The Rape and Brutalization of a Young High School Catholic Cheerleader (Part 16)


Slowly and deliberately Tyrone pumped his cock, up and down, inside Diana’s tight hole. With each downward thrust he rotated his hips in a circular motion, causing his shaft to penetrate her in a way that resembled a large auger, drilling down into the soft earth. As his rotating movements stretched her opening, Diana groaned in obvious discomfort.

Suddenly the muscles along the wall of her vagina went into a trauma induced spasm, causing her already tight twat to clamp down on Tyrone’s cock. As the spasms closed of off her tunnel, Tyrone suddenly found penetration to become progressively more difficult. “Shit, bitch!” he groaned. “Your little cunt doesn’t want to let go of my dick! It must really like having black cock inside it!”

To counter the, suddenly increased, tightness of Diana’s cunt and to counter the effects of the muscle spasms within her, Tyrone pushed harder, which caused Diana more discomfort. As she groaned in pain, Tyrone collapsed on top of her and used his weight to force the head of his cock past the tightly contracted walls of her sweet, young pussy. As the involuntary spasms continued to rage deep inside her pussy, Tyrone grunted and groaned on top of her as each muscle contraction required him to push, with each stroke, to overcome her cunt’s attempt to close itself off to him.

As Diana lurched violently beneath him, his weight driving her body down into the mattress, she emitted agonizing groans from deep in her lungs and pleaded desperately for him to “stop!” As his pounding dick continued to move in and out of the center of her small, furry muff (disappearing and reappearing, like it was playing peek-a-boo) Tyrone, still holding a handful of her hair, twisted it hard until she shrieked.

Then he asked, “You love getting fucked by black cock don’t you, whore!” Diana cried out in response “No! No! Please stop!” As he yanked her hair harder, almost to the point of ripping the handful from her scalp, Diana screamed louder, “STOP! STOOOOOOOOP!”

Meanwhile, Harrison continued to enjoy his fictitious role as ‘porn producer’ and continued to record the activities on the video camera. As he worked to record every graphic detail of Diana’s rape, his attention was suddenly directed to the vibration of Diana’s cell phone that was still concealed in his pants pocket.

Pressing the pause button on the camera, he lowered it in his left hand and removed the cell phone from his pocket, with his right. Looking down at the call screen, he immediately recognized the number as the same one that had been calling her phone and leaving voicemails, most of the night. It was her parents! As the phone continued to vibrate in his hand, Harrison saw it was after 6:00 AM and he considered allowing the phone to send her parents to voicemail, yet again. However, as he watched the ‘game’ that Tyrone was playing with Diana and listened to what he was saying to her he could tell that it was quickly entering a new phase; a phase that he wanted desperately to share with Diana’s mom and dad.

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   In light of that, he decided to answer it.

Quickly raising the video camera, he reactivated the ‘record’ mode. Then, as he resumed recording the action on the bed, he quickly flipped open the cell phone with his other hand, before it stopped ringing, and connected the call. Holding the phone to his ear, Harrison heard the familiar voice of Diana’s father and listened in silence as he said “Hello?” Getting no answer, her father again said “Hello? Hello Diana, can you hear me?”

Walking to the bed, Harrison smiled an evil grin as he surreptitiously laid the phone on the mattress, about three feet away from where Diana was being fucked. Then leaving the call connected he stepped away from the bed and turned his attention back to the video camera. Neither Tyrone nor Diana had noticed Harrison approach the bed as they were far too busy with other activities, and were unaware of the presence of the connected cell phone, only a few feet away.

    As Tyrone continued to pull Diana’s hair, inflicting more pain on her, he repeated his previous question, more forcefully this time but with a quieter and more intense tone “I said…you love my black cock, don’t you. . . bitch?” Slowly, Diana groaned “Y-y-yes I love it!” Not satisfied with her answer, Tyrone asked for clarification “What do you love? Tell me what you love, white bitch!” Pausing to catch her breath, Diana cried out, I love your c-c-cock! I love your b-b-b-big black cock!” Smiling, Tyrone kept pounding into her and between grunts demanded, “Say it again, bitch! Say it louder!”

    Reluctantly, Diana stammered as she told him what he demanded to hear “I love black cock! I love it s-s-s-so much! I love getting f-f-fucked by your big, black cock!” Letting go of her hair, Tyrone let her head drop back down onto the mattress as he said “That’s a good little bitch! Never met me a white whore yet who didn’t love Tyrone’s meat!”

    Then, as he neared orgasm he unexpectedly withdrew from inside her. As her cunt released its hold on him with a sound that resembled a suction cup, Diana let out a gasp of relief. Then, positioning his cock over her stomach, he closed his right hand around it and stroked himself until his hot seed spewed out. As his thick stream blasted out the end of his cock, Tyrone carefully aimed his load and directed it onto her stomach and across her sweet tits. Continuing to pump his shaft, he used his other hand to rub his cum all over her stomach and covered her breasts with it like creamy white glaze. After coating virtually every inch of her torso with his ’man milk’, he stepped away from the bed and left her lying there, whimpering.

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    Pausing the camera, Harrison moved back towards the bed and quickly reached for Diana’s cell phone. Checking the call screen, Harrison couldn't believe it. The call was still connected! Which meant her parents had heard everything that had transpired since Harrison answerd the phone. He was tempted to listen to hear the reaction from her parents on the other end. But instead, he simply flipped the phone shut, disconnected the call and stuffed the phone back in his pocket, with a sadistic smile. .


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