The Foreign Exchange Student, the Ass Assault, part 6


Our bodies were still completely drenched with that sticky sweat when I rolled off of Jenny. I unfastened her cuffs and untied her legs. Fortunately, the house was empty so I took her by the hand to the master bathroom. Jenny had been all over the house in her short time with us, but she had never seen the master bathroom. It was 3 -4 times the size of her bathroom, and she just stared in amazement at the sheer size, and the marble, and the furnishings—it lacked for nothing. As I turned both shower heads on and let the water get hot, I began to hold Jenny from behind, feeling her naked body against mine. This sweet and innocent Latino goddess truly felt safe with me.
As we got in the shower, she stepped under one shower head and I just admired her beauty with the water cascading down her face and jet black hair, running down her breasts, her stomach, and disappearing and dripping off that sweet little pussy. As I admired her, I got the shampoo and began to give her a wonderful scalp massage along with the shampoo. Jenny was so relaxed, her eyes were closed and she was enjoying being pampered. Then the body wash—I gently applied it to her front, and as my hands worked their way over her breasts, she again just closed her eyes. Her nipples were so sensitive—immediately becoming hard as I cleaned them. I took my time, and slowly cleaned that flat pack of abs, then her feet, and then up her legs until I reached her sweet little mound.
I didn’t want to use a lot of soap, but as I began the cleaning of her pussy, Jenny instinctively parted her legs…Damn, this was beginning to get me worked up again!My fingers didn’t do a lot of penetration, they didn’t have to—her clit was highly sensitive, but when I went past her cunt and reached under her and passed her asshole, she quivered.
Taking that as a cue, I turned her around to face the shower wall. I adjusted the shower head so that it still was beating on the back of her head and I began to clean her back.

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  The shoulders, the back, her ass, her feet, and back up her legs til I reached her ass again. The way that she had it poked out was so inviting. I again began running my hand up and down her crack and as I got to that little brown pucker hole, I rimmed it a little, but then would reach under her to finger her cunt. I kept repeating this over and over until I actually shoved a finger into that little arse!She gasped, but I knew it was now or never. Was it possible that she was going to lose her virginity and her ass virginity the same night?!!
“Jenny darling, do you trust and love Padre?Do you know Padre loves you very much?” Jenny nodded yes. “Good sweetie, Padre wants to make you feel special in a very special way. Do you understand?” She nodded again. “Jenny, just close your eyes and remember how good you felt when Padre put his penis inside you ok?” She nodded yet again. With that, I began to use one finger to fuck her ass and a couple of others to finger her cunt. The pleasure apparently was overtaking the pain. After using my fingers to start, I pulled away and began to run my cock up and down her crack. . pausing at the arse but ending up in her pussy.
She moaned as I slowly stroked her from behind. With my cock slowly moving in and out, I resumed a finger in the ass, matching the rhythm of my cock and worked up to two fingers.

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  I could tell she was approaching another orgasm and I didn’t want to waste it on her pussy, so I pulled out, removed the fingers and put my cock head in her ass. She winched and gasped. “Jenny, you need to relax honey. This is gonna feel awesome!” After a minute, she settled down and I tried to go in a little deeper. Jenny gasped yet again and this time it was more like a scream. Fuck this I thought—I had her on the verge and if I dared let her off the hook now, I might never get another chance. “Jenny, hang on darling, Padre promises it won’t hurt but just a minute. ” With that disclaimer, I pulled out and rammed my cock in as far as it would go in between those dark Latino ass cheeks.
Jenny screamed bloody murder, but that just turned me on more. All the way out, and back in—getting close to 2/3 of my 8 inches in this time. Screaming and sobbing, I picked up a little speed and began actually fucking her ass. Damn was that thing tight!It was gripping my cock like a little pre-teen mouth (yep, I’ve done that too!) But despite the grip her ass had on me, I was still able to pump and pump away. The sight of my cock disappearing into her drove me crazy, and combined with the tightness of that hole, I didn’t last long at all. With one final shove, I had 90% of me inside her when I unleashed yet another round of spunk. My spasms made my knees go weak but it was so tight in her ass, I just had to leave it right there until the swelling subsided.

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“Jenny, are you ok?Do you realize that is a very special kind of love?Do you realize how happy you just made Padre?”Turning to face me, she just put her arms around me and told me she loved me.
My little Costa Rican exchange student might only be 17, but she had just become a woman—a real woman tonight. Fortunately I was spent because the water was running cold! Grabbing a couple of towels, I dried her, then myself and took her by the hand to my bed. She deserved it. She deserved being treated to being next to me all night even if it was where my wife usually was.
Jenny and I fell asleep, with me tucked in behind her, my cock, even though it was finally flaccid and exhausted from one hell of a workout, next to that pretty little Latino ass.



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