The Kingdom of Fuck


In a kingdom tucked quietly into a small valley lived a peaceful king, and throughout his reign he served the land faithfully as he diligently led the people to prosper. On the 40th year of his reign the land fell to a plague and with the other two thirds of the village he died, too damn bad for him! That is when my glorious rule to power came to be, and as the king’s only surviving son I immediately took over. You might say I made some modifications, the old kingdom was boring and people seemed to absorb this innate goodness my weak farther portrayed. I was 18 before I became a man; couldn’t find a whore to fuck so I had to take one from the village. What a limp fish she had been, but I could tell she wanted it even more then I had as she practically came the moment I took her precious virginity. I had to dispose of that one, she would have bragged to her friends no doubt and I had no interest in having a pile of cock teasing bitches come flaunt their fat asses in my face at the time. That is the thing with women in this village, they all want their cock but they expect marriage in return. So it became my first order of business to show them that they were made only to serve as whores for men. Of course I certainly had to kill the men that opposed this way of thinking, their deaths were necessary but most were rather excited by this turn of events as soldiers that had been dying for a good fuck for quite some time it would seem. In a day I rounded up the women and girls from the village and imprisoned them in the towers while my men and I made some alterations to the village’s architecture. Within a week we had built strong walls that men would patrol during the day and had burned down the homes to rebuild one area of living with many chambers.

Guard dogs were trained to patrol inside and out so that prisoners could be caught easily. It is within this marvellous dwelling that the women and girls were segregated by age and weight. Fat women above the age of 18 were housed in three large rooms and given straw mats to lie upon on the floor. These cows were the lowest and ugliest of the bunch; they would be lucky to get anyone between their giant legs and would serve to clean and cook for the men. Girls that had yet to reach the age of marriage, 18 and under in the reign of Queen Margaret, were housed in a separate building where they would be trained about their future roles as whores and educated on the consequences of deviating from this honoured positions.

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   The rules were not to touch these females for when they came of age only my most trusted men would be permitted to remove them of the impurity that was their virginity. This left the women that were not fat and they were dutifully shaved of pubic hair to ensure that no bugs hid between their legs and given their first lesson about respect. Each one was paired with a man and that night the cries of pain and my men`s pleasure filled the air. My own pick had just turned 18, but had never been fucked and her blonde hair and frightened blue eyes caused my cock to harden at the sight of her. I was 35 by this time and stood at 6’5” and had inherited my dad’s large bone structure, making it easy for me to use my bitches as I pleased without help. Her body was ever so thin, I imagine I could have broke her in half, she was only 5’2” and seemed to weigh no more than 80 lbs, her body still that of a child with tiny breast and perky nipples.   I would not be the one to take her virginity that night though, I was going to offer as a present to my most trusted man, a mastiff that had been itching for a pussy all day. She did not start to cry until I had chained her hands to iron cuffs on the floor and made her lean forward doggy style. And she did not start to sob until I brought dear Spike in, his thick cock already hard at the sight of her pale ass in the air. I was proud of that dog, he knew just what to do without any guidance. “There my big boy, just the pussy for you, bet that bitche’s cunt is ready for some prime stretching hey ol’ boy?” The look of terror on the woman’s face was priceless and I sat down to pump my cock while I watched the show. Straight away she started to violently struggle in her bonds, pleading for mercy and promising to do whatever I wanted. Laughing cruelly I just sat and continued to watch.   Spike moved forward, grabbing her neck roughly with his jaw to get her to stop moving; and wouldn’t you know, she did! Good thing too for her would have torn her throat out, I did train him well. I watched as he moved his massif cock tip to the entrance of her cunt and took a deep plunge inside, ripping the hymen and I could not help but cackle at the sound of her screams.

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   Spike went right to town, pumping that tiny whore with all he had as his sounds of labouring increased. The poor dog had not received a good fucking in a while and after several minutes he seemed to slow down and the whore sighed in relief, believing the agony was done. . . But it wasn’t and I watched in delight as the dog’s knot rammed inside of her as the blood began to flow more profusely between her snow white thighs. And away Spike went, bounding more viciously then before, soon reaching a climax and spilling his hot seed into her womb. They stayed locked together for 20 mins before his cock popped out in a large sucking sound, spilling thick cum on her ass. I got up and over her sobbing wimpers patted my wonderful brute, “There there, you did great Spike, go get yourself something to eat while I teach this bitch another thing or two. ” I had no intentions of putting my cock into her dog cum filled pussy, but her pretty little mouth looked great. Unlocking her chains I pulled her to her knees by her hair, reward with a sharp cry. “Now see here my little dog bitch, you are going to suck my cock until I tell you to stop or it will be your ass my dog fucks next. ” I watched in satisfaction as her eyes widened and she took my big cock into her mouth. The warm fold closed over the tip of my penis, but the cunt wasn’t taking it any further. Yelling out in rage I took her head and pinched her nose, ramming my cock back into the confines of her throat as I pumped her mouth over my cock, ignoring her gasp as she desperately tried to breathe. Her tiny mouth felt so fucking amazing that I soon came, dropping a pile of cum down her throat and pulled out. 

   The reproach in her eyes pissed me off so I took my fist to her pretty little face, breaking her nose as she fainted. There was a new day on the horizon and so many more whores to train. .