the rape of Taylor Swift


it all started when i got my new job working security at a major stadium in the chicago area. i was excited cause i would be doing all the security for the concerts and stuff that would be coming through. anyways my first event was a taylor swift concert. i was thrilled to meet the hot young country star. i had wanked to her so many nights it wasnt even funny. at first i didnt even consider raping her but when i met her i knew she needed a lesson in respect i approached her and said "miss swift it is an honor to meet you. " she looked at me and said "do you think i give a fuck?" needless to say i was pissed. but as luck would have it i was assigned to get her coffee. i took her a cup and set it down on top of her dresser in the dressing room which was really a trailer in the back of the parking lot far away from anything. she took one sip and threw it at the wall "what the hell is this shit?!?!?!?!" she screamed "its french vanilla just like you asked for. " i said trying to calm her. "like hell it tastes like piss!!!!" she screamed then she stormed out i was left standing there for a few minutes till my boss showed up "hey john can i speak to you?" i nodded and waked outside with him. "yea john miss swift complained about your service and well im gonna have to fire you. " i was dumbfounded "sir your gonna fire me cause a pampered princess didnt like the coffee i got her?" he shrugged and tapped me on the shoulder "i know its not fair but she is a celebrity. " he walked off and ten minutes later as i was gathering my things out of the security trailer taylor walked by wearing a little dress that went to her knees "have fun on the enemployment line" she said. i was furious i wanted to show her what it was like to fear.

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   then i got an idea. so i followed her all the way back to her trailer. i looked at my watch i had an hour until the concert started i was excited she had told everyone to leave her alone and not disturb her. so i walked quietly to the door and openned it slowly when i was in i closed it and looked it behind me. i closed all the windows and suddenly i heard the bathroom door close. i got into position and waited for her to walk by. when she did i jumped behind her and put a knife at her throat. she screamed but like i said her trailer was faraway from anyone. i had a raging boner by this time. i was so turned on by her screaming and her struggling. i turned her around and when she saw my face she went pale. i slapped her twice across the face before kissing her hard. she was so unprepared. i dragged her into the room that had a small bed in it and threw her down on it. she curled up and watched in fear as i pulled my pants and boxers off.

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   "please dont do this ill tell him to hire you again ill pay you. " she was begging me not to hurt her but i was not gonna let this opprotunity pass me by. "oh no miss swift you made your choice. taylor made a blot for the door but i shoved her back onto the bed. this time i crawled on top of her cutting her dress off of her. i smiled as i saw her perky little tits for the first time. i looked farther down and saw her pussy. i ran two of my fingers along her clit as she started to cry before i shoved them into her i wanted her nice and wet for when i fucked her. suddenly i felt her squirm beneath me and her first orqasm took her. "my my look at the little virgin" taylor whimpered under me. "please dont do this" i smiled at her then removed my fingers she thought it was over then i shoved my cock into her tearing her hymen. she screamed louder than i thought possible. for a minute i was worried that someone would hear her but then i remembered just how far away we were from anyone. i started to tear her pussy apart. it was so tight felt so great.

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   taylor was squirming under me and trying to get me off of her but her strength was being drained by the orgasms i was causing. "please. . . . stop. . . . . now" she said quietly "but i havent even begun yet taylor" i whispered in her ear. she was exhausted by the time her fourth orgasm rolled around.  suddenly i felt my balls tighten and i knew i was gonna cum. so i pounded her even harder than ever trying to get in as much pleasure as possible. then i felt myself explode in her pussy.

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   her eyes openned wide as she realized what i had just done. i got off of her and she sighed but i wasnt done with her. i grabbed taylor and dragged her across the room to a little dresser and slammed her into it with her slightly bent over. my cock was lubed enough and i wanted this to hurt her. i put my dick at the entrance to her ass and pushed myself in she screamed and fought back hard as i started to fuck her tiny asshole. i poundded her ass for a good twenty minutes before i exploded in her again. i pulled her over to the bed again as i sat down and forced her mouth over my cock. "suck it bitch" she complyed she didnt really have a choice in the matter. her lips felt so as they bobbed up and down on my cock "you little whore you've done this before havent you?" i felt myself about to cum again so i pulled her hair and shoved her mouth over my entire cock when i shot a load into her mouth. "swallow it all bitch" she swallowed and when i let her go she collapsed onto the floor gasping for air. i put my pants on and left her on the floor that night she performed although she was walking a bit funny. anyhow i was sitting in my apartment two months later when i got a phone call i answered it and said hello and guess who was on the other end? "hello john this is taylor swift" i smiled "so the bitch comes crawling back" she winced on the other end. "look i just got back from the doctor and well im pregnant your the only guy who has ever fucked me so your the father. " i was stunned "are you sure?" "yes im positive. i want to fly you out to nashville so we can talk.

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  " i was stunned by her request "so your not mad at me for raping you?" she laughed on the other end "actually i think i enjoyed it. " i smiled "sure ill take that ticket. " "good ill meet you tommorrow at the airport we can use my private jet so we can do whatever we like. " i was so horny now. "sure ill be there. "
to be continued. . .