The New Wife Learns to be a Good Bitch


Topic: The New Wife - Page 1Everything about the wedding had been just perfect, even if marrying Jeffrey hadn't been exactly her choice. But her father had pressured her relentlessly, telling her what a good match it was, how very wealthy Jeffrey was. And he was handsome and successful. At 28, her mother said, Carla was getting a little over the hill, which was kind of insulting, but possible true. And she wasn't drop dead gorgeous, but definitely pretty, and with a good figure. So finally, she gave in.
Since everyone seemed to be deciding things without her input, Carla wasn't even that curious about this mysterious honeymoon destination that Jeffrey had planned. They'd boarded a private jet shortly after the reception and it was dark by the time they touched down. She'd napped on the plane, but was still kind of tired, so when the little shuttle bus dropped them off a the resort, she was ready to get some sleep and hit the beach in the morning. But when she came out of the bathroom, Jeffrey put his arms around her and said he'd been waiting all day to fuck his new wife. She pushed him away, saying, "Don't be crude, Jeff. That's hardly any way to get me in the mood. " His eyes hardened. "I'd hoped you'd be a little more cooperative to start, but I can see I've got my work cut out for me. "
"What are you talking about?" she said, turning away. But he grabbed her arm and spun her back.

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   "Perhaps you don't quite understand your position, Carla. You're mine, now. "
She tried to push away. "Well, of course I am. We said our vows and everything. But don't act like some sort of caveman. " To her utter shock, he slapped her across the face, which stunned her into silence.
"Let's be very clear, Carla. I consider you to be mine in the sense that you are my property. I more or less bought you from your dear father in settlement of some significant debt, and in consideration for future business arrangements. I am not the sort of man who lets a woman disobey him or do anything except what I say she will do. When I say "own" . . . I mean it.

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   I believe wives have specific functions, which you will carry out to my standards or face unpleasant consquences. "
Carla had been too stunned to reply, but now her anger was at full boil. "Let me go, you son of a bitch. LIke hell I'm your property. I'm on the next plane home tomorrow, and I'll get an annulment. Fuck you!"
He slapped her again and then pushed her up against the wall. "So that's how you want to play it, fine. " He pushed her face down on the bed, and quickly tied something around her wrists. "I'll scream!" she threatened.
"Fine," he chuckled. "No one here will care. This resort caters to men like me. The women here have no say in anything. "And," he added, "we will be staying here for quite a while, several weeks, perhaps longer, depending on your learning curve. " He pulled her off the bed and sat her in a chair, then took a couple of ropes out of a drawer and tied her ankles to the chair legs, with her thighs spread open.

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   He pulled a chair up to face her and sat down. Reaching out, he yanked open the front of her sexy honeymoon neglige. "These are the facts of life, Carla, of your life, anyway. . . from now on. I could have had you without marrying you, but social mores being what they are, it's wise to have a wife. You will be an asset in more ways than one. So let me give you a brief, shall we say, job description. If I choose to father children, you will be the brood mare, so to speak. Unless and until I do decide, your primary responsibility is to service me, anytime, anywhere, however I choose. " He patted the front of his trousers. "Keeping your husband happy is what you will live for. And that means you worship this cock, and you obey my orders no matter what they are. "
Carla started to speak, to protest, but he raised his hand and she closed her mouth.

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   "Secondly," he reached between her legs and parted her pussy lips, "this nice little fuckhole, and your ass, and your mouth," are for servicing cock, mine and anyone else's I allow to have use of you. These nice tits. . . mine, too. " He got up and poured himself a drink. "Don't think for a moment that this is some sort of partnership. Some men may want that. I don't. To me, a woman is basically a bitch, a breeder, a fucktoy. I think that's what they are made for. That's why they've got a pussy, and ass, and a mouth, because a cock fits nicely in them. And we're going to stay here until you fully understand that. I know I will enjoy your training, I don't really are if you do or not. Your pleasure is of no importance to me.

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   However, with proper conditioning, I daresay you will become a very willing and eager slut, since all bitches are basically slaves to their orgasms. Kind of like Pavlov's dogs. . . eventually just the sight of cock will have you panting and spreading your legs and wagging your ass. "
Carla was about to faint from shock. She couldn't find any words. This was all some sort of bizarre nightmare form which she would wake up. He was acting as if she was going to be some sort of sick sex slave. Like hell, she thought. As if reading her mind, he chuckled. "Oh, you'll learn. And the first lesson is right now. " Jeffrey was tall, and standing beside the chair, his crotch was easily even with her face. He unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock and forcibly turned her face toward it.

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   He rubbed it all over her face, letting it get harder and harder as she tried to squirm away. Once his pole had stiffened sufficiently, he reached into the drawer again and pulled out a leather strap with a ring in it.
    "I can't really trust you yet not to do me some injury, so this will prevent that, and also give you a graphic example of how easily I can use you. Without warning, he pried her mouth open, popped the metal ring between her teeth and secured the strap around her head. Now her mouth was opened in an O shape. He straddled the chair and slid his erection into her mouth, letting it lie on her tongue. Slowly he stroked it back and forth.
    "You see, Carla, . . . " he paused, "I probably won't use that name except in public. In private, I'll be using more functional names, like job titles. So, let me start again. You see, cunt. .

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      . your job description has, shall we say, several bullet points. One of them is cocksucker. So you will have to get very good at it. Since I doubt you'd be very cooperative at the moment, nd since my cock needs servicing, we'll do it this way. I fuck your mouth as long as I want, as deep as I want, and you'll swallow my cum. I'll forego you licking me clean, at least for the moment. " He suited his actions to his words, and picked up a steady rhythm, holding Carla's head between his hands and thrusting into her without regard for her discomfort. Suddenly he stopped. "Oh, but it IS our honeymoon after all. Perhaps I'm being selfish. " Back to the drawer he went and this time came out with a lavender vibrating dildo. Unceremoniously, he spread her pussy open, worked it in, ignoring her protests. "Don't whine. It's already kind of wet.

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      . . I knew you had a slut streak in you. " Flicking it on, he resumed his position and thrust his cock into her mouth. Sure enough, as he had predicted, Carla began to quiver from the deep vibrations in her vagina. He reached down and turned it up to high and then began brutally using her face like a pussy, his cock goins so deep she could only breathe between strokes. At last he buried himself to the hilt and held it there as she was torn between trying ot breathe and cumming all over the vibrator. He drew back and then shot his load down her throat. She had to swallow it.
    "Not bad," he shrugged. "Your father thought you'd be decent cocksucker, but we'll see. Now I'm going to get some sleep, and you get to think about your future. . . I think some fresh air would be helpful.

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       He scooted her and the chair across the carpet and onto the patio. "But it's kind of hot out here, don't you think. " He ripped away the sheer fabric of her nightgown, leaving her completely naked, the dildo still in her pussy. He turned her to face outward, toward the little gravel path that ran along in front of the bungalows. In the daylight, she would be on display for anyone passing by. Before going in, he fondled her breasts. "These are pretty nice, but I think I'd like them bigger. We'll take care of that while we're here, too. " Thoughtfully, he decided to remove the O ring from her mouth. "Feel free to chat with anyone who comes by," he said. Any woman on this island is fair game for any man who feels like using her, but until I put your cunt label on you, they'll just look and handle. "
    He left Carla there, shivering a little the dark, wondering what in the world did he mean by 'cunt label,' and could this really he happening to her?

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