The Protocol part 1


Topic: “The Protocol” part 1   "The Protocol "  part 1 
Cindy is a beautiful 25 year old blue eyed brunette that stands about 5'7” tall and weighs 118 pounds. Her 36 D breasts are perfect in every way with light brown nipples the size of old dollar coins. Cindy's legs are long and beautifully shaped. Her boyfriend says she has the legs of a Bond girl. Cindy's ass is also perfect. Its shape and firmness provides the perfect compliment to the rest of her outstanding body. Men can't help but lust after it, and imagine what it would feel like to ride.   Unfortunately for Cindy her attributes are exactly what the consortium had ordered.  
. One minute she was getting into her car after some quick last minute shopping and the next thing she remembered was waking up naked in a dark room. Her head was pounding, with her wrists and legs bound tight.  
Her legged  bound by ropes at the knee joint spreading her wide open. She realized that she has a blindfold on. The first thought she had was “ Am I in the hospital?” but soon her head began to clear and she assessed her situation to be far worse than she had originally thought.  
 Besides being tied down and spread wide for all to see she was laying on a table of some sort perched at an angle.   The thought; “I've been kidnapped” seep into her head.

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   Shortly after that, the reality of her situation crystallizes in her mind and Cindy began to panic.   She tried to scream but the tape across her mouth prevents most of the sound from escaping.   If anybody had been the room to hear it, the sound that comes out sounded more like a moan than a scream   
Cindy feels a pressure inside her vagina as if something is inside her. Moister is dripping from her pussy and her clit is tingling in a rhythmic manner. “I feel like I've just been fucked” she thinks.  
“They probably fucked me while I was still passed out” she concludes. Cindy tries to push that thought out of her mind before it consumes her. Formulating a plan of escape or helping facilitate a rescue  must be her priority right now.  
 “O shit, I am, in big trouble!” is her next thought. “Know one knows that I'm in this town. ”  
 She had driven from Indianapolis   to Chicago on business witch was now over. Her plan was to continue on to Detroit and surprise her boyfriend at his parents' home. She told her office not to expect her back until after the holidays. “Shit that was more that two weeks from now. ” 
She hears voices from outside the room approach.

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   It sounds like two men talking.   With a clunk the door opens to her room.  
“Are you sure she's slated fro the protocol?” says the one man. “Yes, says the man with the dark voice, “It's already been started. ” 
 “But she so hot just the way she is…. . Look at those tits and those legs, not to mention her ass… I'll tell you what else,, her pussy is sweet,…. I mean it's one of the best I've felt in a long time.   She's got a tight little box there. Ether she doesn't get much,, or her boyfriend has a small dick!  Any way you look at it, her pussy feels practically virgin.   This girl is first class prime cut!. ” 
Cindy's  eyes clinch under her blindfold. He did, fuck me last night when I was still passed out. That son of a bitch!  “Her clit will probably be bigger than her boyfriend dick when we're done with her. ” says the man with the dark voice.

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Both men laugh at that comment.  
Cindy begins to protest and realizes that her mouth is still taped shut.  
“It looks like sleeping beauty is awake. ” says the man with the dark voice. .  
Cindy hears what sound like chairs being pulled away from a table. And a couple of cans of what sound like beer being opened.  
 “Mr. Rogers examined her as soon as she was delivered yesterday. He said that she is a perfect candidate for the protocol. Her clit has a lot of potential and her body has just the right proportions. . . ” 
 Cindy hears what she thinks is the dark voiced man taking a swig of his beverage.  
“He started the protocol right after you fucked her last night,” 
Cindy's  eyes clinch again under her blindfold.

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   I hate you!  You mother fucker! She rages in her mind.  
The Dark voiced man continues, 
“If you look right now you can probably see a difference  . ” 
“No shit!” says the younger man.  
The dark voiced man raises his voice. That right girl. You probably feeling a little horny aren't you?. . . . . I bet your clit tingling too. ” 
Cindy hears the men get up from the table and approach her.  The dark voice continues,  “Mr. Rogers injected a special high potency hormone serum directly into her clit last night to kick start her, so to speak……. .

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  He also implanted a sub dermal device to keep the process moving and decrease the need for future injections. ” “I guess it also contains a cocktail of new drugs that will increase her libido and make her more receptive to her new life. ” 
 “ No shit! Look at that clit, It much bigger than last night. ” Says the younger man who fucked her.  
Cindy feels the warm breath of the man on her clit. And she involuntary responds with a moan and a squirm.  
The younger man moves even closer and exclaims “Hay!. . . it getting  bigger right now!” as he pokes it once with his finger sending an electric shock up into her pussy …. . ”Are you serious, look at that thing grow…” 
Cindy's clit was standing up about an inch and a half from her body. It was throbbing and Cindy could feel it bob in the air to her increasing beat of her heart. The younger  mans warm breath continues to send shivers up her body.

"His face must be an inch away from my clit!" She thinks.

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. . The younger man continues,” Are you getting a hard on for me girl?” “Maybe I should help her out.
    “Don't get any ideas” says the dark voiced man. “Mr. Rogers will be back soon with the equipment for phase two. ” 
    “How long will it take for the protocol to be complete?” asks the second manas he continues to examine her wonderful new clit. “Well with this extreme treatment it should take no more than eight weeks or so and then she's off to her new home. ” 
    “How big will her clit get?” asks the younger man.  
    “It's different with every girl. But if I had to guess, it will probably end up being four or five inches long when she gets aroused,… witch will be most of the time, after her conditioning prossess is complete. ” 
    Cinys mind begins to race,What did they do to me? They're turning me into some sort of freak. A sexual freak with a five inch clit. Cindy thinks.   My clit is tingling.

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       And I'm getting very horny. . , in fact my clit is throbbing and I feel like I'm going to cum.  
    Suddenly Cindy feels a vibration deep in her cunt. Waves of pleasure emanate up from her pussy and seem to envelope her entire body… she being to squirm and moan .  
    “What's happing to her?” asks the younger man. .  
    “O, that must be the pleasure orb Mr. Rogers inserted in her cunt last night. . It's programmed to go off when her heart rate increases.   . .   It sends mechanical vibration as well as electrical stimulation throughout her body. Its part of the conditioning process.

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      . The last girl that had one in her became addicted to its effects. She would hold her breath until her heart rate increased enough to set the thing off.   It also works by remote control. ” 
      “Now help me get the plasma sets set up around the bed. ” 
    “Aren't we going to need extra power for the suction equipment and the fucking machines?” asks the younger man.  
     “Mr. Rogers is bringing all that stuff along with a new electro stimulator. ”  
    Cindy could not hold off the on slot of sexual stimulation any longer. Her body and mind give in to the strange feelings and sensations she is experiencing.   Her pussy starts to contract and quiver as wave after wave of pleasure roll over her body. The Pleasure orb deep inside her seems to move and pulsate and even change shape as the vibrations them selves begin to resonate and build in her body. The thing inside her seems to sense the rhythm of her orgasm and begins to adjust itself to the timing of her body's responses. The effect is a series exponentially increasing orgasmic waves of pleasure driven by the cycle of the device. Her orgasm reaches a crescendo and stays there,  at it peak, without letup.

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       Her Eyes roll up in there sockets as she looses her cognitive functions. All she is and all she knows is lost in this Orgasmic seizure. Her endorphin levels soar in her blood stream and reach a previously never explored saturation point. She feels a wave of euphoria and sexual ecstasy fills her to her sole as she completely surrenders her self to what ever is happening to her.  
    Her perception of time and space melts away. Later on she would recall that the orgasm seemed to last for hours and in fact it did last just over two hours.   . Over that time she never did pass out completely, the thing inside her would not let that happen, but she did seem to fade in and out of her body until it finally mercifully it  subsided.  
    Exhausted, Cindy finally drift into a dark sleep filled with drug induced sexually charged dreams. Even in sleep there is no escape from what she is becoming.