The Foreign Exchange Student--The Conquest, Part 4


The Foreign Exchange Student, part 4

While Jenny was in the shower, I quickly thought about the evening, and hopefully the rest of the weekend. I was still confused at why she was so willing to perform oral sex, but so freaked out with the thought of penetration. I knew that she enjoyed her orgasm when I fingered her, so what the fuck was up with her?
I decided to make one last ditch effort to make her comfortable with me fucking her, so I did what any good host would do for his smoking hot, Costa Rican, beautiful exchange student, I decided to get her a little tipsy!Since she had been with us in the States, she hadn’t had a drink, and really hadn’t shown a lot of interest in alcohol. She never asked to drink when we would have a glass of wine at dinner, nor a beer during the evenings. So, I figured it wouldn’t take a lot to take the edge off of her.
After I heard the water quit running in the shower, I went to her room and entered without knocking. She was shocked to see me standing there and I was happy to have perfect timing as her hair was wrapped in her towel and she was standing there in her bra and panties, just about to step into a pair of shorts. I shook my head no, and told her to remove her clothes. When she hesitated, I once again asked the question, “So you want to be on a plane back home tomorrow after I call your parents and tell them what a little whore you are?”She immediately removed the bra and panties.
I went through her closet, and not finding anything I really liked, I told Jenny to follow me. We went to my daughter’s room and I got a white, lacy thong that had nothing but a little string that went around the waist and up her crack. I then pulled out a matching white lacy bra and told her to put it on. The problem was that Jenny was bigger than my daughter and when she put it on, her boobs were barely half covered. She looked confused, but damn she looked amazingly hot. I then went through the closet and found one of my daughter’s cheerleading outfits—again, the skirt didn’t quite cover all of her fine, Latino ass, and the top was so tight, that it didn’t cover her midriff. A schoolboy’s dream?Hell no, this was every man’s dream—to have a little Latino, dressed to kill in a cheerleadering outfit and scared of you!I put the finishing touches on her as I had her do her lips in a bright red lipstick, and then applied some of my daughter’s seductive perfume on her.

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I told Jenny to follow me and we went to the great room to watch tv. I ordered the pizza and asked if she wanted a strawberry smoothie—her face finally lit up and I think she momentarily forgot what she was wearing. As I made the smoothie, I added plenty of vodka—she wouldn’t be able to taste or smell it and sure enough, she drank it down and asked for more. The pizza arrived about the time she was starting her third smoothie, and I could tell that the vodka was just starting to kick in.
I tested the waters a little and before she sat down, I asked her to come sit on my lap. I said, “Jenny, you know Padre loves you and wants you to be happy don’t you?You know Padre would never hurt you don’t you?Padre loves the way you look and he likes looking at you. Are you ok if I look at you?Are you ok if I kiss you? Do you want to be my special, little girl?”Jenny just nodded yes, and with that I proceeded to kiss her. Very quickly into the kiss, she reciprocated and our tongues were dancing like a couple of little teenagers. My hand found its way underneath the tight little sweater, and when it found its way to her nipple, I realized that it was already out of the bra cup. She moaned as my lips went to her neck and instinctively, her hand found its way to my belt, my zipper, and to my boxers.
I stood her up and carried her to the great room. When we got to the couch, I put her down and took her sweater off, leaving the bra on since her tits were hanging out anyway. Damn that was a hot sight to see those tits surrounded on bottom with the white lace but the tits themselves hanging over the material. My mouth went to one as my hand found her other nipple and as I sucked one, I squeezed and twisted the other. Her moans turned to a little scream, but I continued.

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  Despite the little screaming, I could tell how hard the nipples were and knew she liked it. Then, the screams went from English to Spanish and got louder. I knew no one was in the house but she screamed so loudly I was afraid the neighbors might hear. So I stopped twisting her nipple, looked her sternly in the eyes and said, “No more—no screaming!Do you understand?If you scream again, I will punish you like this. ”Bending her over the arm of the couch, her face hit the couch cushion, the little cheerleading skirt flew over the small of her back, and her ass was totally bare, spare the little white string that disappeared in her crack. My hand came down on the right cheek and she whimpered. It then landed on the left cheek and she whimpered again. “Good girl Jenny. Padre doesn’t want to spank you and punish you, but he will if you don’t do what he says. ”
With that, I kicked her legs apart and began rubbing her little pussy. She was soaked—instantly soaked. I could smell her and was dying to taste her, but I didn’t want her coming yet. As my fingers played in her pussy, I began to finger her arse with my other hand. Her ass cheeks clinched tight, but she didn’t say a word. Pretty soon, her ass was meeting the rhythm of my hand and she was really into it.

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  I thought she was good and ready, and wet enough for penetration so I stopped and lifted her up. Kissing her again, I could tell that she was red faced and hot—the vodka must be taking it’s toll on her, and I dropped my pants and boxers and laid her on the couch. When I pulled that little fabric out of the way of her pussy, it was so drenched that her juices dripped off of it.
As I started to guide my dick into her cunt, her eyes filled with fear, but she knew better than to scream. Remember Padre loves you I said and with that I placed the head of my dick inside her. She just lay there with this look of shock on her face. Even though she was tight, her juices made the strokes somewhat easy. I took it slow and little by little she began to loosen up. Every time I would withdraw and slide back in, you could hear the gushing sounds. I feared that I wouldn’t make it long –this time, so when I felt like I was going to explode I stopped and pulled all the way out. Jenny looked at me inquisitively and I said, “sweetie, do you want Padre to finish? Do you want to feel like a real woman?Do you want to feel something inside that you have never felt before—the best feeling on Earth?” She nodded yes and I got her up, sat on the couch, and had her straddle me. Cowboy it was and with the help of my hands on her hips, she quickly got the rhythm going up and down on my shaft. I alternated between closing and opening my eyes, because when I saw her angelic face, then her bouncing C Cups, then that little cheerleading shirt pulled up around her waist, I would start to loose it every time.
But then it happened, she started coming down harder and harder, and her moaning got louder and louder. She was bouncing so hard, I could feel my head hitting the back of her vagina and when she finally stopped, her walls were clinching my shaft so hard, that her pussy juices running out were sliding all down my cock, out her pussy, and all over me.


  As her walls convulsed around me, I lost it and even though I wanted to pull out and come all over her, I unleashed a stream inside of her that reminded me of my teenage years. It felt like I shot a quart or more as I just sat there and felt myself spasm one after another.
She finally collapsed on top of me and we just lay there, our hearts pounding together, our flesh stuck together, and our juices running all over me and down my side. It seemed like forever when I felt the blood start draining out of my cock and the head and as I spoke to her, I got no response. I tried to shake Jenny, but she was motionless. From shear exhaustion, from her first orgasm, from her first druken stooper—she was gone. As I rolled out from under her, I didn’t want to ever forget what had happened, so I quickly went to my bedroom, grabbed the camera and came back to take pictures!
I had no idea if she was going to be pissed, if she was going to want to have sex all the time, or if she would remember our session at all, but in a few hours when she awoke, I would quickly know if this was the biggest mistake of my life or not. Right now, all I cared about was eating some of that damn pizza and drinking a beer, because I had worked up an epic appetite fucking my little Latino exchange student!

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