The First part to Teen Titans


Gwagogoo! - Teen Titans lemon for Tank Cop's contest. Raven gave a cough as she shivered on a bed under a huge blanket. A thermometer flew from her mouth to her eyelevel from her command. "Hmmm, I'm not ill acoarding to this. " she thought as the sheet she was laying under, suddenly hovered up. Raven looked to both of her sides and her clothes flew at her and dressed her. "Just a little cough won't be holding me back. " she said to Boy was eating some steak, when Raven came from her room. "What happened to you, it's like you've risen from under a boat. " he joked. "Piss of moron, I'm not in the mood. " she hissed back at him back. Beast Boy gave a shrug and returned to his meal. There was silence in the air. "I'm sorry I snapped at you. I'm not feeling very well.

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  " Raven finally sighed. Beast Boy stopped eating. "Is it affecting your powers?" he asked. "Well, not yet atleast. I was able to use my powers really well awhile ago. " Raven replied. "You know, if there's anything wrong, you probably should stay behind. Especially, since Starfire already was put out of comission for awhile, because of Mr. Freeze. " Beast Boy said. "Oh, just saying his name gives me frost bites. " Raven shivered. TWO DAYS AGO…A powerful Super Villain named Mr. Freeze, who had decided to transform the entire earth into an ice cube had just shot Starfire with his 'Icicle Shot', making her change into a solid ice statue. "Starfire!" Raven had screamed as she turned around, only to get shot shortly after aswell.

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  If this wouldn't have been counted in Robin's plan, they would all be frozen along with the entire world. THIS DAY…Raven drank some tea and relaxed a little in a chair. "So where are everybody else?" she finally asked. "They're trying to find a way to stop Mr. Freeze once and for all. Raven gurgled, forcing her to spit and making huge trail of tea fly from her mouth as she dropped her mug in a pure shock. "What?! I thought you guys defeated him!!" she hissed. "Calm down, we did…Kinda…. Well, we destroyed his Ice barrier, but we were only able to get you and Starfire away. " he replied. "You mean, the city is still threatened and you didn't even tell me?!?!" Raven exclaimed. "Well, it's not really threatened anymore, technically speaking as Robin said. We didn't wanna brother you. " Beast Boy answered. Raven nearly wanted to scream.

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   No one had told her. Was she rendered useless in their eyes?"Okay. Fine. I don't care anymore. " she snapped. "Care about what?" Beast Boy asked. "Anything! I don't care about anything anymore!" she yelled at him. Beast Boy raised up and backed a little. "No need to get upset now Raven. " he said. "Who's getting UPset?" she exclaimed.
Suddenly, with her powers she raised Beast Boy high into the air. "Hey, let me go!!" he screamed. "I could destroy you all easily like bunch of flies! I should be the leader of the groub!!! How can you even think of tackling that villain, without even asking me if I'd want to take part in it??!" she yelled at him. Suddenly, Raven threw Beast Boy against the wall and let him drop to the floor.

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  "That hurt Raven!" he exclaimed. Raven threw Beast Boy again against the wall, this time harder. AT REST OF THE HEROES…"I've figured out why Starfire punched you earlier Cyborg. " Robin said, raising his goggles from his mask. "What's that?" Cyborg asked. "When Mr. Freeze shot the 'Icicle Shot' it affected Starfire somehow. She's more aggressive, angry and even hostile. Why this is so, it's not as important as finding out how to stop it. " Robin explained. "Oh my God…. Raven was shot too. " Cyborg exclaimed. Long silence passed between the two. "You go to her.

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   I'll try and make up some tests to see if I can revert the effects. " Robin finally stated. BACK AT RAVEN AND BEAST BOY…Raven made Beast Boy circle around air, while a knife flew into her hand's grib. "Do you admit, I'm the strongest?" she screamed. "Yes! I admit, you are stronger than anyone of us! Stronger than any of us combined!!" Beast Boy yelled. Raven lowered Beast Boy gently. "Good. " she said, putting the knife on the table. Beast Boy coughed a little. Raven had certainly caught him off guard. And even if she wouldn't have, he wasn't comfortable about using his powers against his friend. Raven gave a yawn and began to sit, when one chair flew under her just in time. "I am real happy to hear that. So, can I get my hands onto Mr. Freeze?" she asked.

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  "Umm… We…We have to talk to others first too, you know. . . " Beast Boy started to protest. Raven gave a spit to the floor. "Fine, if they think they can stop me, they are welcome to try. " she was moving towards the room, where Beast Boy and Raven were at, when suddenly a piece from wall was ripped and rolled around him. "R-Raven?" he asked. There was no answer. He began to try to struggle away, but suddenly more pieces of the wall were ripped and tied around him making it impossible for him to move at all. Soon, he saw Raven walking towards him. "Raven, stop this madness at once!" he yelled at her. "Madness? Madness?? The teams greatest member is left aside, THAT is madness!" Raven screamed. "No, you see i-" Cyborg started to explain, when some duct tape covered his mouth. "You also talk too much.

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  " Raven replied and turned to walk back into the room where Beast Boy was. Without him wanting to, Cyborg noticed himself following her. "Well, I've taken two Titans out alone and I've not even breaken sweat. " Raven joked as she made Cyborg fly on the couch next to Beast Boy, who was tied and gagged too. She gave a cough and covered her mouth with her hand. "So, all I need to do is to take Robin and Starfire out and then I'm without any doubt, the strongest, right?" Raven asked out loud, though she didn't even excpect an answer. "Raven!" a shout suddenly came.
Raven turned to direction of voice and there stood Starfire and Robin. "Is it the same thing that made me attack Cyborg?" Starfire asked. "Yes and the treatment must be the same. " Robin answered. Starfire blushed slightly. Raven was somewhat confused by her reaction. "Well, you seem to talk about things like fighting for what one believes as sickness. " she finally said, getting into a small fighting stance.

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  Raven raised Robin into the air. Suddenly however, Robin dropped back to his feet. "What?!?" Raven exclaimed. "I put on my gravitation belt. You can't move me. " Robin responded. "Damn you! There's more ways for me to defeat you two than just slamming you into something!" Raven screamed. "You forget something important. " Robin stated. "What's that?" Raven questioned. "We work as a Team. " he calmly responded. Raven gasbed. She had gotten distracted and Starfire was no longer on the side of Robin. When she turned around, she was hit by Starfires energy blast, making her fly backwards and roll on ground awhile.

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  "Damn you…I'll kill you…. I'll kill you all!!!!!!!" Raven screamed. The attack had eaten most of her strength though, she was hardly able to move a small item. She tried to get up, only falling again. Some spit was thrown from her mouth as she cursed "I shall tease you all to death one by one!!!"Suddenly Starfire took hold of Raven. "Is it really the only cure?" Starfire asked. "The only way is by constant heating from body part, such as hand, striking at the infected area. " Robin explained. "But Raven was shot into her butt, not where I was. " Starfire reminded. "That makes no diffrence. We must make the treatment immediattly. " Robin nearly shouted. Suddenly Raven realized what was about to happen. She was going to be spanked by Robin.

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   felt as Starfire pulled her panties down, exposing her pale white butt cheeks. "God, no! I'm so embarassed!" Raven whimpered. Suddenly, Robin slapped her left butt cheek. He then slapped right one. And again. And again. Raven tried to scream, with a few tears falling down her eyes, but Starfire put two of her fingers into Raven's mouth, blocking her ability to speak, much less scream. "Oh God no… If this keeps up, I'll…I'll get aroused. " Raven thought to herself. Robin again raised his hand and spanked hard on the ass of Raven, coloring the cheeks with red color from the impacts. She tried to refuse her feeling of actually beginning to enjoy this. Suddenly, something, which suprised near everyone in the room happened. It started out as small enough to be confused with a clitoris. But the more Robin spanked, the bigger it grew. It was a dick and it was long enough to put any black man to shame.


  "Holy shit!! Holy shit!!!" Starfire gasped as she stared at the humongous sized genital. "It seems Raven really was mysterious for a reason. " Robin said in amazement. Robin stopped for one second. "Let the other ones free, I think Raven is now normal. " he calmly stated. Raven bowed her head in embarassment as she blushed slightly. "Oh God, I'm sorry for what I did…. But…. Now you know my darkest secret. I've…. I've always kept it secret from everyone, because I knew…. I knew I'd be forever hated without second thoughts if I'd tell it…" she whimpered, trying to avoid looking at anyone. "Raven…" Starfire quietly replied to this cry of self disgust.
Suddenly without a warning, Starfire leaned and gave a kiss to Raven.

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   Raven was confused at first, but then returned the kiss, adding some tongue to it. Starfire returned this gesture, by moving her hand over Raven's all erect cock and gently running her finger on it's tip, teasing it. At the same time, the guys began to loosen their clothes. "Hey, I thought she'd return to normal by now. " Beast Boy proclaimed. "She is! She's doing this on her free will!" Cyborg said, giving a sigh. "Oh. OH!! WHOOOAH!!" Beast Boy yelled, as he finally took off his underwear, making his erect dick jump into sight. Robin moved next to the ladies, rubbing the butts of both, giving them slap each. Starfires screams were muffled, when Raven was tongue kissing her passionately. Cyborg and Beast Boy, all erect and stroking their cocks got behind the ladies, Beast Boy behind Raven and Cyborg behind Starfire. Raven smiled and looked behind her, giving a nod. Upon hearing this gesture to move on, Beast Boy slowly inserted his erect dick into Raven's waiting ass. Raven moaned a little as the length began to go into her ass. Raven moved her another hand to stroke her own cock, which she rubbed against Starfire's pussy, before spreading her legs and inserting the dick into it.

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       Starfire screamed as she was for the first time fucked. The pain was humongous, but she withstood it and soon, it began to pass away from the pleasure. Some blood drippled down Starfires inner thighs, coming from her pussy, but the hardest part was now over. Starfire was still so lost in the pleasure, confusion and experiencing this new feeling, that she didn't even notice Cyborg inserting his erect dick into her butt, before he started entering, thrusting in and out in pumping motion slowly, making her scream with a voice, which mixed both pleasure and pain into an erotic sounding soup.
    As the ladies were enjoying themselves, they noted yet another cock in sight. It wasn't as big as many others in the present, but it was hard as a rock and belonged to the 'Boy Wonder'. Raven giggled and moved her hand to stroke Robin's cock. She then began to lick at the Robin's cock's length and the tip, taking it into her mouth. Starfire too leaned towards the dick, but instead began to suck on Robin's balls and massage it's lower half. So this erotic foursome began moving, each beginning to pump into each other. Each time Beast Boy thrusted himself into the anus of Raven, she moved a little into Starfire's cunt, making her back more into cock of Cyborg, as the girls were sucking and jerking Robin. All this time, the guys were kissing the girls neck, back and licking behind their ears, gently caressing and rubbing them all the time, making them relax as much as possible while the act was taking place. While Cyborg was gently rubbing Starfires butt cheeks, Beast Boy on other hand was spanking the cheeks of Raven making them glow even more in the faimiliar red color. It was an amazing, yet erotic sight. Suddenly Raven squeezed her eyes as she felt Robins cum shoot into her mouth and hit the back of her throat.

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       She pulled her mouth away and leaned towards Starfire, giving her a passionate kiss and sharing some of the cum with her. Then something caught Raven's attention. She could feel the cock of Beast Boy escape from her ass and the expression of Starfire spoke that Cyborg had done the same. But they didn't have to miss the dicks long, as the guys stood up on them, jerking their dicks. Raven and Starfire leaned their heads backwards and began to lick on the guys balls and massage their big erect cocks. Both guys were grunting as they could feel their orgasmes closing in. Just then, Raven remembered that she still had her own penis in Starfires cunt. Giving a grin, she began to pump again, except harder this time into the pussy of Starfire, making Starfire moan a little. The very moan was final straw and Cyborg grunted and shot his load of sperm, which flew a little in air, before it landed, with some landing on Ravens face and some on her stomach.
    Raven licked her lips and gathered the cum from her face and stomach, then bringing the hand to her mouth, drinking each and every drop of the sperm. The girls then saw one more dick left up standing. Beast Boy's. The two girls looked at each other, giggling a little. "Come on, big boy. " Raven teasingly said.

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      Beast Boy climbed in middle of both of the women, getting a good view of Raven pumping into Starfire's cunt. He grinned and began to jerk himself off, watching them do it. "Why don't you give a try to my pussy too?" Raven suddenly asked. "What, you've got a pussy too?" Beast Boy asked, suprised. "Of course. I'm a hermaphrodite, not a she male. " Raven stated, spreading her pussy a little with her finger, like as to prove her words. Beast Boy raised up and jerked his erect cock. Raven followed his walk with her eyes as he went behind Raven and began to insert himself into Raven's wet pussy. Raven gave a moan of pleasure as she moved her hands along the sides of Starfire, beginning to pump into her slow and hard. The three were moving in a synchronized movement, each one thrusting at other one, each trying to get maximum ammount of pleasure. "Oh God, I'm gonna cum…. It…It's going to be a big one!" Raven moaned as her pussy juices were drenching her feet and Beast Boy's cock. Finally, the three came at nearly exactly the same time, with an eerie scream of joy, as both of the cocks filled both of the pussies with tons of hot cum. Beast Boy slipped off from Raven.

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       Some sperm drippled down from Raven's pussy. Raven leaned towards Starfire and gave her a sweet kiss on the lips. "Am…Am I going to become pregnant now?" Starfire finally dared to ask. Raven pondered for one moment. "If I say yes, does it mean we can do this more often?" she replied with a smile.



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