The misadventure of homeless marvin


Charlotte walked thru the halls of her university one Tuesday afternoon, having just had a meeting with her professor.   The meeting had been called for the purpose of celebrating her latest political science paper, which clearly and efficiently outlines a plan for improvements in U. S. foreign policy.   Charlotte had a swagger in her step that would be unmistaken by anyone who passed her at this moment.   Feeling on top of the world,  She decided to treat herself to a cigarette in the courtyard where she could reflect on how remarkable her college career has been thus far.   She Ruminated on how much she’d accomplished since moving from her primitive upbringings in a small Texas Suburb.   Her conservative town and family had attempted to stifle her growth in every way they could, but a full scholarship to a prestigious New York school had gotten her out of that mess and she hasn’t looked back once…well, maybe a peak or two.   Charlotte sat down on a bench and watched all the people coming and going for a moment before she leaned, opened her bag, [which was on the ground between her legs] and began rummaging through her bag for some smokes.   Charlotte always had a habit of wearing jeans that were a size too big on her and today was no exception.   It wasn’t her fault, though you see; her figure, comprised of a thinnish waist, larger than average thighs, and a bubble butt that defied each and every law of physics. This proved to be very unfortunate for Charlotte because any movement other than a normal walking pace caused her slacks to fall down some, revealing the thong underwear she so very much adored.   However, on this particular day, Charlotte had not a clean pair of panties to her name.   Finals week is a busy time and doing laundry was placed on the backburner.   So, on this particular day, Charlotte opted to go commando.   ‘What’s the harm in that?’ She thought.

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    But she didn’t think!  So now as she’s bent over, her t-shirt rode up revealing half of her tanned back perfectly golden and shimmering in the afternoon sun.   Not only this, but anyone who would happen to pass by at this moment would catch a glimpse of her slight and tiny waist with a beauty mark right above and to the left of the crack which separated two of the most perfectly shaped and proportioned globes of flesh known to the history of man.   About one quarter of it rose out from the waist of her jeans[more if you were daring enough to get a closer look] as Charlotte continued to rummage thru her bag.   The juicy soft flesh of her ass spilled out over her jeans and granted male passerbys with an instant erection.   The tiny blonde hairs of her lower back and butt cheeks were shining in the sun.   Now, there is always one man who approaches Charlotte whenever she is in a position such as we find her now, and today that man is Marvin.   Marvin is homeless with dark skin, torn clothes, and grimy hands.   Marvin, on his way to cash in some cans and bottles, dropped the bags he was holding to the ground beside his hole-ridden shoes took in the enticing scene that was before him.   ‘I hadn’t had no white girl in 30 years,’ he thought, but today he knew that somehow he had to have this one…or at least die trying.   Martin, never being one for romantics, reach out both his arms and took hold of the soft white flesh of Charlottes waist and squeeze roughly, holding on tightly as Charlotte jumped up in shock and tripped over her bag and fell with an ‘oomf’ face first on to the concrete ground.   Her ass still looked marvelous and perky even after the fall.   It stuck straight up and even more of those mouth watering moons had come into view.   A small number of people had halted to notice what was happening, but no one seemed all that interested.   Marvin knew this would be his only chance, so he put his mind to work,
<!--[if me, miss.   Is you’s alrigh?”he asked, massacring the English language,, as he laid his filthy hands on her naked waist, yet again, letting his thumbs and the palms of his hands rest against the tops of her ass cheeks.

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    At his touch Charlotte quickly got into a sitting position facing the homeless man leaning beside her who was doing his best impression of an innocent man.   Charlotte had always been a defender of all the little guys: Hurt animals, children, battered women, and the homeless.   However, right now she was quite angry with this particular homeless man for grabbing her god-like ass and giving it a soulful squeeze. “What the fuck is wrong with you, you pervert!” she yelled at the homeless man and people in the vicinity one again began to take notice, but just like before didn’t seem all too concerned.   “I could have seriously hurt myself! Who do you think you are grabbing ladies on the street?!  Somebody ought to teach you a lesson you dirty old smelly freak!” No no, miss.   You gots it all wrong, see,” the homeless man desperately responded “It wasn’t me whose grabbed you… it was some guy. . in a suit…he had some briefcase and…he was all mean ‘n shit. .   I tried to stop him fo you’s, miss…but he mussa got away. ” The animated homeless man waved his arms around frantically during his explanation of the events that’d taken place and afterwards one of them came to rest right above charlottes left knee.   Then he spoke:  “I just came here to see if you was alright.   Is you alright?”  The Homeless man asked attempting to take on the role of protector.   Charlotte, who as I aforementioned is a sucker for the homeless, immediately began to hum along to a different tune and became gracious for the homeless man kneeling next to her wantonly rubbing her leg. “Is that really what happened?  I can’t believe no one else stopped to help me or catch that asshole!” She exclaimed.

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    I always said that the homeless were the only people worth anything in this crummy world…and I was sure right!”  “Yes, you is sho right, girl.   Not one of em even turned a head. Shiiih. . ” the homeless man said now with both hands affectionately rubbing and effectively dirtying up Charlotte’s jeans covered thighs.   ‘My how soft these puppies is,’ thought Marvin.   “How can I ever repay you!?  It’s not fair that you do such a good deed and have to continue to live out here on the streets!” She exclaimed.   “Well…” the homeless man began starting to conjure up a reward.   “I could use a shave and a showa…ifa you knows where I can find one…hard to get a job dese days all smellin’ like I do. ”  They both had a good laugh at that before Charlotte stood up smiling and announced to the homeless man that her dorm had a shower and she could sign him in to use it.   Are you sho, miss?” Marvin asked, trying to conceal his excitement.   “Yes,” replied Charlotte, “it is by duty to you, my fallen brother. ”  And at that she pulled him up and they walked arm in arm to Charlotte’s dormitory.
<!--[if arriving at the front security desk they both took out their I. D.

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  s and handed them over to the security guard.   He eyed the both of them suspiciously for a moment and then asked Charlotte, “So, um…are you sure this is your friend?”  This was exactly the response she had hoped for.   She reveled and took delight in situations where she could exercise her devotion to human rights activism.   “Of course this is my friend!  What do you think the homeless have no friends!?  Oh, maybe they do.   Maybe they only have other stinky homeless friend, right!?  You people are all the same.   You get a buck and then you look down on everyone and you think you’re all better than everyone else!  Well, you’re not!  You’re the lowest of the low!”  The guard stood there stunned and thought “this job doesn’t pay enough” before he let the motley duo pass into the hallway that led to the stairwell.   Feeling supergood about her socially activist self, she gingerly led Marvin the homeless man up the stairs to the 3rd floor[all the while Martin could not keep his greedy eyes off of Charlotte’s sweet ass. . with each step up one cheek tightened and the other created a crease in the area where her buttock met her leg.   This repeated motion proved to be too much stimulation for Martin and his penis began to grow down the leg of his pants; harder and thicker, straining against his tight crusty pants to be freed.   Charlotte’s room was tiny; filled with posters, signs, and articles all having to do with the poor, poor people of this world.   It also contained a window, desk, and bed.   “Here,” Charlotte broke in while Marvin was looking around, “you can use my towel and shampoo because I’m cool like that and I don’t care that you’re homeless!”  She proudly exclaimed.   “What about some soap, sugga?”  The homeless man asked. “Oh, how could I forget!”  And she turned around and bent over to look thru one her drawers for some soap her homeless friend, Marvin, could use.

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    Just then the homeless man remembered why, exactly, he’d come to her dorm in the first place.   It was not to take a shower; nor was it to shave. . it was to fuck this dumb white bitch!  His eyes locked in on her fatty white ass and he licked his lips watching the crack of her ass and the round white globes wiggle to and fro below her tiny waist as she searched and searched; babbling all the while.   He dropped the towel and shampoo on the bed, lifted his leg in the air, and kicked her ass as hard as he could with his big dirty boot.   She crashed headfirst into the cabinet and fell to the floor in a crumpled up daze.   “You dumb white bitch” the homeless man said, “I’m a show you a lesson walkin’ ‘round like you does.   Show you what’s up, I will. ”  Charlotte looked up, confused, with stars in her eyes from her newspaper and magazine covered floor to see the homeless man’s hands undoing the rope he had tied around his waist, which acted as a belt.   “What…what are you doing?”  Charlotte asked in a small pathetic voice from where she lay on the floor; holding her aching and swollen head.   Marvin let his actions speak for himself.   As soon as the rope came undone his oversized pants dropped to the floor, revealing something else which appeared to be oversized as well.   Charlotte gasped and became wide-eyed at the size of his semi-hard black as night cock.   She’d seen horse cock before and Marvin’s bared a striking resemblance.   The thick shaft began from between his legs where thick curly pubic hair sprouted all along the base and on his testicles.

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    The shaft then hung downwards nearly reaching his knees.   The length wasn’t the only amazing thing about it, see, it was also very thick and veiny.   It appeared to carry a lot of weight. [which it most certainly did]  Behind his massive tool, a very low hanging ball sack hung low containing two clementine-sized testicles.    She also gasped because of the putrid smell that was released once his pants dropped. He laughed at her expression and said “how you like yo poe lil homeless man now” and continued laughing heartily until Charlotte rose to her feet and made a run towards the door of her dorm room.   The homeless man, still laughing, stuck out his foot and tripped her as she tried to pass him and she fell against the door and slid down to the ground in a heap.   The fight in her was dying quickly as she took beating after beating.   He walked over to the door, stepping over her, his dick waving back and forth like the powerful pendulum of a grandfather clock, and locked it.   He knelt down next to the barely conscious Charlotte and maneuvered her so that she was on her back.   Out of the corner of her eye she eyed his monster of a penis only a couple of feet from her face and emitted a tiny whimper of pain and of fear.   He reached his hand back and brought it, with force, against her face.   “Shut up bitch…I swear I kills ya. ”  He stood up and over her with his legs on either side of her body.   Charlotte could only look up from the floor, where she was whimpering with a busted lip and bruised face, at that mammoth of a cock that seemed to be pointing right at her.

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    As if to say “I choose you,” it jerked once and she flinched.   Marvin laughed.   That frightened look remained in her eyes as he looked down on her, smiling, and began to jerk his cock slowly and deliberately.   She dared not scream for help out of fear for her life.   He kept masturbating, getting off on the helpless look of his cowering victim.   He squeeze the shaft and a droplet of precum oozed out of the head.   He squatted down with the precum still at the head of his cock until it lay against her forehead.   She could feel the sticky substance there on her face; she felt disgusted with herself. He smiled, still grabbing the shaft, and wiped his cock off against her cheeks, nose, and eyes – finally resting it against her lips, which were trembling and clamped shut.   He squatted further down until half the shaft lay across Charlotte’s face.   She had closed her eyes and tried to breathe as little as possible, for his smell was unbearable.   “mmm. That look good to me. ” He told her, still smiling.   She began to choke and cough because of the rancid and fowl smelling organ that lay across her face.

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    “You betta get used to it, bitch.   “ he said as he took his massive tool in his hand and shook it against her face, slapping her with it.   The cock was heavier than she expected and actually hurt.   “This shit gon be in yo mouth soon. ”  She gasped again and began to cry and the homeless man saw this as an excellent opportunity to partly push the head inside of her parted lips as she whimpered and quietly pleaded with him.   “Be a good girl and lick it, bitch.   Or I shit on ya then i kill ya!”  This latest threat got Charlotte to reluctantly open her tiny mouth and let her tiny tongue come out and lick the underside of the Homeless man’s shaft up to the head.   The horrible sour taste of his filthy piece stung her taste buds.   “C’mon back you best keep lickin. ”  And she did keep licking.   She licked and licked.   She lapped at it as a cat would its milk dish.   Only this wasn’t milk.   It was a filthy, dirty, homeless cock.   He slowly pushed his hips back and forth, running the length of it against her mouth nose and forehead as she held her tongue out flicking it against his penis.

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   He pushed it slowly against her forehead and nose sometimes hovering over her so that his heavy balls could be licked and bounced around by her tongue.   The homeless man began to grunt and enjoy his cock bath.   She licked and suckled his sack while he took his cock in one hand and began to slowly stroke it, moaning and urging her on, very slowly from its base to its head using her saliva as lubricant while some precum dripped down onto her cheek  “Bitch you like lickin’ them balls don’t you?”  She didn’t answer, feeling embarrassed, but kept licking them all over sometimes even taking one of the oversized testacles into her mouth. “Bitch, I said answer me!”  And he slapped her in the face.   “Tell me you like sucken’ them nuts, ho!”  He ordered her to tell her.   She took his right testicle out of her mouth and in a monotone voice proclaimed:  “I love sucking your balls” and the homeless man, content, smiled a toothless grin while he rubbed the shaft back and forth along her face spreading the mixture of her own saliva and his precum around. .   “Blright, bitch. . now open wide. ”  She didn’t and he whacked her in the face with his heavy meat.   It hurt her quite a bit.   He leaned in close and whispered “you better open wide, bitch…dis could be much worse am warnin’ you now. ”  Reluctantly she opened her mouth and he positioned himself so that the head of his cock lay on her tongue like a holy wafer was once laid there when she received her first holy communion.   The homeless man looked up to the ceiling of the room and said “thank you, God.

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   Thank you for givin’ me this bitch.   I fiannly got sumthin’ to live fo.   Thank you, God. Amen. ”  He turned his attention back to Charlotte and saw that she’s taken some initiative and had been licking his cock head and suckling on it, figuring if she did a good job this could all be over soon.
      “mmm. Now das my girl…but this be easier dis way, here sit up. ”  He sat her up so she was propped up against her dorm room’s door.   “ok…NOW you may open wide. ”  She did so and closed her eyes and felt the first wave of his cock begin to enter her mouth…it was still only semi-hard and had not reached it’s full length or thickness.   He pushed another quarter into her mouth and now the head reached and pushed into the entrance to her throat.   She began to cough and gag but the homeless man held her pinned against the door and told her to get ready for the “steam engine comin’ thru.   With that, he pushed the whoooooole thing in and it knocked her head against the door with a loud thud…she began to moan and suffer with the huge cock stuffed down her throat, but he held her there with this stinky pubes pressed against her nostrils and his balls hanging down her face past her chin.   “mmm. Yeah baby amma teach you ‘bout love today.


      ”  The homeless man laughed his rich hearty laugh as Charlotte struggled and clawed at his sides and ass trying to push him off her.   The cock began to expand in her throat and with it the pain also grew.   “baby, more you be struggling more ams gonna stay like this. ”  He laughed some more and she stopped fighting him, so he slowly pulled his cock out inch by inch and marveled at the sight of it.   She collapsed to the floorgasping for air and massaging her throat while the homeless man laughed and laughed at her.   “Girl, I muss say I be proud of you.   Damn girl das nice…but now da real fun beginning.   Stan up and take dem pants down. Now, I said!”  Charlotte slowly rose to her feet and unbuttoned her jeans letting them fall to the ground. . it was obvious she was completely resigned to what was about to happen to her, and she stood there lifeless with her pants around her ankles.   He skin was white as 2% milk and her mound was covered in dark, thick, curly hair.   It was a wonderful contrast that even the homeless man could appreciate it.   he whistled and hollered at her and finally told her to turn around so he could see them other half.   She did so and the homeless man dropped to his knees praising the Lord for the gift he had bestowed upon him that day.

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        He crawled over to her on his knees which his long thick cock dragging on the floor between his legs, grabbing her big beautiful ass and squeezing it.   He kneaded the flesh roughly as if it were not part of another human being, but its own separate entity.   He bit into the pouty cheeks savagely leaving bite marks and his saliva on them.   He was amazed at how far it protruded from her body and by how tiny her slim waist was.   He continued to slap and knead it; lick and bite it.   It was his.   No one else’s but his.   He stood up and moved in close behind her and let his cock snuggle up inside the cleft of her ass.   She shivered at the touch but he held her by the waist tightly with both hands as he slid his cock up and down tightly snuggled between her ballooning ass cheeks.   He massaged them groaning as he did so.   His precum slickened the space and he pushed up and down with ease but he was now ready for some yum yum pussy fun.   He pushed her onto her small dorm room bed and in fear about what would happen next she lay there defeated and crying; begging the man not do what he was about to do.   “But baby you see…I made a promise to…the Lord, baby you see…I can’t break no promise I makes with him…it sacred!”  At that he jumped onto the bed, grabbed her by the ankles,, and pried her legs apart.   To look at the size of this man’s penis and then at the size of Charlotte’s tiny vagina you’d wonder just how this monster could ever fit in such a tiny pussy, but Marvin held her legs against his chest with one muscular arm and held his penis steady with the other.   “Oops.

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       I almost forgot!”  He hocked a loogie, aimed, spat, and hit his shaft with it.   He massaged it in and then aimed his cock at her perty little vagina as her moans of protest grew louder and louder.   He slowly pushed the mushroom shaped head of his penis into her hole and sighed at how good this felt and how much better it would soon feel.   Her Pussy was already stretched out by the head…but the fattest parts of his cock were still yet to come.   He said  “Baby, my moms always tol me she said ‘mMarvin it best you jump in that pool and git it ova with ratha no standing around makin it harder for yuhself. ’”  He kissed both of her feet, which were on either side of his head, one by one and then plunged his entirety deep inside of her with a primal grunt.   Where he found the room to stuff this cock in nobody knows.   Next door to Charlotte’s room a group of stoners getting high listening to records all thought. . “Man, dude, yo…that Charlotte…she is one kinky chick. ”  But back in Charlotte’s room the huge cock lay deep within her.   He praised the Lord one last time and begin to mercilessly drive the beast in and out of her while she screamed and yelled loud enough to alarm the whole dorm room of her sexual activities.   Marvin met a lot of resistance from her tiny little pussy but it didn’t stop him.   Nothing would stop him.   He drove his hips in and then pulled out almost entirely before slamming back in again with a slapping sound.

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        Flesh against flesh.   Sometimes Marvin drew out only half way.   Sometimes he drew out all the way.   But he always pounded back in with reckless abandon; lost in the throws of his lust for this hot white girl.   He held her legs open wide by the ankle with each hand and plowed over and over again while Charlotte slipped into a semi-unconscious state her body just bouncing with each thrust; tears and precum covering her face.   Marvin scooped her up with his arms around her back and brought her chest to his chest as he knelt on the bed with his cock still planted inside her.   He threw her arms around his shoulder and she got the idea as he stood up and put his hands underneath her to cup that magnificent ass in his hands.   He lifted her tiny body up and down up and down on his cock as Charlotte’s mouth lay open only small sounds escaping here and there.   The Homeless man was breaking a sweat and grunting.   By this time a small crowd had gathered outside the door to listen.   Marvin pushed Charlotte against the door roughly and with her back against the door he could fuck her even harder.   He was also able to free his hands from her ass; so, he did so and ripped open her shirt and bra and began ravaging her modest B cup breasts.   He pulled and yanked at them while she held on to him for dear life and he pistoned his unspeakably sized cock in and out of her abused pussy.   “thwak thwak. ” Was the sound the listeners heard each time Marvin savagely drove back into her and her back and skull met with the door.

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       Soon, though,  Martin grew tired of holding her up, so he lifted her up off of his cock and dropped her to the floor.   She collapsed in a heap and knocked on her door pleading for audience that had gathered outside to help her.   They all looked at each other, frightened, until one man spoke up: “they are pretty wild in there aren’t they!?”  The group considered this and agreed that they were pretty wild and listened on attentively.   Charlotte got a few smacks and boot kicks for that and Marvin finally got her in the position he’d dreamt of having her in since he laid eyes upon her.   What position is that?  Doggystyle, of course!  She was on her hands and knees and Marvin strode up behind her.   He squatted there, holding himself up with his strong legs, and immediately pushed the head into her brave little cunt.   He drove all the way in with one thrust and grabbed two handfuls of her hair with both hands and pulled back as hard as he could.   Her neck snapped back and Marvin used this trick for extra balance as he rocked back and forth fucking Charlotte with his huge tool.   His cock: super thick - thicker and longer than ever, veins bulging and his sack full of cum ready to completely fill Charlotte with his semen, he fucked her relentlessly; spitting out obscenities that sprayed saliva on her back.   The resistance her unbelievably tiny pussy gave him is what made fucking her better than anything he ever fucked before.   It felt so smooth and sucked away at his cock better than he’d ever experienced a cunt could suck.   He knew it wouldn’t be long before he came so he brought back one of his large dirty hand and slapped her ass; watching it jiggle and shake before him as his cock continued its deep-sea diving expedition. Each time his hips met hers and his cock disappeared somewhere within her, her ass did a dance for him; it made him smile and fuck her faster and harder to increase the tempo at which it danced.   Charlotte was beside herself and in a most uncomfortable position with her head being pulled back like it was.   Charlotte, as a person, however, did not exist to Marvin.

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        She was only a fuck toy; a really hungry pussy that he could feed his cock to. With each thrust, Marvin pulled back mercilessly on her hair; as he pulled out he let up a tiny bit.   This sequence continued for at least 18 minutes.   She sobbed and yelled the whole way thru it and like an answer from God[finally]  Marvin grunted and held his cock deep within her as he emptied his balls deep inside and collapsed on top of her, immediately beginning to snore.   Charlotte tried to budge him but his weight was no match for her.   So, she, too, fell asleep with his huge cock wedged inside of her, on her cold marble door room floor.
    <!--[if be continued


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