The priest of the church (monestary) pt 1


Topic: The priest of the Church (monastery) pt 1
The priest of the Church (monastery) pt 1
I am not one to finish a work, as you can see from my stories. I have never finished one series because during writing it, I either get bored, or I think of better ideas for another story. I will try to finish “The Vampire Fuck” and “More Like Camp Fuck” as soon as possible since I have had a lot of requests in my emails for the completion of those stories. For those of you who’ve never read my stories before, just click on my name at the top of the story, “nezzer, talina” and you can read and enjoy them. By the way, this new story “the church” is not meant in any way to make fun of Christianity, I am just making up stories based on things that actually happened in the church during the time period when the church had so much power and abused it. I hope you enjoy. Oh BTW, this story is from a two person perspective. Pay attention, I think it's my best yet.
Worms Germany, 1508
The bells of the church chimed loudly emphasizing the fact that it was noon. Anna watched as the monks gather in two straight rows and began to recite a series of prayerful hymns and chants. She loved watching the church and she loved listening to the clanging and chiming of the bells. The Gothic engineering of the church made it look absolutely wonderful, with its high complex walls and colorful windows and floors made of marble. She smiled earnestly to herself inwardly laughing at the fact that she could get so distracted just by looking at the church. Her mother had sent her out to the stream to collect some water for bathing and to do the washing since the line at the well was terribly long. She had been gone for about half of an hour but had not done any washing because she got lost in her usual daydreams. Her mum often warned that her day dreams would be her fall.

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   She ran down the grass to the stream and laughed. At age 18, she was yet to be married and she knew that hardly anyone would consider marrying her despite her beauty, just because her family lacked wealth. She still behaved like a little child at times though, like now. She walked to the middle of the stream and took the clothes one by one, soaking them in the water and scrubbing them thoroughly with her slender fingers. She laughed again realizing that she too needed a washing. After completely scrubbing all the clothes, she looked to make sure no one was watching before stripping out of her dirty apron, dress and undergarments. She dived into the water, shivering at its coldness and felt her nipples begin to get taut. Enjoying the water, she swam for some time lightly tugging on her nipples to warm them up. Unbeknown to her, there was a head priest from the church watching lustily and craving her naked body. He stared at the nymph in the water and felt his cock harden at the thought of having her for his use and experiments.
Anna was by far the most beautiful young woman in Worms, perhaps the whole of Germany. Her long golden hair hung in curls down her back. Her large beautiful blue eyes were like liquid diamonds. Her lips, luscious, soft, and pink was perfectly bow shaped. Her breasts were very large.

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  . . (to put this into modern day bra terms, 32DD) soft and firm, without sag. Her stomach flat as the marble floors of the church. Her back arched to reveal a wonderfully shaped bottom, full, soft, firm. Her long legs stretched beautifully. The most beautiful thing though about Anna was her soul, one of pure innocence and love. Everyone in Worms had heard of Anna, and many men had tried to bed her much to their failure. She chose to remain a virgin until she was married. Johann Vonderlinde, head priest, archbishop of the church in Worms, had craved Anna’s body from the time he lay sight on her. At 46, he was losing his hair, his skin began to wrinkle, despite the good food provided to him by the indulgences. Despite these flaws, he was still somewhat handsome. An archbishop or a monk for that matter was not allowed to involve themselves with women for they were to be fully dedicated to God. But upon gazing at Anna, he knew he must have her. Her body must be his to use and abuse.

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   He smiled to himself as he contemplated a plan to have her for himself.
Anna washed her undergarments, clothes, hair and body before walking back to the grass to lay naked and dry. This was her paradise. No one would catch her here. She could lay naked all she wanted and no one would find her because no one came here. She lost herself to her thoughts and soon fell asleep. Usually, when she slept, she dreamt of traveling, but today was different. She was not so much as dreaming as she was feeling. She bucked her hips as she dreamt that someone caressed her nipples and fondled with her breasts. She felt her inner private parts begin to get wet and she turned her body. As the dream began to get more sexually intense, she heard the chime of the bells, waking her and to indicate that another hour had passed. She woke up suddenly, annoyed at herself for falling asleep.  
What a strange dream I had, she thought. It was just a dream though. She looked to her breasts only to see dirty finger prints on them and two wet circles around her nipples.

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    Unable to explain this, she put on her clothes and walked home, preparing herself for the rage and cusses that was sure to come out of her mothers mouth.
Johann(archbishop) watched from the bushes as Anna walked off. He’d almost been caught sucking on her delightfully delicious rosy dusky nipples. Fortunately for him, he’d been able to run off before she awoke, and in that time of watching her redress, he had devised the ultimate plan for her to become his.
Anna arrived at home to find her family sitting at sup and praying over the meal. She snuck in quietly and took her place at the table.
“. . . . . . And I pray for Anna, who often neglects to do her chores because she is often daydreaming” said her brother who was but 8 years of age. He snickered in between saying this and she rolled her eyes. Luckily for Anna, her mum didn’t mention the fact that she was late.

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“Did you finish the washing” asked mum
“Yes, I also managed to get some bath water for after sup” replied Anna
“Well we’re going to the market tomorrow. We have enough money to buy fish. The archbishop is going to be there praying for the families in purgatory. We will buy an indulgence”.
“Yes mum”, replied Anna while she took a sip of her watery turnip and cabbage broth.
The next day, Anna watched the archbishop, mesmerized, as he spoke of God. A young man came behind her and squeezed her ass. She turned to him and told him to stop. He ignored her and continued to squeeze her bum cheeks, fed up she repeated a phrase, she’d learned from a song that her mum used to sing to her when she was younger. It was not German, nor was it English or Latin.
“Abcracadabra” (sorry was lacking on the creative side when it came to thinking of this phrase).  Instantaneously, the man fell to his knees and cried.
“I cannot see, she has cast a spell on me, she is a WITCH”, he yelled. A murmur filled the gathered crowd and everyone moved away from Anna.
“Oh shutup, I am not a –“, before she could finish her sentence, two men grabbed Anna from the back.

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   “Let me go” she whispered in anger. The men too, fell down crying, claiming that they couldn’t see also claiming that she was a witch. “I am not a witch” screamed Anna.
“Everyone cover your ears before she casts a spell on you”, commanded the Archbishop. Anna watched as the Archbishop blessed two men before they came to grab her. “I have put God’s protection on them so that her spells cannot affect them”.
“ I am not a WITCH”, yelled Anna again.
“Burn er at stake before she casts spells on all of us”, replied a man with his ears covered.
“Yeahhhh” screamed the mob.
Anna stared in disbelief as everyone turned against her. The two men began dragging Anna towards the church. Another man was restraining Anna’s mother while she cried telling the people that her daughter was not a witch but a daydreamer. No one would listen.
“We cannot burn her until she confesses to being a witch. She will confess, be sure of that Good people of Worms”, said the Archbishop authoritatively.

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   Anna screamed and cried as she was dragged away towards the church/monastery.
     The Archbishop smiled inwardly. All had worked according to plan, she would now be his to use and abuse.
    Anna could barely see through her tear clouded eyes as she was dragged away. She could however hear the men who were dragging her, talking.
    “She has such nice bubbies, I would like to squeeze one of em” said the taller of the two.
    “You’d better not lest she cast a spell on you” replied the other one.
    “But we’re protected” argued the taller one as he squeezed one of Anna’s breast roughly.
    “Oh yea, but I’d rather not take the chance. ” Said the shorter one.
    Anna cringed as the taller of the two squeezed her breast, wheezing as he did so. He grabbed a nipple, erect from the cold, and began twisting it. Anna cried inwardly at the pain as he began pulling it and pinching it.
    “Please stop” , she cried
    “And why should I, you’re a bloody witch”.
    He gave her nipple one last fierce tug before wheezing again.

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       They arrived at the church and walked down a set of narrow stairs to the dark dungeon at the bottom and opened it. The dungeon was eerie with only a bench. There were shackles attached to the wall and a tiny chamber pot at the side. There was no light and there was no sound. Anna was shoved into the dungeon. The taller of the guards stopped briefly only to smack Anna’s bottom before completely shoving her in and locking the door, wheezing heavily once again. The smaller shackled her ankles and wrists to the chains.
    “Such a shame that a beauty like this turns out to be a witch"
    "Shoulda just taken 'er and fucked 'er. I'm sure she woulda swallowed my seed well" murmured the taller.
    Anna felt the icy ground on her bottom through the thin material of her dress. How could I have gotten myself into this? What did I do to deserve this? She thought. She felt goosebumps begin to pop on her skin due to the cold and damp environment she was in. She groaned inwardly thinking about how she was going to miss the fish that her mum was going to make for sup. By the time she got herself out of this mess and went home, the fish would be gone, thanks to her siblings. Unknown to her, she would not be coming out of this mess at all.

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       She would never see the light of day. I’m sure that as soon as I explain what happened to the Archbishop, he will apologize, bless me, and let me go, she thought inwardly. She smiled at the thought of the Archbishop blessing her;  this would surely bring good luck to her family.
    The Archbishop gathered stood at the front of the room in front of 18 priests and said a prayer before the priests sat down. He cleared his throat before he began
    “Today, at the open market place, a woman was accused of witchery”, he said. “What were the causes of this accusation, you may ask. The woman was said to have cast a spell on several men and they became blind.   The taller of the guards who brought her home is said to be dead now”. There was a silence in the room.
    “Could it have been possible that the guard was sick before he even met her”? asked one of the young priests nervously.
    “I considered that fact, but the other guard claimed the woman had been muttering some incantations, afterward, the man began to wheeze”. The archbishop did not mention the fact that the shorter guard actually said that the woman was begging the taller to stop. He also didn’t mention the fact that the taller guard was already deathly ill before meeting Anna.
    “Well, the only possible thing to do is burn her at stake to remove such witchery”, said another.
    “We cannot, until she confesses to being a witch, and I intend for her to confess.

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       I don’t want any of you priests, or any of the monks coming close to her lest she cast a spell on you. I myself am willing to sacrifice my being to ensure that this witch does in fact confess”, replied the archbishop. The priests nodded their heads in agreement and approval and rose to leave. When all but one priest had left, the archbishop spoke again. “Hans, make sure that woman is bathed in rose water by one of the maids, make sure the maid washes her clothes, feed her, and ensure the maid finds something suitable for her to wear. Do not tell the maids that she is a witch, and if they should know, tell them I have put my protection on them so they will not be harmed. Then take her to the torture chamber”.
    Hans nodded and left.
      K i'm gonna add more stuff. Please comment and send suggestions, i'll put part two up today or tmrw. COMMENT or you can email me suggestions on here. . . . OH someone tell me how to put stories in forums.


      . . I just wants comments cause that's how pathetic my life really is



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