The Continuing story, of the two Belguim men, who F......d me..The Fist part of this is to be found in the Forced sex Section


Chapter 2. . . .
I was taken upstairs to what was going to be my living quarters, (A2) started to remove my clothing, and told to go and shower,as the Masters expected everyone to be clean & smell fresh. Well I must admit I did smell of stale spunk ,sweat etc, so it was a pleasure to get under a warm shower. Having dryed myself off I was given a uniform of sorts, It was a one piece,with very easy access to both my cock and arse. (A2) said I must always make my self available to the Masters ,as they both had a insatiable appetite for sex , and I would soon find out that they would want to fuck me,or watch being fucked at least 2-3 times a day. . . . . . It was about 7pm I after having a reasonable meal (At least they looked after your welfare)was told by (A7) to make my way downstairs and present myself to my Masters in the drawing room, (A7) was a man in his early 20s, very tall,muscular body and I assume a big dick to match,although I did,nt see it. . .

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  . .
I made my way downstairs to the Masters in the drawing room, and found them sitting down on a chesterfield settee, SIR1 told to come over to him, he told me to kneel down and suck his cock,I did,nt really have much choice,I proceeded,to take hold of his zip,pull it down,remove his now growing cock,and wrap my lips around the bell end,oh thats good he said,and took hold of my head and started to force his cock further down my throat. I really went to town on his cock, licked the shaft up & down, rubbing my fingers in such a way he nearly came,but I wouldn,t let him. Took his big balls in my mouth sucked them with some force,and then released, SIR1 was beside himself, he quite clearly thought I was the best thing since sliced bread, I even tugged on his pubic hair ,he liked a little S&M, He was telling or should say shouting at the top of his voice that he was going to ejaculate, SIR2, reminded him that my arse was tight ,and would he like fuck my arse and cum inside me,with that suggestion,he quickly removed his cock from my mouth, and shoved it straight up my arse,it hurt because his cock was bulging with blood filled veins, and he only rode me for a couple of mins,and suddenly all hell was let loose, he came so much spunk I just could not accomodate it ,and it eased out of bottom and made a mess on the floor, (A6) was called and told to lick my arse and my cock and then the floor,in that order,hurry man we have guests comming in half an hour, (9) , he told me go upstairs immediatly ,I want you washed and ready by the time our guests arrive. . . . . . .
1/2 hour later I was summond down stairs once again, but told to remove any clothes I had on before comming down,this I did,,,there three extra men in the room, One was a fat man , thier was a youth of about 18 with him, I noticed that the fat man was fondling this boys cock , pulling it and slapping it, the other man was a tall thin man aged I would guess about 40 yrs,,, Sir 1 & 2, called me over,introduced me as thier new toy,and said I have a very accomodating bottom and he recomended trying me out ,while the night was still young. . . .

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The tall man ,came over told me to stand up, now bend over,I did,and I did not forget it , Whack, a cane of some type started to beat the cheeks of my arse, sore,it was red raw by the time he finished, and I was in agony, but that was not going to stop their, I was still in the bent position, when I felt a large cock starting jab its way into my anus, I cryed out in pain, hoping he would give up, that was just like red rag to a bull, He rammed his cock up me as far as he could go, held my shoulders firmly, grabbed the back of my hair , and fucked me, without any form of passion or emotion, that hard rod was like a jack hammer, and then it happened he pulled my hair extra tight , put his left around to the front of my body,and started to wank me, I did,nt have long to wait, he came in torrents, he was still stroking my cock, but doing that, he lost his balance and fell over taking me with him, landing on top of me, no one was hurt,but when he fell on me ,he managed to poke my mouth with his very hard cock, and so it all began again, but this time both SIRS got involved as well. The tall mans cock was firmly in my mouth,SIR1 clambered around to my rear and proceeded to fuck me once again, and SIR2 told me to lie in such a position, for him to stick his cock in my arse as well. . . . . . . I was nearly split in half. . . . . .

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  . . . They were all going like hammer and tongs, then I suddenly felt three volcano,s about to release their contents, and off they went one after another, I felt a bit like Cleopatra bathing in spunk instead of asses milk. I was covered in it,they all withdrew their weapons and left me, a big sticky mess on the floor, (A6 & A7), came downstairs and collected me , and I was put into a large bath tub, and scrubbed clean,. . Every hole on my body was very sore. . . . Whilst I was lying in the bath I could hear the Fat Man fucking the youth that they brought with them, and he like me was being totally abused, and 18 mins later, he was brought upstairs and thrown into the bath with me, I got out and left him and (A6&A7)to give him the rough treatment. . . . .

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  . . . . .
I slept well that night ,apart from about 3am, when I felt a hand put over my mouth, and someone stroking my very sore cock, I told them to FUCK off, they left me to sleep. . . . . . . At about 7. 30am I was awoken with a sharp tug, get up I was told the Masters require you and (A6) down stairs in their bedrooms, so off I went,didnt have time to refresh myself. We both made our way downstairs (A7), said you ,pointing at me go to SIR2 & (A6) go to SIR1.

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  . . I opened the door, and was told to come and lie on his bed next to him, He could see that my bottom was still red raw from the night before,and said he would not fuck me today (Oh how kind of him I thought), but that will not stop me giving him a blow job. Now I want you to rim my arse "now" he said, he rolled over onto his belly, and stuck his arse into my face, I hesitated , this was not my scene, my thinking time finished with a timely whack to the side of my head, Lick me now, or I will hurt you, reluctantly I put my tongue into his puckering anus and started to lick, (Im glad he washed) well I spent about 15mins sliding my tongue up and down, even lowering my head to give some Tea Bagging, he loved it,Hold my cock hard slut, stroke my cock he kept whimpering, suck it , love the end of my cock, make me want your cock , up my arse (I had,nt bargained for this) . . . . . . Well he took hold of my cock and spat on it, put his knees on to the bed and proceeded to feed my hard cock up his arse, now fuck me you pussie, he told me that if I did ,nt increase my stroke and pump harder, he would get SIR1, to take me again, I increased my pace, I rammed , and I came my spunk flooded inside him, he came as well, all over the bedclothes. . . . . .

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  I pulled out of him, and just lay on the bed,knackered, he said rest, I don,t call 18 mins long to rest. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  . .
The Master went off to shower & feed, whilst I went back upstairs to clean up. . . . While was washing myself, I could just here a conversation between the Masters, they were discussing my future, I heard them say that they had prospective buyers comming tomorrow, he was going to get a good price for me, well I thought this may be a route of escape. . . . . . . . .

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  . . . . . . A9 come here ,yes sir I replied,and quickly made my way down stairs, come into the drawing room the voice said, I went in and there was SIR1 sitting on a bench type chair with a suspended bar hanging just beside him. . . . He called me over, as usual I was without clothing,they felt we were less likely to play with ourselves if were naked. . . .
I want you to lie on this bar faceing away from me, I did,and then he tied my wrists to the bar,and then raised the bar to about 5 feet high.

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  . . . I suddenly felt very vunerable, he took a large cane off the wall and started hitting my bottom, I screamed to him that I was promised NO corporal punishment today, he said I will do as I like,and you will do as you are told. . . . I had no choice. . . . . . Whack Whack Whack, it stung every time it came down on my cheeks, then the torture started , he rubbed salt water into my sores, now that did sting, I nearly passed out. .


  . . . . . . When he finished, he swung around to face him, my little cock had shrivled , but he soon changed that, he took my cock in his hand and started to stroke it and quickly brought it back to life, he said SIR2 was now wanting to fuck me ,sore bottom or no sore bottom, he wanted me now. . . SIR 2 came into the room, I was still hanging off the bar, my erect cock waving in front of me , he came over and grabbed hold of it,and SIR1 left him to it, whilst holding my now very firm cock,he turned me round to taker a closer look at the damaged flesh on my arse, he was still stroking me ,playing with the end, I yet again was getting extremely horny, and sadly, even desiring his cock up my hole, as I had no choice anymore, a cock up my pussie was better than nothing at all, and given the circumstances I now found myself in. . . . . .

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He inspected my arse ,licked his middle finger,and proceeded to drive it up my back passage, again no emotion or care shown,just his own lust for my arse. He really went to town, he continued to stroke my cock, and whispering,how he was going yet again fuck my mouth he kept telling me that my cock would find relief very soon,and with that statement called A6 into the room and told him to suck me off,this young boy was told to stroke his own cock at first and then take my cock into his mouth. This he did,and soon the force of SIR2 up my arse was pushing my cock into A6s mouth. . . . . . . . While this was going on A6 had orders to wank himself off, SIR2 was really ramming his big hard cock in and out of me, I could feel every stroke , and A6 was sucking my weapon and I could feel the build-up of spunk comming to the surface, I was about to explode, and then it all happened I came ,cum was shooting into A6s mouth ,and SIR2 was comming into me. . . It came in torrents, he must have loosed a gallon of sperm up me (Well thats what it felt like ,well more than a teaspoonful).

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  . . . White stuff was dripping out my arse and A6s mouth, and then A6 came ,his cum flew across the back of the wall , and we all seemed relieved , and I was still hanging on the bar. . . . he untied my wrists, lowered me to the floor,and told to go rest & bathe, and he expected back down in 5 hours. . . . . . .

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