The Bowland Agenda - Part I


It was another day in the office. Brent Bowland packed his briefcase and prepared to leave for the afternoon’s meeting in another part of the city. A stocky, thickset man of thirty, with his hair greying prematurely at the temples, he had been labouring in this city for many years, without much to show, except for his small business and a small house. But this will all change. He is on the verge of making a huge deal, a deal that may propel him into major leagues.
He ran the details of the deal in his mind as he walked from the elevator to his car in the underground parking lot. Deep in thoughts, he did not hear the slight crunch of gravel behind him. Just as he unlocked the car and stooped to get in, an arm snaked across his neck and he was dragged brusquely away from the car. Before he could make a noise, a cloth was clamped over his mouth, and a nauseatingly sweet scent overpowered him. He flailed briefly, then silence.
Another dark silhouette moved from beyond the shadows and quietly opened the car’s boot. Brent was dumped into the boot and his fallen briefcase was tossed alongside him. The vehicle purred into life and turned unobserved out into the streets.

Over the other end of the city, fourteen-year-old Jacquetta Saggio was having lunch in her school cafeteria. An innocent-looking girl, she has deep-set green eyes that are like two pools of stagnant water. Her silky, straight, long hair is the colour of chestnuts, and was worn in a practical, dignified style.

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   Her full and pouty lips hinted of her emerging sexual appeal. An early growth spurt had her growing taller and more voluptuous than any girl her age. Teased and mocked by her schoolmates, she often sat alone in the far corner of the cafeteria near the emergency escape, away from any unwanted attention.
There she remained, as the lunch hour drew to an end and the lunch crowd emptied the cafeteria. She chose to have her lunch late so that she can avoid her boisterous schoolmates. She ate her simple lunch of sandwich and juice, all of which she had bought from the canteen vendor. Halfway through her sandwich, she felt an uneasy sensation in her stomach and her vision started swimming. Queasy, she hurried into the girls’ bathroom nearby and went down heaving in the nearest cubicle. Black stars danced before her eyes and she struggled to call for help.
Suddenly, the bathroom door swung open and a burly man entered the bathroom. Jacquetta started visibly, and opened her mouth to scream. But the man moved forward expertly, pushing her against the wall, and clamped his hand over her mouth. With the drug working in her body and the panic raising up her throat, she barely gave a struggle before succumbing. Her eyes rolled back and her limbs went weak.
Minutes later, the man helped an apparently sick girl out the emergency exit into a waiting car, which was already carrying an unconscious body in its boot.

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   In the driver’s seat, another man sat waiting. The first man went back for her school bag and drove off without attracting much attention.

The car drove through the city, out the suburban, into a respectable neighbourhood of mid-income landowners. It went directly up one of the houses, and used the remote garage door opener to open the garage door. The car was parked and the garage door hummed into place. Pulling on ski mask and surgical gloves, Alex and Buddy prepped themselves for the task ahead.
In the house, in the second floor study, Hallae Bowland was surprised to see her husband’s car drive up the driveway. Brent was not expected home until late in the evening. Puzzled, she turned off her computer and started downstairs.
At twenty-eight, Hallae Bowland has not let her figure gone to waste like her husband had started to. She maintained her youth and body, with well-tone limbs and full breasts. Her luxurious, straight, black hair is worn in a style that reminds of a fluttering flag. Her grey eyes shone with intelligence and strength, and she was the one who had helped Brent to build up his company over the years.  But she has been bright enough to let her husband take all the credit for the success, submitting to playing the woman-behind-the-successful-man, and appearing only in formal business functions, beside her husband.
‘Brent?’ she called, as she walked down the stairway, ‘why are you back so early?’
Downstairs, the two masked men waited.

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When Hallae walked into the passageway to the garage, the men tackled her with what appeared to be a blurry rush of bodies. She tried to scream and kick her attackers, but was expertly pinned onto her back on the floor. A hand pressed tightly on her neck, squeezing a choked gurgle from her lips.
Frightened, she scuffled against her attackers and the grip around her throat jerked tighter. In the deep shadows of the passageway, she vaguely saw two figures looming over her, the dark outlines dancing in and out of focus. She flinched when a needle was thrust into her arm, and then a burning sensation travelled up her veins. Within seconds, her eyelids quivered and she slumped into unconsciousness.
The hand around her neck relaxed, and her sprawled form shuddered with ragged wheezing. Ajax and Buddy watched steadily as their victim’s voluptuous breasts jiggled with each gulp. By and by, her parted lips lost the purplish tinge, and her breathing deepened into slow, long sighs.
Satisfied that she was under control, Ajax deftly flipped her onto her stomach and bound her wrists securely behind her back. Noiselessly, Buddy stepped over the prone body, towards the direction of the garage. Ajax was putting the final knots binding her ankles when he saw Buddy returned with the unconscious body of Jacquetta Saggio in his arms, and a black burlap bag over his shoulders. Ajax nimbly caught the large laundry bag Buddy threw at him, and commenced stuffing the slender body of Bowland into the bag, while Buddy strolled up the stairway with his booty.
Tossing the loaded laundry bag casually over his shoulders, he started up the stairs to join his friend in the Bowland’s master bedroom.

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   He walked into the large bedroom to see Buddy chucking the sleeping schoolgirl onto the bed. Like greased gears, Buddy dropped the burlap bag before Ajax, exchanged knowing looks with him before heading downstairs again. Fortunately for them, the bedroom window opened to the back garden, where several large trees obscured the bedroom from any snooping eyes.
Ajax propped his own load near the doorway and walked up to the bed. Sprawled lewdly on her face, Jacquetta was flipped onto her back and manoeuvred to the centre of the mattress, where her wrists and ankles to the four corners of the large king-sized bed. Buddy returned with the Brent Bowland slung over his shoulder, directly into the adjoining bathroom where he dumped the portly man unceremoniously into the empty bathtub.
From the bag, Ajax handed Buddy a pill bottle containing several coloured pills. Buddy counted out three Ecstasy, two LSD and two Viagra pills. The pills were crushed into a fine powder on a piece of paper and dissolved into a fresh bottle of chilled beer, courtesy of the Bowlands. Propping Brent’s head between his knees, Buddy pried Brent’s mouth open and forced the neck of the beer bottle down his throat. Vaguely conscious, Brent gurgled noisily as the beer fizzled and bubbled down his throat. The booze entered his blood as soon as it reached his empty stomach and Buddy knew it would not be long before the payload get to his brains.
Meanwhile, Ajax continued to prep Jacquetta on the bed. A large ball gag attached to clear plastic straps was shoved into her mouth and fastened firmly in place. The ball gag had two chin straps that had to be secured over her head.

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   Ajax leaned away from the bed to inspect his efforts. Still in her school uniform, the girl laid spread out on the bed, her head encased within transparent straps, her pouty lips clearly visible through the straps. She stirred fitfully, her head lolling from side to side, and whimpering restlessly.
After setting him up for a wild time ahead, Buddy secured Brent by his tie to the bath faucets, confident that the man was too doped to escape. He then ambled into the bedroom for the next part of his assignment.

He carefully positioned several high-powered pinhole cameras and microphones around the perimeters of the room. making sure the entire bedroom, especially the bed, was fully covered from various different angles, and ensured that all were transmitting their signal clearly and perfectly. The signals were transmitted to a receiver that was rigged up to the Bowland’s phone line and sending the video feed via broadband to the destination receiver.
Back in the Ranch, Carlos confirmed the footages were clear and the transmission was as expected. He tapped a few buttons on his console and started the digital recording. He also dispatched the pickup vehicle to pick up Ajax and Buddy.
All was ready, except one final touch. The final touch before the real show starts.
Ajax unbuttoned the top three buttons off Jacquetta’s school blouse, boosting her pink bra and her 34B breasts into plain sight. His hand snaked down Jacquetta’s crotch and worked her clit.

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   Feverishly, Jacquetta squirmed and whimpered weakly, her body buzzing with strange sluttish sensations. As he worked on her clitoris, he massaged her breasts through her bra and soon, her juices started flowing, even beyond her control. The man could see her erected nipples poking out of her B-cups, and her panties were becoming wet in the crotch. Smiling thinly to himself, he knew how to give the slut what might be the first orgasm of her young life.
He fingered her carefully, inserting his finger her cunt and feeling her virgin cherry in place. It would not be there for long. He tickled her from the cunt and rubbed her clit expertly. Her engorged breasts were massaged, man-handled and tweaked, until he felt her push offer her chest forward, instinctively beckoning for more. Her face started to flush and he could feel her hips undulating spasmodically. She’s near, he knew.
Increasingly, thumping noises could be heard from the bathroom, followed by low rumbles of curses. Grudgingly, Ajax got off the bed and headed into the bathroom.
In the dry tub, Brent was already high as a kite, stumbling noisily about in the tub and tugging half-heartedly on his leash. The man untied Brent’s tie from the fixture and hauled him into the easy chair in opposite corner of the bedroom. Before him, a full view of the bed and the virgin on the bed. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

It was apparent in Brent’s glazed and unfocused eyes that the Ecstasy and LSD were working their magic into his brain. When Ajax waved his cum covered finger before Brent’s face, he could immediately see Brent’s penis rising to the occasion. The smell of womanly cum was enough to start Brent’s mind up the pervert route. The man unzipped Brent’s pants, released the man’s pulsing hard-on from his boxers, and watched as Brent intuitively started stroking his dick. Flushed and excited, Brent’s mouth gaped as he leered at the alluring sight ahead.
Ajax returned to Jacquetta, who was squirming lustily and submitting to her animal instincts. Horny moans, muffled as they might be, can be heard across the room, and it only made Brent started stroking his dick more feverishly. Ajax finger-fucked the young slut to the point of no return, where she moaned her smutty way to an orgasm. It was the first time she had had an orgasm, and her body, loaded with her teenage hormones, sent waves and waves of pleasure up from her hips to her brain. Panting with carnal pleasure, she squirmed and tugged lustfully at her bondage.
Satisfied with the young whore’s performance, the man rubbed his cum-covered hand over Jacquetta’s face, on her breasts and up her thighs. She had climaxed so hard, her creamy cum gushed from her cunt. He rubbed her female juices all over her body, and was nearly overwhelmed by her fertile scent to fuck her himself. But he had an assignment to complete. There will be more virgins waiting for him where he’s going.

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   Wheezing faintly, she lay with her eyes clenched tightly and her cheeks flushed with the warm glow of her orgasm.
In the far corner, Brent slumped with his full hard-on in the couch, ready to start playing the part he was starring in. The two men prepare to retreat from the residence. As a parting shot, Buddy rubbed her cum all over Brent’s face and even into his mouth. He pointed to the prone figure on the bed, her legs wide open, her pussy wet with cum.
‘See that slut there?’ he whispered tauntingly into Brent’s ear, egging him, ‘see that beautiful slut? It’s your wife, she’s all dressed up and ready for you to fuck her. Can you see? Her pussy is all wet and ready for you. Go and give her the fuck of her life! Fuck her like you have never fucked her before! She’s your slut, your whore and your slave! Go fuck her!’
Brent groaned huskily in reply. Both men watched in evil amusement as Brent struggled drunkenly across the room. There was no mistaking the sex-crazed look in his eyes. He was staring straight at the female body on the bed, gawping hungrily at the wet crotch and masturbating enthusiastically.
‘Are we getting all of these on tape?’ Ajax whispered to his companion. His companion nodded in affirmative, and they watched as Brent inched his way towards his doom. Confident that the fucker is going to fuck his way into fame within the next hour, it was a job well done, and all that was left was the pick-up.
They carried the unconscious mistress of the house, still wrapped in the laundry bag, from the bedroom into the laundry van that was waiting on the driveway outside the garage.

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   As the mid noon glare gave way to the evening glow, the van drove on its way from the suburban, through the city, to the opposite end of the city.   It drove for three hours straight, before arriving in the large ranch that took up the entire chunk of the peninsula jutting to the sea. Hallae Bowland has arrived in the Ranch, the last place she will ever know. The life that she used to know is a thing of the past.

The cameras in the Bowland bedroom rolled on, as the drama unfolds. In the Ranch, Carlos watched the many monitors in front of him and carefully recording the crime.
Jacquetta was having a strange dream. She dreamt that she was in the bathroom when a strange man grabbed her and dragged her into a car. Then she was overcame by strange sensations of flying and ecstasy, and before long, she was surrounded by bright explosions of lights. A strange dream, she had never felt like that before. Her head ached, and there was a weird taste in her mouth. She tried to open her eyes, but her eyelids felt like they were laden with lead. She squinted against the unfamiliar bright lights in the alien surroundings.
‘The window,’ she thought, ‘it’s in the wrong place. Where am I?’
She turned her head around, and was overcome with nausea.


   She tried to touch her forehead to check if she was sick. It was then she found her wrists bounded above her head. Startled, she pulled weakly at her wrists, but the restraints held her arms firmly in place. As she slowly regained her senses, she had the sickening sensation that something was seriously wrong.
She tried to open her mouth to scream, but she found her mouth already stretched open. Between her teeth, something large and seemingly round object was wedged tightly. She also felt a strap around her face and under her chin, holding the gag in place. The object stretched her mouth painfully wide open and making her gag.   She tried to scream but only managed muffled whimpers. She thrashed weakly, pulled futilely on her arms, and tried to lift her swimming head to see where she was.
‘Was I kidnapped? Is there anyone here to help me?’ Fuzzy confused thoughts ran through her mind.
As her mind cleared, she noticed she was in a large room with thick curtains over the windows and large bookshelves covering the wall across the bed.  A movement beyond the foot of the bed caught her eye. She tried to lift her head for a clearer view.
Partially obscured by her own body, she barely made out a thickset man crawling on the floor.


   The man appeared to be in pain and was clutching is stomach. His business suit was all ruffled and his tie was askew. As she watched him crawl across the room, him started shedding his outer jacket.
When he looked up, a flushed face with glazed eyes stared back at her. Sweat covered his face and his mouth opened in a leering drool. His eyes were staring fixedly at her, his body twitching nervously. Specifically, he seemed mesmerised by something between her legs. Like a moth attracted to a lamp, he crawled single-mindedly towards her, pulling his tie off his neck, and unbuttoning his shirt.
When he managed to drag himself to the bed, he pulled himself to his feet, and stretched. Jacquetta was horrified to see the man’s pants suspended around his thighs. She realised he had not been clutching his stomach while crawling towards her. He was clutching his private parts. A huge throbbing member hung out from above his boxers, and he was tugging feverishly on it. Her eyes ballooned as she stared at the man’s waist. She had never seen a penis before, and was sickened by the sight of the grotesque mushroom bud, sleek with pre-cum.

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Crazed with thoughts of sex, he lunged drunkenly onto the bed, and grabbed her ankle. She screamed, and tried to kick off the man’s hand, but her ankles were tightly shackled. She struggled frantically, jerking her wrists hysterically against the ropes tying her to the bed, and madly thrashing her ankles. Loud shrieks of panic escaped from the ball gag.
To Brent, her moans sounded like screams of his wife cumming as he fucked her. It was something he had not heard for a long time.
Married for seven years, sex had become routine, if there was any left. It had reached a point where Hallae had walked past him naked, and he hardly felt anything stirring. Sex with her had started bordering towards monotony, and they were only fucking to fulfil their instinct to pass on their genes. He had thought his sex life was over even before he reached middle age.
But there she was, beckoning for him to join her in bed.
In his drugged stated, all he saw before him was Hallae, beckoning to him with her slender thighs and sexy, hot cunt. His dick engorged and erected, like a white hot snake seeking a warm hole. He crawled clumsily onto the bed, and fondled her legs. Her legs and thighs undulate and convulse as she struggled desperately.

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In the Ranch, the operator watched in approval. On the screen, he watched as the girl on the bed thrashed and struggled as her wound-be attacker started crawling over her body. That bastard! He acts better than any fucking bastard he had ever filmed.
Jacquetta screamed and writhed in terror as she felt the man’s hot hands grope her. Tears poured down her cheeks as she squirmed and begged through her gag for mercy. But the man’s hands reached under her skirt and forcefully pulled down her panties. She arched her back and tried to close her thighs, but her legs were held shamefully wide open.
Blinded by heat, he tore the panties right off her body and held them to his face, taking in the stimulating scent of cum. She shook her head violently and yanked hysterically against her restraints, wildly conscious of the man towering over her. He sniffed the wet cloth in his hand then threw it aside. Mounting the bed fully, he straddled upon the struggling girl and began pawing her breasts. He pulled uncouthly aside any thing that was obstructing his view, tearing her white school blouse open and sending the rest of her buttons flying in all directions.
Her eyes ballooned with terror and she squealed through her gag as she felt her blouse tore open, exposing her chest to her attacker. Trapped like an animal, she resisted violently, thrashing fiercely to repel her attacker. But the man ignored her frantic struggles and increasingly loud whimpers, pulled her pink bra apart and popped her breasts free.

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   He grabbed each breast in each hand and began mounding and kneading them.
Terrified, froth bubbled from behind the gag as she screamed and begged. Indistinctly, she felt the man squeezing her breasts painfully, and then the man started leaning down on her, the reeking smell of beer stinging her nose. She shrieked hysterically and yanked vehemently on the shackles tying her to the bed. The man’s lips started kissing her face and licking her ears, despite her efforts to shake him away. He sniffed her womanly scent smeared across her face and began to lick them off tenderly.
‘Honey,’ he mumbled, ‘you smell so good today. ’
He snuggled down her neck, licking and nibbling along her neck until he gets to her breasts. She quivered in utter fear as she felt the man violate her breasts with his lips. Her terror accelerated when she felt something hot poking on her crotch. Her crotch recoiled in terror, but there was no stopping as the man pushed on.
‘Wow, honey,’ he grunted, as he pushed forward, ‘you are so hot tonight!’ She gasped distressingly as she felt the mammoth shaft seared its way into her.
‘Oh, honey… ’ he groaned huskily, ‘you… are… so… tight…’
His engorged penis slammed expertly forward, the organ blissfully unaware of the obstruction at the entrance. She wailed piteously into her gag as the crazily aroused man ripped her hymen viciously apart, and impaled her with his rigid cock. The pain of her ruptured hymen was nothing compared to the pain in her heart.

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   Her virginity and innocence, snatched so cruelly from her. She bit sharply into the gag in her mouth and arched back in pain as her rapist forced his cock deeper into her.
Oblivious to his victim’s pain, he thrust forcefully forward, tearing her vagina and sending excruciating waves of pain up her body. After what seemed like hours, he finally managed to plunge his organ fully into his victim’s cunt. Dully, she was aware of the large meat pole throbbing between her thighs, burning into her deepest shame. Savagely, he began undulating his butt, pistoning his fat rod in and out of his deflowered prey. Beneath him, she moaned agonisingly as each thrust send new waves of pain through her frail body, shredding her hymen and splitting her open.
‘How about that?’ he murmured depravedly, pounding her heartily, ‘how am I doing today, honey? You like it? I’m feeling so fucking on form today!’
Boorishly, he pulled his dick nearly out and drove it stoutly and deeply into her. She whimpered weakly in reply to his thrusts, her mind overcame with shame and pain. Before long, he felt his dick twitched and his pistoning increased to an agitated tempo. She writhed in seas of pain and whimpered in fear as she struggled against the inevitable. Suddenly, he surged eagerly forward and began groaning huskily.
‘Oh…’ he groaned, ‘oh, honey… you are so… good… so… good… oh. . oh…oh… so… good!’ Several more deep strokes into her.

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‘Oh… honey, you are so good!’ he shoved his penis deeper into her, emptying his load deep into her womb ‘I think… oh… good… oh…‘ His grunts tapered into heavy pants.
Jacquetta wept bitterly as she felt the throbbing member twitching between her thighs, and the terrifying sensation of warmth spewing into her body. Traumatised, she barely grasped the significance of the sensation before she felt the man’s cock quivered and shuddered before slipping unnoticed out of her body. The man lay panting heavily over her body, his hands still clutching her breasts.
Despite the strenuous fucking, Brent was still in his drug-induced frenzy.
    The Viagra was keeping his dick painfully engorged, fully erected. The Ecstasy and LSD kept his mind scrambled and all that was running through his mind is how much he wants to fuck his wife, and how much his wife is enjoying his efforts. He was unable to comprehend the fact that the woman he had just fucked was not his wife, but a school girl bound and gagged on his matrimonial bed.  He had just raped an innocent school girl.
    As soon as he caught his breath, he began to kiss Jacquetta’s face, barely noting the gag strapped across her face. He tried to unbuckle the strap, but his fingers kept slipping, and he kept breaking into giggles.
    ‘What is that on your face, honey?’ he giggled, ‘some new sex toy?’
    He licked and pawed her small breasts, mounding and kneading them into her. Then he backed down her body, and heaved off.
    ‘It’s over,’ she collapsed in relief, naively assuming that after fucking her, the man will now free her.
    In a flash, she was startled to feel her rapist’s hand snaking down her thighs.

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       That was followed by rough strokes on her private parts and loud slurping noises. Straining her neck forward, she cranked and spotted the man’s head between her thighs. The rapid fondling she felt and the slurping sounds she could hear, was him licking on her pubic place. A deep flush rushed to her face and angry tears of shame washed down her face as she endured the latest humiliation, her rapist’s tongue violating her most intimate region. .
    ‘Oh…’ he slurped, ‘oh, honey… you taste so good!’ He licked the blood that had trickled from her broken hymen and torn vagina, that was mixed with her internal lubricant. Her crotch and waist throbbed with pain as every stroke of his tongue drew more blood.
    ‘Oh… baby… I never knew you taste so sweet!’
    He lapped half-heartedly on her clitoris before feeling the heat rising once again from his loins. His cock burned with primal urge and all he could think of, was to plunge it into the cool depths of the cunt before him. Crawling brusquely back onto her body, he clutched her mounds again, while he inched his dick forward.
    ‘Baby… Are you ready?’ he moaned huskily, ‘are you ready to make Junior?’
    Jacquetta moaned pathetically in response. She writhed and twitched fearfully away, but the raping member found the target nonetheless. She whimpered weakly as she felt the penis drove into her, tearing her open again. She felt the man grunt and groan deeply as he laboured and thrust in and out of her. Her groin was a mass of pain, torn open again and again, as Brent drove repeatedly into her. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

       Drugged to the point of ecstasy, he was tireless, and within minutes, he had unloaded another load of sperm into the girl.
    While recovering from the last screw, he suddenly noticed that his ‘wife’ had her legs secured to the bed.
    ‘Geesh, hon, I didn’t know you are into SM…’ he slapped her thighs playfully, ‘so, how about another round of rough fucking?’
    Huffing uncouthly, he started slapping her thighs and butt. He even released one of her ankles so that he could turn her over and spank her ass. She squirmed feebly, exhausted and traumatised by her recent rapes. Her rapist was relentless, spanking her buttocks until they were streaked with angry red bruises. She whimpered thickly as her entire butt burned with pain.
    Stimulated by her throaty moans, he pried open her thighs and entered her violently again. Whimpering in pain, she lay twisted under his bulky body, his penis shoving deeply into her over and over again.
    ‘Having fun, baby?’ Seemingly bored with just fucking her cunt, Brent began smirking nastily. ‘How about some loving through the back door?’
    Confused, she squirmed faintly while she felt him release her other foot. She was even more disorientated when she felt him push her legs skyward. She felt her butt leave the mattress as he bent her body in half, forcing her knees to the side of her head. Awkwardly, she was wedged onto the mattress, her butt pointing straight into the air, her cunt and asshole open and ready. She lay bent doubled, exhausted and bewildered, until she felt something stabbing up her anus.

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       Comprehension struck her when she felt him tried to push his thick organ up her anus.
    Terrified, she cried piteously and tried to twist out of his grip. But he was persistent and determined to have his way. He spit several times onto her asshole, and used his fingers to work the spit, along with some of her female lubricant into the tight sphincter, even with her struggling like a wildcat beneath him. She whimpered and clenched her eyes tightly closed as the man corkscrewed his meat into her tight opening. She tried valiantly to resist his entry, and strained to tighten her anus and prevent him from raping her in the butt, but the merciless organ forced its way into her ass. She screamed painfully into her gag as her rapist skewered her ass with his dick, splitting her ass wide open.
    ‘Oh, baby… you are so tight!’, he huffed, slapping her butt and pinching her clit, ‘Let me in, honey, or I will really fuck the brains out of you!’
    As soon as Brent managed to poke his dickhead past her sphincter, he began sawing his dick in and out of her, shoving and thrusting forcefully into her tight hole. Waves after waves of pain burned her anus, leaving her gasping for breath and nearly blacking out from the pain. Finally, she gave up resisting, and submitted to his rape. Panting weakly, she forced her anus to relax so that he could enter her more easily.
    ‘Oh yeah, baby,’ he sighed, as his dick finally forced its way deep into her, ‘that’s it baby! That’s it… oh… you… you are so tight…. Baby… you… oh… oh… oh…’
    As he skewered his young prey, he called out vulgar names and made obscene remarks about her. He taunted her vulgarly as he raped her. After long period of spearing her in the butt, he ultimately inched his entire pole into her butt, and was blissfully fucking her.

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       Because of her tight ass, he didn’t need to work long before his dick swelled and spray his load into her rectum.
    Sighing in apparent release, he growled huskily and extracted his penis from her ass. Letting go her knees, he allowed her legs to fall back onto the mattress. He lay sprawled on her body, panting with exertion.   His dick was rubbed raw from the rough sex, yet it was still erect and bloated, thanks to the stimulants still coursing through his system.
    ‘You know, honey?’ he murmur groggily, as he fondled her breasts, ‘I’ve never fuck you so many times, yet, I still feel like I can fuck you all night! How about that?’
    He snuggled up her neck and nuzzled her ears.
    ‘How about another round, baby?’ he whispered eagerly, and without waiting for an answer, he jumped onto her again and pried open her legs once more.
    Exhausted from the struggle, she was horrified to hear her rapist’s intention, but was too weak to struggle any further.   She allowed her thighs to be pushed apart, and then, the stabbing sensation as he entered her once again. Her eyes swollen from all the crying, she no longer could see the light streaming in through the windows. She clenched her eyes tightly, as she felt the man’s hot hands pawed her body, his raping tool pumping into her, and branding her with his cum.
    Time and again, the man worked like an animal in heat, pulsating and harsh, he pushed his cock into his helpless ‘wife’. He fucked himself into a climax, emptying his load into her without even noticing how his bed mate was suffering throughout his orgasms. In the cunt, in the ass. Brent worked his prick feverishly, oblivious to the pain on his own dick that had resulted from chaffing a raw cunt and tight asshole.


    The sun slowly dipped into the horizon, and the tormenting went on unabated. By nightfall, Jacquetta was barely conscious, and had lost track of the number of times the man had mounted her. Her cunt, ruptured at several places, was a mass of swollen flesh and bleeding cuts. Her bloodied anus clenched fitfully. Beneath the sweaty bodies, spots of dried blood splotched all over the sheets.
    After what seemed like eternity, it became apparent the man was winding down. His strokes became more and more erratic and he was taking longer between ejaculations. Finally, hours after he first entered her, she felt his dick quivered and mushroomed within her once more, before he sprayed his last load into her.
    ‘Baby,’ he mumbled groggily, ‘I think… we’re definitely… going to… have a baby… this time…’
    Exhausted and racking with pain, Jacquetta barely took in her rapist’s words.
    ‘Baby? Have a baby?’ her mind screamed, ‘What… what… what baby?’
    She tried to push the man off her, but he merely wiggled his butt drunkenly, grinding his hips more firmly onto her groin, forcing his rod deeper into her.
    ‘Here,’ he grunted hoarsely, ‘let me make sure…. This last load hits right home… and you… and me… makes Junior!’ With that, he grounded his entire weight behind his hips, pushing his dickhead tightly against her cervix and milked the last drop of cum from his balls. Drained and dehydrated, his body no longer could cope with the buzzing demands of his brain and he slumped into darkness.
    She felt the heavy man slumped unconscious onto her, his palms still clutching her breasts, his dick still firmly skewering her. His final words echoed emptily in her mind.


       Several minutes passed before the words finally struck home.
    ‘Junior? Baby?’ she thought wildly, ‘Oh god… please… no… no…’
    Horrified with the realisation that she may become pregnant with her rapist’s baby, she tried in vain to heave the monster off her, to pull the revolting thing out of her body, and the urge wash her entire body with bleach, to remove all traces of the man from her body.
    But she had been struggling against the man this whole time, her petite body worked beyond anything she had ever experience. As fast as the realisation hit her, she felt her strength drained rapidly away from her body, leaving her barely enough strength to gasp for air. Crashed under the weight of her rapist, too weak even to cry, she had no strength to push the man off her. As a final degradation, she drifted to unconsciousness with her rapist’s still clutching her breasts and skewering her like a cheap whore.

    Back in the Ranch, Carlos was so excited by the Bowland action, he was rearing to fuck a whore himself. But he had to make sure the bastard take his curtain calls. The problem with those drugged up bastards was that the fixers drove them further than physically possible. They could go on fucking for hours until they died of exhaustion or dehydration, or the whore walk out of them, whichever comes first.
    To let the bastard suffer life more than death, he had to make sure Brent stays alive. When he was sure Brent had finally emptied his last load into the whore, he picked up the phone to make a call. An anonymous phone call to the police. To give them a tip about the car that was seen driving away shortly before Jacquetta Saggio’s disappearance from school.
    By the time the tip got through and the police tracked the car down to the Bowland’s residence, Jacquetta Saggio has been missing for more than twenty-four hours.

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       When the police stormed the residence, they found the pitiful figure of Jacquetta Saggio trapped under the prone body of Brent Bowland. They had to extract his erected penis from her vagina, before they could separate the two figures. Both were sent to the hospital, where they were treated for severe dehydration, and treated for various physical traumas.
    Meanwhile, Hallae Bowland slept peacefully in her prison, blissfully unaware that her husband had been arrested and charged for the brutal assault of a fourteen year old I haven't written many of these, so I ask for your understanding if I made any mistakes along the way.
    I'm still writing and rewriting the rest of the story, to give it the ending it deserves.   Stay tuned.



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