The Rape and Brutalization of a Young High School Catholic Cheerleader (Part 2)


Author's Notes: It will be a few more parts before the actually rape starts. Before that there will be more build up. But I promise you all that it will be worth the reading for the good stuff at the end!

Having decided on the ploy he would use with Diana, he reached into his pocket and removed one of his old business cards from his firm. It was the same card he had used with thousands of clients over the years, but this one had been printed with a fake name.

Holding it in his hand, cradling it gently, he watched Diana and the jock sitting next to her. Their interaction was interesting. As Diana flirted with him, Harrison could see that the young jock was desperate to get into her pants. He was loving the attention Diana was giving him. But as the exchange between them continued, it was obvious however (at least to Harrison) that she was simply being a tease and had no interest in anything he may have had in mind. However, the young jock was too horny to even notice that he was simply being set up for a fall.

Watching intently, Harrison shook his head and thought to himself how much he was going to enjoy giving her everything she deserved. Finally, tiring of his ongoing attempts to get her to leave with him, Diana looked him in the eye and said, “Sorry Brian, I’m not interested. ” “Ouch!” thought Harrison. “She built him up, then she shot him down and left him bleeding. I’m going to really enjoy raping that little bitch”, he thought to himself.

Deciding that it was time to get down to business, Harrison got up from his spot and approached the table.

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   Walking up to Diana, he interrupted her conversation and said “Excuse me young lady!” Looking up at him, Diana looked puzzled. Continuing, he said “I’m sorry to bother you but I happened to overhear you say that you had applied at Georgetown University. ”
Then, showing her his business card he said “I’m an attorney on the East Coast and I also happen to be a member of the Georgetown Alumni Association”. Instantly, Diana’s expression changed to one of genuine interest and she seemed to focus very intently on what he was saying.

“I’m curious,” Harrison continued “if you aware how much a reference from an alum can give you a significant advantage in gaining admission. ” Staring at him with extreme interest at what he was saying, Diana finally responded “Yes sir, I had heard that. But I don’t really know any alumni. ” Smiling at her, Harrison held out his hand and said “Well young lady, you do now!” Reaching out to shake her hand, he introduced himself, “My name is Michael C. Johnson, and I’d be happy to try to help you gain admission to this fall’s freshmen class. If… you’re serious about going to Georgetown that is. ”

Suddenly, Diana’s face broke into a huge smile and she could barely contain her excitement. “Oh yes!” she answered, “Absolutely, sir! Getting into Georgetown would be like a dream come true!” Suddenly, Harrison responded. “Not so fast, um…Diana is it?” She quickly replied with an eager nod. “I didn’t tell you that you had been accepted. I’m just offering you a chance to improve your odds by, possibly, providing you with a letter of recommendation.

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“I always am eager to do anything I can to help young people, such as yourself get into GU. It’s a wonderful university and I can see how much you seem to want to go there.
    It would be a privilege for me to help you realize your dream, and if I can do that for you I’d consider it an honor. But first,” he continued “I’d really need to know more about your plans for school (and beyond) and why you want to go to Georgetown. ”

    Diana appeared to be almost dazed by what he had told her. She couldn’t believe her luck, running into this man. Smiling, Harrison thought to himself “I’ve got her interested in the ‘bait’, now lets see if I can get her to swallow it. ”

    Continuing, he said “If you could come to my office after school on Friday, I’d be happy to interview you and see if you are really Georgetown material. If I like what I see from you, I’ll write you a letter of reference. I don’t mean to brag”, he continued “but a letter of reference from me would carry some weight with the admissions review panel. What do you think?”Diana practically leaped out of her chair as she answered “YES! OH YES! Thank you so much!” she squealed.

    Smiling, he held up his hand and said, “Not so fast, Diana. You don’t even know me. You’d better talk to your parents first. Then, after you’ve done that, have them call me and we can discuss things.

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       Then, if they are comfortable with the situation, we can schedule a meeting on Friday. ”

    Handing her his business card, he pointed out the number for his cell (a pre-paid phone with a bogus name associated with it; therefore untraceable) and told her to have her parents call him, that evening. Diana grabbed hold of the card like it was a winning powerball ticket and stuffed it securely in her purse.

    Turning towards the door now, Harrison smiled and said “I look forward to speaking to your parents. ” “Thank you so much, Mr. Johnson” responded Diana with glee. “I can’t wait for Friday!” she said. Holding back a sinister laugh, Harrison looked away from her and said “Neither can I!” Then, he turned, walked to the door and exited. .