The Employee


  The Employee 
I would have never believed in a million years that this would happen to me. A little about myself. I am a 43-year-old married father of three. I have a lovely wife, who I adore and would do anything for. I have a daughter that just finished her first year of college and a son who just finished high school. I have another daughter who just turned 13.
I own a local carry out that I have worked at for the twenty years. I am well known and respected in my community. I have hired local school kids who are out for the summer.    About two months ago I hired a 18-year-old girl named Shannon. She is a very bright but shy girl. She is a very hard worker and very dependable.
One night Shannon and I are working late. She is helping me close the store. She reaches up to get something off the top shelf and I notice how attractive she is. She has nice firm breasts and a tight ass.

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   I catch myself staring at her and feeling aroused. I try to block it out and get back to my work. I am running the daily numbers when all of a sudden there is a loud crash. I jump out of my chair and walk around the next isle. There sits Shannon on the seat of her pants soak and wet.
“Shannon are you alright?” I ask nervously as I look down at her.
She starts laughing and replies. “Yes, I just feel so stupid. ” And she looks up at me smiling. I extend my hand and she takes it. I pull her to her feet and stare at her breasts, as her nipples are clearly visible through her wet top. She notices me staring and looks down.
“Oh my God! I’m so sorry. ” She says and covers herself quickly with her hands.   I look away embarrassed and reply.

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“No, I’m sorry.
That was totally un called for Shannon. ”
I start to walk away but she grabs my arm. “Mr. James, it’s ok. No harm done. ”
Shannon says and takes my hand squeezing it gently. I look her in the eye and smile.
“It’ll never happen again. I promise. ” I say and hand her a towel.
She takes the towel and starts drying off. I walk to the back to get the mop and head back to the isle. I turn the corner and can’t believe what I see. Shannon has removed her top and is wringing it out.

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   I stop and drop the mop. The sound of it hitting the floor startles her and she jumps. Her boobs bounce and she looks at me with a very red face. She quickly turns her back. “I was just going to mop. Sorry. ” I say and walk away quickly my cock starting to get hard. I go back to my office and sit at the desk. I start trying to do my work again and I keep getting distracted by the vision of Shannon’s bare breasts. I sit there and find myself thinking about what it would be like to suck on her firm breasts. My cock twitches and I find myself rubbing it through my pants. My cock grows harder and I can’t help but unzip and start rubbing it through my underwear.   The knock at the door startles me and I look up to see Shannon standing there with a smiling at me. “Come on in. Did you get all dried off?” I ask laughing a little as I say it.

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   “I think so. Well as well as I can here anyway. ” Shannon replies starting to laugh herself.    “So what exactly happened anyway?” I ask with a smile on my face. “I was wiping the shelves down, and slipped on
the wet floor. I fell on my butt, dumping the water on me in the process. ” She says still laughing. Her face turning a bright red. From embarrassment. “Ok, Now I understand. ” I say and look back at my work. I slowly zip my zipper so she doesn’t know. “Well, I need to go. You want to lock up behind me?”  She says looking at her watch. “Sure thing honey.

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  ”  I say and stand up and follow her out the door. I watch her tight ass sway as she walks in front of me. My cock stirs once again. As we reach the door I unlock it and open it for her. “You be safe sweetie. And Sorry about. ” I start to say but she cuts me off. “It’s ok Mr. James. No harm done now is there?” She says smiling and pats my shoulder as she steps out into the night air. She waves and walks to her car. As she walks I continue to stare at her ass. She gets in and drives off. I lock the door and quickly walk back to my office. My cock is so hard.

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   I pull it out and sit in the chair with my pants wide open and think about how nice it would feel to have Shannon play with it. I start stroking faster and faster until I start shooting cum all over my floor and front of my desk. After wiping it all up I finish my work and go home. I go to sleep that night thinking of her beautiful breast and her dark nipples showing through her soaked top. I fall to sleep that night with my hand wrapped around my cock and visions of Shannon firmly in my head.   Over the next few weeks I notice that I pay more attention to Shannon, and notice more than I did before. Before I know it, it is time for end of the month again. That means that Shannon will be working with me after store hours again. This may prove to be a challenge being my wife has been out of town for two weeks and I have been really horny lately. You can only spend so much time chatting online and watching porn.   The evening goes smoothly and I enjoy the nice little glimpses of Shannon that I get as we work. Finally closing time comes and I lock the doors. Shannon walks to the back and starts sweeping the floor. I sit in my office going over the sales records and I watch as she comes down to the end of the isles and back up the other side. I watch the surveillance monitors as she gets out of my sight.

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   I am just about finished when she peaks her head into the door. “Mr. James, Can I ask a favor?” She says looking so innocent. “Uh sure Shannon. What ya need?” I ask finishing counting the drawer. “Can I get an advance on my pay check? I’ll pay you back next week. ” She says smiling at me. I look up at her and motion for her to come in the office. “I don’t like doing that. ” I say looking at her. “I just really need the money tonight. ” She says almost begging me. “I just can’t do it. ” I say hoping she understands. “Ok, fine.

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  ” She says and I walk past her to go put a new security tape in the machine. Out of the corner of my eye I see her reach into the drawer that I just finished counting and take out two twenty-dollar bills. She starts to walk past me to leave and I grab her arm. “Hey, Maybe I will make an exception. ” I say smiling at her and motioning for her to come back into my office. She turns and walks in smiling at me. “Oh thank you Mr. James. I’ll pay you back I swear. ” She says excitedly. “I know you will. ” I say and hand her a fifty-dollar bill out of the safe. She smiles and takes it from me. I walk her to the office door and start to let her walk out. “Hey aren’t you forgetting something?” I say looking at her smiling.

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   “Uh, I did say thank you. Didn’t I?” She says nervously. “Hmmm, maybe you should put the money back you took from the drawer. ” I say and shut the door, and lock it. “Oh God! Here, Take it?” She says with fear in her voice. “No you keep it. But you’re going to work it off. Starting right now. ” I say and take her by the arm and set her in the chair. “What ya want me to do? Wipe all the counters down?” She says her voice trembling. I smile at her and walk behind her slowly. I put my hand on her shoulders and whisper in her ear. “Your going to find what it’s like to have someone take something from you. ” I say and run my hands down her arms slowly then back up to her shoulders. “You can get into big trouble for this.

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  ” She says angrily and starts to get up. I hold her down and whisper in her ear. “Yes, maybe. But you would get into trouble also. And besides, it’s your word against mine. ” I say and my hand slips to her breast and cups it firmly. “Yes, but it will be on tape. ” She says sarcastically and tries to pull away. “No it won’t. I just turned off the cameras. ” I whisper in her ear as my hand plays with her breast. “You are going to do something for me. ” I whisper in her ear as my hand slides down across her stomach. “OH God! What do you want from me? What do I have to do to stop you from calling the police?” She says as she starts to cry. “Hmmmm, That’s ninety dollars you have there.


   What should I get for that?” I say smiling at her. “Uh, how about. A …” She starts to say then stops. Tears running down her cheeks. “How bout what?” I ask her as I kiss her neck softly. “I’ll b…blow you. ” She says nervously and stares straight ahead. “That would be and expensive blow job. ” I say laughing as my hand returns to her breast. “Shannon, are you a virgin?” I ask whispering in her ear and cupping her breast firmly again. “Oh God! Please not that. ” She says and starts crying. “Let’s see. Either you let me fuck that pussy of yours, or I call the cops right now. ” I whisper in her ear suddenly.

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   “No way!” She screams and tries to get up out of the chair. I force her back down and reach for the phone. I start to dial. “Wait! Ok, I’ll do it. ” She says tears running down her cheeks. “I thought so. ” I say and let go of her. “Now out of those pants Shannon. ” I say and motion for her to remove them. She unzips her jeans and slides them down. “Oh my. ” I say as I see her blue bikini panties.   She starts to remove her panties but I stop her. “NO! Let me help you?” I say and move towards her my cock growing in my pants. Shannon just stands their hands at her sides, tears running down her cheeks.

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   I walk behind her and place my hands on your hips and rub them gently. My hand quickly slides to her shapely ass and I start rubbing it lightly. “Mmmmm, Firmer than I thought. ” I whisper into her ear. Her body trembles as my hands run over her ass slowly. I slip a finger under the top of her bikinis and slide my hand down inside. Goosebumps appear on her arms as my hand is now on her bare ass. “I’m going to take them off now Shannon. Don’t do anything stupid. ” I whisper into her ear. She just stands there and let’s me slowly slide her panties down. I get to her ankles and she raises her foot and steps out of them She never says a word. My hand slides up her leg to her bare ass and I gently massage her left cheek. I press against her with my hard cock through my pants. “Now, I want you to pull it out and play with it.

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  ” I say firmly and back off her. Shannon turns to face me tears streaming down her cheeks. Her hand is shaking as it goes to my zipper. She slowly unzips me and unbuttons my pants. They fall to the floor and I step out of them. Shannon stares at me blankly. “Now, how bout that blowjob?” I say smiling at her. She slowly goes to her knees and licks at the head. She then starts taking it into her mouth. She starts bobbing her hand up and down slowly, sucking harder at the tip. “Mmmmm, That’s it. ” I say and close my eyes. After a couple minutes I stop her. “Here spit on it. Rub spit all over it.

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  ” I say and she spits and rubs lightly then does so again. “Now bend over my desk. ” I say and move her towards it. She does as instructed and I start rubbing at her pussy. Surprisingly it is all wet. “Hmmmm, Must be enjoying this. ” I say feeling her wet pussy from behind. “Are you ready?” I ask placing the head at her opening. She shakes her head yes and I thrust into her pussy hard and deep. “Shit!” She screams as I start thrusting into her pussy. I grab her hips and pull her back to me as I thrust into her tight pussy. “Ahhhhh, Your so tight. ” I say fucking her pussy hard. Sweat is running down my face as I fuck her hard. “Mmmmm,Ooohhh.

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  ” She moans suddenly and starts moving her hips back at me on her own. “Mmmm, You like it now huh?” I whisper in her ear. “Ahhhhh, Ummm. ” She moans and thrusts her hips back at me faster. “You like my big cock in your pussy?” I moan as I keep fucking. “Mmmmm, Shitttt! Shhh. Just fuck me with that big cock. ” Shannon says breathing harder. I can tell by her breathing that she is about to cum. I start fucking her faster and faster. My balls slamming into her ass cheeks as I fuck her hard and fast. “Ooohhhhh Shittttt!” She screams and I feel her body shake. I keep pounding into her pussy and I can hear the squishing sound as my cock mixes with her cum. “Mmmmmm, Ooooooohhh, Ahhhhhh Shiiitttt!” She screams as she bucks back wildly at my hips. I keep pounding into her cum drenched pussy as she thrusts back harder and harder.

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   My balls are slapping her ass cheeks hard as I pound her pussy. “Damn! You are still so fucking tight!” I moan loudly as I keep fucking away. I feel my cock throbbing and know that I’m about to cum also. “Fuck Me! Fuck Me! Oh God! Mmmmmmm,yessss. ” She screams and I let loose shooting my cum deep into her tight pussy. She squeezes her pussy tight around my cock milking the cum from my cock. “You liked that didn’t ya? You liked having my cum in your pussy. ” I scream as I finish Cumming. She pulls foreword and my cock pops from her pussy. I start to smile at her but she turns and drops to her knees. She takes my cock into her mouth and gently licks and sucks the cum from my cock and balls. “Damn, you are such a slut. ” I moan. She finishes and stands in front of me. “You can fuck me anytime.

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   If you’re going to fuck me like that. ” She says smiling and winking at me. “Great! So this stays between us right?” I ask staring nervously at Shannon.   “I aint telling anyone. I’ve never had a cock fuck me like that. It felt so fucking good. I would fuck you again right now. If I didn’t have to go. ” She says her hand rubbing my cock.   She releases her hand from my cock and starts pulling on her panties and jeans.   I pull up my pants and she smiles at me. She hands me back the money she took. I look at her and smile. “You can keep it Shannon. ” I say and she puts it back into her pocket.

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   I walk her to the door and let her out. “So, I’ll see you on Monday right Mr. James?” She says with that beautiful smile on her face. “Uh. . Sure. Have a good weekend. ” I say and smile back at her. I close the door and watch her walk to her car. That tight ass of hers just sways in those tight jeans. “Can’t wait till next month. ” I say out loud and walk back to my office.



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