The Office Window (Part 1)


Mart quickly reprimanded himself. Getting turned on this early in the morning when at work would just make the day pass slower. For months now, Mart had watched Kelly coming in and out of work. He'd tried talking to her at first, but quite honestly, she was boring. Very boring. Always talking about heavy metal and smoking weed. Nothing wrong with either, Mart thought to himself, but he really didn't want to talk about them when he was having a fag break. In the end, Kelly had stopped talking. She must have sensed that he found her boring. In fact, lately, she'd taken to ignoring him completely. Mart hated to be ignored, and had recently decided he would take his revenge and tonight would be the night. Kelly always worked late on a Friday night, so she could go straight from work into town and meet up with her equally boring mates. Well, tonight, she wouldn't be meeting her friends. Mart passed the rest of the day surfing the net, putting on a show of researching some aimless nonsense for work. He tried not to think of Kelly and those huge tits, but every time he looked out of the window, he imagined what he was going to do to her. Eventually, at about 5.

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  30, the rest of the people who worked in Kelly's office had gone home, leaving Kelly alone. As Mart was the only person left now, he was free to make his move. He hadn't planned much, if he thought Kelly would talk, Mart was more than happy to kill her and be done with it. As usual, Mart locked the office door and headed over the forecourt which seperated the two offices. He entered the main door to Kelly's company and briefly paused at her door to compose himself. His heart was thumping madly in his chest, but he felt ready. Abruptly he burst the door open, met by a wide eyed Kelly. At first she looked scared. Scared of the sudden intrusion, but when she saw it was only Mart she seemed to calm a little. Probably presuming he'd come to ask her if she was locking the gate. 'Hi. ' Said Mart 'What time you supposed to be leaving tonight?''Another couple of hours yet. ' Replied Kelly. A couple of hours? That would be more than enough time for what Mart had planned. This was it.

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   He walked directly over to Kelly and slapped her hard across the face. She landed across her desk with her hair covering her face, shocked, stunned at what had just happened. Before she had time to straighten herself up, Mart had taken a small knife out of his pocket and helf it to her throat, lightly but forcefully touching the skin under her chin. 'Fuck with me, and I will leave you in a puddle of your own blood. Got it?' He said. Kelly didn't move at first, only nodding when Mart slapped her across the face again. As she nodded, he grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her back to her feet. Then he used the knife and cut her T-Shirt clean from her. Kelly stood their, the first few tears of the night rolling down her cheeks, and beyond her chin into the massive cleavage and then under her bra out of sight. She was wearing a black satin bra, holding her abnormally large breasts in place, just above her rounded but smooth belly. Kelly leant her head forward covering her eyes with her hair. Mart thought she looked quite sexy with her hair covering her face. Next, he grabbed her flimsy skirt and pulled at it until the fabric ripped. Kelly tried resisting, tried to push this bastard's prying hands away from her body, but he was just too strong for her and he managed to rip her skirt from her body. She was left stood in front of the man she'd idolised from the other side of the window, wearing just her black knickers, black bra and black Doc Martens.

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   She looked down at herself and blushed as she thought about how thick her legs were. Mart hadn't really noticed the thickness of her legs, he couldn't take his eyes away from her chest. He moved back towards her, grabbing as much of her right breast as possible, rubbing her nipple through the fabric of her bra. He got pissed off when there was no reaction, and her bra followed the rest of her clothes. Mart stood back in awe as he realeased the objects of his last 2 month's desires. They were quite wet now from the tears flooding down this girl's cheeks. 'My god. They are awesome. They look even better in the flesh. ' He said. 'Please. Please don't do this. Not like this. ' Kelly tried pleading. Mart roughly grabbed both of her breasts, only fitting some of each into his hands, the rest spilling over the top and out from between his fingers.

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   Again, there was no reaction from her nipples. Kelly was horrified. She'd stared at Mart through his office window dreaming of this happening. Even dreaming of him raping her, but now it was happening, it just made her feel sick. Perhaps it was her fault, perhaps this was her pay back for hoping to be raped. If he'd asked, she would have gladly let him take her and do what he wanted to her but not like this. She had to stop it. She hit Mart hard across the face, but just stood there, still stunned: frozen with fear. As he recovered, Mart slapped her yet again across the face, causing yet another red mark to appear on her face. He grabbed her tits again, this time bowing his head and taking one of her nipples into his mouth. At first he started to roll it round in his mouth and lick it gently, but when she didn't react and her body didn't react he started to nibble a bit harder, his spare hand travelling down her belly towards her clenched legs. Mart bit down hard on one of her nipples. Kelly let out a yelp and instinctively her legs relaxed just enough for Mart to slip his hand between them. He roughly and pathetically start to rub at her mound through her knickers. She still didn't respond.

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  He'd had enough of this now. Pushing Kelly back onto the desk behind her, he took the knife and cut both sides of her knickers, pulling them from her body exposing her hairy mound to him. He jabbed a finger inside her, trying to find her clit with his thumb. After a minute or so fumbling he gave up trying to find her clit and instead jabbed another finger inside her dry cunt. Kelly felt like passing out. She was so dry, her body so unwilling to take him and yet he just carried on stabbing her with his fingers. She was in excruciating agony now. She had to do something to make this easier, if he tried to fuck her whilst she was this dry she felt liek she would die. She ran her hand down to join Marts and expertly found her clit, which she had played with so many times whilst thinking of him. She started to rub it, hoping that if she got herself wet he'd just screw her and it would all be over. 'You're starting to like this now, aren't you bitch?' Mart said. Kelly felt like she had to agree with him, so she meakly nodded. 'Good. Now, get on your knees and suck me. Bite and cut your throat.

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   Ok?'Kelly didn't answer she just got down on her knees and undid his trousers, pulling them and his boxers to the ground. As she did, his cock sprang free. It was big. It wasn't too long, probably only 6-7 inches, but it was so thick she didn't know how she would fit it in anywhere. Tentatively, still fingering her own clit, trying to wetten herself up, she put the head in her mouth and started to lick the head. She could feel herself beginning to get excited, but it was strange because she still didn't feel aroused as though her body knew what was happening to her. Mart grabbed the back of her head with both his hands and started to push himself into her mouth. She quickly mover her tongue and spread her lips as far as they would go, trying to fit him in. She'd deep throated before but never with a dick so wide before. By the time Mart had half his dick in her mouth, she was struggling to breathe, trying to force gasps of air in and out of her nose. Still, the feelings between her legs were growing but still she wasn't enjoying it. Mart was really beginning to enjoy fucking this slut's mouth. He started rocking his hips back and forth enjoying the warm feeling around the head kf his knob. He'd always been a sucker for blowjobs, and the added thrill of forcing someone was getting him off even more. He looked down to see Kelly's eyes closed, tears still streaminf down her face, a look of pain and fear in the rest of her features.

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   That look did it, and he gasped as he blew his hot cum down her throat, past her trapped tongue. Kelly was in absolute anguish. Her cunt was still burning from the finger fucking, and her mouth was in agony, barely able to breathe. She was hating every minute of it, but as she rubbed her clit more and more she could feel the early signs a climax. She was definitely wet enough to take Mart's cock now. And it was a good job.
    As soon as Kelly had swallowed the last of Mart's cum, he pulled out and lifted her to her feet, turning her round and pushing her forward so she was bent over the desk, tits swaying down. Mart grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them apart, saying. 'Guide me in, now, bitch. We're almost finished. 'Kelly did as he told and leaning her left hand used her right to guide the head of his cock to her slit. No sooner had she lined him up than he forced himself into her. He noticed how much wetter she was now, as he began to slowly push himself further in. With every motion, Kelly's tits swayed a little harder. Kelly was now frantically rubbing her clit, all the while blaming herself for what was happening.

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       The tears from earlier had almost cleared from her face, fresh tears forming in their place and yet she could feel it. She could definitely feel it. Oh my god, here it came. Mart felt Kelly's legs clench and her cunt muscles tighten around his cock until he thought she was going to pull it off. Was she cumming? Surely not, she's still crying and the look on her face was one of absolute agony. She was cumming. She was biting her lip, screwing her eyes tight shut to try and hide it but her body was cumming whilst she was in such screaming pain. Suddenly, her juices were flowing out of her and down the sides of Mart's cock. He had an idea. He'd never done this before, and now was the perfect opportunity to change that. He pulled out of her, and noticed what almost looked like disappointment in Kelly's face, but he was pretty sure that that was just a sort of after glow. He scooped some of the juices from around her cunt and smeared them between her ass cheeks. Kelly started to stand up, really panicking. 'FUCK OFF. Not there, I'll fucking kill you if you try that.

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      ' She screamed, even more tears escaping from her eyes. Mart pushed her down onto the desk, stopping her struggling by holding the knife to her throat. he pulled her head closer to the edge of the desk so he didn't miss the sway of those beautiful tits and then spread her cheeks with his right hand. He placed the head of his cock at her ass hole and tried pushing. She wasn't letting him in, so he took the knife and ran it down her spine, tearing her skin in a couple of places. The pain was obviously enough as she opened up just enough for him to enter. he pushed the bulbous head of his now purple cock into her ass and left it there a minute, revelling in how tight it was. A few more strokes and he was a couple of inches in. Kelly was in appalling agony, screaming with every push, her tits were banging against the edge of the desk, getting red raw. Her head hti the PC on the desk on a couple of occasions, but none of it was as bad as the pain that was shooting from inside her asshole at that moment in time. mart was just staring at those wonderful tits and slamming his cock up her ass, grunting with every thrust. This was unbelievable and his balls were in full agreement but he didn't want to cum in there. He pulled out and threw Kelly on the floor, hitting her head on the desk on the way down. Looking up she could just see Mart stood in front of her, pulling himself off. after a few seconds he fired his cum, the first lot firing above her tits, landing on her face, in her eyes, on her lips, on her cheeks mixing with her tears.

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       The rest landed perfectly on her tits which were hanging down to either side of her body. Finally he pulled his trousers on but didn't leave straight away, instead he leant over and started to rub his cum into her nipples and wiped his dick over her nipples, leaving a small trail of blood. Now fully dressed he took the knife and helf it to her throat again. Kelly knew it was all over and had given up struggling long ago. She;d even given up crying by now. Looking at Kelly, Mart said 'Lick my cum off your tits and let you live. If you ever speak to anyone about this I will be back and I won't take it easy on you next time. Mart sat down and lit a cigarette as he watched Kelly lick his cum off her tits. He noticed that her nipples got hard as she licked them herself. He coudl feel himself getting hard again watching Kelly grab first one tit then the other and licking the mixture of cum, shit and blood away. They were definitely the nicest tits Mart had if this offends, but it is only a fantasy after all. Whilst this is my first submission I can take your abuse, so please go ahead. .



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