The Rape of a Young and Attractive Life Guard at the Swimming Pool


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Since she was 18 years old Pam had been an avid swimmer, competing for her school on a regular basis. When she wasn't swimming her parents kept her busy with dance classes in which she excelled. By the time she was 18 she was being looked at seriously by swim coaches from around the country even if her lanky 6' tall frame was slightly awkward. But as time went on she lost interest in the competition and stuck to recreational swimming and dancing and now at 19 she was fully grown there was nothing awkward about her at all. The once stick-like boyish girl had bloomed into a beautiful young lady, the envy of her girlfriends and secretly lusted after by her male friends.

Her boyfriend Dan had met her through family friends and they had been together for over a year now. Both 19, they were already talking about getting engaged, having fun fantasizing about finishing college and starting a life together. With all her extracurricular activities as a young woman, she never found time for boys and Dan was her first real boyfriend although their relationship was incredibly platonic. Still, she was so glad that he didn't pressure her into anything and that he respected her decision to wait. Although it seemed that as she got older she was getting more and more attention from men, young and old, and it stirred a frustration that she hoped one day Dan would be able to quench.

Summer was coming to an end and she had taken a part time job at the local pool. Most of her time was spent doing life guard duty but on Fridays she supervised a 'kids' swim. One of the little ones in the group was always dropped off on Friday by her father and picked up by her mother, part of their child custody arrangement she had figured. The man was in his mid twenties and the little girl was about 4 years old.

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   He would sit in the bleachers and watch his little girl until the mother picked her up but Pam noticed that he always seemed to be looking at her whenever she glanced over. He would smile and she would smile back. As the weeks went by she started noticing him watching her more and more, one time, as she was climbing out of the pool he was standing at the railing looking right at her and she could see it took a few seconds for his eyes to finish their trip over her body before looking her in the eye and smiling. She still smiled back but her eyebrows furrowed at his inappropriate leering.

Rather than cause a scene she figured he probably wasn't the only one enjoying the view of pretty girls in swimsuits. She decided to let it go and with the end of the season approaching she would be rid of him for the winter. On the last Friday of the season she was excited about closing up. The parents all arrived to take their children. She had noticed the 'staring' father earlier but once the mother arrived she hadn't seen him again. With all the people finally leaving she ushered out the last of them, "See you next year" she said to the last mother and her little boy as they waved back.

She locked the door so no one else would come in then went to the ladies locker room and checked it and the washroom for stragglers. Then the men's; she pushed open the door and called out, "Hello? Anyone left in here?" She took a tentative step inside the locker room and peeked around each bank of lockers until she got to the end. She looked down the wall at the urinals then the bathroom stalls, crouching down to see if she could see any feet. "Finally!" she whispered to herself then went back to the front counter, turning up the sound system to play her favorite tunes. She counted the float and locked up the money then went into the locker room where she got out of her swimsuit and into the shower.

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The steam started to fill the shower as she wet herself down, cleaning off the chlorine, lathering the soap over her body. With the music blaring and the water running she never heard the sound of her admirer climbing down from the toilet seat in the men's locker room. She didn't hear the door squeak as he opened it. She didn't hear him come out of the locker room and enter the ladies'. She couldn't feel his eyes watching her hands moving over her body. She couldn't hear his breathing getting deep as watched her run her hands over her breasts, moving the soap off them. Couldn't sense his enjoyment as she sighed under the warm water. Couldn't see him slip into a bathroom stall when she finished her shower and walked to her locker. Couldn't fathom his appreciation as her naked wet body reacted to the cool air. Never heard him grunting as she pulled her bra and panties on, slipped her t-shirt over her head, pulled on her shorts. Couldn't hear him come out of the stall as she went to the mirrors to fix her hair. Never expected to run into him as she opened the door to the locker room.

Her shriek echoed into the tiled rooms. He took half a step back as she looked around, realizing who it was. "Oh my God, you scared me!!" she blurted, "We're closed, you're wife already picked up your little girl.

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  " Still recovering from the shock she started to take a step but he moved in front of her. "I know you're closed. And I'm not here to see my wife" he said, correcting her. With her heart still pounding from the scare he gave her she didn't fully comprehend what he meant. "Yeah, uh, they already left and I have to leave now. " She started to take another step but he grabbed her shoulder and pushed her back to the wall. "YOU don't need to go anywhere!" he snapped. "What? What are you. . . " she started, "I have to go. . . " she said again.



  . . " she started again but he shoved his hand up under her chin and her hands came up to his wrist as she gurgled. He tipped his head and looked down at her t-shirt, clinging tight around her breasts from the humidity, then down at her legs as she planted her feet firm. "After you smilin' at me all summer, teasin' me, letting me watch you strut around the pool. . . I just can't take it anymore!", he said, her eyes getting wide, struggling to draw a breath. His free hand was already tugging at his belt and undoing his pants and she started squirming. His grip on her throat was tight and it was sapping her of her strength. She started to try to kick but he stepped into her, pressing her up to the wall.

She started to swing at his face but he easily dodged his head side to side to avoid her. "You know what?" he said as he kept staring at her chest, "I think I liked you better without the clothes!" She made a deep gurgled scream that got trapped in her throat, realizing that he must have been watching her. He let go of her throat and she wheezed deeply but before she could do anything else, he gripped the collar of her t-shirt in both his fists and pulled it with all his strength, yanking her to the floor in the process. The shoulder seams started to tear and the body of the shirt ripped from the collar more and more as he started tugging, jerking her up and down.

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   Finally the collar snapped in half and the rest of the body tore, the entire shirt shredding and pulling free from her body. She squirmed across the floor trying to get past him but he reached down and grabbed the strap of her bra in the middle of her back. Standing over her like a rodeo cowboy, holding her up by the bra he lifted then dropped her, knocking the wind from her. In the moment that she was stunned he pulled the two halves of the straps together and unfastened the bra, letting it snap forward as she struggled to get up.

She managed to get up onto her hands in a push up position but he moved his hands down and grabbed the waist of her shorts. He lifted her up with them and dropped her again then pulled his pants down to his knees before rolling her over. She sucked another deep breath then threw her hands up, flailing at him. Again he was able to avoid her swings and grabbed the waist of her shorts again, unbuttoning them then then grabbing the waist and the waistband of her panties and pulled them, standing up, lifting her legs in the air and jerking her clothing.

With each forceful pull her shorts and underwear began to move down, over her thighs then her knees until the were at her ankles then he finally dropped her again. He dropped himself onto her, digging his own knees between hers and spreading them as hard as he could. She screamed out but he dropped his torso on to her, squeezing her breasts under his chest. He cupped a hand over her mouth as he taunted her. "You think you can just strut around and tease with this sexy body and not have to pay the price?" He reached one hand between them and grabbed one of her breasts, squeezing it firmly, moving his hand from her mouth and trying to kiss her.

She spun her head side to side to get away from him while she pounded on his shoulders with her fists. He made an annoyed grunt and grabbed both her wrists in his hands and pinned them to the floor next to her head.

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   "What are you doing" she whimpered, tears running down her cheeks. Her voice pitched higher and she barked "No!!" as she felt him rolling his hips over her and felt his hard-on slip between her upper thighs. She dug her feet into the floor and pushed but he was too heavy to move.

He started grinding his hips more and she could feel him move between her legs and as he pushed his knees harder, her thighs opened up and she could feel his cock slip under her, poking between the crack of her buttocks and the floor. Then she gasped as she felt him roll his hips forward and his thing started to slip from her buttock, up, sliding into the groove between her legs. She bucked wildly as it touched the soft skin of her labia and she screamed horribly when he pushed against her and she spread apart. "No!!" she begged feeling him against her soft inner labia, his hips moving in circles more and more, his cock moving over her opening.

Like circling in on a target his hips slowed until he finally rested directly on her vaginal doorstep. She squeezed as tight as she could, "Oh, God, please don't do this to me, I'm. . . I'm. . . " She stopped her plea, realizing it was too late.

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   He leaned his weight on her and started to enter her. She grunted as she tightened all her muscles in resistance but with his weight pushing down on his shaft it broke through that tiny membrane and she thought she actually heard it snap. Then his cock disappeared inside her. She bellowed in pain and he growled in delight as he slid into her tight virgin pussy. Unable to control his appetite he started to thrust into her as hard and fast as he could. Her head snapped back and forth on the floor and her screams were only tiny sounds, breaking free with each of his strokes.

Still holding all her muscles tight she was nearly out of breath when she looked up at her tormenter and could see his face was bright red, the veins on his temples bulging. Then she realized what was happening as his pace got so quick, she couldnt' fathom how his body could move that way but she could feel it between her legs, could feel him inside her seeming to get bigger. Then she felt him relax and sigh loudly. Thinking it was over she turned her head to the side and sobbed then discovered what a male orgasm feels like. She could feel the heat of his cum as it spurted inside her and could feel his cock expanding and contracting against the tight grip of her vagina. She howled in disgust as he slowed his pace and finally pulled out of her, feeling the slop oozing out of her behind him.

He groaned with satisfaction as he climbed off her then pulled up his pants, staring down at her naked body. Smirking, he pushed at her legs with his foot. He noticed traces of red around her inner thighs then grabbed his cock in his hand before zipping his pants.

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   Lifting his hand he examined it and saw blood on it. "Oh my fucking God!! I hope you weren't saving that for anyone!" he laughed then stepped over her and walked to the door as she scurried behind the counter trying to pull her shorts back up. He unlocked the door then called back to her, "Maybe I'll see you next year" as he ran out to the parking lot.