The Late Night Walk


Walking along the beaten path in the dark park. Jennifer held Ians hand tightly as they walked along, listening to the sound of nature, trying to block out the quiet hum of motors from the highway. They heard a rustling in the bushes, unable to see anything they kept walking along, writing it off as some animal. Her watch beeped telling them that it was 3am. Seconds later they heard more rustling, Ian stopped, wondering if somebody was following them. As he stopped Ian turned to the right, squinting trying to see what it was.
Suddenly there was a loud crack, Jennifer jerked around to see Ian falling to the ground. Running over to him she held his head in her lap, feeling the blood trickling down from his temple. As she felt his pulse she quickly stood up to grab her cell phone from her back pocket. She felt a presence. . . like she was being watched, but didn't care. She was worried about Ian. When she put the phone to her ear, two hands wrapped around her, one around her mouth and one around her waist.
A shadow came out of the bushes with a large object resembling a bat.

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   Tears ran down her face as she jumped and thrashed, trying to free the vice-like grip. The other figure pulled something out of his pocket, watching as the figure tied Ians, hands behind his back and put something over his mouth. The figure picked up Ians lifeless body and drug his body through the thick brush into a clearing away from the path, as the other figure drug her, following right behind.
While the man tied Ian to a thick birch tree the other man kicked the back of her knees, making her whimper as she droppped to the ground. The moonlight cast an eerie glow on everything, just barely lighting things up enough to see. The man walking towards her was a large man, with steel blue eyes and an evil grin that showed no remorse. The worried look on her face and the pain in her eyes made him laugh.
"If you behave nicely, we won't kill your boyfriend, but if you tell anyone about this, we will. Got it you little bitch?!"
Her gaze fell to the ground, trying to hold back the tears. "Okay" was all she could mutter.
He backhanded her as hard as he could, leaving a bright red handprint on her face and splitting her lip.
"You will address me as 'Master' you dirty whore. "
Face stinging so bad it made her eyes water. "Yes Master". A part of her hoped that Ian would wake up so she would know he was okay, but the rest of her was glad he wasn't going to witness any of this, she couldn't have been more ashamed.

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Cupping her face, "If you scream, it's going to hurt both of you. " Pulling her head up, making her look at him. "Such a pretty face, and a nice body. " He said as he grabbed her tits hard, making her wince. Taking her shirt off, he pinched her hard nipples before taking one in his mouth. Jennifer felt her insides tighten as he flicked his tongue against the very tip.
All of a sudden he stopped and ripped her shorts off. The cold breeze blowing across her bare flesh made her shudder as it sent a chill down her spine, making her nipples harder. He ran his fingers across her slit, before brutally thrusting 2 fingers into her dry pussy. Making her jerk and cry out in pain. He kept sliding them in and out, not very deep but enough to make her whimper. He finally started rubbing her clit, relaxing her enough, and getting enough lubrication that it didn't hurt as bad.
"Well Jimmy, would you look at this. The whore is starting to like it. " Jimmy replied with a laugh.

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   'Looks like this bitch has never done anal"
"God please no! I'll do anything but that!" she said, giving him a pleading look.
He laughed to himself, looking into her eyes. "If you behave, then we won't. But if you don't behave, I'm gonna make tonight be one of the most painful experiences of your life. "
He started fingering her again, she winced in pain every time he thrust his fingers back in. He suddenly stopped. . . and slid 2 fingers into her ass making her scream. He slapped her again.
"Shut up bitch. . . if we get caught, we're gonna kill you. "
She bit her lip so hard it started to bleed.

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   as he forced 2 more fingers in. So caught up in the pain, she didn't notice what Jimmy was doing, when she felt something being tied around her wrists, binding them so tight it felt like it was about to cut off circulation. He stood up and unzipped his pants, his cock sprang out, forcing it past her lips.
"If you bite me, we'll kill you right here. " he said looking at her as he started to fuck her face.
Jennifer obeyed, until she felt something pressing into her ass. Making her scream as he thrust his cock deep into her ass. She stopped sucking for a moment, until she knew she wasnt gonna bite down. She started sucking again, he made her stop before he came.
"Sorry bitch, but the opportunities too good to pass up. " he told her as he lay down on the grass, pulling her on top of him, positioning his cock at her slit.
"God NO! Stop please!" she begged and cried.
She looked up at Ian and noticed he was sitting there watching all of this with the most horrid look at in his eyes. Trying to mouth "I'm sorry" but the man slowly entered her until he couldn't fit anymore of his large cock in. He pulled out a little bit making her think that he was gonna stop, until he thrust all the way in, making her scream as he ripped through her.

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   The searing pain made her cry and her body shake from the abuse it was taking. He pulled out and thrust back in, doing it over and over, as the blood covered his cock. He was stretching her so wide, when she felt Jimmy pressing into her ass again. She screamed as he slowly pushed back into her ass. She cried harder then she ever has as she looked at Ian.
"Fuck this bitch is so tight" he said to Jimmy before blowing his load. When all of a sudden they both heard sirens. Not sure if they were there for them or not, he quickly pinned her to the ground, choking her.
"You made a big mistake. You dirty skank. " Choking her until she almost passed out. Then they repeatedly kicked and punched her. She ended up passing out when they started stomping on her stomach, the last thing she remembered was coughing up blood.
She awoke sometime later to the sound of a monitor beeping. She seen Ian sitting there, with his head in his hands, tears running down his face.

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   She slowly reached over and wiped the tears off his face.
Her throat was so sore, she coughed, hoping the pain would go away, but it didn't. She finally managed to whisper,
"Are you okay?"
"Oh baby" he said as tears filled his eyes again. "I'm fine, I've been so worried about you. I thought you were never gonna wake up. " He said as he squeezed her hand. "I don't know if I could ever forgive. . . . "
Putting her finger on his lips, "Lay with me, please. "
He looked at the nurse, she smiled, telling him it was okay. Smiled at her reassuringly as she whispered "Don't worry dear she's safe now. " Ian lay holding her for hours, until she finally made him go get something to drink. The nurse looked at Jennifer in the hospital bed.

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"You know, he hasn't left your side for the past 4 days. He was so scared when you went into surgery, he really loves you". She said with a smile. She smiled back before drifting back off sleep. She kept having dreams of that night, the men had kept beating her, and hit her with the bat a few times, and then ran off as the sirens got closer. Ian had struggled to get free, as he finally he did, he ran over and gathered her in his arms and ran her back to the car. Covered in blood, he wrapped her in a blanket and put her in the car, speeding to the nearest hospital.
She was in the hospital for a couple weeks, having numerous surgeries. She needed stitches in a number of places, had to have surgery to repair the internal damage. She later figured out, the sirens we're just passing by the park on the highway. Out of it all, she wished she could erase the look she had seen on Ians face. The next few weeks passed by so slow, she constantly woke up in a cold sweat with tears running down her face. Everytime, Ian held her close and a tear or two ran down his cheek since he knew he couldn't do anything more to help her.
She always wore clothes to bed, and never let him see her naked, she didn't even want to see herself naked. Gashes and bruises covered her body.

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   She had a shower everyday, hoping that pain from the boiling hot water would wash away her shame and guilt. But it never did.
4 months to the day, she never slept, staying awake all night, she just stared at the ceiling, hoping he wouldn't remember. She still wasn't anymore talkative and cheerful then she had been the past few months, it was killing him, but he never told her. He knew all he could do was hold her tight and tell her that he loved her.
Another 2 months had passed, and she had slowly been more open with him, that night, she asked him if he would come hold her for abit upstairs. He happily said yes. As they laid there and talked he held her as close as possible. She slowly turned around and gave him a long, passionate kiss, something she hadn't done since that night. . . he kissed her back and pulled her in tighter.
She slowly stood up and slid off her clothes, in the dim light he noticed the scars that covered her body. Horrible reminders of that night. When she laid down next to him, he looked in her eyes and whispered,
"We don't have to do this if you don't want to.

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   I'm happy just holding you. . . "
As she looked in his eyes she whispered "I want to Ian. I love you. "
He softly laid her back on the bed and straddled her, "I'm gonna go slow though, just promise me you'll tell me if you want me to stop, or if I'm hurting you, ok?" She nodded and kissed him.
He broke away the kiss and started kissing her neck softly, slowly trailing down her chest, kissing all over each breast before sucking softly on her nipple. As a soft moan escaped her lips, he went to the other nipple, and sucked on that before continuing on his way downward. Kissing down each of her thighs, he kissed her clit, and then started flicking his tongue against it. Making her moan even more.
Sucking on it, he started to lick up and down her dripping slit. He lay there pleasuring her, watching her writhe and buck her hips in satisfaction. Finally he felt her grab his hair and arch her back, not even breathing, he licked up her cum until she finally dropped against the bed, completely exhausted. Bringing himself up to her, to kiss her on the mouth, he said "I love you Jennifer". As he tried to get off her, she stopped him. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

"Make love to me, please. " she whispered as she kissed him deeply. As he positioned himself at her entrance, he looked into her eyes to see if it was "okay". She nodded softly before he slowly started to slide into her. They both moaned outloud, feeling him enter her. He was all the way in her, when he stopped, and kissed her, relishing the moment, hoping it would never have to end. Slowly she started to move beneath him, signalling she was ready. Ian pulled almost all the way out, and slid all the way in, going deeper and deeper each time.
He continued this but slowly picked up his pace, until he felt her insides tighten and her nails dig into his back as she neared orgasm. He went slower but deeper each time, driving her over the edge, she got dizzy as she climaxed. Pulling him down ontop of her running her nails along his back, trying to catch her breath.
As soon as he felt her pussy clamp down on him, he couldn't hold back any longer. He tried to pull out but she stopped him, all of a sudden he came deep inside her. His body shook from the intense orgasm, before collapsing ontop of her. She smiled and kissed him, before they both drifted off to sleep.