The Intruder


Well this is my first post here and I hope to submit many more for all!
This story starts out very innocent enough between two people who are always looking for new things to brighten up their sex life.
Tina and Sam were watching the news one day while eating some late night snaks together and then A breaking news reel came on the screen with the anchors sort of smiling and laughing about it. They both looked at each other and Sam turned the television volume up so they could both hear this story.
 "Eyewitness news has A breaking headline for tonight at 10:00 P. M. "  the woman anchor Kim said and then the male anchor Patrick said "It appears that A man in an attempt to burglerize A womans house was caught. . . . . . . red handed if you will"(laughing). . . then he looked at his co-anchor and said"kim?" and she was blushing fully and looking up woundering what to say about this hole thing that had occured just hours ago in their town.

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  "It seams that A man and woman who are married to each other for five years tried to spice up there sex life(laughing)and in the HEAT of the moment the man  got caught when A nieghbor called police and he was arrested at their house here in Scranton". she said. . . . . . Patrick then when on to say"When the police arrived A woman came out of the house shouting"NOOOOOO. . . . . thats my husband please don't arrest him,we can explain everything!" "Scranton police tell us that in an attepmt to spice things up between the married couple they decided to try some kind of role play game they call THE INTRUDER where,as we are being told by police,the man and woman planned this for weeks" Patrick said.
"It seems the couple,who's names are yet to be released to the public,are not very smart about those type of plannings indeed. We got word from the Scranton police that The Intruder plan involved A forced break in and unconsensual sex between the two people in their home this friday night" said Kim.

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Tina and Sam looked at each other and new this was something they should try out!!!!!
So they set a plan and in days the hole thing played through without the police since they lived in another part of that town were the neighbors were told ahead of time about what they planned to do.
Sam was out of town that day shopping for some tools at a local hardware store and told Tina that he didnt know when he would be home. He got what he wanted then headed home. On the way home he decided that this would be the day The Intruder would come knocking on his wifes door! He parked a couple of blocks away from thier house and locked his new tool into his truck tool box. "I hope she likes this" he said to himself he then dawned an old skimask from his truck and locked it up turning the alarm on. He then headed for his house and walked into the back lawn looking into the windows to try and find where his wife was and she was standing in the kitchen across the house doing some cooking in her pink robe. So he went to the front of the house and peeked into the kitchen window and saw that the robe was not tied and he had a full view of her tit's wich were an ample size 34c. this was more than enough for him to continue and he slowly walked to the front door and opened it.   there was a creek when he opened the door but the frying pan noise was louder so he got in and shut the door and walked slowly to her. "Don't fucking move bitch" he said and she dropped her spatula onto the floor. "And don't make a sound either. . . now shake your head yes if you understand!" with that Tina was indeed in shock and very surprised. "Ohhhhh sir I don't have any money But I WILL do anything.

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  . . . just don't kill me please. " she said. "you WILL do anything wont you? And your gonna do everything I ask of you right?" said Sam "yes sir everything you ask. " said Tina "What are you wearing underneath that robe?" he said. "Nothing sir I am not wearing anything under this robe" said tina with A smile on her face and a short laugh that Sam could hear. "Do you think this is A joke lady?" ha said. " No sir not at all please don't hurt me. . . . please don't I will be good" said tina now getting into it all the way and rubbing her backside against Sam's now full buldge. " Now turn around so I can see you and take that damned robe off,I came her to see you nude" he said "Yes sir mister.

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  . . . . anything else?" she said looking into Sams eyes while she slowly took the robe off posing for him in a seductive way. " Pinch your nipplesfor me and make them hard now!!!!" she did just as he asked " now lick your fingers and circle them around your nipples" again she did it all for him. " is their anything else mister that you want from me?" said Tina. "Yes their is. . . . lady. . . I want you to get on your knees in front of me and undo my bottun and zipper with your teeth!" Sam said "Sir?" said Tina looking at him and licking her lips " Do it now or you will be sorry" said Sam and with that she got down on he knees and slowly made her way to her husbands crotch.

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   looking up at him and batting her eyelids she then opened up her mouth and clamped her teeth onto the opening where the bottun goes in and released it. She then shook her head so her hair was out of the way and bit down on his zipper and unzipped him slowly noticing he hadn't worn any underware that day and his cock was semi-erect and some precum had oozed out of the tip. She looked up at him and his eyes were closed and he was moaning "yes" she then licked the precum from the tip and incircled her tongue around it sucking the head into her mouth then stopping to say "Is this what you wanted mister I dont bite?" Sam then looked down at her and said" you think you can take all of me in that little mouth of yours lady?" " I will do anything you say. . remember sir?" she said. "Then take me all in your mouth. . . . . deepthroat me like I know you can!!!!!"Sam said looking at her and grabbing a lock of hair in his right hand pulling her head to his now fully erect 8 inches "Open wide lady and suck hard too I know you can take that all the way in to your throat. . . . I can tell by the way your looking at me that you want to" he said.

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Tina was A good cock sucker too she had a natural talent at it and could make even the most erectile disfuntional man blast a load like they never did!!!! and she loved eating cum too.
She took Sams hole cock all the way in and then sucked hard at the base slowly working her way up to the tip while moaning looking into Sams eyes she then licked the hole thing and took both balls into her mouth sucking them. "you want my cum lady?" "yes please mister I want your cum down my throat. . . . mmmmmm. . mmmmmm. ahhhhhhhmmm you gonna cum in my mouth for me sir I will swallow all of it for you?" she said and then sped up her cocksucking until Sam could not take any more of it and he grabbed her head and face fucked her madly ramming his cock into her head forcefuly and she chocked a little bit too but it wasnt that bad for her and she sucked even harder until Sam had shot his load into the back of her throat. then she slowed down her rythen and swayed her head from side to side while moaning with is cock still shooting hot loads of cum into her mouth until he was empty and she totaly drained him. she made a loud plop sound on the head and then licked up the rest. "I bet you want to fuck me now right?"Tina said to Sam "anything but anal woulb alright with me mister. its to bad we met like this sir,I want so much of that cock right now I just can't take it in the ass I think its too big" she said looking at him knowing they both knew she was full of shit and she could take that in the ass



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