The Doctor Is In


As the days wore on, Stan visited his uncle at least once every day andsometimes twice. He thoroughly checked out the hospital and learned about it'snooks and crannies. His greatest find was the vacant doctor's office at the end ofthe west wing. He found that it was a simple task to get into the empty space. He saw the scattered left over furniture from the previous occupant. The formertenant has thoughtfully forgot to remove a break bed in an isolated exam room. This was where Stan would satisfy his carnal desires to fuck Dolly Hamlin's eyesout. Next he had to figure a way to get her alone so he could work he sexualmagic on her. He was known to his friends as a inveterate cockhound. He hadhad more women than most men twice his age. He was a muscular, handsomeyoung man who knew what women liked and he knew how to have them savoringafter him. Any girl he had ever fucked wanted his large 9 inch cock again. He wasvery proud of his cock. While it wasn't as long as some monster cocks, it was asthick as his wrist. It so stretched and widened the cunts that he screwed that thefeelings he caused made them feel totally filled and satisfied. After a week, he came up with his plan.

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   He would steal a doctor's lab coatand stethoscope and ambush her when she left work for the day, at about 3:30PM. He would use a stun gun to disable her near the door to the outside and tothe vacant doctor's office. If he could get her immobilized and quiet on the breakroom bed, he could leave and come back when the hospital was calmed down forthe night shift. It was a good plan, and he was sure he could pull it off. He could almost feel how her tits would feel, how her cunt would respondto his thick cock, how her ass could feel as he massaged her firm cheeks. Hemade the mistake of telling his best friend, Mace Wayne about this hot mommathat he had stumbled on to at the hospital. After Mace had accompanied Stan tothe hospital, he too wanted a piece of Stan's discovery. He asked Stan if he could use a back-up for his plan. Stan considered it and agreed that Mace could have sloppy seconds, if everything went right. Mace had a truncheon that was more formidable than Stan's. While not as thick, certainly longer. A real pussy lengthener. Stan and Mace figured Dolly would get to enjoy a double dose of real men's fuck engines. The two picked F-Day to me the next payday at the hospital. Dolly distributed the paychecks to all the staff.

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   She did the incoming morning shift and the out going night shift at 6:30AM, she waited for the incoming evening shift until 3PM after which she left for the day. The hospital started to wind down after payday in anticipation of a quiet weekend. With the incoming evening shift the place would be almost on skeleton staff. Not much chance that their fun would be interrupted. The day finally came! The boys were as hot and horny as two rutting bucks. There balls were full and hot. Time passed slowly as they waited in the vacant office. At precisely 3:22PM, Stan put on the doctor's lab coat and stethoscope andwandered into the opposite hall from where Dolly was due to appear. As he walked toward the side hall through Dolly would have to go to reach the outside door, she appeared as if on cue. He reached the side hall slightly before she and turned down it absent mindedly. As she rounded the entrance to the hall, he turned and struck. ZZZAPPP!! The stun gun sent a high voltage shock through Dolly's shoulder. She gasped and started to slump to the floor. Mace seeing this tableau from the vacant office rushed to help Stan drag the helpless woman into their lair. They quickly got her into the exam/fucking room and duct taped her to the bed frame in a spread-eagle posture.

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   They place a piece of duct tape over her eyes and mouth. After they were satisfied that they had secured their prey, they left for a beer and a burger to flesh in their plan for enjoying the lush woman they had just abducted. At about 6PM, all was quiet after the supper hour in the hospital. The twostuds returned to have their way with the beautiful body of Dolly Hamlin. As theyentered the exam room they noticed that Dolly had regained consciousness andwas struggling with her bonds attempting to free herself from the situation she found herself in. To no avail, however, she only succeeded in twisting them tighter. Stan chortled at her failed efforts and said to her, "Relax, lady, you can't get out of them. We'll let you go once we're through with you. With that, the boys began to strip Dolly down for the fucking that was to come. Stan popped the buttons on her light jacket. Having come prepared, he then opened his knife and cut the from the center of the jacket down the sleeves and slid the garment from underneath the terrified unseeing woman on the bed. Next, Mace cut and ripped the blouse from her body. When they saw her heavy, rounded breasts encased in her tight bra forcing gorgeous cleavage, they glanced at each other to signal the upcoming good time. Not wanted to waste time, Stan slid his knife under the center of her bra and with a smooth deft movement sliced the bra in half. Dolly's bra sprang apart and her gorgeous globes lolled out upon her chest.

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   Mace could not control his lust for these fantastic tits. He dove down on the helpless Dolly and grabbed her left breast and squeezed. His mouth covered her right nipple and he sucked greedily. He teased the nipple with his tongue and felt it stiffen and harden. He ran his tongue around the pink aureolaand felt it swell to his touch. This woman was responding and he was certain thatwhen they really got started, she would cooperate. Stan glanced at Mace working the woman?s tits and smiled. He soon wouldhave a pussy to work with and he had great plans for the event. Dolly's slackswere being sliced down each leg and pulled from underneath her as her blousehad been. Only her pantyhose stood between her and complete nakedness. ZIPPP! Now they were gone. The men stood back and admired their prey. Dollywas having a difficult time breathing with the duct tape over her mouth and wastrembling with fear and anticipation. Her chest and tits were heaving and she was still struggling to get free. The excited duo went quickly back to the task at hand.

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   Stan rubbed Dolly's pussy mound with his hand and was slightly surprised to find it already wet. He slid his finger into her cunt and found it satiny and slippery with fuck juice. Then two fingers, then three fingers. He said, "She's hot to fuck, buddy!". Dolly was making uummph, uummph, uummph sounds beneath the duct tape covering her mouth. She was breathing heavily and having a hard time through her nostrils alone. Stan ripped the duct tape off snarling, "if you scream,lady, you?re dead!"Dolly?s sounds changed to 'Ohhhh, Ohhhh, Ohhhh!' as the two worked her into a state of sexual frenzy. Dolly's head rolled from side to side in time with her moans. Her cunt became wetter and wetter as she moved her pelvis in fucking motions. Stan's maddening fingers kept massaging her clit and pussy ring. She moaned in ecstasy and pushed up to help his fingers do their magic work. All along, Mace worked her tits. Squeezing, kneading, tweaking andpinching and pulling her erect and stiff nipples. Mace had brought a small bottleof baby oil to the session and went about drizzling a slender stream in a randomzig-zag pattern over Dolly's stomach, tits and chest. He slid his hands sensuouslyover ever square inch of Dolly's voluptuous body.

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   Over her chest and her risingmountains of quivering tits, over her slight little paunch of her abdomen, over hersmooth thighs, over her lightly haired pubic mound. Every nerve ending in Dolly'sbody was screaming, "fuck me!, fuck me!, fuck me!". She had become a quivering,trembling woman who wanted fucked, no, needed fucked, NOW! Throughout Dolly's warm-up both Stan and Mace were sporting raging hard-ons and their lust knew no bounds. Stan finally could not stand waiting any longer. He jumped on the bed and pushed Dolly's legs apart and began sliding his large cock up and down her soaking slit. Over her clit and along her swollen labial lips his cock was driving her insane. Then he slowly lowered his mushroom headed flesh bar into her wet and waiting cunt. She felt her cunt mouth stretch as his cockhead widened her for his complete possession of her body. OOHHHHHHMPH! Dolly exclaimed as he popped into her soft, wet and graspingwarmness. As he bottomed out in her cunt she threw her pelvis into a frenzied humping. Ooohhhh! Oooohhh! Oooohhh! Stan pummeled her cunt with forcefulthrusts that hammered her back onto the bed. Stan and Mace had planned thefuck fest with great care and now they were enjoying every moment of it. From the sounds coming from Dolly, so was she! Pumping her ass up to meet Stansevery hammering thrust and moaning and mewing is cadence with her fucking,there was no way she wasn?t loving every second of her rape. As Stan's steely cock pumped to the limits of her silky, slippery fuck sheath,he lengthened and stretched it to unheard of dimensions for Dolly. Stan askedMace to release her legs.

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   And when he had, Dolly instantly wrapped against theback of his thighs and tried to pull him even deeper inside her. She felt thesenew and wonderful sensations in her belly and the wave of pleasure washed overher entire being. Orgasm after orgasm swept her. Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhh! As she came her cunt walls alternatively grasped and relaxed along Stan's bigcock. To him, these sensations were more intense and much better than the young stuff he was used to. This chick was the great fuck he had thought she would be. Her tits rolled on her chest matching every 8 or 9 inch pounding of his cock as he filled to her limit. Her head rolled back and forth. Stan would like this to go on forever, but he could feel his balls begin to tighten up and he knew that he would be cumming soon. He slammed into her cunt with renewed vigor and felt the boiling semen start it?s passage to the center of Dolly's body. Aarrghh! Aarrgh! He shouted as the hot bath shot from his cock and bathed the walls of Dolly's cunt with amazing force and heat. When she felt this she too explodedwith another earthshaking orgasm and together they soared into the stratosphere. As lay, exhausted on top of Dolly's likewise spent frame. They both continued their fucking motions and a much reduced rate and intensity. Sliding slowly in and out while his cock deflated, he reveled in the wetness and luxurious feelings around his cock.

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   As he dismounted from Dolly's steaming pussy there was a distinctive dull "pop" as his cockhead cleared the spasming entrance. Spent fuck juices of Stans's jizm and Dolly's lubricating fluids seeped from her cunt and onto the bed. Dolly lay still and blown away by the frenzied fuck she'd justendured. It was now Mace?s turn to experience the softness and satiny feel of her cunt lips and her fuck tunnel. He scrambled to take Stan?s place between Dolly's spread legs. Her cunt lay open and had not yet returned to it's normal dimensions after her fucking. Still oozing fuck fluids, it was well prepared for The onslaught of Mace's long cock. He worked his cock up and down her slit, stimulating her clit and the muscle ring at the back of her opening. She whispered, "Do it! Fuck me! Do Me! Please!". He lowered his muscular body and skewered her to his hilt with his cock.
    "Oooohhhhhh!" Dolly sighed as he took her. She started to move even before he did. Pushing her pussy up and raising Mace's body upward as she tried to get the most cock possible into her cunt. She wrapped her legs around his backas she had with Stan and tried to pull him deeper inside her cunt. Her tits were swollen from their squeezing and pummeling and her nipples were erect and stiff.

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       Her tits rocked up and down on her chest as Mace plowed into with a franticrhythm. The fuck noises emanating from the couple were like a wet freight train. The fluids left inside her had provided the friction free ride of a lifetime for Mace. He flew in and out of her cunt with the speed of a dog fucking a bitch. Dolly could not keep her breath as she tried in vain to keep up with his piston like thrusts. Ooohhh!, Ooohhh!, Ooohhh!, she gasped! In what seemed like only minutes, but was really about fifteen of them, Mace stiffened and blasted a monumental load of cum into Dolly's cunt. Again, she felt the hot bath of cum splash through her cunt and she came with a rush that astounded even her. OOOOOHHH! OOOHHH! OOOOHHH! GODDD! OH, MY GODDD! Mace kept cumming and Dolly matched his fire with her own! He suddenly just collapsed on top of her and lay there draining his cock of every last drop of semen left in his balls. Eventually, the two sat down and admired Dolly, her tits, her belly, hercunt, her legs, and particularly her face. She was beautiful in every respect andthey had fucked her eyeballs all but out. She had that dreamy "just fucked" lookand made no effort the get up to release her still taped hands or to escape. Shesimply lay there breathing fast and deep . She looked like she could take a littlemore, the two men thought. Stan suggested that while it was still early, maybe they should try a doubledonging. Mace agreed and claimed the back door of her ass and Stan could fuckher cunt again.

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       They undid her taped hands and told her they would allow to goonce they fucked her one more time. Dolly weakly shook her head and prepared for the onslaught. Mace lay on his back on the bed with his new stiff truncheon sticking up like a rocket on the launch pad. Stan told Dolly to crawl up on the bed and put Mace's cock in her asshole. Dolly had never experienced anal sex before and was hesitant. As she settled down on his hard-on, Mace dipped his cockhead into the dripping juices from her pussy and rubbed them on her asshole to lube his way inside her. The juices made her asshole slippery as glass and surprising her his slender cock slid right in clear to the hilt. Next, he reached up and cupped her monstrous tits and pulled her back toward him. She felt his long cock in her bowels and felt strange erotic sensations start to happen. Then, Stan crawled up on the bed and inserted his cock into her gaping cunt hole. Now she was doubly impaled. One cock in her ass another in her cunt. She had difficulty telling the sensations of a double fuck apart. Was that was shiver from the cock in her ass or was it from the one in her cunt. It all felt wonderful to Dolly.


       She couldn?t move very well in this position, so it was all up to the men to provide the movement. So they set to work. Each timing his in stroke to match the others. Each in liftedDolly to new heights. She felt filled , completely filled with cock. Her head nowlolled on her shoulders as if her neck had been broken. Her smile was half lustand beatified ecstacy. Over and over she orgasmed. Over and over, the men beatinto her body. The without saying anything, Stan cried, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming!", stiffened and shot his load into Dolly's cunt. Within seconds, Mace followed with another blast of cum up Dolly's ass. Dolly did not want the feelings to stop and she kept almost jumping up and down on the men's cocks. First Stan pulled out, no pop this time. Dolly's cunt was stretched and extended to new dimensions that would take some time to return to normal. The men wiped their swollen and reddened cocks off and did their best toclean Dolly's dripping orifices.

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       They dressed and threw Dolly the doctors lab coatthat Stan had worn. She shakily wrapped herself in the lab coat and was quietly helped out of the abandoned office and led her to her car. Making sure that she knew where she was the man ran to their hidden car and quickly fled the scene. Dolly sat still stunned and uncomprehending for 30 minutes or so before fumbling for her key. She started her car and very cautiously drove home. She met, her husband Rob, in the doorway and kissed him. He noticed there was an aroma about her that he could not place. He did not associate that aroma from the four hours of rampant sex that Dolly had just endured. And after she had taken a hot bath and let the hot soapy water wash over her swollen and traumatized labia, wash into her rawvaginal walls, sooth her stretched and sore anus, it served to revive the memoriesand the pleasure. She gingerly fingered her open cunthole to allow the soothingwater to enter her and wash out the fuck fluids still inside her. She tried to openher asshole but it was still too tender. Her tits felt wonderful under the warmwater. She gently pinched her erect nipples and felt the rush of the strange men'shands working her tits into hardened excitement. She luxuriated in the bath forover an hour. When she emerged, she toweled her body and dressed for bed.

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       Meeting Rob in the bedroom, she lovingly kissed him on the cheek and pulled thebedclothes over her. She had the memories and they were hers. She would not share them with Rob, or anybody else. They were hers and so they would beforever. .



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