The Golfers


I had lived on the east coast my entire life. I was sick of the same old people, with the same old drama, in the same old town. I wanted to get as far away as I could. College was my saviour. University of Hawaii was perfect. It was just about as far away from home as I could get, and fuck, its paradise right? I fit in immediatly, I loved to surf, and had that surfer-chick image going for me already. . you know, slim, toned body, and long wavy brown hair. And above everything, I liked to party. <br><br>I lived in a house with several roomates, but they all worked during the day. I loved the privacy of our neighborhood, especially since I could tan in my backyard in skimpy bikinis. Our house backed up to a golf course, and golfers usually waved to me, but never stopped to talk. One afternoon, two 40-something year old men actually took a break from their precious game of golf to come over and offer me a few shots of the brandy they were brown bagging. We chatted for a few minutes, they were tourists from Idaho and were only in town a few more days. It was later in the afternoon, so I told Richard and Mike good luck on their game and that I needed to study. <br><br> The following afternoon I was in the backyard tanning, and the same two men approached me.

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   I asked if they were playing another game, but they just stared at me for a second. Suddenly, one of them grabbed me and wrestled me to the ground. I screamed, but it was useless. . . no one would hear me over my neighbor's blasting hip hop. Richard quickly untied my bikini and dropped it to the ground while Mike held a small knife to my neck. They said the classic line, "do what we say and we wont hurt you. " I couldn't believe this was happening. <br><br> They forced me unto my knees and bound my hands. Mike pulled out his dick, It was long and skinny. . maybe around 8 inches. He forced it into my mouth and started to fuck my face. I wanted this to end, so i hoped that maybe if I just suck them off they would let me go.

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   <br>"Look at this Rich, the fucking slut likes it!" Richard, wanting a piece of the action, pushed me down on all fours. I was focusing on not choking on Mike's cock when I felt two fingers slip into my pussy. To my surprise, I started to get wet as Richard slowly massaged my clit and fingered me. It didn't last long though, as I soon felt his cock line up with my damp hole. In one stroke he forced his entire length into me, I thought i was going to break! <br><br>Mike pulled out his cock as his cum shot all over my face. Richard was still pumping in and out of me furiously. As mike watched, he took two fingers and jammed them into my ass. I screamed in pain, but he wouldn't pull them out. I begged him to stop, but he continued to massage his fingers in and out of my ass. Richard slowed his fucking and came inside me. Cum started dripping down my legs<br><br>Mike climbed underneath me, and holding the knife to my neck, forced me to start riding him. I've always liked being on top, as it makes me orgasm almost everytime, but this was all wrong. Scared to death, I started rocking my hips back and forth. Richard wasted no time, and soon kneeled behing me. He dipped his cock in my dripping pussy once, and then slowly pushed the tip against my asshole.

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   Both cocks were soon inside me. It hurt terribly at first, but somehow I actually started to feel good. I think the men could tell I was close to orgasming, and started fucking me violently. I came hard, and fell forward on top of Mike, exhausted. They continued to fuck me until they both came once again. <br><br>Standing up, they threw my towel at me. They laughed, staying they were getting on a plane tomorrow, so there was no reason to bother calling the police. I wrapped myself in my towel. . and to their surprise, invited them inside for drinks. . . I wanted to see what else these men could do. . to be continued.

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