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"Brad! I didn't invite you over for a night of sex! I invited you over because I was scared, so if you don't mind, I would appreciate if you didn't act like I was a sex toy!" Stacy yelled as Brad made his move"Sorry, but you know we've been dating for about a year and a half now, and I thought it was time we took the next step. " Brad said in an apologetic voice half for an apology and half trying to convince her to give herself to him. "I know that, but you know what I believe in, no sex until we're married!" Stacy said as a rebuttal to his latest statement. "You leave me no choice then. . . I'm going to make you have sex one way or another. " "W-what do you mean Brad, you're going to rape me?""Yes, and we're going to start now!"Stacy was slightly shocked and scared by what he said he would do to her, but she was also feeling excited.

She felt her nipples harden and her pussy lips get moist. He grabbed her by the arm and forced her onto the couch, slowly pulling down the jeans she was wearing, exposing her thong underwear. He pulled the jeans clear from her legs and off the couch and then got under her underwear and slowly pull them away from her pussy, covered in small, curly, blonde pubic hair. He slowly pulled it to the side and, using his other hand, began rubbing her warm, wet slit. He then, without warning, shoved three fingers deep within her slit, making her cry in pain. "You like that don't ya baby?!" Brad said to her"Ohhhhhh, fuck me, you aren't going to stop, so fuck me like you mean it!!" shocking Brad a little, but he soon just smiled and began unzipping his pants. He pulled them off and revealed a nine inch schlong. Stacy gaped at the giant prick about to be shoved into her body.

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  "Whatever you say babe!" he said as the head of his dick rubbed against her now drenched slit. Then, without warning again, he shoved his prick inside of her tight virgin pussy making her scream as her cherry popped.
    He slowly pulled it out, and then, shoved it in even faster, making her yell again. "Oh my God Brad, it hurts so much!" she yelled. "Well. . . you're going to have to deal with it, because for tonight, you're my bitch!" he yelled as he repeated this cycle for well over five minutes. Stacy then felt something come from dick inside her. Then a hot steam of cum came bursting into her. "Please, don't, at least use a condom!""Not a chance, you need the feeling of a rock hard cock in you!" he yelled at her. Another stream of hot cum came into her body, then another followed soon after. He pulled her out and shoved his cock into her mouth and then, another explosion of cum erupted into her mouth. She swallowed all of it. He pulled it out and turned her over, exposing her pink ass-hole.

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       He shoved his cock into it, in and out, repeating this process for about thirty minutes. Then, another warm stream of cum exploded from his penis. She moaned, adding to the liking of Brad. "It hurts Brad, stop, please. . . " she pleaded to him"Not a chance bitch, you're my hoe for the night! Now shut up and suck it!" he said as he pulled his still rock hard cock from her asshole and shoved it into her mouth. It almost chocked her, and just when she thought she couldn't take anymore, another burst of cum shot into her mouth and down her throat. He thrust his dick, now going limp a little into her mouth for about 18 minutes shooting two more streams of warm cum into her mouth before he stopped and finally pulled it out of her mouth and stopped the fucking. "I told you I was going to make you fuck me one way or the other!" he said, breathing heavily. "That. . . was. .

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      . amazing. . . Brad, I love you. " Stacy said as she took deep breaths. "Yeah, you better love me slut, I just did you a favor. I just gave you the greatest thing you'll ever know. . . A ROCK HARD COCK UP YOUR SLIT!!".


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