The Foreign Exchange Student, The middle of the night gamble, Part 7


In the middle of the night, I awakened from a deep sleep with a raging hard-on because of this highly erotic dream that I had. I dreamed that I had quite the evening with my drop dead gorgeous Costa Rican Exchange Student –getting her a little drunk, tying her up in bed and raping her pussy, then taking her to the shower and fucking her asshole. Just replaying my dream in fast forward had given me a huge boner and I lightly began to stroke myself. As I turned to look at the clock, HOLY SHIT—it wasn’t a dream, there was Jenny right beside me fast asleep!My dream was reality and my little boy was wanting more action.
My eyes adjusted to the soft glow of the clock, as well as the hall light creeping in the room under the door and my little naked Latino’s beauty was glowing. She looked like an angel, all peaceful just sleeping away. She was sleeping on her back and as I slowly pulled the covers down past her breasts, the contrast of the dark skin of those very firm C cups against the white sheets were amazing. Her nipples were soft, but even in this stage, they were still big. How had I not really noticed the nipples being so big?Perhaps I thought they were only that way when they were hard?
A myriad of thoughts ran through my head. Without the help of hard liquor, would Jenny still like sex?Would she tell anyone—especially my wife—what about a school administrator or counselor? Would I go to jail if I got caught? Oh damn, I hear child molesters and rapists get it bad in prision—fuck what was I thinking—she was only 17. But the little head is usually stronger than the big head. Laying there just stroking my boner, I kept looking at this little goddess and decided it was worth the risk.
I slowly inched the covers down, repositioned myself between her legs and slowly and gingerly spread her legs. The scent of her womanhood was mixed with the scent of the body wash and as I spread her totally open, her pussy lips poked out through her little bush. “I must shave her” I thought to myself, and with that fresh on my mind, I begin to lovingly begin to lick and kiss her. What a wonderful middle of the night delight –when she started getting wet and the familiar, intoxicating smell got strong.

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  The taste—oh that sweet nectar, was addicting—I just couldn’t get enough.
Jenny was still asleep, but stirring. Her body was reacting to my tongue and as she started fidgeting, I began working harder. My fingers joined my efforts, and with only one finger, I began searching for her little love button while my tongue concentrated on her clit and the little sensitive area right below it. I heard the moans and couldn’t tell if Jenny was totally awake or thinking she was immersed in a dream, but her pleasure was real, regardless of whether she was awake or not.
I could tell she was getting close, so I ramped up my efforts again, using yet another finger to probe that tiny little arse…. one finger there, one finger in the cunt and my lips and tongue madly attacking her clit. “OOHH, OOHH, OOHH” Jenny finally was awake. “Padre, Padre, Padre”…. she awakened just as her body was hitting its high point and with another flurry of “OOHHHHHSSS”, Jenny had an orgasm. As she did, I just grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands and pulled her tighter against my face as my tongue helped finish her off.
I changed positions, laying back down beside Jenny as her body scooted close to mine and her head found my chest. Her hand found my penis and she began to stroke it. Again, many thoughts raced through my head, but a hand job wasn’t what this guy wanted right then and there. “Jenny, Padre wants to teach you how to really please a man.

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  Do you want to learn how to be a good lover?” With her affirmative answer, I told her to suck on me and get me wet for a few minutes and then to sit on me and face me. She obeyed, giving a tender little blowjob—slowing bobbing her head up and down, then using her tongue to swirl around the head before taking it all in again. After a couple of minutes of throbbing in her mouth I told her it was time and she repositioned and sat on me. “Jenny, men love it when they feel you take their penis, and rub it all over your special pussy, then put it inside you. You get it wet with your slippery juices and when you put it in, don’t sit down hard on it, just lower yourself a little, then go back up, and lower a little more, and keep doing it until I am all the way in.

    Jenny was a quick study and she had wonderful control as she did exactly what I told her to do. Fortunately, she was still soaked from her last orgasm, and I seemed to slide in and out easier than our first fuck earlier that night. “Jenny, bring your head towards mine and kiss me, but don’t stop. The way your pussy slides back and forth on me feels incredible at that angle. ” Again, she obeyed. As we kissed, her pussy began picking up rhythm and she was fucking me like a champ. As our tongues danced, her perspiration began dripping on my face, and my mind flashed to what the scene might look like from behind, seeing her round, Latino darkskinned ass just going up and down on my shaft!
    “Jenny that feels incredible. Don’t stop, but know I want you to sit back up, and take my hands and lean back. ” My obedient little slut did just that and as she leaned back, the angle was different but still felt good as her little cunt kept milking my cock. “Jenny darling, which one do you like the best—Leaning over me, sitting up straight, or leaning back?”With all the innocence of a little girl wanting to please her daddy, Jenny answered, “Padre, which one do you like better!?”The last 24 hours were a complete success!Jenny was officially mine with or without alcohol.

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    “Padre likes it when you lean over me, kiss me and slowly raise yourself, then really go down hard. Then change it up a little bit and sit up straight and ride me like you would ride a horse—going up and down really fast—seeing how hard you can come down and how far you can get Padre’s penis inside you. Then come back towards me and make it slow again—bothof those feel really good. ”Without a work, she leaned over and began fucking me like she was a pro. Her pussy just milked me like she had done it for years. As I was getting close, she sat up straight and began wildly riding me. “Padre, Padre, Jenny is going to cum again. ” With that, she impaled herself and as I felt that tight little pussy convulse, I began shooting my load in her again. We throbbed together and then collapsed together in a pile of sweat again.
    “Jenny, that was incredible. Do you see how much fun sex can be?”“Yes Padre, sex is good. Can you teach me more?” “Oh Padre can teach you so much more. We can have so much fun. I can make you the best ever. But you realize this has to be our little secret don’t you?You can’t tell anyone—never ever tell anyone.

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       Do you understand?” “Yes Padre, Jenny not tell anyone. ” “Good sweetheart. Why don’t you clean up Padre, I’ll go make us some food—I am starving, then we’ll take another nap before I teach you another lesson. ”
    Jenny just smiled, started sucking me clean and I just lay there thinking a lot more about her next lesson than the breakfast I was about to make