The Hunt (Part 1)


The Hunt (Part 1)


All of my stories include descriptions of sex scenes that could cause offence to some people. Please do not read this story if you are offended by perverse sexual material, or if you are under the legal age of consent for your own country. These stories are pure fiction and are not based on anyone living or deceased.


“No. I told you I’m not ready to go that far. ”

“What the fucking hell’s wrong with you? We’ve been going out for four months. If you really loved me you’d show me. You can’t stay a virgin all your life. ”

“That’s not fair. You know I love you. ”

“Well show me then. ”


I planted a big kiss on his lips, and pushed my tongue into his mouth. Instead of responding, he pulled away pushing my tongue out.


“That don’t prove anything, anyone can give wet kisses. If you don’t want to make love with me by now, I reckon it’s about time we called it quits. ”


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   Please don’t say that. You know I love you. I will let you do it. ”


“Not here. ”

“What’s wrong with here?”


Was he kidding? We were in an old wooden shed at the bottom of his garden, sitting on an old packing case. I know you can fuck anywhere, but when a girl looses her virginity, it should be something special. Just to set the scene, its 1959, my names Leslie, and my boyfriend is Gerry. I’m fifteen, he’s fourteen and we live in a large town in England.


“Anyone could come down the garden and catch us. ”

“So where can we do it?”

“It’s only two weeks till I leave school and the end of term. You were on about us going on a week’s holiday together to your Uncle’s farm. If I get my mum to let me come with you, then I’ll let you do it to me there. ”

“Promise? You won’t go back on that?”

“I promise. ”


Well that was it; nothing else mattered from now on. The next day the first question I got was.

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“Did your mom say you can come?”

“She said she’ll think about it. ”

“Jesus! That’s no fucking good. What’s she got to think about?”

“Well I think she’s worried about me and you being alone together. She didn’t actually say we were going there to have sex, but she was making very strong hints, and reading me the riot act about not getting myself into trouble. ”

“But we won’t be on our own; my Aunty Bette and Uncle Harry will be looking after us. ”


“Has your mom and dad agreed to you going?”

“Yes. And my Uncle Harry said he’ll even pay me for helping out on the farm. ”

“Have you asked if I can come with you?”

“Course I have. Aunty Bette says you can have her daughter’s old room, and I can have the attic bedroom. ”

“I think the best thing we can do, is if you come home with me tonight, and then you can tell my mom all about it. ”

“Will your dad be there?”

“I doubt it. Why?”

“He fucking frightens me. I don’t think he likes me going out with you. ”

“Don’t be silly. He was saying to mom only the other day, how he was glad I’d got a sensible boyfriend.

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“You could have fooled me. He always looks like he’s ready to fucking hit me. ”

“Don’t be daft. Anyway he’ll be down the pub. ”


That evening he came back with me, and we talked the whole holiday through with my mum. As I’d thought, dad was down the pub. Mom ended-up by saying she’d write a letter to his Aunty, and if she was happy with the reply she’d let me go. Us being alone wasn’t the only thing that my mom was concerned about. We were not a well-off family, and my mom was also worried about how much the holiday would cost. As it turned out, Gerry’s Aunty said she didn’t want any money for my keep, as I’d be doing odd jobs to help her, and this would be sufficient. Also as there was nowhere posh to go, I’d only need old clothes. There was, she said, no need to take any, because she had loads of girls’ clothes that had belonged to her daughter, which she hadn’t got rid of. Now this bit might have pleased mom, but the thought of wearing some out of fashion stuff that had belonged to her daughter didn’t please me much at all.


One other thing I should mention was that my sixteenth birthday would fall on the day after we arrived on holiday. Now the significance of this in England, is this is the age of consent.

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   Mom really went to town on me before we left, saying that just because I would be sixteen, doesn’t mean you can behave like a tart.

“I’ve told Mrs James (Aunty Bette) to keep a close eye on you and that Gerry, and if there’s any hint of any shenanigans, she’s to pack you straight off home. And woe-betide you if that happens, your dad will flay you alive, so mind you behave yourself. ”

This warning really put shivers down my spine, and a quick glance at the colour draining from Gerry’s face, told me he wasn’t too happy either.


So the morning of our holiday arrived, and I had almost nothing to take with me. Mom had corresponded with the Aunty, and decided even my own underwear wouldn’t be suitable. I wasn’t even asked. Apparently, Bette had said that she had lots of thin cotton dresses, and camisoles. Which she said would be cooler, being loose fitting. This kind of thing she had told mom was more suitable for wearing around the farm. Mom had agreed, mainly because it meant she hadn’t got to buy me any new clothes, and the ones I’d already got would not be getting mucked-up or spoilt.


I sat in the back of Gerry’s dad’s car, and Gerry sat next to his dad in the front. The journey took about five hours, and we didn’t stop once! Even though after we’d been on the road about three hours, I’d mentioned I could do with a toilet stop.   So when we arrived, I was desperate to go for a pee.


“How are you Bette?”

Gerry’s dad asked as he threw his arms around her neck, and they embraced in a brother sister cuddle.

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“I’m fine. My. Look at young Gerry. He’s almost grown into a man. God don’t they shoot-up when you don’t see them often. And I assume this is his young lady that I’ve heard so much about. Leslie isn’t it?”

“Yes Mrs James. Excuse me but can I use your toilet?”

“Course you can lass. And you don’t need to call me Mrs James. You’re with family now, I’m Aunty Bette. The doings is over there. ”

She pointed to a small brick building in the garden by the side of the house.


I dashed across, and was soon sat there in the little dark toilet having a pee. I won’t go into detail about the toilet, but I will say I’ve never experienced anything as primitive in my life. It was pitch black inside, and cobwebs everywhere, boy was I glad to get out of there.

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“Is that better love? These men never think about us ladies when they travel by car. Come on let’s get inside and join the others. ”

She put her arm around my shoulder, and we walked into the dark kitchen.


“You got that kettle on Frank?”

“Kettles on, and teas in the pot ready. Once I’ve had a quick cup, I’ll get going back home,” said Gerry's dad.

“You can’t wait to see Harry or the lads?”

“I’d like to, but the dynamo on that old banger of mine is on its last legs. So I need to get as many miles under my belt as possible before it gets dark and I need to use my lights. ”

“That’s a shame, but Harry will understand. I’ll try to get him to make sure he’s around when you come to collect the two lovers. ”

“Not so much of the lovers. They’re not old enough for that kind of malarkey. You keep a sharp eye on them. ”

“No problem there, Gerry will be helping Harry most of the time, and I’ll keep Leslie busy”.


He finished his tea, and he was on his way with just a quick goodbye. Once he’d gone we returned to the house.

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   As we sat down to a second cup of tea, she explained her three boys and Uncle Harry were all out working on the farm.   But as today was Saturday, they’d all be back by about 6 O’clock to get cleaned up. It’s the one night of the week they get to get down the local for a pint, she explained.


Now although she called them her boys, they were all men as far as me and Gerry was concerned. The eldest was Steven; he was thirty-two, and then came Andrew at twenty-eight. Next in-line was Audrey at twenty-five, but she was married with children, and lived on another farm some ten miles away. The youngest was Adrian at twenty-four.


Once we finished our tea, she took us upstairs to show us our rooms. We first came to where I would be sleeping. It wasn’t a separate bedroom as I’d expected, instead, my bed was in her bedroom. This was a large ‘L’ shaped room; her double bed was in the main part of the room, with my bed, also a double around the corner in the end of the leg of the ‘L’ shape. So although in the same room, both beds were out of site of each other. There was also an old dark curtain which hung from a wire stretched from wall to wall. This she explained could be pulled across if needed. As she left she said she’d sorted out my clothes, and they were in the wardrobe and chest of draws.

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She left me there to sort out my few belongings while she carried on up to the attic to show Gerry where he was sleeping. On the top of the draws, was an old fashioned washing bowl and jug of water; this was like going back to the dark ages.   I emptied the contents of my little bag on the bed, and put most of it on top of the set of draws. I opened the top draw to put my personal stuff out of site, and there was the underwear she’d sorted out for me. The draws were full of cotton camisoles, blouses, cardigans, all freshly washed and smelling of rose scent. The wardrobe was the same, full of dresses skirts coats etc. , all washed and smelling fresh. I’d expected to find some musty old clothes that she’d retrieved from being stored in her attic. So although the styles were old-fashioned, they were all pretty, and in there own way very feminine.


“Come-on then Leslie. Get them city clothes off and let’s see how you look in my Audrey’s dresses. Do you like being called Leslie, or Les?”

“Leslie is what I mostly get called. ”

“Well Leslie it is then. You get yourself undressed, and I’ll sort you out something pretty to wear. You’ll want to look good to impress my boys.

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I took my cardigan off, and slowly started undoing the buttons on my blouse. It didn’t feel right undressing with her in the room.


“Come-on Leslie, I want to make sure these clothes I’ve sorted out fit you, and I’ve got lots to do before the boys get home. ”


I removed my blouse and lowered my skirt.


“And the rest. You won’t want stockings on here on the farm. And you can take that bra and knickers off; you’ll be cooler in one of these cammies. ”


I was soon stood there naked, and she handed me a camisole to put on. I’d never seen one before, let alone worn one. It was a one piece; like a vest and knickers all-in-one. As I stood there not sure how to put it on, she said.


“Over your head. That’s it. Now pull the gusset from behind, it’s got a couple of hooks and eyes to fasten at the front.

There are some prettier ones that you have to step into, but this type is more practical during the daytime.

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   That’s right, now try this dress on. If this one fits, then the rest will be ok. Are yes. That looks much better, I guess the dress is a bit on the short side, you’re taller than I expected. But there ain’t many people gonna see you out here, and you’ll be much cooler like that. I can’t expect any of the men folk will object to seeing a bit more of your legs than your mom might think decent. And I don't suppose you'll be worried too much about attracting their attention. ”

So here I was; a pair of old shoes, a very loose fitting camisole and a dress that buttoned down the front, was fully flared, and stopped at least 4” above my knee.


Next second there was a knock on the door.

“Can I come in yet? Are you decent?”

“Yes come on in Gerry. See what you think of your Leslie in this dress. ”

“Wow yes. Hey that dress looks good. ”

“See Leslie, I told you we wouldn’t get any complaints from the men-folk. How do you feel in it?”


In truth it felt very weird showing so much leg, but this was the kind of thing I’d wanted to wear back home, but mom would never let me.


   I don’t mean this style, but it was always seen as being grownup and with-it to wear short skirts. But as I say I’d never been allowed to before. You have to imagine this was before the days of the mini-skirt, so I felt very sexy showing this much leg and I was doing it with a grown-up's consent.


“Yes I guess if Gerry likes it, then it must be ok. ”

“Well that sounds like true love. Right I’ve got work to get on with. Gerry knows his way around the farm, so why don’t you pair spend the rest of the afternoon exploring. You’ll know soon enough when the lads get back, the dogs always go wild, they know that's when they get fed. ”


We followed her downstairs, and left her in the kitchen while we went outside to the farm yard. We walked around the farm going from one building to another; the smells were something-else. There was every kind of animal, most of which I’d never seen so close-up before. The horses and bull were the most frightening. The bull was huge and had hot steam coming from its wet dribbling nostrils. It kept ramming into the big thick heavy gate on its enclosure. But the horses were frightening merely because of their size.

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   You don’t get horses in the town, and until you’ve stood close up to one you don’t realize how tall they are.


But not only were the horses tall, but one of them had the biggest cock in the world, my eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw its length. The great big bell-end was all spread-out and the cock was that long it nearly reached the floor. Seeing this must have brought the subject of sex back to the front of Gerry’s mind.


“There’s a hay loft up there. ”

He said pointing up above the stalls.

“Come-on I’ll show you. ”

He rushed across the stable to where a ladder was leaned against the upper floor.

“Go on you go first, I’ll hold it to make sure the ladder doesn’t slip. ”

“What do we want to go up there for?”

“There’s some straw bales, it’s out of site of anyone, and you said I could have a fuck. ”

“Now wait a minute. I never said you could do it today. ”

“You bloody promised. You said once we got to the farm. Well we’re here now, and up there is an ideal place.

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“I’ll go up there with you, but only to have a look. I’m not promising to let you do me today. ”

“Why not, if we don’t do it now, I bet Uncle Harry will have me working all week and we won’t get chance again. ”

“You’re not working tomorrow. ”

“I bet we bloody are. These bloody farmers work every day. They’ve never heard of weekends. ”

“But your Aunty said because it’s my sixteenth birthday, I'd have to stay in the house all day. She didn’t explain why, she said she'd do that later; but because I would be stopping indoors, she said your Uncle will let you stop home with me. ”

“When did she say that?”

“Earlier, when she was helping me dress. ”

“But why have you got to stop in the house?"

"All she said was, that I’d not be allowed out tomorrow. I asked why, but she just said it’s a country thing, being a townie, she wouldn’t expect me to know about it. But she said she'd explain why later tonight, while the men are all down the pub. "

"But if you're not allowed out, how are we going to get out here?"

"We're not allowed to have sex. But I bet that won't stop you.

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   She can’t be watching us all the time; we'll just pick our time and sneak out. "

"So you’ll do it tomorrow?”

“Yes I’ll let you make it my birthday present. Come-on lets go up and see if this place is where we’ll do it. But you have to promise if I go up with you, you won’t try to force me to do it now?”

“You know I wouldn’t force you. ”


I started climbing the ladder, and as soon as the hem of my dress was at his eye level, I felt his hand on the inside of my leg.

“Hey! Pack it up. ”

“Why? I promised not to fuck you, but that doesn’t stop me playing with your fanny. ”

“Look, pack it in. You’ll make me fall. ”

“Don’t be silly. I’m sure you can climb a ladder while I finger you. ”


I didn’t reply, and his hand reached the hooks and eyes on the gusset. It’s amazing how boys are unable to do the knot in a neck-tie using both hands in front of a mirror, but they can undo any type of fastener one-handed even in total darkness. Within seconds both front and back flaps of my gusset were dangling free, and his fingers were probing for my hole. As my legs moved from one step to the next, he followed me up, and his fingers entered me.

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   We were soon standing on the loft floor, way up high in the air. It had only a single rail around its edge to prevent you from falling over. All around the straw bales were stacked high. He pulled his hand from under my dress, and sucked at his fingers.


“I love that thing you’re wearing; it’s dead easy to get at you. Come and help me pull some bales out to make somewhere to lie down. ”

I didn’t reply, but followed him across the loft floor to a dark corner. We soon had a wide flat area to lie down on, that was hidden from view of anyone below. He was right this would be a perfect place for tomorrow’s event. Out of sight, somewhere you could relax, and not feel threatened. But now we’d made our bed, he soon had me pulled back down onto it. I reminded him of his promise, but he said he only wanted a quick feel.


The dress was soon unbuttoned from top to bottom, and opened out wide. He slid the camisole up my body until it was bunched up above my tits. I lay there fully exposed to his view.

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   He lay at my side, and his mouth caressed my nipples, moving from left to right and back again; sucking and gently nibbling. They were standing so stiff and proud, and I felt so good. This was the first time I’d had chance to just lie back and let him arouse me without worrying about being caught. My eyes were closed, and as his lips left one nipple, I’d wait to feel them on the other.


But as my mind wandered around I was wondering what the sensation would be like if he was able to kiss me, and suck both my nipples at the same time. I hadn’t thought this concept through, as this could only be possible with multiple lovers.


But now instead of his lips landing on my nipple, I felt his wet tongue licking around my belly button. This caused a sharp intake of breath, which rapidly turned into a warm glow in my tummy. The more he circled around the stronger this feeling got, and the lower down in my tummy it felt. Without realizing it, I was drawing my knees up and letting my legs fall open. Then he moved down, placing a hand on the inside of each knee, and it only took the slightest of pressure to spread me wide.


The pace now changed, I could feel an urgency in his licking. He’d started just above my knee, going from side to side in the same manner as he’d done with my nipples. He was working his way up the inside of my legs, and was now licking around my inner thighs. The feeling in my tummy was now overwhelming, and when I say tummy, I really mean my cunt.

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   I knew I was lifting my hips, but felt powerless to stop. Every fibre of my body was now on edge, it was like the feeling you get when someone induces a static charge in a balloon, and as they put it near your arm, your hairs all stand on end.


I knew this was the moment it was going to happen, promise or not, and I wanted him like never before. His tongue was lapping around my cunt, and I lifted forcefully to meet it. I opened my eyes, and as he looked up the length of my heaving body, I said clearly.

“Fuck me. Gerry, fuck me now. ”

He didn’t reply, but he stood in between my open legs, his jeans and underpants dropped to the floor, to reveal an erection like I’d never seen before. A swift back kick sent his jeans flying across the loft floor, and he lowered himself down.



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The farm yard was suddenly in pandemonium; all the dogs were going wild.


He leapt to his feet and scurried across the loft to re-gain his jeans, shouting back to me as he went.


Wow, what an awakening. From cloud nine to shithouse bottom in one jump.


I stood up and pulled my camisole down, the hooks and eyes he’d undone so easily; were now in my haste impossible to fasten. Now I was stood up, I could see the door that led to the yard, and it was opening. In walked a man, about mid twenties, so it could have been any of the cousins. I’d given up with trying to fasten my gusset, and started on my dress. As the man had walked in he’d looked all around, and I guess the relative darkness in here had made it difficult for him to see, especially up here in the dark loft. I’d turned so my back was towards him, and stood there buttoning up my dress.

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“Are, there you are Gerry! You randy little bastard! I knew you were bringing some skirt with you, but I never thought you’d be getting stuck into her this quick. Come on then let’s have you both down here before mom catches you. ”

Gerry quietly called across to me,

“Leslie, you get down quick! I can’t get my fucking zip to do up. I’ll follow you down. ”

Then he shouted down to the man below.

“Hi Adrian, steady the ladder for Leslie, I’ll be down in a minute, I’ve just lost my pen-knife. ”


I could do nothing but follow his instructions. Still half dazed, dress only buttoned up down as far as my waist, and camisole flapping wide open. I took hold of the sides of the ladder, and swung my leg around onto one of the rungs. Then my other leg left the loft floor, and I was now on the ladder. I’d said on the way up how high the loft was, well I can tell you now, it appeared to be twice as high now I was trying to climb down. I clung to the side rails of the ladder as I gingerly eased my foot from one rung to the next one below. Slowly I started to descend below the floor of the loft.


Suddenly I felt an arm sweeping around my waist from behind, and almost simultaneously a hand cupping my cunt in its palm.

“Its ok love, I’ve got you now.

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   I won’t let you fall. ”

“Oh God! I didn’t know you were there.


“You can relax your grip love; I’ve got a tight hold of you. I’ll walk you down one step at a time. ”

“I’m alright. You didn’t have to climb up to help me. ”

“I could see you were struggling. ”

Then in a whisper he said.

“But I didn’t know you’d repay me with a feel of such a wet and willing little fanny. ”


Then back to a normal voice.

“Ok first your left leg. ”

“That’s it now the right one. No, don’t stop on the same rung, I’ve got your weight. You’ll be safe enough to reach to the next one. ”

What I’d been doing was to reach down with one leg, then let the next leg find the same rung, keeping my steps as short as possible.

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   But now as alternate legs came from the rung above, missing one rung, and reaching to the rung below, my cunt was stretching about in his hand.


This process carried on, and as we made our way down he manipulated his fingers around my cunt. One finger found my hole, and in it slid accompanied by a sharp intake of breath from me.

“Oh my god!”

“Are you ok?”

“No. You’ve got your finger up me. ”

I said quietly, so Gerry wouldn’t hear.

“I know, it's nice, and it’ll make sure you don’t slip out of my hand. ”

It must have been his third finger he’d got inside me, because the first two fingers were now rubbing my clit for all they were worth, and my cunt was on fire.

“Please don’t. Its making my legs go weak. ”

“Don’t worry about your legs going weak, I told you I won’t let you fall. ”

“Please no more. Take your hand away. ”

He took no notice, so I realised I was wasting my breath. Instead I tried to get to the floor as quickly as possible.




As my left foot felt the solid ground underneath it, I breathed a sigh of relief, thinking he’ll stop now, or at least I can get my legs closed tight together. But how wrong can you be.   Before my right foot had chance to take its final step back to the ground, his foot was jammed against mine, with his knee under mine stopping me from moving my leg down. His other foot slid against the inside of my left foot, and pushed it across the stone floor, forcing my legs wider apart. The arm around my waist held me tightly to his body stopping me from moving away. And his hand under my cunt had full and free access.


His first and second finger went up my hole, both together, ramming in and out.

“Please stop. ”

“Just relax and you’ll enjoy it more. ”

There was no point in struggling. I looked up to the loft to see if Gerry was coming down, but there was no sign of him. I tried shouting to him.



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Then quietly in my ear.

“Go on call up nice and loud and tell him not to rush. You wouldn’t want this ladder to slip on this stone floor. It would do him some nasty damage falling from that height. ”

The tone of his voice was so threatening, it frightened me.



No sooner had the words left my lips, than I was lifted to his body, and carried back across under the loft floor into one of the horse stalls. He laid himself back onto a straw bale, pulling me backwards on top of himself.

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   He was so strong, struggling was useless, and his fingers were fucking my cunt as fast as they could go. His other hand was up around my tits, and he was squeezing my nipples. It was impossible to take this kind of action without getting aroused. My hips were thrusting against his poking fingers, and given more time I’d have fucked. But just when I thought I could hold out no longer, Gerry’s feet came in site on the ladder, and I was suddenly released.


By the time Gerry was low enough to see into the stall where we were, I was sitting on a bale, and Adrian was stood by my side.

“Are, there you are. I was wondering where you two were hiding. ”

“You can talk. What took you so long up there, couldn’t you find your underpants?”

“No it was nothing like that. I’d lost my pen-knife in amongst the straw. ”

“What were you using a pen-knife for? You weren’t forcing her to get her knickers down?”

“No we weren’t doing anything. I was just carving a bit of wood. ”

“So why is her fanny all uncovered, and dripping wet?”

And with that he took me by surprise, grabbing both my ankles, lifting them high in the air, and wide apart. This overbalanced me back, tipping me onto the bale and showing my naked dripping wet cunt.

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Gerry was stunned for words.

“Cat got your tongue?”

Then keeping one leg held high, he let go of the other, and stroked his fingers slowly along my cunt. Poking into my hole, and then presenting them towards Gerry’s face.

“Somebody’s been a naughty boy. And I think we all know who that is. If you don’t want Uncle Harry to find out, I think you two had better agree that you owe me a favour?”

He then dropped my leg, and I sat up straight again as he turned to me.

“You’d better get yourself in the tack room down there, and get cleaned up. And get those buttons done up before someone sees the state you're in. ”


I scurried away to the tack room as he’d ordered. Against the wall was a big old hand-operated water pump above an old stone sink. I heaved on the big rusty handle, and drew a bowl of water. Once I’d cleaned myself down, I made sure not only my buttons were done up, but also the hooks and eyes on my gusset. When I went back to the stalls, Adrian came across, and put his big arm around my shoulder, and as he walked me towards the door said.

"This is a nice ripe piece of fruit you've got here Gerry; I'll bet she's one hell of a fuck?"

Gerry said nothing, but just followed on behind us.


When he opened the door to the yard, all the dogs came rushing in, barking noisily and jumping up at me.

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“There’s no fooling the dogs. They can smell you’re on heat. GET DOWN YOU!”

He shouted and raised his hand as though he was about to hit them. The dogs all cowered down as though they knew a beating was coming. As we walked across the yard, they resumed their barking, but followed from a safe distance.

“Come-on Gerry, get your arm around her other shoulder. You don’t want your Aunty to think there’s anything wrong. ”

Gerry joined us, and we walked back to the house as though nothing had happened.


“I see you’ve met Gerry’s young lady?”

“If you mean Leslie, then yes. But I’m not sure about your description of her. ”

“What do you mean?”

“Well she’s sixteen tomorrow, in my book that makes her fully grown; so if she's out tomorrow I’d say it’s open hunting season, and she’s the quarry. And as for her being a lady; until one of us catches her, we won’t know that. ”

This reply stunned me, especially talking to his mother. And the reference to me going out tomorrow, and being hunted, what was all that about?

“Adrian! That’s enough of that talk; you’re scaring the poor girl. There'll be no hunting her tomorrow; she'll be stopping in-doors.

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   Anyway, remember she’s your Cousin Gerry’s girlfriend. ”

“She’s no need to be scared, nobody's gonna hurt her. And as for Gerry; if she’s out tomorrow I guess he'll get his share along with everyone else. ”

“Well that's as maybe, but I don't think you'll find her out there tomorrow. ”

And with that she changed the subject.


“Anyway what are you doing home so early?”

“The bloody muck spreader’s packed in, so I’ve brought it back for Steve to sort out. ”

“Right well I’ve got to go out in the yard and feed the dogs and foul. Gerry can you come and give me a hand?”

“Yes, course I can. Are you coming Leslie?”

But she turned to face me,

“Well I wanted Leslie to stop in the kitchen and juggle the pans around. This range isn’t like your modern gas cookers, it needs constant attention. ”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Well I need to keep all the pans simmering. This part of the plate is too hot, and this end is too cold. So as you see a pan starting to boil over, change it with one from the other end. You’ll soon get the hang of it. But make sure you keep your mind on the job, cos old Harry will not be pleased if his suppers spoilt.

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“I’ll start my bath now ma. Then it’ll be free for when dad gets home. ”

“I'm not sure if Leslie would like that. ”

She turned and looked in my direction; stupidly I thought she was meaning that she thought I’d want to go up and have my bath first before all the hot water had gone.

“Well? Do you mind if he has his bath now?”

“No. I don’t mind who goes first. ”

“Well ok. But like I told you, make sure you keep your mind on them pans, or you’ll be getting off on the wrong side of Harry. ”


With that they all left the kitchen leaving me to swap pans around. Then Adrian walked back in carrying a large metal bathtub. I’d only ever seen them in films, and at first I wondered what he was doing. Then as he took the two largest pans of boiling water from the range, and poured them into the bathtub, the penny dropped. He filled the pans back up with cold water and placed them on the range, and then he started pouring jug after jug of cold water into the tub. This tub was only about four feet away from where I was standing doing my pan swapping duties.


Now he stood there, facing me, and unbuttoned his shirt.

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   I wanted to leave the kitchen, but knew I’d be in trouble if I did. But surely his mom knew he’d be stripping off to take his bath. That must have been why she was asking if I’d mind. His shirt and vest were now gone, and he was unbuckling his belt. His trousers had buttons, not a zip like most boys I’d known, and he undid them in a slow almost threatening manner. As he slid his trousers down, his underpants went with them. The most magnificent cock you could ever imagine stood there. Bolt upright; at least ten inches long. I stood there transfixed, not able to look away.


“I knew you’d like it. ”

“W. What?”

“You know what. Come take a hold of it. ”

As he spoke he walked the few paces to where I stood, and took hold of my hand, placing it around his shaft. I tried to pull my hand away, but his big hand was wrapped around mine, and he controlled my movements.

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   My hand was only just big enough to encircle his cock, and he was sliding it up and down its length. If he’d have let go of my hand, I’d have pulled away, but in a strange way, I wanted him to keep hold of me. I liked the feeling of the warm blood pumping in the palm of my hand.


“You like it?”

“No. Please let me stop?”

“I’m going to take my hand off yours; if you stop. I’ll bend you over the table and fuck you. You understand?”

“No. ”


“No. I was just. I mean, yes I understand you. But please don’t make me. ”

I was scared to death, and pleading pitifully.

“Look you stupid girl, they’ll be back soon, all I?.