her cervix and tube and finally all the way into her womb.

"Goddam, he'll fuck her to death with big weapon, Burke. We better get her out of here," Rick exclaimed.

It was too late. The Cajun wild desire had taken hold and he was thrusting into the helpless young girl's cunt with deep hard pounding strokes. She had fainted in his arms with her head back and mouth open. He came in her womb spurting his cum against the roof of her innermost cavern. He finished in her and handed her limp body back to the boys.

"She was very tight pussy," the mad man said with a silly grin on his face.

Molly awakened in the hospital a day or so later and could hardly remember what had happened to her. .