The Rape and Brutalization of a Young High School Catholic Cheerleader (Part 14)


While out in the parking lot, Harrison had observed a hulking black male leaving one of the rooms, just a few doors down from the one he and Diana were in. Ordinarily, Harrison would not have been inclined to share his “treasure” with anybody. However, he had already had the ultimate pleasure of taking her precious virginity, twice actually (if he included when he fucked her ass). So he decided that he would actually enjoy watching somebody else play with her for awhile.

With that thought in mind, he watched the man walking across the lot and he suddenly decided that this big, black bull would be a perfect ‘playmate’ for Diana. After approaching him from the shadows, Harrison introduced himself as a “porn producer” and told him he had an offer for him that he “couldn’t refuse”. Harrison didn’t need to say much to get Tyrone’s attention. The words “rough sex” and “young, white, pussy” were all he needed to hear. Now, fifteen minutes later, Harrison sat in the chair, watching from the corner, as Tyrone got ready for his ‘play date’ with Diana.

Once Tyrone had Diana on her feet, he clasped his right hand around her throat. Then, lifting her partially off her feet he slammed her against the wall. As her back hit the wall with a thud, the force of the impact knocked the air out of her lungs. With Diana struggling and squirming against the wall, he pressed the phalange of his hand (the area between his thumb and index finger) against her windpipe. Then, as his huge black fingers partially encircled her neck, he looked into her terrified, bulging eyes with a menacing stare and said “You are a fine looking piece of tender, white meat. ” Stroking the massive bulge in his crotch, through his sweat pants, Tyrone continued “I’ll bet you like dark meat, don’t you?”

Diana tried to scream, “No!” But the pressure he was applying to her throat gave her just barely enough air to keep from losing consciousness so she wasn’t able to talk. She was only able to shake her head, side-to-side.

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   Watching her reply to his question, Tyrone’s facial expression grew more menacing as he pretended to be enraged. “You little slut! Did you tell me, no?” he yelled. “Are you a racist? Do you hate black men?” Diana, terrified that she had made him genuinely angry braced herself, as if she expected him to strike her. When the blow did not come, she shook her head rapidly and repeatedly, to indicate to him that she did not hate black men.

Smiling, sadistically, Tyrone asked “So you LIKE black men?" Diana’s eyes were now rolling in her sockets and she was clearly struggling to maintain adequate air flow into her lungs. Diana, had no opinion one way or the other about black men, but apparently was just coherent enough to know that she needed to answer him. Quickly, she nodded her head, “yes!” Still smiling, Tyrone asked again, to confirm her answer. "You do? You like black men?" Again, Diana nodded her head, more emphatically this time. Tyrone's facial expression softened somewhat, and he said “that good! I'd hate to play with someone who didn't like me. "

Suddenly, Tyrone changed the subject and said "It almost breakfast time. Are you hungry?" Diana seemed confused by the sudden change in his demeanor and the nature of his question and quickly answered with a nod of her head. Still smiling, Tyrone said. "Good! Since you're hungry and you like black men, I've got a special treat for you. "

Then, he unexpectedly released his grip from her throat. Suddenly, he grabbed her shoulder and forced her down towards the floor and used his other hand to yank down the front of his sweats.

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   Then, with his massive black pole, protruding out towards the wall, he ordered "On your knees, bitch!"

As Diana was forced to her knees, she found herself staring at Tyrone's huge, black, uncircumcised cock, only inches from her face. Once she was on her knees, Tyrone grabbed a handful of her hair and twisted it, clockwise. As she shrieked in pain, he stared down into her eyes and said "Since you like black men, and you're hungry, I bet you'll love eating my black meat! Now, open up, little mama and eat your breakfast!"
Diana shrieked "NO! NOOOOOOOOO!" Then, with her hands free for the first time, she suddenly tried to push him away. In spite of her young firm, athletic frame, she was simply no match for a monster the size of Tyrone. Twisting her hair harder, Diana shrieked again. Then tilting her head to the side, he curled his fingers into a huge fist and placed it by her mouth, saying "Open your mouth you little white slut, or I'll pound your pretty face until its nothing but pulp!"

Tyrone had no intention of hurting her, he didn't need to, but she didn't know that. She was terrified of him and that was enough. He had created such a level of fear in her that she would do whatever he told her, without him needing to lay a hand on her, beyond a few tugs on her hair. "Open your mouth, whore! Your breakfast is getting cold!" Slowly Diana opened her mouth. As she kneeled in front of him, holding her mouth open, bracing herself for what she was sure would happen next, Tyrone said "Lick it! Put your tongue on it and lick it like a Popsicle. Show me how much you like black meat!" Tugging her hair again, just to encourage her, Diana slowly stuck out her tongue. As her tongue touched it, she quickly pulled it away and squinted her nose. Apparently, she didn't like the musty smell of his sweaty crotch.

"Lick it, slut! Lick it or you'll get to eat my fist!" Reluctantly, she put her tongue back on his cock. Then, slowly, she ran her tongue along its length.

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   As she did, Tyrone continued to order her to lick it in just the right way. As Diana's tongue coated it with her saliva, Tyrone's shaft grew stiffer and thicker (which seemed impossible). Then, continuing to twist her hair, and moving his fist by her face again (just as a reminder), Tyrone demanded "Tell me how much you like black cock. Tell me that you want to eat it!" Diana remained silent, but continued to lick his cock. Rubbing the knuckles of his fist lightly against her chin, allowing her to appreciate the size of his fist compared to her jaw, Tyrone yelled "Do it! Do what I tell you, you little white bitch!"

"Do you like my black cock?" Slowly, but not sincerely, Diana whispered "Y-y-yes!" Tyrone yelled back "Yes, what?" Still whispering, Diana replied "Yes! Yes! I like your b-b-black cock!" Enjoying the emotional torment he was inflicting on her, he said "Louder! LOUDER!" Reluctantly, Diana complied. "I like it! I like your black c-c-cock!" Smiling a victorious grin, Tyrone said "It tastes good, doesn't it" You want to eat it, don't you?"

As she continued to slobber his cock with her spit, Diana was continually reminded by Tyrone of the presence of his fist against her chin. "Does it taste good, whore?" Tyrone asked again. Pausing, briefly, Diana quietly answered "Yes! Y-y-yes! Your cock tastes so good! I want to eat it! F-F-Feed me your cock!"

Holding her head firmly with both hands now, Tyrone taunted her and said "Didn't your momma teach you no manners, bitch! Say please!" As tears started pouring down her cheeks again, Diana began to whimper. Quietly, she whispered "Please feed me your cock!" Laughing Tyrone said "I can't hear you with that little girl, voice! Say it louder so I know what you want, bitch"

Finally, Diana followed his instructions and cried out "Please feed me y-y-y-your cock! I want to eat your b-b-black cock!" Holding her head firmly, Tyrone yelled, "That better!" Then thrusting forward, he pushed his cock deep into Diana's mouth in one mighty thrust. As the huge diameter of his organ stretched her mouth open, bulging her cheeks, it rammed past her tonsils and into her throat.

Immediately Diana started to gag and choke! As his balls slammed against her chin. her eyes rolled back into her head and she began to hyperventilate. As she choked and struggled to catch her breath, Tyrone suddenly, with no warning, exploded into her throat and sent his sperm cascading down into her belly.

As he withdrew from her mouth she began to wretch and was close to vomiting. Suddenly he covered her mouth with his hand and said "Don't you throw up, bitch! I want you to eat all of your breakfast!" As Tyrone continued to hold her mouth shut forcing her to swallow, she gagged some of his sperm back up into her mouth.

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   Then as Tyrone forced her to gulp it back down, Diana gagged several more times. Then she suddenly gasped, collapsed into a heap on the floor and passed out. .