The priest of the church (monastery) pt 2


Topic: The priest of the church (monastery) pt 2 Anna moaned as her muscles began to ache. She’d been in this dungeon for over two hours and no one had come to take her out. The archbishop had not yet come and she feared that if she were here any longer she would take to a cold. She was about to start screaming for help when she heard the unmistakable creak, indicating that the key to the door of the cell was being opened. The door was a heavy wooden door with a rounded top. There was only a tiny space to look through. The door opened and Anna tried to adjust her eyes to the light that was shining from the small torch a small woman was holding. Despite the fact that it was nearing night time, the woman still wore her bonnet. As Anna’s eyes adjusted to the light, she saw that the woman had a long jagged scar etched into the skin of her face, right below her eyes. The woman gazed at her with some sympathy but it was quickly replaced with one that most servants wore, a lowered gaze. The woman looked to be about her age, add or subtract two years. She wasn’t gorgeous like Anna, nor was she pretty, but she certainly was not ugly. She had an amazing body, once again, not as amazing like Anna’s but not ugly. Lush pink lips and grey eyes were positioned on her face. Her face was sculpted artfully but hollow cheeks (due to lack of food), stress lines, and the scar on her face erased from the fact that she may have once been beautiful. Her breasts(32 C), average size, round and somewhat saggy.

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   Well that’s how it appeared through her loose dress. She was average height rounded hips, small pert rounded bottom.
The archbishop has commanded you to be bathed in rose water and fed" she said.
Anna smiled, fortune was begging to gaze upon her. Soon, she would be out of this church, she would tell her mum and family that she had bathed in rose water. The woman unlocked her shackles and helped her up. She pulled Anna out of the dungeon and locked the heavy door. They walked up the dimly stairs struggling not to trip. They passed through a narrow passage underground which Anna assumed were for the servants. They entered into what Anna assumed was the kitchen which had a wooden tub filled with steaming water. . . scented with rose perfume. She handed Anna a coarse bar of soap.
“I shall leave you to bathe.

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   When you are done, put on this dress and hand me your clothes. There is mutton, fish, fruits and bread on the table”, said the woman.
Anna’s mouth began to water at the thought of enjoying such a scrumptious meal. She had never had a feast like that in her entire life.
“Wait, what is your name”? asked Anna as the woman limped away.
“Gretel. . . . not that it matters” she murmured
“Thank you. . . Gretel” . Anna stripped out of dress and entered the water. The water was so hot and smelled so nice.

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   She lathered the soap into her hair washing it thoroughly. The lathered her breasts and enjoyed the feeling of her soft firm bubbies. She slid her finger into her clitoris and moaned as the hot water entered, enjoying the feeling. “I am in heaven, I wish to live here forever” she whispered to no one in particular. She let the rose water wash over her senses. Lastly, she scrubbed under her arms, and her feet. She saw buckets of warm water at the corner meant for rinsing and she made good use of it. Once finished, she sat at the table eating the food, savoring the taste while waiting for her body to dry. She decided to hide some food and save it for her family. Perhaps Gretel would be kind enough to tie it in a bundle for her on her way home. As she swallowed her last bite and took her last tiny sip of mead, a man entered into the room. He gasped at her naked figure, but the astonishment quickly left his face as he relished in her beauty. He was a monk, Anna could tell by his habit(dress), it wasn’t as elegant as the priests or archbishops. His hair was also cut into the usual monk style.
“Excuse me, I was just about to dress” said Anna, her cheeks becoming quite pink.

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   The monk turned to leave hastily and Anna took that opportunity to put on her dress.  
She noticed that though it was long and had a high neckline, it was very transparent and you could see her whole nude body. At that moment Gretel entered, her dress in disarray.  
“Priest Von Schliender (Hans) has ordered you to be led to meet the archbishop. I shall take you to the meeting Anna shivered from the cold as Gretel led her down a long narrow, dimly lit hallway. They curved up a flight of stairs, walking about 8 flights of steep stairs before reaching the room. The room was isolated from the rest of the building though it was a part of the building. Any sound made would not be heard. Gretel opened the door and hung the torch on the wall. She lit the other torches. Though the room was bright, well. . . . it wasn’t that bright (haha).

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   Bright enough that you could see.  “God be with you” said Gretel softly. It took a moment for Anna to see what was in the room but what she saw was only what one could imagine what hell would be like. There was a roaring fire in the fireplace. Along the wall was lined chains with spiked balls, nails, mallets, clamps, a couple of ropes hung from the ceiling of the room. There were needles, bats, whips, and some other things which she didn’t know. As she was about to turn and leave for fear of being in the wrong room, the archbishop entered. Upon gazing at him, she bowed down before him.
“Get up” grunted the archbishop. He was dressed like the men who were given the task of beheading someone. His face was covered in a mask but she could still tell it was him due to the cross he wore on his neck.
“Bless me”, whispered Anna remaining bowed.
“I will not bless a witch”, replied the archbishop.
“But father, I am not a witch, it was a mere misunderstanding. Bless me father”.

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The archbishop pulled Anna by her hair to her feet. “You are a witch” he yelled. He looked at her lush body and knew he would have fun destroying it, just like he had destroyed Gretel’s.
“Father, I am not a witch” protested Anna.
“You dare to lie to me, in the house of God. You dare to call me a liar. You dare to call me wrong. You shall suffer greatly for your mistake you heinous witch. ” barked the archbishop?
“But father. . . ” Anna’s sentence was not finished because the archbishop struck her face with the back of his hand. A slap that sent her tumbling to the ground.   The archbishop carried her to the table and lay her down on her back so her face was towards him. He cuffed her wrists and ankles to the wooden table.

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   “Father, what have I done to deserve this”? Another harsh slap sent her to oblivion.
“You will shutup except if I permit you to speak, understand?”  Anna nodded. The archbishop ripped her dress off and Anna shrieked in surprise. An archbishop was not to do this. He was to be a man of God. The Archbishop grabbed her face roughly and pulled it towards him almost breaking her neck as he did so. “Shut up you whore”, he hissed, his breath very sour. She choked from his foul smell. He looked at her breasts. “These breasts that you’ve used to tempt men shall surely suffer “ he said.
But how have I tempted people? I am very modest thought Anna.
The archbishop grabbed both breasts and began fondling roughly, squeezing as hard as he could as if trying to pop them.   He dug his nails into them and Anna bucked in pain. She shrieked loudly. He laughed cruelly as he continued mauling her breasts.

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   Taking her nipples in between thumb and forefingers. He tweaked and twisted them enjoying the feeling. He pulled her nipples as far away from her body and she groaned in pain. He dug his nails into her nipples enjoying the feeling and rolling it between his fingers making it hard.   Anna bucked and screamed at his roughness. He laughed and opened his mouth. He bit into her left nipple biting as hard as he could, drawing a little bit of blood. Anna choked in horror as she felt her nipple was being bit. He moved to her right nipple doing the same until they were tender and full. He then proceeded to try and take her whole left breast into his mouth but this was impossible. He bit chewed and mauled both breasts enjoying the feeling of tit flesh. He stood upright and Anna sighed. . . feeling somewhat relieved.

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   The archbishop grabbed a horse riding crop off the wall.
“I shall ask you again, Are you a witch”?
“No” replied Anna.   She received a whip on her breast, a painful one for that matter. The archbishop continued whipping her aiming her especially for her nipples.   Anna’s screams could be heard through out the room. Despite the pain, her pussy betrayed her and began to drip in anticipation.
“Are you a witch?” asked the Archbishop again
“If I say I am, what shall be the consequences”? asked Anna eager to be finished with this breast punishment.
“Surely you have seen witches burned at stake”? replied the Archbishop. He was not eager to end this torture. The taste of her blood from her nipples that he had caused was driving him insane. His cock had already began to harden at the sight of her rosy cheeks, beautiful face, and lush body.
I don’t want to be burned thought Anna fearfully, remembering the burnings she had seen. She shivered, “I am not a witch” replied Anna.
Another 50 lashes were aimed at her breast and nipples. Her nipples began to swell painfully and the arch bishop enjoyed the sight of them being stretched.

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“Are you a witch, you bloody liar?”
“Nughhhh, no I am not”, replied Anna, not wanting to be tortured any longer but not wanting to die a death similar to hell. Another 100 lashes were aimed at her breasts. She cried with each lash and her voice became sore.
“So you refuse to speak? Maybe the breast ripper or the cat claws shall get you talking”. Anna gasped as he spoke. “Or shall I save that for the very last minute? I think I shall”. The priest grabbed a metal rod from the wall and held it towards the fire letting the tip get hot. When it was hot enough, he walked to the table, towering over Anna and placed the tip of the burning rod on Anna’s right nipple. Anna screamed in pain unable to contain herself. The voice that she thought was gone still remained.
“Arghhhhhhh” screamed Anna. He heated the rod again and repeated the same procedure for her left nipple. He held the rod there until the nipple became burned and charred. He rolled both nipples between his fingers and smiled at how she cringed due to sensitivity of her burned charred nipples. Bending once more, he bit each nipple, tenderly at first as if to savour the taste, then forcefully as if he wanted to rip it out of her breast.


   Grabbing two large ropes from the wall, he tied them around the base of each breast tightly, until it felt as if there was no blood flow. Grabbing another two tiny ropes, he tied them tightly around the base of each nipple.   The nipples began to become more swollen and full. Grabbing two clamps, he clamped each nipple and Anna hissed in pain, bucking wildly, her pussy spewing forth her juices. Looking in that direction, the archbishop saw Anna’s pink virginal pussy and smiled. His cock twitched and he almost had an orgasm thinking about how he was going to take her virginity.
He grabbed the whip again and headed to her pussy. He began rubbing the pussy roughly getting her as wet as possible. She bucked crying in pain and pleasure. “Father, please stop!”
“Didn’t I tell you not to speak”? He barked. “You shall pay for disobeying my orders. ” He bent down and began licking her pussy. He licked intently enjoying the taste. He spread the pussy lips wanting to get more of his tongue in. He bit the centrefold of her pussy lightly, not wanting to draw blood just yet.

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   Anna bucked in extreme pleasure, wanting him to continue the miracles with his mouth but wanting him to stop. Slowly, he slid one finger into her pussy. It was so tight and Anna groaned in pain. He slid his finger in and out slowly enjoying the feeling of her hot pussy. The smell was intoxicating. He slid a second finger in and she began bucking faster and faster. He tried to fit a third but she was too tight. Letting his tongue take over the job, he slid his tongue into her slit as far as he could, licking her pussy in anticipation. He began stroking his cock as he continued. It was so hard by now and it needed to be sucked. Rising from the floor he pulled down his trousers and out dropped a 9 inch(length) thick cock. Anna gasped, so this is what the male organ looks like she thought in horror. It was so thick and long. How was it to fit in her pussy?
“You are going to suck my prised possession”. He stared at her breasts which had begun to turn a light shade of blue.

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   Smiling, he grabbed the needles he had placed in the fire and began to poke each into her breast. She hissed in pain, this was far too painful and what she really wanted was him to continue the wonders with her pussy. Once all the needles were in her breasts and one in the center of each nipple, he un-cuffed her wrists and ankles. Grabbing her by her hair, he shoved her on her knees. “Suck my organ” he barked. Fearfully, Anna held the organ and tentatively began licking the tip of his cock. “I said suck not lick”. He shoved her head into the cock, deep throating her. She couldn’t breathe. She sucked harder and felt his cock begin to thicken more and more. She sucked and felt him begin to harden. He groaned and stiffening for a moment, he brought forth his seed into her mouth. “Swallow it you whorish witch, you trash”. Anna swallowed, obeying his command. She didn’t exactly like the taste of the slippery slimy hot liquid.

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   It was salty and she took more in as to avoid his punishments. He pulled her head away from his cock. “Very good whore, very good”.
 He shoved her back onto the table and re-cuffed her wrists. He stretched his legs as far as they would go then cuffed her ankles. Taking his hard cock, he tried to shove it in.   It was too tight. He shoved it in a little more. She screamed in pain as he continued trying to shove his cock in. He grunted again. “Tighter than a hen’s ass” he screamed. Oh God this hurts so much she thought. He shoved it in more again and broke her vaginal walls. Blood sputtered forth and she grunted. He shoved it in more and more.

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   Shoving it harder and harder each time and at a faster rate. After the initial pain of having her walls broken, it was just penetration. He grunted with each pound and pumped faster and faster groaning and moaning. She screamed in pain. He un-cuffed her ankles and raised her legs onto his shoulder, pumping faster and harder each time. It felt so painful and great. He pumped harder and harder each time and he felt his cock harden. She stiffened and he stiffened and they both came at the same time spilling forth their cum at the same time; their white juices splattering on the table and on their bodies. The archbishop collapsed for a moment before getting up. He cleaned himself with her cloth and put back on his elegant habit, wiping the sweat off his face.
“Gretel shall see to you, I believe that you would have gotten acquainted with her by now. Perhaps she will join us in one of our confessionals. I shall get you to confess to your witchery Anna”, he said, giving her nipples and breast  (which had turned to a shade of purple by now) one last pinch before heading out the door and closing it.

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