The Interior Designer, part 2


As Alexis walked up those stairs and out of sight, my cock returned to a semi-hard status after just getting a hand-job from the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen. But, it came at way too high a price—I don’t care how beautiful you are, you don’t deserve $1000 to flash your tits and give a hand-job. All I knew, was that she would return next Tuesday and expect a $5500 check for decorator crap and $1000 in cash for some type of sexual act that would make me blow a load.
As the week went by, I couldn’t get her or her blackmail off my mind and before I knew it, Tuesday morning rolled around. Right on schedule, I heard the doorbell ring and then heard the extra female voices as she and Maddie and my wife started talking and laughing. A couple of hours later, Alexis appeared down in my office looking better than she did the week before. Her jet black hair was pulled up revealing a neckline that I just wanted to kiss and suck, she was wearing a bright red lipstick, her blouse was virtually see through—a sheer black top with a black strapless bra underneath, and an off-white, khaki skirt that accentuated her tiny waist and awesome ass.
Alexis said, “Hope you’re ready to keep your end of the deal” and began to unbutton her blouse. “It’s not a deal” I replied. “In fact, I’m not sure why you think you have the right or the ability to demand and extort money from me like that. You strip your clothes and then you blackmail me? What makes you think you can get away with that?”Alexis laughed. “I can, I will, I do, and, I have gotten away with it for years. You surely don’t think this is my first rodeo do you?Maddie and I have over a dozen saps like you whose wallets are outweighed by your male egos who want to be with women like us. Like I said last week, pay what I ask, you will have some fun. Give me shit, and you’ll pay even more and, have no fun, and, probably be ruined for life. ”
My jaw just dropped.

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  I acted as if I didn’t know what to say. “You do this with a dozen guys every week?How do you get away with that?That would be over $10K cash a week plus your inflated decorator items. No way I believe that. ”She just smiled. “Oh its way over $10K a week. Some guys pay a little less—they don’t have as much, but there are a couple who have a whole lot more than you and they pay the big bucks. Maddie and I know that married guys like you are lucky to get any type of action more than once or twice a month, and just dream of goddesses like us. We’ve put away over $500,000 per year since we started this a couple of years ago—tax free! A couple of years from now, the toughest decision I will have is whether to retire on the beach, or marry the millionaire that I have been stealing from. Now shut the fuck up before you piss me off. Do you have the $1000 or not?
“Oh I have it alright” as I took the wad out of my pocket, “but you don’t get it. In fact, I have a question for you. Do you have any idea what kind of prison bitch you will become—how many dykes you will service with your tongue once I turn this tape over to the IRS, FBI, and local police? Do you know what will happen to you when they hear about your ongoing scheme?Do you realize that you’ll not have a prayer of seeing the outside world again for 18-20 years and then, everything you blackmailed us guys for will be gone to the IRS?
Her jaw dropped this time when she saw the small tape recorder. “You bastard!You wouldn’t?!” Turning off the recorder,I smiled and replied, “oh I would and I will unless we strike another deal. I don’t care about the other saps that you are bilking, but you’ll not get cash from me, and, if I think you are overpricing the crap upstairs, I’m only paying what I think it should be worth. And, you, and maybe Maddie, will be at my beck and call and will become my personal sex slaves.

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  Today for starters, remove everything and drop to your knees. I feel like seeing your body, then I want a titty fuck—do you understand you worthless piece of trash?”She just nodded.
Alexis then began a strip show that immediately brought me to attention. Her surprise was wearing stockings and a garter and when she dropped her skirt, I told her to leave those on—damn they and she looked stunning. As she removed her blouse and her bra, I told her to play with her own breasts—I wanted to see her suck her own nipple before she got started, and she did. Then I told her to release me, and walking over on her knees, she loosened my belt and opened my slacks. As she started to place my already throbbing cock between those heavenly breasts, I said “oh no you don’t, you get it good and wet first. And, every few strokes, the head better get relubricated by those luscious, red lips, do you understand?” Alexis just nodded.
She lovingly sucked and slurped and spit on my cock before placing it in that little crease between her wonderful globes. A slow little tit fuck for a minute, following by my head disappearing into her mouth, surrounded by those ruby red lips, then back between her breasts. This was a pattern that kept going for several minutes until my throbbing was replaced by that swelling that meant I was about to come. I didn’t tell her, I knew it was coming and as she pulled my cock from her lips, I exploded all over her face, and as she was backing away, all over those beautiful tits.

    “Damn it. Why did you do that? That’s a hell of a mess to clean up!You’re nothing but a rude bastard. ”“You are so wrong” I replied.

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       “I am your master and you are my slave. Unless you want to go to prison, you will lick every bit of that up and clean yourself right here and now. And besides, you look hot being a scum bucket—you better get used to it. ”Alexis just dropped her head and began scooping up my spunk from her tits. I reached down and lifted a boob to her mouth and told her to suck it clean. Then I lifted the other and she repeated the exercise.
    When she had finished cleaning herself up, she stood up to get dressed. “We’re not finished here yet darling. Back on your knees”I had her crawl back over and suck me back to life. Once hard, I had her stand and bend over my desk. As I spread those lovely ass cheeks, I barely touched her arse and she yelled “NO! I am an ass virgin!”“Good to know, but that’s not on today’s agenda—but it will be soon. Now lookie, lookie…. someone’s pretty little pussy is soaked. Did you enjoy being my sex slave you little cum slut?”I fingered her for a minute and honestly, I don’t think I have ever been with a woman that had ever been that wet. I stopped just long enough to lift a finger and smell her, then taste her—damn it was better than I had hoped for.

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      I then scooped a little more of her juices up, held my fingers to her mouth and told her to suck it dry. As she did, I ran my cock down her ass and began to get the head wet from her pussy juices. It took no time at all and I enjoyed just pumping the shit out of her. She tried to muffle her groans, but I could tell that this bitch liked it rough. In no time at all, I released my second load into her pussy and as I did, I could feel her wallsconvulsing around me. She literally held her own hand over her mouth so as not to scream outloud.
    “Same time, same place next week—do you understand? And oh, next week, crotchless panties—I want to see them on you as I fuck you. ” Alexis just nodded, cleaned up, put her clothes back on and walked towards the stairs. “Oh slave—you didn’t properly tell me goodbye. Crawl back over here and give your master a kiss. ” With that, she did—the sight of her crawling over almost gave me another hardon. When she reached me, she stood up, we kissed, I groped her boobs again and I told her good girl. In fact, she had been so good, I took out a couple of the $100 bills and said, “My terms, but I think you earned this today—see you next Tuesday. ”


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