The Experiment: Part 2


Part 2: The Experiment

Chapter 1: The Gas

    On the screen, the children are still asleep. The man presses a button. The windows inside the room open up and this deep blue-colored gas drifts ominously into the room. Slowly, it spreads to the beds Sleeping, the two teens inhale deep breaths of it. The man picks up a pencil and stats writing on a notepad. "5:30 am, Day 3. Gas introduced to the subjects. "

    The light comes on. David wakes up. He felt different. He is aroused, and his cock is hard. The atmosphere in the room is different, too. The air has something different about it. It has a blue tint, almost as if someone had died the oxygen a very faint blue. It smells different, too, an unrecognizable, sweet smell, like some sort of perfume. The gas is kind of making him light-headed, but he still gets up and walks over to the window.

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   He gets his food and hurries back to the bed, trying to hide the tent in his pants from Rachael. He throws the covers over himself and eats his breakfast. Rachael is starting to wake up, too.

    "Uhg, still here," she says.

    "Yeah. Breakfast is ready," David says. Rachael sits up. She squints and looks at him.

    "What's wrong?" he asks.

    "I think I'm seeing things. "

    "Is it the air?"

    "Yeah, it looks, well, blue. "

    "Yeah I can see it too. " Reassured, she starts to get up. But, before she is out of bed, she stops and one of her hands vanishes under the covers. She turns bright red.

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    "What's wrong, now?" David asks.

    "Nothing," she says. She slowly gets up and goes to the window to get her food. When she turns around to come back, she quickly walks to the bed and throws the covers over herself. When she was walking, David thought he noticed a small dark spot on the crotch of her shorts, but he is still too worried about being trapped to think about it.

    They day goes by in utter boredom. They sit and try to talk, but, still not knowing anything about themselves, there are few things to talk about. Finally, they start passing the time by thinking of ways to escape. None of their ideas are remotely close to possible, but it's something to pass the time, so they continue until the light goes off.

Chapter 2: No More Clothes

    As the man reviews the day's tapes on the screen, he grins. He clearly sees David's hard cock and Rachael's wet spot. "Excellent," he says. "The gas is working perfectly. It's time to up the dosage and get things going. " He presses and holds the button, and a thick, dark blue cloud flows into the room.

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   He pulls his notepad out. "6:00 am, Day 4. Amount of gas is quadrupled. "

    David wakes up. The light is on, but the air is so blue, it’s hard to tell. The sweet smell is so strong, it's sickening. His cock is hard and again he is aroused, but today the feeling is stronger, much stronger. Breakfast comes in the windows, but he is not hungry; he is thinking about the dream he just woke up from. In his dream, he was naked, and so was Rachael. He wanted to touch her, to feel her naked body, but when he reached out, the dream had faded and he had woken up. He looks at Rachael. When he sees her, his pulse races. Something inside him wants him to feel her, to touch her and violate her while she is asleep. However, he controls the urge and goes to get breakfast.

    Today, when he walks back to the bed, he doesn't cover up his hard cock.


   He is no longer ashamed of it; to the contrary, he actually wants to show it off. Rachael wakes up.

    "Morning David," she says. She glances down and her eyes freeze for a second. David knows that she is seeing the bulge in his pants, and it turns him on even more. "Why is it so blue?" she asks, distracted, as if she wasn't even paying attention to what she was saying.

    "I don't know," replies David. "I woke up and it was just like this already. "

    "Oh," she says. Then she gets up to get her breakfast. When she walked back with her tray, David clearly saw a dark circle in the crotch of her shorts. She's wet! He thought. Is that from just seeing my boner? Again, he feels something inside him stir. He wants to grab her and touch her; he wants to feel her perky nipples and wet pussy. But he tries hard to fight it.

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    While they eat, they try and talk. However, along with the deep, eerie blue, there is tension in the air. They act more awkwardly than they had before, desperately trying to force a conversation. David thinks that talking would distract him from his lust, so he tries hard to focus on what he is saying and replying to what Rachael was saying. He still has trouble, though, and can't help but wondering if Rachael is feeling the same thing.

    They finish their meal, and, again, begin a day of unimaginable boredom. Part way through the day, after a few hours of more awkward conversation, vents open up and more blue gas pours into the room. At first, Rachael and David are afraid and hold their breath; they have no idea what the gas is, or if it is harmful. But, eventually, they start turning blue themselves, and are forced to take deep breaths of the gas. As he breathes more and more of the gas, David relaxes. His cock becomes hard again and he is again aroused. They continue talking, but as they relax more, the conversation becomes more personal. They come to the topic of their previous sex lives, and wonder if they had ever done anything with anyone before. The conversation becomes more and more erotic as they start describing to each other what they would think their first sexual experience would be like. They talk so wildly that they fail to realize the temperature starting to rise in the room.

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   By the time, they had both shared their wild thoughts, they were sweating bullets.

    The windows both click open; it's their change of clothes. They both are thankful, sense they are beginning to notice how much they are sweating. However, when they walk over to the windows, they notice something strange. Waiting for Rachael is only a fresh pair of panties and a bra, and for David, only a pair of briefs.

    "What, are we supposed to just wear the same sweaty clothes?" Rachael asks, confused and a little irritated.

    "Maybe they still want us to trade in our old clothes," David blurts out. He isn't entirely sure where that radical idea comes from.

    They both look at each other. "Well, it is really hot. It would feel nice to strip some of our clothes off. "

    "Yeah," says David. "It will make things way more comfortable. " So they both take their clean underwear to opposite sides of the room and face the wall.   They change into it and take their old, sweaty clothes back to the window.

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   The briefs are incredibly tight on David; his hard shaft is very visible. Rachael's clothes are also very scant. The bra just barely covers her hard nipples, and her panties are already beginning to get soaked. They walk back to the beds and sit down. The light immediately goes out. Still hot and sweaty, they try to go to sleep.

    "Wonderful," the man says with a grin. "They took the bait. Tomorrow, I'll push them over the edge. " The man smiles as he watches the children go to sleep.

Chapter 3: Over the Edge

    5:30 am, Day 5. The man turns on his computer and all of his equipment. "Ok, kids, let's get things started. " He presses a new button and the room fills with blue gas, so dark that it is hard to see. "We'll see who snaps first," he snickers.

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    When David wakes up, it is even bluer than before. But he doesn't even notice. His cock is throbbing and he is overwhelmed with lust. He can no longer control it. The wild urge to satisfy his sexual hunger is too intense. Like an animal, he climbs out of bed and rips of his underwear, completely exposing his 8-incher. He quickly walks over to Rachael's bed. She is lying on top of the covers. On hand is grasping her tit, and the other is inside her soaked panties. She was masturbating, David thinks. So she is horny. His lust takes control of him again, and he grabs her tits with both hands, squeezing them hard. She wakes up, confused at first, but then grins devilishly. She stands up and slides her panties off, exposing her bald pussy, dripping pussy juice all over her legs. Then she hooks her bra and throws it across the room.

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   Her perky tits fall out and her hard nipples are exposed.

    She quickly kneels down and attacks his cock and balls with her mouth. She licks them wildly, and then sucks his cock hard, like she needed his precum to survive. She pushes it down her throat, and then grabs his ass cheeks with her hands. As she sucks away at his cock, she shoves two fingers up his ass. He grunts loudly. With one hand, he grabs Rachael's hair and pushes her head towards him until she gags. With the other, she grabs her hand and shoves her fingers farther up his ass. She continues to suck his cock and finger fuck his ass until he cums. When she tries to pull away, David forces her to swallow the whole load. After she tastes the cum, she tries desperately to swallow every last drop. When he is done shooting his load, she continues to lick the cum off of his cock.

    After she is done, David's cock briefly goes limp. But as he takes a deep breath of the blue air, his cock hardens up again. Still unsatisfied, he throws Rachael onto the bed.


   She spreads her legs wide, longing to be fucked. Without hesitating, he shoves his hard dick deep into her ass hole. Rachael screams, but David grabs her hips and digs his nails into her skin. He starts pumping in and out like lightning, fucking her wildly. She is screaming at the top of her lungs "Fuck me! Harder!" They are both like animals, consumed by their enormous sexual appetite. It wasn't long before David has to cum. So he pushes as far in as he could and squirts his load deep into her ass. He finally finishes and pulls his cock out. Still hard and hungry for sex, he grabs Rachael and flips her over on her back. He lifts up her legs and rams his dripping cock into her sopping wet pussy. She screams wildly as David pounds her, his balls slapping her ass cheeks. As he fucks her, she starts to tense up and an orgasm rips through her body. She creams her head off and David continues to fuck her even harder.

    After cumming two more times, light-headed from all the screaming, Rachael passes out. After a few minutes of fucking her unconscious body, David cums.


   He shoves his cock in and shoots his load deep into her pussy. More and more cum spurts out of him that it starts to overflow onto the bed. Finally, when he is done, he lets out a deep moan and falls back onto his bed. Exhausted, he quickly falls to sleep.

    The man chuckles. "Excellent. That went quicker than expected. " He brings out his notebook. 8:43 am, Day 6. The test subject breed.