the day i knew i was a slave


To bring you up to speed. , I met this guy name Michael online, had a date with him, and he kidnapped me and put in a basement. Now you are caught up.
He had me tied up and had chains coming from one breast to the other with a ball hanging and forcing my nipples to hang and ache. Michael told me that all of me belong to him and that i won nothing. and after saying that he rammed a dildo in my open pussy, it had to be atleast 12". the largest dildo i have ever felt. Thinking to my self I said I can push this out as soon as he leave it hurt so fucking bad. To my surprise some how he manged to to strap it in me so it wouldnt move. and then left me, it seem like forever, when he returned when he id come back in he put a blind fold over my eyes. I also had a 9" butt plug in my ass. after placing the blind fold he left and this time it was much longer it was about 8 hours or more. I was scared hurting and having to pee really bad. I was screaming and begging for him to let me go or at least use the bathroom.  I wasnt sure if he even heard me or if he was even in the house.
I finally heard footsteps coming down the steps but I heard several sound like a pack of wild dogs there was so many foot steps.

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   Michael ask me how I was doing, what a dumb ass question. But I responded to hm that I have to use the bathroom because I am about to pee and shit on myself. All of sudden i felt thin strap hit aginst my ass. It urned like hell, I said "Michael why are you doing this to me?" With tears coming from my eyes. This time I felt the strap hit even harder and several times more on my back, ass and even my breast. Michael said to me "Incase you dont know dont know let me share this secret with you, your life no longer belongs to you. I own you you slut, you are here here for me and my pleasure for me to use you as i chose" As he muttered those word tears start falling uncontrollable. I thought to myself that stupid computer, i shold have stayed off it. I was interupted in my thought when he said to me " ok slut from here on you will address me as MASTER and if you dont you will be punish do you understand me bitch" I replied Yes, suddenly I felt another strap on my ass and back, I knew I had fucked up and corrected myself and said " yes Master" "thats better bitch" he replied. I heard feet moving around me and it was more than Masters feet. He reached behind me and started playing with the butt plug, I thought he was gone to take it out and kleave it out but instead he started moving it in and out my ass. He would take it almost out and then ram it in my ass with full force. I screamed to the top of my lungs "pleeeaaassse stttooppp Maaasssttteeer. He repeated this action several time faster and harder everytime. Everytime he did it I screamed louder and finally he started smacking my face.

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   Master stop and untied my hands and I thought he was gone to finally let me go or atleast go to the bathroom. He did finally took the plug and the dildos out so I did feel release. He said to me" get on all 4s bitch. all I could mutter was yes Master. He then tied my wrist to the floor. I started feeling something in my ass and pussy, wasnt sure what it was at first, Master ordered me to open my legs wider and I did. I was afraid of the punishment to come if I didnt. I heard Master order Union to mount and I then realized what was about to happen. I was about to become a k9 bitch.  Union got up amd grabbed my waist found his detination and started fucking me harder and faster he pounded my pussy til he got his knot in me at that moment i screamed even louder than before. oooohhhh fffuuuccckkk get that out of me now!!!! But the more he fucked the better it got. at this time Master decided to take the blindfold off. I looked up to see there was another dogs dick directly in my face. it was a great dane and master called him dane. I looked at Master and was smiling at me


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