The Boy Scouts Motto is ‘Be Prepared’


I burst out, “It’s alright miss I’ll get one for you”, as I dashed out into the rain. I returned with a chair, it was the only type of chair we had in the hall, a wooden folding chair. She picked up the chair and stood it near to the shelving, “that was kind of you, what’s your name?”“Neal Miss”, I replied. “I’m not miss, your not at school now, my name is June”, she said. “I’ll stand on the chair and get the bundles down, Neal can help me, and you three smaller boys can sort the clothes on the table”. I was the eldest, the other three were about eleven, and all were smaller than me. I stood by the chair, and took hold of her hands as she held them out. She put one leg on the chair, and it wobbled as she stepped up, she gripped my hands tightly as she lifted her other leg and stood precariously on the chair. These wooden chairs were adequately strong enough for sitting on, but weren’t designed for standing on. They folded by hinging a third of the way along the seat base, so putting your weight too near the front would overload them, and if the weight was too close to the back, the seat would fold up and collapse!“This doesn’t feel very safe”, she said. “Can I do it instead?” I asked. “No dear, you’re not tall enough. But thanks for asking. Just steady my leg while I reach the shelf”. She let go of one of my hands, reached out and held onto a shelf, and lifted her left leg out towards the shelving. I used the hand she’d just released, and took hold of her ankle, which I led across to a shelf that was about level with the chair back.

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   Her legs were spread quite wide with her feet about three foot apart. Just holding her ankle, and her being stood directly in front of me with her legs spread wide open had turned me on. I couldn’t think of anything except wanting to get a look up her dress. “Now I’m up here, the chair appears to be stable”, she said letting go of my other hand. I let go of her ankle, and she started pulling bundles of clothes from the top shelf, and handing them down to me, I passed them to the other boys, to sort on the table. This carried on until she lifted down the last one that she was able to reach without moving the chair to a new position, when she lifted this bundle, half a dozen loose socks fell to the floor. I bent down to pick them up, they’d scattered themselves all around the floor and even under the chair. When I’d picked up the last sock, I looked up, and I could see straight up under her dress, an unrestricted view of her knickers, I’d never seen knickers with a gusset that narrow. I could clearly see flesh either side of the gusset, with black whispery hairs protruding out. The material they were made of was that thin and transparent, that at the front I could see a thick bushy mound which also sprawled its way out of either side. I was transfixed, and only came to when I heard June saying. “I can’t imagine what you’re finding so interesting down there, but when you’ve finished; my arms are about breaking holding this pile of clothes”. I shot to my feet and took the bundle off her saying, “I’m sorry, I. I was just making sure the chair looked ok”. I turned around away from her and I passed the clothes on to the table.

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  I walked back to the chair, expecting to get told off, but instead, she had let go of the shelving with one of her hands, and was holding it out for me to steady her. “Come on then my gallant little gentleman; help me get my foot back to this chair without me falling off”. I took hold of her ankle, and carefully moved it back to the chair, helping her to keep her balance with my other hand. I then took both her hands while she climbed down to the floor. I then moved the chair to its next position so that she could reach the remaining bundles on the top shelf. I hadn’t placed the chair quite as close to the shelves as it had been last time, this was not done intentionally. She walked to the side of the chair, and held my hands, leaned towards me and whispered in my ear out of earshot of the other boys, “You seemed fascinated by what you were looking at under there. Did I forget to put my panties on, or something?”I went a bright red from my neck upwards, “No. I’m ever so sorry I looked”. She whispered again, “Don’t worry I wont tell any one”, then she climbed carefully up onto the chair again, gripping my hands tight. She said, “Ok, take hold of my ankle”, and as she spoke, she lifted one foot towards the shelving again and leaned forward. As the chair was positioned a little further away from the shelving, she’d stood slightly closer to the back of the chair seat, and as she leaned forward, the chair folded. My hand was just about to take hold of her ankle, but as she slipped down and towards me my hand went right up in between her legs, and I caught hold of her around her crotch, and my other hand grabbed her around her waist. I wasn’t able to hold her falling weight, but I broke her fall, balancing her in a standing position, with one of her feet slightly behind me to my left, the other leg through the back of the collapsed chair. My arm was around her and she had fallen against me, pushing me back to the shelving.

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   Her ample tits were in my face, and my left hand had wrapped fully around her crotch. A couple of the other boys came across and steadied the chair, and she lifted her leg up to remove it from the chair, which opened her cunt that was cupped by my helping hand. As I assisted in lifting her weight, my fingers were pushing deep into her panties, and when her leg finally was free and back to the ground, I was reluctant to remove them. “Whoa!” She said, “I’m glad you were there to catch me. Just hold me while I get my breath back. ” She stood still for about half a minute, “Ok you’d better take hold of my hand again now, and I’ll try again”. I removed my hand from her crotch, replaced the chair, this time putting it a little closer to the shelving, I then helped her back up. We cleared the rest of the bundles of clothes without any more incidents, I helped her down and we both joined the other boys, and finish sorting the remainder of the clothes. When this was all done she asked us to carry the clothes to the main hall, we kept taking a pile each, and then coming back for another, until they were all gone. She then told the other three boys, that she was finished with them, but she wanted me to stay behind, because she wanted a word with me. I thought I was in real trouble, and as the last boy left and shut the door, I prepared myself for a telling off. “Ok now they’ve gone. If you breathe a word about you having your hand up my dress, I’ll have you’re guts for garters. Ok!” she said, and then sitting down on the chair, she lifted one leg in the air, spreading her legs apart, see said, “catch hold of my ankle, while I check if you’ve marked me. I don’t want my husband finding any scratch marks on his little pet pussy”.

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   I looked in amazement, as she stretched her cunt from side to side pulling her panties across, oblivious to me standing a foot away staring at it. Then looking me straight in the face she asked, “Right have you seen enough, can I put it back in my panties now?” She pulled her gusset back across covering herself up without waiting for an answer. She got up and said we’d better go back now before anyone wonders what were doing; I carried the chair and we returned to the main hall. None of us boys were needed for the rummage sale, so we all left, and didn’t see her again till four week later. I now realise that a quick look and feel is not enough to get most people excited, but for me at fourteen, this was the stuff that filled my thoughts every night as I wanked away before going to sleep. As each week passed, at every opportunity, I would be asking the scout leader questions about Mrs. Green, like who, what, and where. All I got to know was that she was the elder sister of one of the older scouts that had now left the group, and she had started helping out because her brother was a member, but she still carried on helping even though he’d now left. She was married to a musician, who was a lot older than her, he played in a dance band, she was twenty two, and had no children. All this information was gathered bit by bit, when ever I could turn the conversation that way without making him suspicious. I had a fixation about her and anything I got to know about her seemed to fuel my desire more. It was just under four weeks after that first day, I was at our normal Thursday scout meeting, we had just been called to attention, when the door to the hall opened, and she walked in. All eyes were staring at her, she stopped about six feet inside the door, the scout master said, “Stand easy. Right now no talking, I won’t be a minute”, he turned, and walked swiftly across to where she was stood, they talked, but we couldn’t hear what was said. He walked back to stand directly in front of us, with June walking at his side, “Hands up for volunteers to help Mrs.

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   Green with some heavy lifting”. Every hand shot skyward. “Ok Ok, put them down. Looks like you can pick any one of them. I would recommend four of the big lads; they’ll me more use for humping and carrying”. She looked around, surveying the full troop; she lifted her arm, and pointed to one lad, who immediately joined her at the front, then another, then another. The lads she had picked were all as the scout master had recommended, big lads, seventeen and eighteen year olds, my heart was sinking. I wasn’t anywhere near there size, and as she pointed towards me I turned and looked behind me to see who the fourth lucky bastard was that she had picked. “No you. ” I heard her say, I turned back, she was looking directly at me, I nodded as if to say who me, “Yes Neal I mean you”, a lump appeared in my throat, I almost choked, I dashed out to join the other boys. “Are you sure you want him”, said the scout master, “he not very big, and he’s only been with us a few weeks, I’m not sure if he’s a good worker or not”. “Yes he’s the young man who helped me last time I had clothes to sort out. He’s a polite little gentleman”. We all four followed June out to the wooden shed which she unlocked and we followed her in. The first thing she did was to ask each of the boys, what their names were, they each replied.

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   There was Brad, the biggest of them. Chas, the hard man who thought he knew it all. Phil, he just copied what the others did. She explained our task for the night was to get all the boxes of brick-a-brack (Assorted house hold ornaments etc. ) from the floor up to the loft, and stacked on the shelves. This was the same wooden shed that I’d been in last time with her, only now we were going to work on the upper floor, in the loft. The loft floor was only about eight feet high from the ground, a couple of foot above the top shelf we had been working on last time. Like down stairs the loft wall were lined with shelving, to gain access to the loft required the use of a free standing old wooden ladder, which was placed through a hatch hole measuring about three feet by one foot six, cut in the loft floor. She explained that the three big lads could work up in the loft with her, and I could stop down stairs loading the dumb waiter. It wasn’t a real dumb waiter, this was just a term given to a box that had rope attached, and was lowered by a winch through the hatch hole to the floor, it was loaded, and then winched back up. When she said I was to work down here on my own, I was jealous of the others working up there with her. Phil positioned the ladder, in the hatch hole, and they all went up one after another. She turned to me and said quietly, “Now I know what your like, I hope your not going to look up my skirt as soon as I get on this ladder. ” Then in a louder voice that everyone was able to hear, she said, “You hold the ladder steady for me Neal”. She climbed slowly, and as soon as she was three or four steps up, I took hold of the ladder and looked up her skirt.

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   On the fifth step she stopped, and stood on one leg, swinging the other one wide across away from the ladder. “Neal can you check the sole of my shoe, to see if I’ve got something stuck to it”, she said. I took hold of her ankle, and checked her shoe, there was nothing there, but from where I was standing I now had a view of her knickers with her wide open legs. I didn’t realise at the time, but they were French knickers, made of silk, fitting around the waist with a tied ribbon, and long (4”) very loose fitting legs that I could see right up, and as the crotch hung down away from it, the cunt was on full view. This was the first time I’d ever seen a real cunt in the flesh, and without knowing I was doing it, I'd lifted her leg wider as I put my head up her skirt for a closer view. June brought me back to earth. “Ok Neal, if you’ve finished cleaning my shoe now you can put my leg back”. I quickly returned her foot to the rungs of the ladder, “Sorry June. I was”. She interrupted me. “It doesn’t matter what you was, we need to get on now”. She carried on up the ladder, with my eyes glued to her all the way. Phil lifted the ladder up into the loft, so that the dumb waiter could be lowered down for me to fill. As the roped box went through the hole, and started descending towards me, June moved into position, with her legs straddling the width of the hatch, and she stooped down steadying the rope to stop the box swinging about. I was that busy studying her open cunt that the box caught me on the head on its way down.

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  “Come on Neal concentrate on the job in hand”, said June. I placed a box in the dumb waiter, and Phil, who was at the top, winched it up, Brad and Chas unloaded it and placed it on the top shelves as instructed. This procedure was repeated several times, with me having plenty of spare time whilst waiting for the dumb waiter to be able to study in detail this display the June was giving me (obviously on purpose). She was shifting her weight alternatively from side to side so that I got chance to view it from all angles, I had a stiff prick like never before. All of a sudden June stood up, and said, “Oh no! I’ve forgot to check those boxes before you put them away, I need to take one of them back home with me tonight. How many have we already stacked?”Brad said, “about twenty, all these on the top row”. “Ok I’ll check all of the boxes from now on, and hope we find the one I want, if not I’ll have to climb up to the ones we’ve already stacked and check them in place”. We continued loading and stacking until all the boxes were done, but the one she was looking for was not found. All this time she had been giving me a display of her open crotch. “Phil, can you put the ladder back now so Neal can come up and give us a hand”, she said. I climbed up, and she explained what she had in mind. She wanted lifting up onto one of the shelves, so she could see into the boxes without having to take them down; she said it would be less work. This would require one boy either side, to place a hand on the inside of her leg, at the top of her stockings, and use their other hand on her ankle, she thought brad who was the biggest lad, could place his hands on her waist to help lift and also balance her. She cautioned Phil and Chas to be careful where they placed their fingers, as she said she wouldn’t tolerate any stray fingers, messing around, as she put it. “What can I do?” I asked.

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  “Don’t worry; once they get me up on these shelves, I’m sure you’ll find plenty to look at”. But first before we start, “Phil. Can you lift the ladder back up; to make sure we don’t get disturbed?” That was done instantly; they couldn’t wait to get chance to get their hands on her legs. “Ok now remember, no stray fingers, or else you’ll be back in that hut playing dib dib dib, or what ever it is you scouts do”, she said sternly. She stood in front of the shelves, spread her legs, and stooped slightly, the boys either side each put a hand on the inside of her leg and slid it up till they reached her stocking top, at which point she said, “Ok that’s high enough”, their other hand took hold of an ankle apiece, the third boy grabbed her waist. She said, “Ok are we all ready, lift”. They lifted, but both boys on the sides slid their hands right up to the top of her legs, inside her knickers, and as they lifted they spread her legs wide open, in a horizontal position pointing directly forward. “I told you to be careful where you put your hands”, she said. But she was helpless to do anything about it. “We didn’t do it on purpose, our hands just slipped, we couldn’t grip you properly there”, said Chas. They got her feet onto a shelf that was about three foot from the floor, but even though Brad was tall, he couldn’t push her high enough for her to take hold of the shelving and balance her self. Phil and Chas had to lift her feet down to the next shelf, so brad could push her back to the standing position. She then took hold of the shelving, at which point brad asked, “Is that high enough for you to check the boxes?”“No I’ll need to go up one more shelf”, she replied. “I can’t reach any higher holding you around your waist; you’ll have to hold on to the shelf, while I reposition my hands under your bum, and push you from there”. She gripped tight, and said, “Ok.

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   I’ve got a hold”. Brad placed his hands under her bottom, on the outside of her skirt, he pushed upwards to take her weight, and his hands slipped straight over her bum. “That’s not going to work”, she said. “Slip your hands up under my skirt, and try to grip the top of my legs” Brad didn’t need telling twice, he moved his hands from the outside of her skirt, and slid them up the legs of her knickers, cupping the cheeks of her bottom, one in each hand, his thumbs gripping under her crotch. “Ok, that feels better try lifting again, but be careful”, she said. They all lifted together, and she was now one shelf higher, At which point brad asked again, “Is that high enough?”“No, I’m sorry I’ll need to go up one more again”, she replied. Brad now said, “Ok June, here we go up to the next shelf”, they lifted, and placed her on the next shelf, at least four foot off the floor, legs spread wide open. “Is that ok?” asked Brad. “Yes that’s ideal”, But as she explained, “you’ll all need to keep supporting me, because I’ll need my hands free to check inside the boxes, so I’ll need your help to keep my balance”. Nobody argued with her!She was now high enough for me to see up under her skirt so I had a clear view of what the boys were doing. Brad was supporting her weight, balancing her while she looked in the boxes. At the same time Chas and Phil were now sliding their fingers back and forth along the slit of her cunt. I reached my hand up to have a feel, but it was slapped out of the way by Chas, so I contented myself with watching them at play. Although they were playing with her cunt, she made no mention of it, pretending nothing was happening. “Ok.


   I’ve checked these boxes can you move me along a bit”, came June’s voice, not a mention about the fingers straying around her cunt. The boys concentrated, and lifted her along to the next position, and then got back to there stroking, they were having an effect on her now, as every now and then her legs would make an involuntary buckle, as if she was getting an electric shock in her quim. One of the boys started to realise just what he was doing at the time she did this, and what part of her he was doing it to, so this was now his mission in life to keep these sudden quivers of emotion coming. I could see he was concentrating on an area at the front of her slot; there was a little mound of flesh protruding from the slot. He was stroking this little mound and she was writhing about. “Oh God! No more. I’m gonn’a fall if you carry on. Just let me get this box found, and I’ll let you have a play when I get down”, she pleaded. They backed off, and impatiently steadied her, waiting till see found the special box. “Ok boys this is the one”, she said, and no sooner had she uttered the words, than she was hauled from the shelves. I was instructed to scatter some old coats across the floor, and she was laid back on them, all three boys probing at her cunt like flies around a jam pot. They fingered her cunt, probing deep, but as soon as one boy stood up and started unbuckling his belt she made it clear that wasn’t on the agenda, by her tone and volume, the boys knew she meant business, and decided to make do with what was on offer. They had about fifteen to twenty minutes fingering and poking, and June had what I was told was an orgasm, I thought they done something to her, she was moaning, and writhing about like she was in pain, but when she had finished she didn’t seem to be upset. I’d cum in my pants twice while watching, but the boys didn’t let me have a turn at fingering so I still didn’t know what I was missing, But that didn’t stop me enjoying the evening. June now said it was time to get back in before anyone came looking for us, so we all got tided up and returned to the main hall.

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   As soon as we got in the hall, June went straight over to the scout leader and had a word with him, he called all four of us over to one corner of the hall, we were all wondering what she had told him, and on the way across the hall I was threatened by Chas to keep my mouth shut, we were all expecting some sort of trouble. “Right boys. Mrs. Green has been telling me about what you lot have been up to out there, and I’m proud of the way you all helped her, she has asked if any of you can spare tomorrow evening, and I know before you tell me, tomorrow is Friday, and I know you all go to the pictures on a Friday, but it is in a good cause, and she has asked for you four in particular. Now I know I can’t force you”. Before he could say anymore, as if with one voice, we all said, “Yes we’ll do it”. “Well. I don’t know what magic spell you’ve cast over them, I haven’t even told them what you want them to do yet. Its usually impossible to get them to do anything on a Friday, its like a religious day for most kids around here, I recon that picture house is their church. Anyway it looks like you’ve got your volunteers”. We were told to meet Mrs. Green at the scout hall at 7:00 next evening, and we were to go to a local house where someone had recently died,, where we were to help clear the old clothes etc. out of the attic. At 6:45 all four boys were waiting in the doorway to the scout hall, the older boys didn’t want me around, and they made sure I knew it. It was raining, and I kept getting pushed out from under the shelter, and a couple of times I tripped and fell landing in puddles, I was cold wet and miserable.

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   Then a car pulled up and June stepped out, she ran across to the shelter of the doorway. She looked as stunning as ever, but her plastic rain coat only came half way down her skirt, so she was reluctant to venture out until the rain slowed down. We were all crowded together in the small dark doorway of the scout hall, the boys were impatient, and were looking for another night of fun, they manoeuvred June to the door so she wasn’t visible from the roadway, and their hands started going up her legs. June used her loud commanding tone and put a stop to their adventures, but she obviously thought it would be a good idea not to stop here too long, she decided to get on with the job in hand before things got out of control. “Come on boys we’ll make a run for it, the worst that can happen is we’ll get wet”, she pushed past them, and started a quick walk, along the foot path; we all followed, splashing from puddle to puddle. When we arrived at the house which stood isolated at the bottom of a long dark driveway, she knocked on the door, and the son of the deceased opened the door, “Your late, I was just about to go”, he said. “I’m sorry, we got trapped waiting for the rain to stop”, said June. “Well the attic steps are down, and you can take anything you can find, what ever is left will only get burnt. Here are the keys lock the place up when you’ve finished, just leave them under the plant pot by the front door. Good night”, and he went, closing the front door behind him. June stood there shivering, Phil bent down and turned on the gas fire, to his surprise, it lit. “Well, at least we’ve got some heat”, he said. June stood with her back close to the fire, “My stockings are soaking, I’m going to take them off, and hang them up to dry”. She sat on the floor, there wasn’t any chairs, she lifted her skirt, unclipping her stockings and rolling them down, she was helped back up by Phil, and she hung them from the mantle shelf placing a pair of old pot ornaments on the top to stop them falling. She was pulling her wet skirt away from her legs, “Err.

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   The hem of this skirt is soaking”, she said. “Take it off then”, said Chas. “Trust you to say that”, June replied. “No he’s right,” said Phil, “if you take it off and hang it with your stockings, it’ll be dry by the time we’ve finished, We wont tell, and anyway, we’ve seen it all before, so you needn’t be shy”, he followed. “I suppose I could”, she unbuckled her belt, and down it came, she went over to the mantle piece, and hung it with the stockings. The panties were like the ones I’d seen the first time, transparent material, cut narrow under the crotch, showing bushy hair either side at the front. Now her back was towards us, we could see the rear of them was so narrow it disappeared in the cleavage of her bottom, almost looking like she was without any. She stood in front of the fire, shivering, Phil knelt down, and using one hand either side of her leg starting at her ankle and working up to her knee, he rubbed gently, but briskly, “Is that better?” he said. “Oh yes. That’s nice, Phillip”, was her reply. Brad now did the same to the lower half of the other leg, and then Chas joined in, but instead of warming her wet calf, he started at the knee, and worked on the upper half of one of her legs. I took my chance and did the same on the upper half of the leg nearest me. Brad pulled me aside, and swapped places with me, not that I wanted to. Chas and Brad worked their hands up as high as the closed legs would permit, and when they next worked their way down to the knee, they gave a sudden pull, almost overbalancing her, and she reached for the mantle piece, to keep her balance. The lads held tight, Phil, who had been warming her ankle now started to stroke under the open crotch, pulling the narrow gusset to one side.

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  “Pack it in boys”, she used her loud stern voice. But we were in a detached house, at the end of a deserted lane. Even I realised that nobody would hear her scream in here. Chas said, “Or you’ll do what? Ain’t no one gonn'a hear you if you make a fuss, so you might as well just enjoy it”. She protested for a minute or so, but the boys took no notice of her, and her clit was now at Phil’s mercy. He moved his hand around to the front to get better access, and stroked and caressed the clit while she writhed about, Chas and Brad were holding tight to her knees. I seized my chance and from the back I pushed a finger right up her cunt, it was wet and sloppy, my finger was going in and out like crazy. “Come on lads lets get her up to a bed”, said Chas lifting her up by the leg he was holding; she was soon being forced up the stairs. The first bedroom was empty, the second only had an old mattress on the floor, “This’ll do, Hold her down”, said Chas as he unbuckled his belt.
    We all got hold of a limb, Brad and Phil a leg apiece, I held her hands, and knelt on her shoulders. He was soon pushing his prick in deep, and I witnessed my first fuck, he shot his load in less than a minute, and was soon replaced by Brad, another frantic little fucker, who also shooting in seconds, Phil was no better. In the meanwhile, I had dropped my pants, and my stiff little prick was ready, as soon as Phil got off I was about to get down, but Chas pushed me out of the way, sending me hurtling across the floor; I sat there sobbing, watching them fuck her one after another. Before long, without realising what I was doing, my hand was on my stiff little prick, and I shot my little load just watching. I began to think that was all I was going to get, and within seconds of shooting my load I was wanking again. I shot again, and then I was wanking again.

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       How many times I wanked, and cum I’m not sure. Eventually all the boys had emptied their balls, and were sitting or lying on the floor. June lay there waiting for the next boy to mount; she had already orgasmed several times. When after a minute had passed, and no new rider had mounted, she leaned up on one elbow, looked around the room. Seeing all the boys were fucked out, she looked over at me, and beckoned me towards her. My little dick stood to attention that hard, I thought it would split my foreskin. God! I felt light headed. I got down in between her wide open legs, and she wrapped her arms around me as I pushed my stiff little prick right up. God! I had never before, or since known a feeling like that. I placed my mouth around her big fat firm nipple, and sucked, as my little bum went up and down like my life depended on it. She bent her head down and whispered; slow down, use your full length, slowly in and out. I hadn’t got any length, I was only fourteen, but I did as instructed. Each push, she lifted her cunt, and It appeared to suck my prick inside, and it felt like my balls were being drawn right up her cunt, I’d pull back, almost dropping my prick out, and then back in to meet the sucking (or do I mean fucking) cunt as it rose to meet me. I had wanked that many times while watching the others, this wasn’t going to be a one minute fuck; we were at it for at least fifteen minutes, and when I said, “Oh! God I’m Cumming”. She said, “So am I”, and I did, and she did, her cunt spilling out loads of sticky gooey liquid.

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       I left my prick in, until after a minute it had shrank, and it slipped out, but she was still writhing about for ages. The other lads looked at my little shrunken member and took the Mickey; saying they couldn’t see how that little thing could have caused her to cum like that. June was however coming to her senses, and heard their ribbing. “It’s not what you’ve got that matters, it’s knowing how to use it”, she said. It probably wasn’t true, but it certainly made me feel proud. That didn’t please the lads, and they each had another fuck, being as rough as they could, but June was well and truly wet and sloppy, so she took it all in her stride, and just fucked them into the ground, she could take more than they could give. When they were completely exhausted she got up, went downstairs and got dressed; her clothes were dry by now. When she came back, she told the boys it was time to get the work done. They were very reluctant to start, but she insisted, saying she would get them into trouble with the scout master. It took a while to get them going, but the rubbish was eventually sorted. It was still raining, so Chas said, “I’ll go and get my car, I only live around the corner. We can take the stuff back to the scout hall, and then I’ll give you a lift home”. She remarked about he was young to have his own car, but she accepted his offer, not realising he was using his dads car without permission. When we left the house, they all got in the car, and I was left to walk home by myself. I don’t know what, if anything, happened to her in the car on the way home, but what dreams I had that night!It was three week later before I saw June again, it had started as a normal scout night, but when the scout leader arrived, he was accompanied by June.

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       We were told they wanted volunteers to help her sort out another load of clothes, that had arrive. Naturally we all put our hands up, but the scout leader suggested that someone else should help this week, and it would have looked suspicious, if June had not accepted this idea. So, four new recruits went out to the old wooden hut to help her sort the old clothes out. All I could think was, I wonder if their playing with her cunt yet? They’d been gone about half an hour, when the door to the hall burst open, and June appeared, dragging one of the boys by his ear lobe. She pushed him away from her violently, and he fell to the floor. She stomped across to the scout leader, and there was a heated conversation going on, but we couldn’t here what was said. The leader called us four boys by name, “Right listen up. Brad, Chas, Phil and Neal, out here now. Jim, Graham, Gordon and you, you little rat Stewart, go and stand over there till I get time to sort you out. The rest of you carry on as before, but keep the noise down”. He then turned to us four and explained that we were to go and help Mrs. Green, “but make sure you behave yourselves, and look after her she’s had a nasty experience”. She’d already gone back out to the shed, so we went out to join her. We asked what had happened. “He shoved his hand up my skirt when I bent over, and the other little buggers tried to hold me down.

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       They won’t try that again”, she said. “Right if you lot get a move on, you could have this lot sorted in half hour, and that will leave you about fifteen minutes to see if you can give me an orgasm”. We’d got the job finished in twenty minutes, and by twenty-one minutes, June was up the loft, on her back, knickerless with four lads fingering and feeling all over her body. She let us play for a while, then she said she wanted us to take it in turns to lick her clit, she reckoned our hands were too rough, and we made her sore. At first the idea of licking her cunt, didn’t appeal, but we soon realised, it didn’t just turn her on, it got us going as well. She let the ones that weren’t licking her cunt, or sucking her tits, give her French kisses. I guess we had been playing with her for about ten to fifteen minutes, when Chas, who had removed his pants without June realising, moved Brad’s from her cunt and started mounting her. She went ballistic, shouting and kicking, and Chas soon give that idea up. We calmed her down and hoped she hadn’t been heard in the main hall. Nobody came, so we boys sorted ourselves out and returned to the rest of the troop to let her calm down. June followed later when she’d composed herself, and sorted her clothes out. Chas and the others had come up with an idea, which they only involved me in so that I could take the blame. Chas had written a note, supposedly from my mum to the scout leader, saying that there was some clothes that needed sorting and collecting tonight, other wise they would be thrown out tomorrow. He had included a false address, and he gave me his own house key. I was told to take this to the scout leader.

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       When I gave it to him, he called me all the fools under the son, for not giving him the note earlier; I just said I’d forgotten about it till now. He continued to ramble on about, what short notice, and why couldn’t it wait until another day. I just said I didn’t know. Then June appeared, and asked what had gone wrong. He explained about the note, and how he couldn’t leave until the scout meeting had finished in about another half an hour. June did as Chas had planned, she volunteered to go and sort the clothes out. The scout leader then insisted that we four helpers go along to assist. When outside, Chas led the way, June asked who had brought in the note, and why we hadn’t known about it earlier. Chas explained, we would soon be at the house, and it was my fault, because, “the stupid little twit forgot he’d been given the note”. We arrived at Chas’s house, June said, “the only reason I’m going in there with you lot is because it’s only a terraced house, and if you start any shenanigans, I'll scream the place down so the neighbours can hear. So be warned”. We walked up to the front door and Chas opened it, we all went in. As soon as we got inside June was taken into the front room, and pulled down onto the settee. She made a half hearted protest, about we aught to get the work done first, and then she would let us have ten or fifteen minutes playing before Chas took her home, because she was expected back by 10:30. Chas then explained that there were no clothes to sort, so we had plenty of time to play.

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       He also said, “The next door neighbours on both sides are down the pub with my dad, so there’s no point in you trying to put up a fight, and you can scream all you want”. At this point we could tell by the look on her face that she knew she was beat, we started stripping her, and she didn’t resist. When she was down to bra and knickers, she was walked up the stairs, removing the last remaining items on the way. We took her into his dad’s bedroom, because it had a double bed, which she was immediately laid down on. Chas mounted first, the other two had a tit apiece, and I tried some French kissing. We were just starting to get her aroused, when suddenly we heard voices, as the front door opened. “What the bloody hell! Whose are these clothes? Who’s that dirty bastard Chas got up there?” We all froze, and hoped they wouldn’t come upstairs, because there was nowhere to escape to. We could tell from the voices, that there was more than one person, and they were coming up the stairs. Chas stood up, and June slid under the bed covers, the door opened, and his dad, and the next door neighbours from both sides walked in. We were told to get dressed and leave, and Chas was told to collect June’s clothes and bring them up for her. As I was leaving, I was passing Chas’s dad talking to one of the neighbours on the landing, I heard, “Nip back to the pub and get the lads, tell them we’ve got us a gang bang. And ask Pete to bring his Danes”. The neighbour left, and so did us boys, except for Chas. The rest of what follows are the events as retold by Chas when we all next met. He had collected June’s clothes, and she had got dressed, with Chas’s dad (Fred) watching.


       When she was dressed, she said to Fred, “Thanks for letting me get dressed; I’ll get off home now”. “What makes you think you’re going home my dear?” he said as he walked her back downstairs to the front room, “I think me and you have got some things we need to discuss”. “Like what?” she asked. “Like you having sex with underage boys. Would you like me to call the police?” he replied. “No you don’t understand”, she said. “Look. Either I call the police, and let them sort it out, or you start listening to what I’ve got to say, and try to get on my right side. What’s it going to be?” he asked. “Ok. I don’t want any trouble, but I can stop long, my husband is expecting me home in about fifteen minutes”, she said. “Ok so your game for a bit of fun?” He asked. “Yes ok. But we’ll have to be quick”, she said. “Chas, what’s that scout master’s name”, Fred asked.

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      “Mr. James. Why?” Asked Chas. Fred didn’t answer, he just went across to the phone, picked it up, and turning to June asked, “by the way what’s your name?”“Mrs. Green, err I mean June”, she mumbled. “Ok June, what’s your number?” he asked. “Number? 574567. Why?” she asked. He dialled, and when someone answered, “Oh. Excuse me; is that Mr. Green, June’s husband? Well this is Mr. James the scout leader. June has had a little dizzy turn, and my wife and I have taken her back to our house. Don’t worry, she's alright now. The doctors been, and he’s given her a sleeping tablet, and she’s all tucked up in our spare room asleep.

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       No there’s no point in you coming over, she asleep now, the rest will do her good. Yes my wife will give her a lift back tomorrow, when she wakes up. Don’t worry we’ll look after her. Bye now”, he turned and looked at June, “There it all sorted, you’ve got all night to party with us now”. “I can’t believe you just did that”, she said. “Well you ought to, because you just heard me”, he replied. “Come on then what can I get you to drink? Babycham?”“Yes that’ll be nice”, she replied. He got a tall glass tumbler, opened a Babycham (a champagne based drink available in the sixties, sold in small bottles, that were about 2” in diameter), poured it into a glass which it only half filled, he then filled it to the top, using vodka. “I can’t drink that, it’ll be far too strong”, exclaimed June. “Course you can, get a couple of these down you, and it’ll help you relax”, he said. She took hold and started sipping, music was put on, Fred had a drink, and soon the atmosphere started to relax. Fred held out his hand, helped June onto her feet, and they started dancing, the record stopped, he walked across to the record player, put another record on and poured another pair of drinks, handing one to June saying, “Come drink that down, you’ve got to keep up with me”. She did as instructed, and was handed her second drink. As Fred handed her the drink, he said, “Come on then link arms, and down in one”. He showed her what he meant, putting his arm through hers, both with their glasses to their lips, and then, tipping their heads back, they consumed the contents in one swallow.

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